NOV 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Nov. 17-20th)

(Michael) #21

Hour 85 here, out and about, but planning on having bone broth in about an hour or two when back home. Glad I fasted but too busy not to eat some today :grinning:

Hope everyone did well.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

Well, this has been interesting. Yesterday I broke my long streak at 70.5 hrs. I then started an OMAD fast, which ended up being 24 hrs. so a total of 94.5 hrs. That is a really good run considering how my fasting mojo has not been in top shape for a while.

I would have loved to not had that refeed meal, but my body just wasn’t having it. I have been having a high stress week and I am very much still an emotional eater, my body lets me know it doesn’t like being stressed out with no food. On a more postive note, I am back at my goal weight. Now to keep myself here is the challenge, a couple of lbs. usually come back, but then I can lose them again. Hoping that is what happens this week.

Many thanks to all of you for joining in on the monthly fast and we will do it again.


(Michael) #23

Congratulations on your new personal best. Way to go!

I found this fast quite easy, until the last day since I only got 4 to 5 hours sleep getting ready for the party and helping my wife late at night with some edible printer issues. I only worked out once, but it was a good workout whereby I lifted one more rep in most of my sets, so I felt strong and able throughout.

I was also able to eat well over 2000 calories yesterday evening until I was full, and continued to snack for hours as I created stomach space through digestion. I had no stomach cramps or issues with refeeding a ton of food (I did when fasting for 7+ days and eating too much too fast), so I really liked that option. I really dislike the concept of slow refeeding (who has time for that). I did do broth and a small amount of cheese and then waited before eating dinner later, but by no means were my calories reduced yesterday, and my stomach felt great the whole time. I like these 3-4 day fasts now for this reason. I just wish I trusted that sufficient autophagy was happening (which I do not think does in a mid to short fast like 4 days - yes there is some, but imho not enough) with that time length. But otherwise it seems like the right amount of time…long duration of low insulin with little after effects.

EDIT: Hit a new low in weight as I dropped down to 136.6 pounds yesterday morning, I was back to 138.8 this morning, and expect to creep back over to 142 where I started the fast, but we’ll see.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

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