No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)


Standard 3 egg omelette. Using short cut bacon which has less visible fat. Last night I ate about 450g of pork chops and 200g of white fish cooked in butter. Tonight I had cold fish (180g) and 2 lamb chops cooked in butter and sprinkled in pink salt. Magnesium citrate supplement. Long hours at the computer. Breaking every 25 minutes to get up and move around. A nice little stint of colder weather holding back the encroaching summer.

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You might be able to make your own prep liquid with magnesium citrate and no sweeteners, and follow that with an enema. Fun times! :poop:

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First of all, the stuff is isotonic, meaning it won’t be absorbed into the blood stream in any meaningful way. Second, you need the flavour, and it helps if it’s chilled, or you’ll gag. Third, the sweetener is not sugar, because diabetics need to use this stuff, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration frowns on raising blood sugar for diabetics. So don’t worry about it.

Also, if you are lucky, your gastroenterologist will prescribe the newer stuff, which you don’t have to consume in such great quantity, and which allows for cleaning out from the other end. That last bit means you don’t have to freeze to death, because you can use warm water for that (though do put in a bit of salt or baking soda–about ! U.S. tsp / gallon, to buffer the pH).

Most people preferred the old stuff to cleaning out from the other end, but I found it more of an ordeal. I like the newer juice, myself.


It’s so good I don’t need some crazy high protein/fat ratio, I couldn’t do that. I focus on lean pork and my fat is almost as much as my protein. Today it’s because I got bored of meat, though… But it always takes effort to keep my fat intake below 65% (my fat percentage always was my only pretty fixed thing). Not like it’s my goal, my goal is eating little (for me and my smallish energy need). Among others as health, eating well and maybe getting some more energy is even more important. But why couldn’t I have it all? :smiley:

So, I brought photos! :smiley: I have found the pork spleen ones, neither is so great but here. Filled with smoked pork chuck and cheese and some not filled ones (even a bigger piece is like that). It may be not pretty but it was nice :slight_smile: Especially the tiny, well fried pieces but I realized smoked pork chuck is very fine with it so my next batch was mixed. Mostly spleen but the fatty smoked pork pieces did good!

And today’s lunch, vaguely. I barely could eat all the pork for 2 meals, I just had enough of this for now.

Lunch after 3pm, dinner before 6pm. I finished the pork as I wrote, had some pork shoulder roast bites from the freezer… But that’s it, I had to depend on eggs and dairy. My protein is still only 126g so I probably will eat a bit more later (even if I don’t track accurately, it is what normally happens) but we will see.
In the end, I didn’t eat chicken, I started to roast it late for various reasons and I was hungry.
But if I can pull it off, 118g fat, 20g carbs (12 from milk but that’s it until next Thursday, now a short cream era begins), 389g meat. So a pretty good day even for a sedentary one as the rain just keeps falling and it affects my mood and energy level so much that I forgot about the existence of power walking inside and didn’t use the stationary bike either. I did do chest presses but that’s not much.
But better times come, we will go mushroom hunting on Sunday I hope! Alvaro brought a “big” (normal for the species, not spectacular) parasol mushroom today, I fried it with an egg and he ate it :slight_smile: It’s a tasty thing I remember.
I had a nice carnivore day, Shinita-style so with tea and milk and processed meats.

My totally surreal chill times may be over, today I actually had some thoughts regarding carby food, only when they were in front of me though but still. I am not so very opposed to them anymore. And when I was hungry and bored of my carni food especially meat… I still didn’t feel inclined to eat plants (I don’t even know what could I eat, nothing seems like food that suits me) but I had thoughts as I often went off when this happened. When it was serious and I wasn’t determined, at least. I could chase away my hunger with eggs and dairy. I didn’t want those either but could eat them. Hopefully the fowl in the weekend will help to give me a break from pork.
It’s not easy, I want to avoid eating many eggs, much dairy… But only meat remains and I just didn’t want much of that today. I should use some more variety even if I don’t feel danger is near. As if I truly get bored of my pork, I may be against all meat. Except ham, I still ate some ham with a sponge cake, with butter :slight_smile: I can’t eat much of it ever and it’s nice. And VERY smoky.

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Up fairly early and reading in lounge again with my coffee. Just been having 1 in the morning at the mo, although i did have a further black coffee in the cafe before going into the dance hall for tea dance.

Did 100 stair runs again after morning coffee then got my bath and hair washed ready to go dancing. Brunch was 2 large flat cheapy beef burgers and 2 fried eggs.

Burgers had to be cut in half to both fit in pan!

When i returned home early evening dinner was slow cooked pork chops followed by bacon and 1 sirloin steak


I am almost proud (I don’t overdo it when it’s about me), I managed to taste the chicken just a bit, just to go over 130g protein. Now I am nicely satiated again. It’s such anb annoying little thing, not hunger but not full satiating, something is missing, my body enthusiastically but very subtly nudges me… It seems when I am this super collected or how should I put it, it’s best eating a few good bites. It won’t escalate, not even in my gremlin time. YAY!
The chicken with tandoori masala made the house pretty nice smelling for hours! :slight_smile: Some people may not like fat and spice and chicken smell but we do :wink:
The skin of my chicken thigh that I painstakingly took off (okay, not that bad but I didn’t do it to both) became crunchy during the 2 hour roasting process, Alvaro’s didn’t but he is fine with it, always is. It is still a bit crispy but if it’s about chicken skin or bacon, I am all for 100% crunch!
I am curious about tomorrow’s numbers, I plan to eat all my chicken (it’s about 280g meat? really not much) as while it’s not very satiating, I need a break from a significant amount of pork. Maybe it will work this time. I used to get pretty high protein on days when I wasn’t super careful with chicken like eating only a drumstick (it’s hard as it’s a little tease only).


No photo but the chicken was on my mind (downstairs still smelled tandoori masala chicken…) and I knew I will eat early. I had my lunch together with Alvaro around noon.
I ate my chicken leg, he ate part of the bigger half of it (the drumstick is mine for later), we both had eggs in purgatory. It is a carnivore-ish day only as he will cook turkey curry and I carefully taste it, mostly meat but still, not pure carnivore. But 9 carnivore day and 2 carnivore-ish? Not bad.
Oh, if I count correctly, it’s no-coffee day #5!

We aren’t very good at sparing eggs right now, Alvaro ate cake too, the 2 egg one (that’s 2 portions), it’s still adorable as he has a 3 egg breakfast cake too (but I use 4 and he eats a quarter at home. it’s almost a keto cake but it’s him so it’s full with raisins)… But we won’t need this many eggs later. And we always can buy some - IF the weather is cooperative. But it’s time for me to focus on meat anyway, it does good to my macros. And it’s nice not to be so dependent on eggs. I had some eggy days, it’s time for a change!

So, I had my chicken leg and little else. Some sponge cakes, an Irish Cream tea with cream and some Stroh80 rum (1ml? I don’t even track that. but I don’t drink alcohol on pure carni days. except some flavorings. I may use too much flavorings now - though I don’t know what is too much. I surely would hate to use this much long term but I won’t. I need it for my teas here and there, to avoid coffee thoughts. or cocoa thoughts… - but I got some new ones earlier and I need some extra fun).
I am satiated but it’s not surprising, early chicken meals tend to work for me. I will get hungry later and need some more substantial food but chicken at noon is okayish. Chicken at 3pm when I am hungry, that almost surely wouldn’t work.
And chicken at 6pm when I am very hungry for my first and only therefore OMAD sized meal… Nope. I did the “eating ~1kg chicken (leg with skin) and staying very hungry” thing in that situation, not once. Nice start, enjoyable home-raised chicken (this one wasn’t tasty. tender, easy to eat, variety, it has protein and whatnot… but not really tasty. not even the skin but I enjoyed the crunch :wink: )… But my hunger just scoffs at it and grows even bigger. I needed a lot of food right afterwards to get satiated.

But eating my chicken earlier and paired with pork (if not immediately, on the same day), it is fine.
I am curious about my final macros. I go for only one other meal and not too early. Can I last until normal dinnertime? That’s way over my usual 3 hour between meals and that’s for non-carnivore, it’s 1-3 hours on carnivore. BUT my cute hunger can wait. So I suppose I get a tad hungry and I wait 1-2 more hours without a problem. But I think way too much about it let alone write.

Gloomy but not rainy (anymore) day! We are heating, it’s soooo nice :smiley: I wasn’t cold, per se but it’s still nice. And I kind of started to get cold.
Still only 18.3 Celsius in my room but it takes time for the warm air to come up. It goes into the walls downstairs now. And ceiling, that is a super thick thing so it won’t reach my room (where it’s the floor) so quickly… Alvaro said the house is about 100 tonnes…? A very big part of it is the mentioned part, I don’t know the term, the thing between the floors. It was normal thick before the rebuilding (the upper floor of the house got rebuilt, among many other changes) but apparently building rules changed and we got 35 tonnes more concrete on it. On this small area… So it’s thick and heavy. And I could tell nightmare tales about trapped in a house together with 35 tonnes fresh, still too wet concrete. We got educated about dehumidifiers a bit later, I were so not knowledgeable if I want to be polite and yep, I want to, we were intelligent and knew some things just not that. Even if it seems so very obvious now.
That was the time when I woke up in 90% humidity. It’s NOT refreshing. Mold comes at 70%… But things quickly got better when we smartened up and even got a big dehumidifier :wink:
Our house is still humid, all the time but not THAT much. We just can’t get dry air here (except right after airing in some super dry and not too hot weather). 60% is common (and we need to work for it. thankfully we have dehumidifier for winter and A/C for summer so it’s easy).


let the peasants eat gruel, we royalty get the meats! Beauty meat pic!

very interesting for sure JJ! if you find out info I would love to read it when ya share it here!!

ahhhh, you are the one taking away my amazing summer weather, hmm. Ok, you can have it for a little while then I want it back before I freeze my buns off here :unamused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

-------simple day. 2 NY strip steaks. pack is 1.77 lb. Will eat one first meal, eat 2nd around 3-4pm and done for the day. Where’s the beef? In my fridge waiting to be devoured :slight_smile:
nothing different. still mono eating beef and pork.
hope everyone is doing ZC well!

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Nice pics, everyone! I enjoy your creations vicariously


I am waiting for dinner time. Oh of course I didn’t last long with the chicken. I got borderline hungry after 1 hour (but I do that with pork too sometimes when I eat earlier therefore a smaller meal) but it was fine. Needed some food (just bites but there was a tiny pork and whatever I could grab. I need my sponge cakes at hand in times like this!) after 2.5 hours… Had some tea later while Alvaro started to cook… And now it’s after 5pm, we are waiting for the turkey curry to get ready. Nice, fatty turkey thigh :heart_eyes: I may eat not only one bite but two… Not much as it’s 1. the dish is not carnivore and the meat is little, I don’t want to take too much of it 2. I can’t track it. Turkey thigh cooked in something wet. No idea how much water it loses. Cooked turkey data, maybe? But it’s a very fowl-y day, tracking will be more off than usual (except on days heavier in fatty meat). I do try though.

My dinner will be smallish, little chicken, tiny turkey curry, a piece of pork and some grill sausage (that’s pork too, most probably). And an egg milk with cream.
I made a pudding today (egg yolk, cream, gelatin), it got too hard, it seems I forgot to add more water as the gelatin amount was the usual. So I got vanilla and yolk flavored cream gummies. Not my best dessert but edible. I should have poured it into my skull ice cube mold… Or my “death star” tiny ones, it’s not really death star just a half sphere with a small sphere cut out of it but it’s close enough for me. I like that shape.

I got out a nice pork chuck slab from the freezer, I will cook it tomorrow. I don’t know how yet. Probably just fry it… But maybe I should do something more interesting, I still may need some break for the more simple pork dishes… But it’s fried pork chuck, it’s great and I am a lazy chef nowadays… So we will see.

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Awake fairly early but stayed in the warm bed looking at my phone and got out about 8.45am!

Sat outside in sunshine with coffee and books… chill in air so i had to wear my fleecey lumber jacket. Clears out the sinuses lol
After coffee it was stair running again… 100 flights again, 3rd day on the trot oooh i am doing well… pat on the back stuff!

After that it was a fairly lazy day. Brunch was about 10.45am which made me feel hungry for the rest of the day. I ate small pork chops slow cooked over night followed by bacon and 3 hard boiled eggs.

Hungry by 2.50pm so ate a couple rashers bacon and 2 beef burgers which were tasty.

4.45pm hungry again so had a sirloin steak and butter which i forgot to photo followed by chinese style pork ribs… very tasty

Feels like a lot but the chops were small and looking at pics it wasn’t a whole lot. I haven’t been eating 3mad recently just keeping it to 2 but IDK whether i was really hungry or just eating cos i felt tired!


Early chicken? Bad idea. I will try to remember this. It’s not too bad but I keep getting hungry and I had a decent dinner, surely my macros were good but it doesn’t matter when a big part of my protein is chicken :frowning: I almost ate all my leftover very lean pork I planned to feed to Alvaro (though I was aware hungry me may eat it, it’s not much)… Along with a bunch of other items. A little this, a little that… Normally I just eat meat and eggs but we have too few eggs and I am not particularly into lean pork now.

Tomorrow will be so much better. And pure carnivore again, if my rebellious inner self wants something (it has a high chance, I feel my attitude loosening… I still want a carni November if possible and definitely more than 2 weeks, my old record - I had 2 not pure days though… -, I just got back some thoughts and desires start to seep in too. no real temptation yet, thankfully), I will drink coffee. I did 5 coffee free days, yay! It was so easy :smiley: I didn’t get headache so felt no temptation for coffee though I start to get bored of tea despite all the variety I have. It’s time to drink more water (I do drink water but mostly warm, nice tea). And egg milk but we have few eggs so I am careful with that.


Oh I stayed hungry. I just lost my patience at that point and ate like I meant it and I did.
I won’t have a chicken based meal at noon again…

218g protein, 200g fat… The carbs weren’t bad despite me eating curry for the 3rd time and doing other things if I was at it… Still very safely keto and if we are in indulgent mode, let’s say carnivore-ish. I only had a few non-carni bites, after all.

But today I was pretty satiated. Then we went for a walk, I got tired and then we cooked (I started with my fried pork chuck but it took its sweet time)… I ate at 16:30 :slight_smile: A little :slight_smile: Now I am fine.

Yesterday was so, so very complicated with so many items… Today I had a pound of pork, half a boiled egg, a little bit of white egg milk (I use a little egg white in it… egg sparing is strong now) and cream. I made this a coffee day. Oh it seems my no coffee periods do good, I didn’t drink as much as usual! No tea today, it was nice.

I just ate today, a photo would have been too much work after doing complicated things with the mushrooms we have found… Oh it was a lovely forest walk! Sunny, with surprisingly much green… Many trees (partially or completely) lost their foliage but the small ones, bushes and some other plants had green leaves.
We have found some nice mushrooms!
There were (as always, they don’t go away ;)) my beloved bracket mushrooms. Huge ones and tiny ones alike.
I saw a very bright orange one, I need to figure out the species!
There were the usual toxic champignons…
But some edible and very very beautiful, stocky white champignons as well.
And quite a few parasol mushrooms (mostly drumsticks, they are cute and not as vulnerable) along with some smaller relatives. And many of the parasol ones were all brown, not just the pattern! Very pretty. Not anymore as I cooked them (they lose volume like crazy that way, not all mushrooms do it) and put them into the freezer. The small relatives got eaten by Alvaro. WHY Hungarians eat breaded stuff all the time, it is huge work, it’s bad enough 2 times a year for me… But these mushrooms are best that way, they say and indeed, it is fun. And Alvaro has no problem with flour and panko. It was nice and crunchy, I have heard it. I ate curry yesterday so I didn’t taste the mushrooms :slight_smile: I lost my desire for them in the beginning of carnivore, sometimes I taste some as I do know it’s super delicious, I just don’t need it and as we rarely find a lot, it’s a waste on me, Alvaro can appreciate them much more.
We have found the usual autumn edible mushroom, they were old and full with tiny maggots, Alvaro wasn’t particularly sad, maybe because we opened a jar or two and it was spoiled… And there was the time when he made a stew using 1.5kg and I didn’t want any… Those were some tough days… He does it sometimes, making too much food. It’s hard but possible.
And we have found something, I am not sure what it is, I know similar ones but I rarely see mushrooms without a cap. Maybe it is a ramaria, maybe not… So I need to check multiple mushrooms, it’s usually fun when it has some very unique attribute. I gave up on white and tan colored mushrooms years ago. Or red russulas, there are many, ours are spicy but I don’t know why people eat russulas anyway, they aren’t that good… Oh well, tastes differ. And I don’t like most edible mushrooms at this point. I find the flavor of most things about the same as always but there is an old fav of mine, a big fav… That just tastes celery to me now. And I never really liked celery… Odd. We had a lot of it in jars (it never spoiled, yay! it’s tricky with non-sweet items) and I disliked it. So Alvaro ate it all, good for him :slight_smile: He likes mushroom with eggs.

I forgot to bring my camera though but when the weather becomes fine again (as we will have rain again, most probably), I go back and make some photos (and collect some mushrooms, we left lots of tiny drumsticks. well, as tiny as a parasol mushroom drumstick can be, they are quite big mushrooms).
Oh we saw lots of magpie mushrooms too! It is woodpecker mushroom in Hungarian. One looked very fetching in the sun and I had no camera, my phone wasn’t good enough (maybe my next one? mine need charging every day while I barely use it, it won’t last long) and Alvaro’s phone lost its camera function, not like it was any good to begin with, it’s not even a smartphone… He always goes for a strong lamp (as he goes to work through the forest in the dark a lot) and super sturdiness (a car can drive over it, it should survive a swim, these things if possible) and smartphones apparently can’t do that. Or they are not cheap then, I suppose, surely some can do everything. But it’s just a phone, we wouldn’t spend much on it. I use mine to check the time and listen to music. And once in a blue moon, to get or make a phone call… It wouldn’t be good to be unavailable, someone may need something. But without my Aunt I can’t even spend the yearly minmum, 2000 HUF ($5.66)… Me, calling someone? Only if I REALLY must and I make sure it stays a rarity. I never liked phone calls. Except with family but I prefer talking to them face to face. And I don’t have anyone too far for that anymore.

Pork chuck is great, I lasted for 2 whole hours! Now I am hungry but I still feel so well and chill (today I feel unusually well, I used to have such days but I had none lately. it’s nice), no mood to eat. Anyway, I already ate half of my pork chuck slab and don’t have much else to eat without eggs :frowning: I don’t even have quark. Or a cheese I like.

But I was hungry so I defrosted my leftover chicken liver (the one with cream so a nicer kind), put an extra yolk into my coffee and drank the latter. I didn’t touch the liver yet but I probably will… I tracked. SUPER simple day :smiley: Pork, cream, tiny egg. It’s not how my tracking page looks like normally… 82g protein, 64g fat, 1g carbs.
I probably won’t be able to sleep to get my minimum protein intake. My body couldn’t care less I went over 200g yesterday, that was that and today is today, it’s 82/130+, it won’t do. I am stubborn though. Maybe it’s training for EF (but that’s easier as I don’t really “low-cal days” there just zero cal ones, very different).
I eat if I won’t stand it but I just don’t wanna :upside_down_face: It’s not even negative appetite, I am really against eating now if I can help it. Like all my parts are super satisfied with my meal (well it was superb :smiley: freshly made pork chuck, fried into perfection! I have found some leaner parts and left them bigger, for Alvaro) - except one with too much inclination to calculate my macros. Annoying one.

I will bring photos tomorrow!

(Karen) #177

Went dancing this afternoon. Fabulous day great music great floor lovely people. Had a super time.
Ate 2 beef burgers same as yesterday tho forgot to take a photo had bacon first

Had to have dinner late cos dance didn’t finish till 5pm and by the time we get out and drive home it was nearly 7 by time i got home. Ate bacon and sirloin steak followed by the remaing chinese pork ribs


Cold, slightly sunny day. 6 Celsius, I will take a little walk later when it will be warmer…

Yesterday I ate some more at 9pm, chicken liver and a tiny scrambled egg (22g egg. egg sparing is serious now and I had this tiny leftover) with ham and sour cream. I have a very creamy sour cream now, pricier but it was on sale in the village supermarket and it’s very very very smooth and perfectly sour. My SO’s Mom’s favorite, I can understand why.

Final macros for Sunday: 105g protein, 83g fat, 5g carbs, I am pleased. And curious how long I will last but probably won’t be any problem, my high-cal Saturday probably still have some effect, I function that way, no idea why and how. I am satiated at the moment but it’s not even 10am yet. I am only hungry in the morning if I go to bed hungry but I never ever do that. If I need to eat at 2-4am, so be it but I need to be satiated when falling asleep. I never would wake up until morning but my sleep would be horrible. One lesson was enough.

I will put my November data in a spreadsheet already and figure out what was my average day for my first week, among other things, the end of the second one is near too…

Oh my animal list is still tiny for November.
Turkey, hake fish, chicken, pork, the first two was minimal. Chicken liver, pork spleen for organs (and whatever was attached to my more than a chicken leg).


Oh my, it was hard. I had lunch around 3pm. Took longer than an hour, I was insatiable. I have just given up at this point, my belly starts aching, maybe I have drank a tad much, sometimes a creamy drink gives the extra lil push… And it’s cold! Not inside but outside and it’s gloomy.

I ate everything I could, in the end almost all the pork chuck but I had no interest in it today, sadly. Good food, not very hard to eat but wasn’t into it. Need a break from pork again so I will cook a hen soup tomorrow!

I started with this and ate much more (6.5 sponge cakes in total, another half grill sausage, this is a long one! - never buy it again, it has such a weird sour taste even though I still kind of like it even though I don’t like that flavor part… so it can’t ruin it but it’s still weird. probably too much garlic and herbs. or IDK… I ate cheese, sour cream, lots of creamy teas and whipped cream too. and pâté, butter and ham. I don’t think I have anything else right now).
If it’s not an OMAD meal, IDK what it is.
I want blissful fasting and chill for a day now.

I have tracked. Oh so it’s a probably slightly overeating day. I know the reason, I pushed my fatty dairy a bit too much but I lacked tempting protein rich items a bit (and eggs for lots of egg milk)… In the end I had to get my protein, of course.

134g protein, 158g fat, 10g carbs. Lots of cream. 586g aka 1.3 pounds of meat.
I call this a big meal.


7:27pm. I still feel I ate some rocks… Okay, that probably would be worse, never ate rocks… But it’s a heavy feeling. Oh well, I am satiated and go for a 24+ hout fast now!

(Karen) #181

100 stair runs first thing then downstairs for coffee and books in the lounge. Too wet outside even though rain had stopped. Plumber here this morning, a CrossFit friend to sort the kitchen sink waste pipe outside that some little rodent had gnawed a big hole in!

Brumch was at the cafe, 2 eggs 2 sausage 2 bacon and 1 black pudding … it was very nice but i forgot a pic :roll_eyes:

Dinner was 1 very rare sirloin and 2 beef burgers with butter followed a bit later with bacon n 3 hard boiled eggs.


Currently trapped under a paper mountain avalanche/ end of semester administration and grading. Bacon and egg breakfasts. Mix of lamb, beef, and fish evening meals. Wake, coffee, sunshine, work, break fast, coffee, work, stretch, work, meat meal, try and work, wind down, meditate, sleep, repeat.

In Moovember 2022 I had just discovered the biltong shop.

Back in NoVegEmber 2021 I was chatting about oxalate dumping and changing seasons.

(Karen) #183

Coffee and books first thing no stair running today. Just had an easy morning before going to have my crowns fitted in the afternoon. So glad i ate a fairly godd sized brunch before going …had 2 beef burgers and 2 fried eggs lovely…after work done on teeth Dentist advised a soft meal… oh eggs it is then :roll_eyes: the 2 rump steaks had to go back in the fridge.

So i had 3 eggs scrambled with butter. Think i will be hungry later ! May have to pop out and get some fish or prawns … i may just take a rain a rain check on that one. :wink:

Another shock at how much it was… thought it was going to be at least 400 quid less than the bill came to. Just have to keep telling myself it is an investment and i suppose if i had been keeping on top of them over last 5 years i wouldn’t have noticed the cost quite so much! Blame it on Covid Lockdown and my Stroke and i don’t feel quite as bad plus this dental clinic are doing a far superior job than my old nhs dental centre. Both crowns are done now and immediately felt great unlike when i have had crowns fitted in the past, when they felt like they wern’t quite in right place!