NOV 2021 Monthly Group Fast (Nov. 17-20th)


New month, new thread.

This group is for all levels of fasters, 1st timers to old hands at fasting, and everyone in between.
All types of fasting are fine, from OMAD to fasting all the hours. If you need to break and refeed, just start up again, it is all good. You do you.

Be kind and stay positive
Blur out specific foods mentioned
Ask questions
Answer questions
Encourage each other
Share your victories and your concerns
Have a good time doing it.


OCT 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)
OCT 2021 Monthly Group Fast (20th-23rd)
(Michael) #2

I will join people this month. The timing will be perfect as I am having a dinner party on the 20th, so I will fast for 72 or more hours and then feast like a beast on the evening of the 20th.


Sounds like a good plan.

It works out well this month since the following week is USA’s Thanksgiving. Fasting will be done and who knows, we might be down a lbs. so we can feel good about the feasting then.


I am in and I have higher hopes than usual… This month is all about being stricter. It’s one of my carnivore months (November is just perfect for it! even though the house is full with freshly bought apples and we still have grapes. quinces too but I don’t want to eat those, just smell) but I do no dairy as much as I can and I partially do the Water Only November Challenge! Only water before my first meal of the day. I try no coffee too…
My IF happens to be the least strict right now but I am sure I can go back to OMAD soon, I only have one bigger meal already and tiny ones make no sense to me.

The monthly fast will arrive when I already have a very “disciplined” state (it’s not really that, I do whatever I please eating wise but carnivore is amazing and changes me. and I couldn’t use some fancy tense there, too rare for me to bother with it when the multiple pasts are already too complicated though understandable) - so maybe it will be very successful…? I hope so! OMAD is the very minimum, I want more if possible. At least a serious, honest attempt on EF. Only giving up if I really feel the need to refuel.

(Tim Cee) #5

It’s gonna be awesome!!

(Michael) #6

Planning on starting the fast on Tuesday evening. Are most starting on the Wednesday or Tuesday as well? I was thinking Tuesday late, so essentially right at start of 17th and then start refeeding on the 20th here. Should be a bit more than 84 hours for me

What are the plans of others?


I will also be starting after dinner tonight. I’ll go as long as possible, hoping to make it to dinner time on the 20th.

I also modify if I really feel a need to, I do a lot of 40ish hrs. refeed, then do another 36-40ish fasts for the monthly fast Everyone is different.

My longest fast was 110 hrs. These days, with less to loss, I am happy with 80ish hrs.

I have to laugh when I remember when I thought I would die if I didn’t eat within a 24 hr. period of time. I was such a silly gal back then.

I have a task to complete during this month’s fast, tracking down my genealogy connections to the hundreds of dna matches to the Rose family. After two years, I only found one cross over but there are so many matches that don’t match each other, I know there has to be more than one way I match the Rose lineage. It is a deep rabbit hole that I can easily get lost in, so perfect for blocking out desire to eat.

How are others preparing for this fast?



Oh my. I totally forgot this happens now… Well I can’t start tomorrow as I didn’t have a very proper big last meal but I do that tomorrow and start afterwards. I never last for long anyway. My minimum goal is doing OMAD, I keep losing it especially on the weekends when I get hungry way earlier. Or on my low-meat days, I have a few every week and I hardly can get properly satiated for a day then.

My circumstances don’t allow extra rules now. So I just do OMAD and wait until I comfortably can.

So I start on Wednesday afternoon/evening, probably about 20 hours from now.
I already planned to use extra self discipline as I received a package (it will be with me tomorrow) with an insane amount of very interesting (and very, very not keto) food items in it. Carnivore-ish and my fasting goals, I need both to mitigate my problems :smiley: (And my self-sacrificing SO who will eats up most of it and won’t even get sugar poisoned from it.)

Good luck, everyone!

(Michael) #9

I will make a last meal shortly. My only prep has been to eat every bit of open or started food I have. Tonight I still have half a pack of open bacon to finish and a few bites of salmon.

I will be cooking multiple times a day for family, so I am just cleaning out what I eat. In my household we all eat entirely different foods now :frowning: So many food preps are needed plus the 4 pets.

Since I am throwing a dinner party on the 20th I have a lot of work and cleaning and cooking to do, so I will be busy. I will leave the special dinner cooking until the 20th so I can taste test as needed then. Shopping and setup though should keep me busy.

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

I am ok when cooking early on in a fast, but after about 36 hrs. I can’t cook.
I do stay as far away from the kitchen as possible while fasting longer periods of time…
I do look at new recipes, that doesn’t seem to bother me.

The weather decided to turn cold today but hopefully, the temps will be rising tomorrow. I did do the AM walk with DH. Our park is popular with Canadian geese, and they are always good entertainment while we walk around there.

I have Fitbit Premier for free via my insurance and they have a Beginners body weight training video series I am starting today. I also have an iris bed that needs some trimming and winter prep work done on, so today should fly by.

Any projects around your homes you will be doing during the fasting?

KCFO everyone.


I wasn’t really hungry today so I wondered maybe I won’t eat but in the end, I did. So I had a super good, meaty last meal just now and I am quite hopeful :slight_smile: My OMAD happened unusually late, after 6pm. I wasn’t hungry (though not perfectly satiated) in the previous hours but I was busy with unboxing. I got some cool stuff :wink:
Tomorrow I bake bread so I get food joy :smiley: I still kind of like baking bread, it’s very easy and little work and the result is pretty without requiring any skill to make pretty things, it just rises into some nice shape… I am not confident with my hands though my very first furry critter rock painting turned out very good, I am impressed. Though it’s not ready yet, poor guinea pig has no ears and that is the funniest part of them - unless the pig has a fancy long hairstyle :smiley:

I francied consuming something else than water today, I was somewhat miserable too so I drank much tea and tasted coffee from the parcel, it’s good. But now… I go on my water fast. I drop that if it’s tea/coffee vs eating but I got used to my (cold or hot) water, I don’t think I need some other liquid.
I don’t supplement anything as I never seemed to need it for a short EF.

I have just drank the last mouthful of coffee with a tiny low-fat cream so I consider 19:35 as my start time (I stopped eating at 19:10). Not like it ever mattered to me, I go for skipping my only meal, if I have a full day without eating, that’s good enough for me. But I like numbers so why not?

Good luck, everyone! :smiley:

The weather is quite nice and warm enough here (it’s an unusually warm November, we still haven’t get frost here in the hilltop), at least when the sun is up, I still don’t need anything more than a t-shirt (long sleeved if it’s gloomy weather like today) when I walk and when I just stand outside? Never. I am always moving outside. I definitely need a short-sleeved shirt for a short run and I still can’t run for long.

What I will do? I need to collect leaves, my whole tiny property is full with trees, the linden one is huge! Okay, that’s not much time. I finish my painted rocks then carefully pack and send a Christmas parcel to Australia :smiley: Just a small one, 2kg, it goes as a “letter”, it’s the maximum weight for it, the size can be pretty big. I don’t know how it is in another countries…
And I want to draw a lot.
It would be nice to spend less than 5 hours in the kitchen or whatever I do lately. I can spend ages there. Well I chat there sometimes. At least I don’t spend a lot of time on non-water drinks now.

I don’t know what about my workout… I couldn’t do it lately, I was weak with a bad back pain… And I probably don’t dare to do it on my planned fasting day as I never had a workout without eating soon afterwards. Maybe another time I experiment with that, now I will try to do it around 40 hour if I last for that long.

(Michael) #12

33 hours into the fast and doing fine here. Was a bit hungry yesterday, but mostly when I read @Shinita’s post about all the eating/baking she was doing :frowning: Otherwise all good here. How is everyone else doing? I think we might be a small group this month.


24 hour is done and it’s more impressive if I start my fast so late… I get hungry or annoyed or tempted according to the time of the day, mostly.
But my last meal was really great! I still feel no need to eat but it doesn’t mean I am not a bit miserable. I MISS eating… Or something… My body feels upset if doesn’t get its food…? I don’t know and I clearly feel I am not satiated but not hungry, I don’t need food and I have a negative appetite. I just feel so off and not peaceful. But it’s great to see I went farther with my EF attempts than any time in the last maybe 18-20 months? I am bad with time but it can’t be far off.

17 hours: I baked a very pretty and quite carby and eggless so inferior in my eyes bread in my new mini oven (one of the biggest mini ovens, at least I think so, it’s 30L). Still quite satiated as normal, it wasn’t 2pm yet and that’s what matters (and that it’s a workday and I am at home alone).
18 hours: Stomach growling. Sometimes it comes this early. I think there was the headache and after some time I gave up and drink my new, nice coffee.
19 hours: Lunchtime! I very often skip lunch nowadays so it was fine. I was sitting at the kitchen table watching my SO eating. He tried some of the exotic candies we got and he liked them. I picked fresh fruit in my garden.

I think I started to feel some borderline hunger with annoyance around 20 hours? I don’t remember. It wasn’t a big deal, I was busy with things (still in the kitchen, I spent too many hours there again… sigh. but it’s our biggest room, I do various things there).

And now it’s over 24 hours, almost 25 now (over 25 if we don’t consider the very low-cal coffee. but I do)… And I do my best to survive today. It seems easy, it’s just I feel less than well but it’s completely mental except my headache. And a tiny emptiness in my stomach. I almost never feel what is with my stomach unless I really focus on it but just now it started its black hole impression. Interesting :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #14

Nearing the 43rd hr.

rmode/onI had a frustrating morning. I use the COVID notifications app and I had gotten notice someone near me had it, I made an appt. right away for a test, since I have things I need to do for Thanksgiving and being isolated wasn’t one of them. I am fully vaccinated, 2 +booster, so I doubt I got around anyone long enough to contract it, but to be on the safe side I scheduled a test for today. When I got there waited in line about 15 mins. and when it was my turn at the drive up window there was a sign they were not doing the tests today. I talked with the clerk, turns out their computer had issues and wasn’t giving good results so they halted doing them. She then referred me to a site that allows drive ups. So off I went. About an hr. later I was tested and will get the results in the next 24 hrs. Just a very frustrating situation. rmode/off

I hope everyone is cruising along nicely.



@collaroygal: Annoying situation with the Covid test… sigh My SO just couldn’t get his 3rd vaccine some weeks ago (he has no spleen, I am fine with my 2 vaccines) because the waiting line was insanely long and when he went to the city again, he had so many other things to do. He will try it later when most people who wants it will get the vaccine. The local doctor could give it but he can’t get enough people in this tiny village, population 2000. So he gets a flu vaccine from him instead. It’s such a burden not to have a spleen… And we are spoiled as he experienced exactly zero real problem from it. But we take vaccination seriously (for many things, every few years and some extra here and there).

Me and my fast:
Physical problems appeared (I felt like a zombie, very unusual in the evening, quite normal in the morning but it was worse now) so after 26 hours I broke my fast. I am pleased with myself, I really went as far as I could today (without messing with my whole evening and sleep. I could have forced it today but it wouldn’t have been the right thing to do).
And my only meal of the day was carnivore and smallish - just what I needed now.

I start again. I don’t think I can do it better after this not very substantial meal but who knows? I do my best again! :slight_smile:

I feel better than any time today now though the bar is very low, it really wasn’t my day. And I still did it well. That’s why I like this monthly group fast, it’s only once per month so I am less willing to give up without a good reason (and I am more determined to begin with). It helps me getting out of my comfort zone and habits.

But I think it should do what I planned so many times already, trying to fast every Monday. It’s such a perfect day for that. I use my fasting muscles every day but more on Mondays and I get an extra boost from these monthly fasts.

I am super stubborn. I want to do EF, I know I should be able to do it without problems, I did it before when I had a lower weight so I will go for it.

(Tim Cee) #16

I got the COVID so I’m putting off the fast for a bit. I’m expecting to have some catching up to do on fitness when it’s all over.

(Michael) #17

Ack, sorry to hear that Tim.

(KCKO, KCFO) #18

Sorry you are not well. I hope it is a light case and recover quickly.

Nice thing about fasting, you can do it anytime.

Thanks for joining us this month.


My SO came home with the news that a guy working near to him has Covid… He wore a mask when he entered the house but but quickly abandoned it. Yeah, it would so much sense for him to wear it here… It’s not like I can make him sick, I don’t even meet anyone! I don’t worry about myself. He has cold symptoms now.
Masks are mandatory again as European numbers are super high and while my country was pretty okay for longer than others, now we have 11000 cases a day for a small country with <10M population… We are worse than Germany with their 60-64000 cases a day. Europe has it hard since some time, Hungary was okay-ish for long but now we are seriously affected as well.

I had a smallish eating window today (not exactly OMAD but close, next time I will make sure I will have enough proper meat ready to eat as I got bored of my eggs during my meal). I lasted until 6pm though, after some on/off hunger hours (nothing serious, it wasn’t like yesterday, it wasn’t annoying at all).

Last weekend I ate around noon, now I will make sure it won’t happen. I practice not breaking my fast without a good reason now, it’s very useful for me especially in carbier times and they happen all the time (maybe not in the first months of the year, they are ideal for carnivore…). I find it very useful to have my woe and timing as allies, one often helps if I mess up the other and that results in not so bad days at least.

(Michael) #20

Hour 65.5 here, doing great. Definitely a bit hungry today, but no worries about making it into tomorrow. This will be my third longest fast, although no where close to my top two lengths. Still quite glad I am participating this month - hoping to see some small improvements with this fast.

Already started baking/cooking/cleaning for tomorrow. Should be fun, I will be posting pictures of the food in the carnivore section later in the weekend of the dishes.