NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Okay I stop with the blur :smiley:

12 eggs isn’t particularly much even for me though this is my record for a day. Unless I did something interesting when I didn’t track. I can imagine I did. But we are 2 persons :slight_smile: I eat more eggs but when my SO eats 3 cakes made by me on some day and 4 eggs in purgatory too, well that’s several eggs as well (11 :D). But he does that rarely while 8+ eggs is what I normally do. It was 8 eggs and 2 yolks for lunch today, nothing special.

I am in a raging egg phase, I would break records without OMAD. I hope it will be a lunch OMAD for today, my lunch was a bit small but it was enough, I just hope I won’t get hungry after midnight or something. It’s not always easy to skip lunch but I blame yesterday’s big eating window (4 hours) and as always, the carbs in my near past. I am probably right. When OMAD works well, I don’t have this problem (until my calories drop, they always do it on carnivore when I reach my inevitable very low-meat days. I can’t just eat much more eggs though I try).

I eat this many eggs since more than a decade now. Now I am pretty much stuck as what else could I eat at this point? Surely not meat, that’s boring for me without my many eggs. And I only have these 2 staples. Just some extra fat doesn’t work well though it probably is better on OMAD… So many things to experiment on… I am super curious about longer term OMAD but I never could do it.

I try not to talk about food next time.

(Jane) #62

26 hours in and practically no hunger, which is nice. Had 5 online meetings today so was crazy busy and the day went by fast.

Will be fasting tomorrow also and will break mid-morning on Thursday.

Nice to get another fast in before Thanksgiving!


Yep, I’m just passed 30.5 hrs presently, and have been laying around under blankets all day. Still feeling a little under the weather, but not as bad today. But just chillin out and watching some TV today. Still not sure if I will eat something tomorrow just yet, but I did have to take some Advil for a headache that I had a bit earlier. Do seem to get them more often when I spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in heavier winds, which we have indeed been getting here lately. It’s the one element that bothers me most.

(Jane) #64

38 hours for me. Good job on the 30.5 hrs.

Been very windy here in N Arkansas also. This morning it was above 60F which is unusual for this time of year.


I have been doing several OMADs but I haven’t really been consistent. Maybe December will be better.


I just realized yesterday, after my meal that it’s the monthly fast and I didn’t do a proper last meal… I planned a good one for today (it doesn’t need much planning, I know what should work for me best) - and then I just didn’t get hungry but I probably will…? I went through a more or less wonderful big parcel I recieved, it has many kgs of mostly somewhat exotic (i.e. I can’t get it here) candy… I thought I blur this out if not the normal stuff anymore. So I think I had more “food joy” than needed already. As I have zero problems to look at candies, it’s variety and whatnot, I just don’t want to eat them :smiley: But I tested the tea so I don’t do my usual (since I started my partial water only challenge) water fast. But no food yet and it’s almost 5pm. No idea when I ate last tomorrow but it was a bit late in the end… It’s just no good for me to eat lunch without a very serious hunger (and I am almost never that hungry at that time), I didn’t get actually hungry again but as it turned out, I get pretty annoyed with the lack of perfect satiation too :smiley: If I can consume a proper OMAD meal not too early, that works. So I go for some very simple OMAD so tracking wouldn’t be too tiresome. But I want to avoid it entirely, actually… Maybe I will need it in the beginning until I get used to things and figure out what is a good meal…? I guess I eat properly if I eat at the right time. Early dinner OMAD seems to work.
I already didn’t want to eat but deboxing totally got off my mind of feeding :smiley: Only looking up Vegemite recipes online was less than ideal. But I am still fine.

(Robin) #67

Nice avatar. We are just now getting around to watching GOT.

(Jane) #68

And here I am 41 hrs in on an EF over on the Thanksgivign thread talking about food! :laughing:

It doesn’t bother me - just the smells. I gave my pup some leftovers out of the fridge yesterday since we weren’t cooking and I didn’t even heat it up in the microwave since I didn’t want to smell it. She didn’t care!

(Jane) #69

You know you are fasting when you open the can of wet food for your kitties nightly treat… and it smells good! :grin:

Best quote of the day, anyone?

Broke just past 43 hrs. Was feeling a little queasy most of the morning, so decided to eat something.

(Jane) #71

That’s good you listened to your body. Hope you feel better soon or at least the food helped.


Thanks, it appeared to do so, for about an hour at least. Then just got another wave of nausea just now, but seems to have passed after a few moments. … I left work a couple hours early on Monday, just not feeling all that well. And spent the past two days, just laying under the covers watching some TV. Pretty sure I will go back to work tomorrow, but just feeling a little out of sorts at the moment.


Exactly :slight_smile: Well not just fasting but starting to need food :wink:

Ahhh after my super good, substantial OMAD meal (not bad without appetite and at the moment I sit down to eat, without hunger… but I always could eat without them and nowadays I don’t have that super annoying super easy satiation, yay!) before some hopefully EF… I really did everything I could. If that doesn’t help me, nothing could right now.
So… I really go for a 45+ hour fast (if I skip a meal, that hardly can’t be less, I only eat in the afternoon). Maybe it will happen, maybe not but I will do a honest effort this time!

I am quite full now.

(Robert) #74

Been going quite well. Got past 3 days and still no desire to stop. I’m drowsy in the body but my head has that keto clarity. Stopped the salt because my taste buds started to reject it. Drinking twice - three times as much water as I normally would. Hoping for a good day :sunglasses:. My eventual aim is to help increase muscle mass after this. Also hopefully clear the skin. If the backs of my hands are any guide, this is already working. Fat loss is not a goal for me, I just want to feel good and to have loads of energy.

(Robin) #75

Good job!


Question for anyone experienced with extended fasting.

I have done a few 44-48 hour fasts but today I ended my first ever 74 hour fast and having decently bad calf pain in both calves.

I did supplement a small amount 1,200-1800mg potassium chloride, 300-450mg magnesium, and some salt shots with water throughout the day. Knowing I was breaking my fast tonight I had only 650mg potassium and 150mg magnesium to not overdo it with whatever the food supplied.

EDIT* To clarify I was not dosing 300-450mg magnesium or 1,200-1,800mg potassium at once. That’s just the daily total.

Has anyone experienced this?

(Jane) #77

I have not, but hopefully someone who has can chime in with advice.

I used to do a lot of 72-hr fasts but working from home now I have been doing shorter fasts with my husband. I never supplemented anything but salt and that was to dampen the mild hunger or make my black coffee less acidic. I never got cramps, but I am not prone to that. Some folks get cramps on regular keto, not even fasting.

(Jane) #78

Just broke my fast at 63.5 hours. Had trouble getting to sleep last night but that is typical for me on day 2 of fasting. No digestion to send the blood from my brain to my tummy LOL.

Broke with bacon and eggs and I know it causes some folks “issues” but I will be hanging around the house for the next 3-4 hours so no biggie. I rarely am hungry in the mornings so nice to be able to enjoy my own hen eggs and homemade bacon this morning! Well, I wasn’t hungry this morning either but hubby needed to break and I joined him.


During my first year of Extended Fasting, I supplemented for Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. But I haven’t done so for the past couple years. I only did it when I would get some leg/calf/foot cramping, but this usually doesn’t even come into play until I pass 3 or more days. So I rarely get those these days.


You are so good and I feel like whining after 24 hours… It’s so, so, so very unusual for me not to eat until 8pm (24 hour isn’t a problem if I start my fast early enough like at 3pm. though it’s hard to stay satiated up to 2am then), I never do it except when I do EF and the last one was more than 1.5 years ago I think…

I am okay, I don’t need food (I wouldn’t/couldn’t fast if I did), I just feel disturbed due to the lack of it.
And had headache too. I don’t like not eating when I have it though now I clearly feel that I don’t need any food, it helps.
I don’t have any appetite either or enough proper food to eat.
It’s just some restlessness inside? With some emptiness? But it annoys me :frowning: I try to distract myself but it’s exciting too, I wasn’t this close to doing EF since so long! It seems my last meal was as perfect as I thought!