No weight loss and headache

(Aurore ) #1

Im on week 3 and I just came out of keto flu which was awful. I now how lots of energy but still get a headache. My weight has not dropped but I have lost a few inches. I’m at under 20 carbs. Using bone broth, collagen and MCT powder. Strips are dark purple and I’m not hungry or craving junk. When will headache leave?


Hi and welcome, Aurore! Headache will probably be resolved by upping your salt.
Lost inches = fat loss (if that was your goal, congratulations!!)

Not hungry and lots of energy is terrific! :slight_smile:

(Full Metal Keto) #3

Salt is the answer! 2-3 teaspoons or 10-15 grams of salt daily. Also if you haven’t you might investigate Keto Aid.

Using MCT powder won’t help you burn fat, dark purple test strips indicate you’re peeing lots of ketones out. Stop using it is my suggestion. Just focus on eating real healthy foods. No special products are necessary.

You are losing inches so don’t focus on weight. Your body is getting used to the changes and it’s in a process of recomposition. You’re clothes are fitting better so I’ll bet you look thinner even though you weigh the same. It’s likely the muscles and skeleton are adding some weight as fat shrinks. Keep Calm Keto On, KCKO as we say.

(Aurore ) #4

The salt took care of the headache immediately! I did a low sodium diet before this keto. I have been doing it a few years using lite salt because to much salt was giving me puffy under eyes and ear ringing. After reading the article above I’m confused. Is light salt bad? I need to use regular salt?

(Full Metal Keto) #5

Regular salt isn’t going to cause swelling on a ketogenic diet. The swelling that you experienced pre keto was a result of carbohydrates causing water retention in addition to the salt. Now eating a low carb diet your going to flush water and electrolytes much faster than on a regular diet. This is why we have to supplement with, ready for this? 10-15g. of salt per day! That’s 2-3 teaspoons. Many find this and the increased fat you must eat with keto a bit scary when you’ve been told to limit those for years by your doctor. I am still trying to educate my nephrologist that I need to consume this much salt. He supports keto but is still hanging onto the old notion that people with elevated blood pressure shouldn’t use salt on their food. The actual evidence points to a minimal 10 point reduction in blood pressure by limiting salt while increasing your resting heart rate by a similar amount because of the pressure drop and that’s more of a danger to cardiac health than the higher blood pressure was! So while your lite salt is useful for making the keto aid recipe that I posted you need to start consuming regular sodium chloride. And I recommend Himalayan Pink Salt as a great way to also get in some trace minerals. I’m glad the headache is gone. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Aurore ) #6

That makes perfect sense -thank you!!!

(Aurore ) #7

Ok now I get a headache every evening even with added salt in water. I got Dr. Bergs electrolyte powder to try. Gatorade zero helps some. I drink lots of water and use pink Himalayan salt. I also got some potassium capsules to help me hv energy too…