NOV 2021 IF/EF Chat Thread (All Welcome)


Go for it. Just blur them, or the Fasting Police will cuff ya. :smile: :policeman: … I’m not even sure if the folks who used to complain about it, are still active? We’ve just kind-of kept it rolling since they started. … Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of those same folks in the ‘What Did You Keto’ threads, saying I shouldn’t be looking at these. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m guessing it’s worse to view the foods? :crazy_face: - I usually use Fasting times to think of new recipes. So if it bothered me I guess I would never Fast?


It’s worse to view the foods… Though it’s not that hard to imagine the foods, maybe being even more perfect and tempting with our mind’s eye… I just learned it a few years ago that some people don’t have pictures in their mind, it sounds so bad. I am very, very, very visual :smiley: It’s a tad annoying when I imagine a cool pic and I enjoy it as a whole but can’t focus on the details to paint it, though :smiley: But imagining everything while reading a captivating story, mmm…

I think and talk about food almost all the time, it would be a problem it this would bother me :smiley: But in the contrary. I get “food joy” even if I just look, smell, cook food… And it can be scrambled eggs with sausage and bacon and whatnot, I am quite fine in my safe fasting times, far from my natural eating window (and my not natural but possible eating window at late night. it’s the time when my body finishes its daily calorie counting and panic if the number is too small or something. at least it acts like that. it counts protein too, it seems. and carbs usually count as negative calories thought they are totally used. I never will get bored of my body, it has so interesting - sometimes crazy - things).

Today I did my best to eat enough (but my most proper food wasn’t ready yet, only the smallest piece and that wasn’t as nice as I like) but nope, I had to have a second meal. 3.5 hour eating window, oh well. Tomorrow I will be more ready! Very well roasted pork chuck, my usual meat staple. Not some not raw pale stuff like after a mere hour but well-roasted nice reddish-brown. I always preferred things fried into oblivion, I don’t do that with eggs and liver anymore but my pork should be very very well done :smiley:

Thanks to the Water Only November Challenge that I obviously can’t do fully but it’s still good for me… I already love water very much and my little fasts are super clean, only water is consumed :slight_smile: Never tea or coffee or whatever else. It’s good, sometimes I have a hunch that even if the effect isn’t really noticeable, my coffee with a little something with it may trigger an earlier meal. Not immediately for sure, I would notice that but maybe it still affects my fasts badly sometimes…? Whatever is the case, it’s better, safer and has multiple benefits if I only drink water between meals. And I do that now :slight_smile:

(KCKO, KCFO) #23

:joy: The blurring debate rages on.

I do some cooking, always looking at recipes, making shopping lists for when I will be eating. Most of the time. But some days, I have to leave the kitchen level of the house and read novels or watch streaming tv without food ads.

I set out to do 36 hrs. and am at the 44 hr. mark now. Dinner isn’t planned till a few more hours. So I guess I am in a nice fasting groove right now.


EF is different, if I plan such a thing, I am more careful, I try not to cook etc.
As it’s highly unusual for me to skip a day. My cooking normally is fine as it happens too early or after I already ate well so I don’t feel any urge to eat (okay, there are rare exceptions). I don’t need to taste the food.
The only thing that I don’t like to handle when I don’t want to eat them is fruits. No need to try to resist, they are too tempting. Quince is special, I don’t like it raw so I am safe. And I barely touch the others but not at all? Nope, that won’t happen in the near future. Maybe if I am very determinedly in one of my carni months. But I am not that determined anymore. I do try but my resistence is tiny against such wonderful things.

(Robin) #25

@Digital_Dave… just for you…

Lays Original Potato Chips, Funnel Cakes with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup, home made french fries, cornbread and beans, stuffing/dressing with gravy, crispy garlic bread fresh from the oven, pasta with more pasta, my grandma’s CocoNana Pie, pancakes swimming in maple syrup, hash browns, Cheezits, rootbeer floats, double battered onion rings, home fried donut holes with sugar and cinnamon, cherry malts, goulash, mashed potatoes and lumpy gravy, potato soup served in a bread bowl, bagels, biscuits and gravy, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal with brown sugar.

(Robin) #26

Good for you! I’m not ready to try anything beyond daily IF. But If I reach a point where I feel I need a boost or can improve something, I will for sure do it. I think it might be do-able for me since I usually have to remind myself to eat. But I also think, due to my past abuse of my body, I owe it some stability.


But… you also forgot to blur some food items in this post here. :point_up: :policeman: :police_car:


It’s a pain blurring all individual things, ain’t it. :smile: … But again, I think some folks can’t help but click on them just to see what was blurred. Like little foodie Christmas Gifts. :christmas_tree: :gift: :gift: :gift:


That’s the case when I blur the whole thing…

Advent calendar! I would do the work for real food or a nice pic but just a name of a food I may don’t want to eat? :smiley: Bad deal.


Oh my, really? But what? Is coffee bad? I didn’t even write cream or eggs just “something”…
I thought I was so careful and maybe I was just you got hypersensitive talking about the blur thing! :smiley:
I saw people blurring out things like meal. Sometimes I wonder about carbs. But I think only specific items deserve the treatment. And I am even more lax in the carnivore thread. I totally write about things I don’t consider tempting like spinach :smiley: Others do the same, sometimes veggies are mentioned. I take easy to trigger fasters more seriously.
I blur all my loving texts about fruits in the carni thread. Fangs is sensitive to that but I am absolutely unable not to write about them often.

(Jane) #31

And don’t even mention honey !!!


I was busting you chops about not Blurring the mention of the Scrambled Eggs and Sausage and Bacon above in the second paragraph, near the end of the second sentence. … The rest you blurred.

And no, I didn’t blur the word ‘chops’ here, because it wasn’t the editable kind. :stuck_out_tongue::smile: :wink:


GOD NO! Please don’t! :smile:

(Central Florida Bob ) #34

I haven’t checked in here this month, and probably not since late October. I’ve been doing 3 fasts/week (ADFs) which work out to be about 40 hours since early October and I’m at hour 36 today. Before that I had tried a 60-ish hour fast with one 40-ish thrown in a few times, but felt too cold a few too many times.

Life has sorta been “one damned thing after another” lately, and while it hasn’t stopped the fasting, I think I’ve been in the same +/- 2 lb. weight range since mid-August. I suppose the optimistic way of saying that is that I’m good at maintenance, but having to fast half the week to maintain weight doesn’t seem like a good idea, or a good sign of health.

Been thinking of tricks to shake things up, like maybe going over to what you’ve done @collaroygal, and switching to just doing the “page 4” rules from Dr. Westman. Or a PSMF or pure carnivore (which isn’t that much of a stretch). Anything that might break what I think is my adaptation to the routine I’m following.

At this point, it’s just my stubbornness that’s got me trying to drop about another five pounds, just so when I stop struggling, I stay under 200. Just because it sounds better to me.

(Robin) #35

You never know… dropping the fasting might make no difference at ll. It’s quite possible your body is just cruising slowly to where you need to stop.

(Central Florida Bob ) #36

I keep telling myself that. That and my favorite motivational quote I got about weightlifting: “quitting is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

The backstory is that a couple of years ago, I got down those five pounds less than I am now, and couldn’t break through it. Strangely, it was much like now: I started trying ADFs and other ways to lose weight starting in May of '19 and May of '21. By November of '19, I had hit a plateau and couldn’t get past it. My wife convinced me to stop, saying she thought I was getting too OCD about it. In rough numbers, on November 1st I was 192, by mid-December I was 200. Unfortunately, I got up to 210 before I started doing one fasting day/week and stopped gaining.

So here I am again. My plan was to try to get back to 192 and then go to one day fasting/week immediately rather than waiting six months like in '19. It is just being harder than I thought to get back to that weight.

I picked that number mostly because it’s a comfortable size for clothes but there’s that psychological thing that “under 200” sounds better.

(Robin) #37

You just never know sometimes. My set point used to be 180. Overweight but could easily maintain without working at it. So 180 was my goal when I began keto. I did indeed “stall” there for quite a while and I was ok with that. (180 looks and feels a whole lot better on your way down than it did on the way up!) Anyway, I just kept staying on plan. Slowly the scales began to move again after 3-4 months. I keep hitting “stalls” ever 10 pounds down, or so. I have come to look at it as my body getting comfortable and feeling safe again. Your body has to learn to trust you again, I believe. So I see stalls as healthy pauses.

(KCKO, KCFO) #38

Bob, I get where you are coming from, so maybe the mixing up will help break the stall.

Also look at any foods you might be eating that are keto, but in higher amounts can result in slight gains? I can easily over eat nuts or even cheese. That is why I went back to pg. 4 for a while to get it under control. I also looked at when I ate, the earlier in the day I can quit eating the better the scales treat me. Hard learned lesson, as I am not all that hungry until afternoon and tend to stay up later. So I have to go far away from the kitchen in the evenings. Too easy to go in there and just nibble on something, even the good things.

Robin, I agree, a number going up looks a lot different when you are headed downwards. I use to love seeing 150, now I would do a bit of a freak out if I saw it.

I am back in my 3 lb. range, I am only 1 lb. from my goal weight, I’d rather be 1 under and I can get there if I keep on keeping on. I go to the dr. on Fri. for yearly visit and flu shot, so I am ok with where I am today.

(Robin) #39

we are very similar. My natural desire to eat doesn’t kick in till afternoon. And then I stay up late, so lots of time for the old brain to start thinking about chomping on something. It just has to be one of those zero tolerance things for me… no wiggle room… no night snacking.
Hitting 158 was thrilling! I keep adjusting what I think a reasonable and sustainable goal weight is, and I keep lowering it by ten pounds. Now, I’m thinking 150 might actually be possible. Could take another year, but that’s fine. 158 is fine too tho. I’m 5’7” and it feels pretty good. And looks pretty good. (Fully clothed, of course! :laughing:)

(Doug) #40

I can relate; have heard about people being “morning persons” or “evening persons.” Evening/night for me, forever. And for many of us, the zero-tolerance thing is the way to do. Day-by-day, as unromantic as it may seem.