NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)

(Butter Withaspoon) #41

I haven’t been here lately, but being now 2.5 days into a fast it seems a good time to check in. Unfortunately it’s because I’m sick, but if my body and appetite is rejecting food it seems sensible to pay attention. I haven’t had nothing, but I still feel it’s a fast. I’m not hungry at all. I never fast beyond overnight TRE and occasional 20 - 22 hours so this is new territory. I hope that in spite of being sick I get some profound physiological benefits from this.


Hope you feel better soon, Hallie. :+1:

(Robin) #43

Good way to look at it. Get better!


I am the same or very similar. Night eating is odd, it’s not my natural eating time but it happened a lot in the last years. I figured out that a proper afternoon/dinner OMAD effectively stops this.
I am like a gremlin, shouldn’t be fed at night (even shortly before midnight, my body has a bad time sense). I become a monster then and only my strongest habits keep up. Not fun.

I strayed away again… No tracking, no trying anything just eating whatever and I got hungry too early on most days. So no OMAD but I still managed not to eat at night if I remember correctly. My food memory is amazingly bad if I don’t track and take notes.

But I want my cute carni-ish OMAD back so I go for it now again. Maybe TMAD for tomorrow as I want to try a PSMF meal. It’s a PSMF day rolled into a tiny first meal (not my thing but oh well) and watching how many minutes I last afterwards (I give myself 60 mins but I will go for a walk :D).
All because too many people talk too often about this insane idea :smiley: And I managed to buy some low-fat quark. 0.2% fat… It’s an ABOMINATION… I never believed in low-fat dairy as my mind effectively deleted the knowledge of its existence every time I met some but that was rare and I almost never tasted them. But surprisingly edible. Not good, per se but edible and super sour and creamy. IDK what people do with that stuff but I have some boring ideas for it.

I will stall until Christmas I am almost sure. That’s what I do, no matter how I eat - things I just can’t do doesn’t count as I don’t do them. Fasting probably would help but I still didn’t manage to do it well enough. But that’s the plan. OMAD got way easier, I just need to manage to fast until mid-afternoon one day… And not losing my way days later.

Still at my “new” stalling weight (only 1 year on it but all the time, my weight is ridiculously stable, almost no change, no matter what), 165lbs. 180 is my highest, I physically couldn’t go above even on HCHF and I ate a ton of fat then, it’s a pity I didn’t track… :smiley:

(Robin) #45

“Still at my new stalling weight.” That’s how I think of it too. Stalling does not necessarily mean quitting. It can be a good thing… get our head and body aligned.


Oh no I never quit. I am super stubborn. I am the absolute worst to quit when I have a goal. I started to lose fat 10-11 years ago and I will finish it, eventually… Even if I stalled for 8 years, gained some and stalled again. But it wasn’t useless struggle, my woe is way better now :wink: And it usually wasn’t a struggle.
I never was a patient one but now, I think I became one…


I’ve always been the thinking that the body can and will stop at certain set points on it’s own. …There’s been too many folks over the years showing how they track everything, but yet, their body will just stop at certain times, and re-start when it feels like it. No matter if they continue the same WOE, and it does make sense when you think about it. The body does so well at regulating everything else, maybe these set points are needed for a reset to take place? It is after-all a major change to the system itself, so may be something that naturally occurs? …And some will fiddle around with lowering intake more, or even to remove things from the diet, and at times will see the reductions start again. But was it from the activity itself of removing things, or just that the system re-started on it’s own in time? Hard to say really…

I mean, on the opposite end, when you pick up weight over a longer timeframe, you usually do better with the adaption of the extra weight, and not to feel the effects overall or right-away, since the system gets acclimated somewhat being it was put on slower. But whenever someone picks up a lot in a short time, they really feel it. Hell, even a 10 or 15 lb. jump can make one feel horrible for a while.

I guess my point is more to simply ‘adaptation’ … Hard to know all the ins and outs of it really.


I never figured out if I have set points but I don’t think so. Yeah I noticed my body liked 69kg (oh good old times, now I am 75 since my stress gain) but it probably was because I automatically ate the right amount of calories there (my body didn’t accept less than 2000 kcal a day but it was easy on low-carb - not every day but almost - and my energy need reached that one day. then things changed as I can’t do the same and expect the same effect anymore, my body changed in the last years). My weight still changed when I ate too little or way too much for a while, I just automatically ate to stay there somehow (while I kept my “eating as little as comfortably possible” approach I needed) and my maintenance range is pretty big too. Some of us are somewhat simple, we need to eat less and/or move more and we lose (at least if we have something to lose). I simply eat way too much. I probably still overeat on most days when I am off keto, it’s more rare on keto but it happens and quite seriously at that sometimes. I just don’t gain or super slowly. I never could gain quickly. A few weeks never could change my weight noticeably so people gaining during the holidays was pretty odd to me (but well, I never was slim, it gets progressively harder for me to gain as I get heavier). Now I accepted it’s a thing and makes sense that one can gain a few pounds in a few weeks… My body just quickens my metabolism, it seems, after a while. Serious overeating for too long is what brought me to borderline obesity so I have my limits.

BUT I can imagine a body stays somewhere under normal circumstances and do interesting things inside we can’t possibly know about. I know it’s not simple at all even if we always lose when we have a negative energy balance as we can’t make energy from nothing.
People who don’t have my all over the place numbers (one day I may eat 1300 kcal, the next day 3000… I can’t really help it, I eat according to my urges. it’s usually 1500-2500 though but it’s still not considered a small range. fat is 80-270g, protein is 80-220g. me and fixed macros don’t mix, I only do the counting part, I don’t enforce things and I don’t even have limits and targets, just vaguely and mostly for the carbs. all possible numbers are good for protein and fat as long as my calories are okay but I don’t have a calorie target/limit either, I am not a robot, I must be flexible), erm so people who have more fixed macros, they proved that the body clearly can stop while not changing anything noticeable. Not everyone is like that, some people slim down with a steady pace but very many people are different even if they are disciplined unlike me and do things right.

(Robin) #49

Very true. My husband went strict keto with me when I began. He lost a ridiculous amount of weight overnight of course. Grrrr. Anyway, he became too thin, plus there were things he really wanted to add again. So he’s back to buying lots of crap, but STILL…. Not nearly as many carbs as he did previously. So he has found his groove and more power to him. You can be “undisciplined” and still be healthier than your previous self. It’s all progress. Plus, he has self control. He can have one handful of chips. One cookie. We are complete opposites.


Indeed and health is my top priority. Convenience and not being a slave to compulsions is great too.

I never could be too thin. I can eat a lot on any normal woe.
My SO eats very many carbs, even sugar (from my viewpoint, at least. he can’t go very high as he needs very much fat too) but his ingredients are better. He stopped eating table sugar, seed oils, overly processed things when I did (most of the time but we almost never buy such things, we just get them as gifts and then it’s up to him to consume most of it. it’s rare and he can deal with it). He follows my woe changes to some extent. Until he can keep his lots of carbs. Since I flirt with carnivore, he eats way more meat. He complained a little first (and he was the one who wanted it more often… but not that often :D) despite I never forced him, that’s not our style… But he is changing with me. We both are health-conscious and suspect what is good for us now as we mostly tried everything we were willing. Low-carb is completely out of question for him while I went lower and lower and it was good. Some changes surely will happen in the future but probably not very significant ones. I am looking forward to see how we will evolve :slight_smile:

Oh people can change a lot, sometimes it’s very surprising.
I can eat half a peanut now. Sometimes. But it’s usually 10g. It should be zero though and it is on carnivore, I just go astray too often. But I will start a long proper time at Christmas (after Christmas Eve, probably. I don’t care about the “real” days and anyway, I will be at home and I will eat what I desire and that won’t be carbs).
I don’t think I have self control but I have training and habits. I go wild sometimes (less than before, though) but my desires changed. I just can’t force-feed myself with something I don’t want :smiley: So it’s not self control in my case.
It’s a bit still unusual as I was the type who just ate up everything unless it was a very huge amount.

16 fat bombs? I ate them up almost instantly. Cake? We (almost) never left any. I learned to make proper amounts, just for two persons for one time. It still wasn’t tiny, we don’t do tiny. Unless it’s me and certain things, now. Or my SO and meat, usually.

Tomorrow I go for a longer fast than in the last days. It’s almost always easier when the weekend is over (I would like to make Mondays occasional fasting days but I couldn’t do it this far). And I go back to my strictest style for a while. Even the Water Only Challenge should be done properly… Though I was content with my water only until my first meal thing, I changed a lot! And almost run out of my good coffee anyway…

(Robert) #51

Just starting an extended fast. Really looking forward to it. Way overdue, I feel like I need this. It may be my longest fast yet, but only by a day or so.

(Jane) #52

I will joining you fellow fasters tonight for a 60-hr fast.


I’ve been contemplating the same myself… I’ve actually been feeling quite sluggish or wiped out all day. Not feeling overall bad, just not feeling that well. And was thinking a nice, slow Fast might be beneficial at this point? That is part of the reason I ate my lunch early today, at 10am. In case I Fasted or if it just helped me feel a bit better. - So far, not real sure just yet? … If so, I’ll be 3 hrs. in presently at this point.

(Bob M) #54

A rare unicorn. :wink:

(Robin) #55

That’s a nicer word than I use. :wink:

(Jane) #56



Wife informed me she actually tossed in a Top Sirloin into the Sous Vide last night for me… (after I told her I was Fasting) so I had to push my Fast start time back a little. Now I’m just a little over 3 hrs. in, since I had her sear it up for me. Can’t think of a better reason to reset the start time. :slight_smile:


Why I have this early hunger on weekends I don’t know… But I am back on… well, elongated OMAD? I managed to have a 3-4 hour long meal somehow. Because I vaguely tried my PSMF meal idea (now I know that I am able to do 50% protein for 1000 kcal. 500 is impossibly tiny) but I had momentum and no satiation so I ate about twice as much in the end. 12 egg whites for today, not very impressive but I didn’t try to be impressive… We start to realize that buying only 90 eggs at once (it’s usually a weekly thing for us) is very modest though I admit it was an unusual week last time… But I like to have supplies. In the past I had up to 250 in my cupboard and felt uncomfortable below 100… But we had no stable source back then. Still, below 100 isn’t a nice enough feeling, it can disappear so very quickly without any effort on my part and sometimes I want to use them galore.

Yeah, I come and only can talk about food. That’s me.

(KCKO, KCFO) #59

Today is a feasting day for me. Will be starting the monthly group fast after dinner tonight.

@Shinita That is a lot of eggs in one week. And I thought our 18 per week, supplemented by egg whites, was a lot.

(Bob M) #60

That’s 12 eggs/day, about.