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Thanks for sharing your vows, you are a real romantic xx


You are the writer.

Then I think about those words in the context of the whole foods, low carbohydrate way of eating. To bring the conversation back round to the thread and forum. It works, do not you think :thinking:?


hope Nebraska is treating you well.
and yes, winter brings on bigger appetite sometimes for me too :slight_smile:

Interesting how you are in the city and down ya go with feeling rough.
I hope your eating great makes some changes to help you!

-------------Keeping day simple

have 3 nice pork chops to eat for first meal
second meal is gonna be like tuna and sardines and those 2 little leftover pork ribs I got to finish off, and if required, I got burger backups at all times available if I require more.

So far so good for NoVegNov.

Carnivore on strong everyone!

(Edith) #204

Well, it is not going to hurt to try.

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for dinner. I pulled out all the stops because it was a “thank you” for a really big favor they had done for us. They are not carnivore, so I made side dishes and a dessert. I used butter because it tastes better than the dairy-free alternatives. I enjoyed myself and ate the butter containing foods.

OMG! My body hurt so much afterwards! And what is annoying, of course; is that the inflammation takes less than a day to start and many days to go away. The following weekend I had a wedding to go to. Let’s just say that dietarily, I was a good girl. I did not want to go through that again!

I really do hope you figure out what is going on. If you do try dairy-free, I would leave out butter, too. It does contain milk solids. I have tried ghee, but that had me running to the bathroom.

I’ve been busy at work and haven’t had a chance to get the list of oxalate dumping symptoms from the trying low oxalate group send. I have the list as a series of screen shots. I may try to PM them to you.

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Absolutely. It works.


Great post VE!

Dairy can do weirdo things plus IF ANY thing changed for the person, IE a shot or any other malady of whatever med issues etc…that dairy can easily become more of a focus against that person.

Key is we don’t know til we dump it :slight_smile: which is why carnivore is a key elimination menu but at that same time, we do this for years and XYZ changes for our bodies, could be the thing we did OK on for a while now becomes an enemy…so again we check just like you said.

One never knows til one tries and yes butter is dairy.

Many carnivores just cut off some fat from their meat and use that as a pan melt to fry the meat in or one can use some bacon slices to fry and then fry the meat or just bacon fat etc :slight_smile:

Dairy is one of those very very personal issues and while one might be fine for years, what else changed that it now could truly be an issue for us. Only thru elim. can we find real truths about us.

(Karen) #207

Awake early again!!! Did 30 stair runs and 6 kipping oull ups this morning because I was low on energy, down to just eating chicken and more chicken yesterday!

Brunch was bacon and eggs.

Had to go to local town on bus to sort out Bank stuff. I had arranged a tx from one account to another to cover house insurance that was due but for some reason it didn’t tx and so when insurance company took payment it put me into red. Hate that as I am so careful hence I went in beginning of month to arrange the tx for the 10th. Wont ever use that service again, will just do it the day before. I deliberately keep that account low as it is the one I use to buy online!

Had to collect the BP meds that were not in with the new ones but forgot the pharmacy was shut for lunch so ended up popping i to some charity shops to get out of the little bit of drizzle that had just started! I know any excuse lol.

By the time I got home it was just after 3, my head was all groggy and I was filled with wooziness. Did not feel 100% … sure it was all down to just eating chicken yesterday,

Dinner was a small amount of corned beef cos it will go off very soon and then cooked up 2 small sirloin steaks and added a bit of butter for the added salt lol.

(Robin) #208

Good job interpreting the messages from your body. My question is… did you buy anything at the charity shops? :grinning:

(Linda ) #209

First meal for me was my husband’s lunch from a couple days before, a lamb hock he didn’t eat just cos he had no microwave (it was cooked) but since the store had none I was happy to eat it…
2nd meal will be steak…

(Edith) #210

I love chicken wings and thighs and could eat them every day, or so I thought. That’s what I’ve done for the past three days and today, my body said, “No more chicken.” I was eating thighs for lunch and I was suddenly repulsed by them. I finished them because that’s all I had to eat, but I believe my body was saying, “Enough with the chicken already!” Beef or pork are on the menu for tonight.

I’m really sorry to hear that you are still having a tough time, but overall you do sound like you are improving and getting stronger every day.

A few years ago, I was having a lot of heart palpitations that were very uncomfortable and scary. I went to the ER a couple of times. The doctor put me on metatropolol (or however that is spelled) which is a beta blocker. I HATED it. I would try going for a run, but the beta blocker would not let my heart rate go up. I would be panting for air and feeling like I was going all out, but my heart rate would only be in the 80s. Also, I have pretty low blood pressure and the metatropolol made it even lower. The other problem I ran into was that the medication made my joints ache, so I stopped it. Turns out I just needed more magnesium.

How is your blood pressure on the meds? Could you be getting woozy because your blood pressure is too low?

(Daisy) #211

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple days, but I haven’t followed novegnovember these last 3 days. I have eaten a vegetable (same one for three days), along with all my meaty awesomeness. We did a dinner Sunday for church where we fixed a big meal for the church, then also brought food to deliver to area shut-ins. I signed up for rolls, pies, and green beans- a crockpot full of them! Well, they ended up not using my pot at all, so I came home with a giant pot of them. Green beans are a vegetable that has never bothered me, never caused inflammation or pain, so I’m not against eating them. I had planned to have a small serving at the dinner because my green beans are phenomenal (beans, salt, bacon, and garlic) and I hardly ever make them. But they said they were saving mine for the boxes and the green beans they served to us had onions in them (no thank you), so I only ate turkey while there. But had a big bowl when I got home and have had a big bowl each night since. They are gone now, so I will return to my regularly scheduled carnivore.

Anyway, the rest of my plates have been turkey, eggs, lots of raw steak, bone broth jello, and liver
image image image image image image image image image image

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Oh yes lol a couple of candle holders a jumper some sports leggings a pressie for my son for his Xmas box and I got some string lights for the lanterns I spray painted oh and some small ornamental birds that I will put amongst the pots when I start planting! X

I have the opposite problem, my BP has always been on the high side. I have been on BP tabs for about 7 years but I think they may add water tabs after my cardiology tests are all done just to get it lower still. That’s what they were suggesting in the hospital.

(Michael) #213

Missed two days. Yesterday morning I had oysters, mussels, liver with bacon and eggs and a beef heart steak. My only picture

Had salmon, pork and ribeye steak for dinner. Later I ate cheese and three ounces of snails

This morning i had bacon and eggs and I finished the snails with a second ounce of mussels. Later I had a ribeye and salmon steak. I have been eating a lot recently as I will be fasting for next 84 hours starting now. Followed that up with bacon again and some cheese.

I will be back with pictures of my meals in 4 days. Enjoy carnivory all


Grr. Grrinding through the paperwork for work. Still in the city. The beach is calling (Echo Beach?). That is 11 hours straight of typing except for meals and loo breaks.

Black coffee in the morning sun. Then another coffee at 11am breakfast of bacon and 3 eggs. Then 6pm dinner of a small 250g rump pasture-fed steak pan fried rare in ghee, plus 2 fried eggs. It’s all good stuff, whole food, home-cooked, pasture fed, local produce. The cravings have been immense but I have nothing to quell them in this house. Big brain work screams sweet cravings at me, I am haunted by the ghosts of carb loaded past.

(Robin) #215

Yes! Big work load is a trigger for me too, even though I’ve been retired for 7 years. The need to buckle down and focus called for a cigarette. And a cigarette called for a drink. And the rest is history. (Thankfully)


Had a lamb shank last night. Asked the wife if she wanted some and she replied, “no shanks.”

Best quote of the day, anyone?

yea when stressed we do default into ANY darn comfort and for us carb addictions, we all know what it is :slight_smile:

hey I been struggling a bit for the past week easily. I had to have SO many darn talks with myself it was stupid but I got thru it and you will too!

---------------AND I am getting more wonky now cause 93, soon to be 94 yr old mom is starting to get very confused but my bro called and said the 3 of us need to chat and maybe it might be time to consider a nursing home/assisted living and my stomach is in friggin’ knots to the ultimate.

I just got mom and she is here and I just fed her garlic bread and beef ravioli and she is in hog heaven and while I get she is confused talking names and current stuff, I noticed she is still functioning…I asked her do ya know what the toilet is and know how to pee and she said YES and I said ya know what food is and how to eat with a fork and she said Smart Ass and we are laughing having a good time. But I know the writing on the wall cause last night she ‘slid out of bed’ somehow and bro found her on the floor propped up against the bed at 2AM…believe me, I just got a sick feeling.

Not hungry really. I ate a can of tuna/mayo early. Might eat some burgers tonight but I got that ‘WAY too much crap’ on my mind at this point :frowning: ugh

mind stress mostly likely leads me to food point blank but right now I got a nauseas feeling in the guts, the stomach doesn’t really want food right now. So will see what happens and where all this goes, I am just dreading every step of whatever is gonna go down.

I know we all mostly have to deal with this in our lives but when it hits home it just kinda took me down a few dozen levels. oh well…soldier on is all we can do!!

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@Fangs oh my I know just how you are feeling. I had to do the same with my mum . So so hard and all the feelings of guilt and taking away their freedom and independence. It was an awful time but my daughter put it in to perspective, she said you’re not taking away her freedom, you’re giving her a better quality of life and she will be well looked after and cared for… carers on hand 24 hours. Which was worse … worrying about her falling down the stairs, drinking herself into oblivion??? Best thing we ever did. Within 3 months she was back to her lovely self, had colour in her face and was the sweet mum I remembered before she started drinking and smoking too heavily. She also had dementia and the care home was for dementia residents.

Look around for a care home you really like and get a really good feel about, don’t accept anything less. You won’t stop worrying but you will know she is being cares for 24/7 xxx

I was up early again but not as early as I have recently. 40 stair runs, no pull ups but straight outside painting the extension walls. I have done one side and halfway along 2nd side but I ran out of masking tape for the windows grrrrr. Raymond came over for a brew at 2pm and bought some masking tape en route, so I down tooled and made a brew and we popped next door and sat out with the pooch for an hour.

Brunch was bacon and eggs dinner was chicken n cheese followed by a large rump steak. Definitely had more energy today from eating beef yesterday but promised my daughter I wouldn’t over do it. I did feel crap yesterday … note to self… again, don’t just eat chicken lol.


After very eggy and low-meat days I wanted some proper meat again and zero processed ones. Why I have these very different days I don’t know. I will try to keep some normal meat at hand all the time… My processed meat phase (various ones at various times) was fine but I think I will seriously limit those items. So I will need my pork or whatever every day.

Today I had OMAD, a very good one as it’s time for the monthly fast and I make another honest attempt at EF :smiley: We will see what my body says but it was a very satiating meal. A pound of pork and 4 eggs (half as a pancake, leftovers, 3.5 eggs as scrambled eggs). Oh and some gravy that is totally not carnivore (but spicy and interesting, I don’t need gravy ever but maybe it helped now as I had zero appetite and hunger at the moment I sit down at 6pm to eat. but I felt I better eat and was hungry before) so it wasn’t a carnivore day but close enough and why to try hard (okay, it wouldn’t be hard not to eat gravy as I never did… but I was mildly curious) when I received the parcel with many kilograms of candy… That I definitely don’t want now (or most part, ever), it’s a mixed feeling anyway, it arrived too late in my life and it’s too much so it’s off-putting but that’s what I have Alvaro for, the poor one.
I enjoyed the other parts like plushies. I have a fennec fox plushie and that’s simply the best and most adorable and pretty plush in the world. Perfect. She is called Lily. No photos about her but she is wonderful. Alvaro enjoys his gecko, he starts to build his Aussie army as he already has a very impressive (especially the eyes, how it can look!) cassowary.

I think I will have on/off carnivore until Christmas or did I say that already? So I will be scarce unless I totally want to tell what I ate on a carnivore(-ish) day. Like this Super Simple Substantial OMAD meal today :slight_smile: I never ate this simple except when I tried the farm beef in the beginning and managed to eat 600g of it and a yolk and that was my very satiating day.
I showed the fried pork to Alvaro saying people consider 1/3 of it as a normal portion. He usually eat little meat but it seemed super tiny even for him. (When I started to recover to some old comment regarding my ‘too big’ meat portions - of course it doesn’t matter much but it was so shocking that I still can’t wrap my head around it and it’s a recurring thought - , I read about 70g red meat recommendations :smiley: It makes less than zero sense to me. Yeah it’s not for carnivore OMADers but STILL. If I had 5 meals a day and would do high-carb, I still couldn’t do anything but 70 or 150g meat unless it’s just some flavoring or something… I still partially blame my vegetarian and especially almost vegetarian times. If I ate meat, I meant business. But meat is nice so I couldn’t stop after 3 bites anyway… Others can? Odd.)

I like eggs now and I have my scrambled egg phase after not liking it for ages. Yesterday I had 7 eggs that way, wow. I usually only eat 2-3 and then I need other egg dishes but I finally can eat simpler… Sometimes, at least.

I feel okay food wise, I just have headache and bad back pain lately :frowning: I even skipped my workouts. When I tried last time (I usually only have back pain in the morning), I was weak as a kitten and couldn’t do it :frowning: I feel quite miserable too but it’s my fault. I forgot how to live and do things. But it’s my personal problem and I am not even a carnivore at all.
But I will come around/after Christmas and will behave, really, that time is my most carnivore-ish in the year. November started with fruits in the garden and something else, I don’t remember so I couldn’t do it without efforts and I had enough of putting some efforts into my eating. I trained enough, now I just eat whatever. And too bad if it’s not good enough. So I keep training but not now, I am too miserable for that. I just fry/roast some nice meat often enough and that makes things quite easy. But December is complicated a bit.

I had enough of running out of eggs. Today we bought 130 eggs and I will make sure we always have 50+ eggs all the time. It’s not fun not being able to use up 20 eggs in half an hour if I want/need it. That’s not even so many. We boil at least 30 when we want egg stew and if I wanted to make a nice amount of ice cream (I never want it anymore and I blame carnivore… maybe I buy Stroh80 rum and make that great eggnog ice cream in December. the only non-carnivore item is the little rum and some vanilla, maybe), well that would require many yolks…

It’s so, so, so good that I can eat bigger meals even on carnivore now and it became normal… Whenever I can’t eat an OMAD sized meal, my day isn’t so good.

(Edith) #220

Ah, I thought that it was maybe a new medication for you.

I have a colleague in his early 30s who is getting some kind of stomach surgery to help with severe acid reflux. It was not the time to ask if he’d considered diet before deciding on surgery, but if I have the chance some time in the not too distant future, I may ask. It could be that it is a mechanical problem and as a colleague I didn’t want to pry too much.

My bother had terrible reflux until he went carnivore. He stopped the carnivore because he said it made his psoriasis worse, actually. He is more paleo now, lower fat, and says he is doing better. I believe paleo is still keeping his heartburn in check.

@Naghite, I’m so impressed with your menu. Does is take you a lot of time to track down those nonstandard types of meat?