No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)


I apparently have hungry days. And it’s hard when I barely have eggs and a bit bored of my meat or not but it gets ready late… Dairy adds fat like crazy and it’s not satiating, oh well.
I had around 160g protein in the last 2 days, at least today had less fat, yesterday it went up quite high… 2 overeating days in row but today wasn’t carnivore in the end. And I had many coffees too as I am terribly bored of tea and didn’t learn how to drink mostly water yet…

Today I had leftover pork shoulder, a little pork chuck and chicken from the soup (along with some soup), 2 Vienna sausages with cheese (hard Austrian cheese, we tried it for the first time, flavorful! I got bored of Emmental, it is a too unsalted and dull thing to be my main cheese. a bite here and there is fine), leftover sponge cakes and crustless quiche muffins (at least I call them quiche. subtly cheese and sour cream flavored egg sponge cakes, more like… they are so, so good! some very smooth, creamy sour cream or Greek yogurt works best!). And whatever I forgot but mostly these.

Still lazy to do the spreadsheet thing and my photo isn’t nice enough to show.
So sleepy, I want a nice sunny day with a big walk, I plan to check the mushrooms we left last time, shouldn’t forget the camera!!! I tried to figure out the 2 mystery mushrooms but wasn’t successful yet.

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You had me at coffee and books…

(Geoffrey) #186

Well I got back late yesterday from my pheasant hunt and I was just too wiped out to post anything.
8 hour drive to Kansas, two hard days of walking through thick grasses and cover. According to my pedometer app I covered 13 miles in two days. Most of the time the grasses were so tall and thick it was like trying to wade through three foot snow drifts. Then an 8 hour drive back home. Whew! This old man is beat and sore. But if it wasn’t for carnivore I wouldn’t have been able to do it.
Sad to say though the birds were scarce. There were 10 in my party and only five birds taken. I only shot one time and missed so no chinese chickens for me. That’s ok, they’re just lean white meat anyways, I’ll stick with beef. :grin:
And speaking of beef. The highlight of my hunt was our dinners in the evening. We went to this place called The Black Bison Pub. Wow! They had what may be the best tasting ribeye that I ever had. At least that I can remember. Now I’m a Texan and we Texans take a lot of pride in our cattle and beef but I believe these Kansas folks have got us beat in this category. Man, so tender, so juicy, so fatty and chargrilled on an open fire…perfection. I ate one each evening I was there.
On Saturday evening on the 11th, when we went to eat there, I broke my alcohol fast with a drink of Jameson’s in a toast to my fellow veterans. I noticed shortly afterwards that I had two mild heart palpitations. Well that tells me all I need to know about alcohol now.


One for @PaulL


Yes, good to toast important memories and absent friends.

Alcohol is definitely a heart arrhythmia trigger, an arrhythmogenic.

The ER doctor explained to me when I presented the first time with atrial fibrillation that it can happen with a lot imbibed (toxicity), or with just a small amount (trigger). So, if drinking alcohol and risking heart palpitations drink like Goldilocks. This is not medical advice.


Spring time here. Every sky a painting.

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Well i ended up having the very last 2 cheapy burgers from the freezer cos i knew they would be quite soft to eat and then remembered i had corned beef in the pantry which is quite mushy to eat and ate half a tin so i didn’t go hungry last night. :grin:

Today i got up had my coffee and read books in lounge. It was bitterly cold outside even tho dry and bright… it was a bit windy and the wind was bitter. I had been watching the clouds passing by just after 7am and thought they were moving pretty quickly.

100 stair runs when i finished reading and then after messing with the phone and computer had an early brunch at 10.40ish of 2 Beef Burgers. Tasty. Then got ready for tea dance this afternoon. Just local.
Forgot pic but i am sure you will remember yesterdays pic lol.
Dinner was the 2 rump steaks i couldn’t have yesterday and they weren’t too bad plus 3 rashers of bacon, i have had better but i remember they weren’t the best of steaks. Hey ho they need eating up. Just following it with cold beef pieces. Came home via The Company Shop and there were a few bargains lol

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Thank you @PaulL. I called the Drs office and the nurse said I shouldn’t worry. I’ll try some of the flavoring too, especially if the liquid stuff is deplorable. I really appreciate knowing that progress has been made in this field and it should be a lot easier to take!
This week has been a fairly easy one. Teaching yesterday and Monday and today we went to San Antonio for music errands, picking up my bow from the luthier and buying a new sound system, one of the tall column amps. We play at big venues here, where we need more coverage, and we were so impressed with these new systems.
Here’s some food from the past few days.

Salmon and steak, Sunday

Stack of chaffles, yesterday

My chaffles yesterday. Too Much! Next time I’ll just fix one.

Chaffles again.
Today we stopped for a late lunch. A bunless bacon cheeseburger for me, forgot to do a pic, though it was nice. When we got home I broke out the liverwurst though.

(Geoffrey) #191

I need to get me a Chaffle iron.

(Geoffrey) #192

Ate two meals today but didn’t take any pics. First up was a brisket and monterey jack cheese omelette after my morning hunt. Then this evening three slices of brisket and some buttered chicken.
Oh, and speaking of my morning hunt, I was successful. I may not be able to bring home the pheasant but I can darn sure bring home the deer. Got me a decent buck this morning so that’ll be two for the freezer so far.
I’d post a picture but I’m not sure how that would be accepted around here.


I have always read about how wonderful pheasants are and when I tried them, well they are okay but I prefer my pork… Especially a slab of pork vs peasant I need to clean, it’s much work :smiley: (Doing the same to piglets is much work too but the result is nicer.) Big animals sound better though killing them would be tough. (I didn’t kill the mentioned ones either.) I am sure I could do a lot for survival though. Never needed it.

I had wonderful pork I was bored of. Very odd combo. Tasty, juicy, very well roasted, everything I like - but I just need a break from pork (and meat in general) now, apparently.
So it wasn’t a carnivore day but of course it was mostly that.I don’t have many plant-y options or desires, after all. It would have been super close to carnivore if I had more than 2 eggs. I ate them up. Alvaro brings more tomorrow so I plan pure carnivore no dairy (or minimal dairy) days with more confidence… I missed my eggs when I got bored of my meat and things got tough. I eat whatever I can but I prefer simple days with very satiating items (mostly meat but some eggs are good too).

I had delicious crunchy hen cracklings though. More than what is in the pic :wink:
I am super displeased with this one but I don’t put effort to make a photo to abandon it every time now… :frowning: Yep, it’s effort, I normally don’t assemble a lunch, I just eat one thing after the other, often starting to cook in the middle. But it doesn’t look as nice as it was.

I ate cheese and all my other eggs too (1 and a white! I appreciate every egg white in this situation). And my extras. I didn’t even eat the whole meat slice and I planned to eat a way bigger piece. I could have made myself to eat it, without force but I didn’t want to and it is a waste not to fully enjoy this beautiful roasted chuck. I put tandoori masala on it as the pork may be tasty, it still becomes even nicer and fancier that way… The hen was lovely, it is tasty unlike those normal big young chicken. I always use a hen for soups as it makes good soup while chicken doesn’t.
My thigh was roasted for 2 hours without the skin on, it got a bit dry but it didn’t make it bad at all :wink: I still won’t get off the skin next time, it’s a pain to do when it’s still raw… I was merely curious about the numbers, I needed the skinless weight to track. I shouldn’t track when I eat chicken or rabbit but sometimes I still want to.

We had a wonderful sunny day, not too cold. My night could have been better, Alvaro didn’t notice Ginger when he left to work and the little sh*t started to scream bloody murder about 1 minute later, waking me up. It happens sometimes. Cloud would have been asleep in my bed for 8 hours but Ginger doesn’t like to be inside when she isn’t even held or fed. Well once he liked the armchair but normally she wants to leave. Or held or fed. She got very well-fed so I stopped giving her food every time I see her. Still far from chubby! She’s fine. But she doesn’t need more fat. All the others are fine too, even Cloud and she tends to be choosy and thin. Probably all the voles, she wasn’t thin even when she refused the food from us. Even the fish, what is with that cat?
Tofu comes home more frequently now, she was super thin before but I made sure to give her extra nice and much food so she is better now. Still our thinnest cat but the others aren’t thin at all :slight_smile: With me eating carnivore they get all kind of nice stuff. From a normal, not super choosy cat’s viewpoint, at least. They got parts of the hen other people may eat and even like that I don’t because they are not meaty enough.

It’s the next day, still no tracking, I need a break from it very soon… I don’t even know how much meat I ate but I will take a guess, I do know how much pork chuck I had, a nice amount for 1 day and even after 2 it’s not eaten.
Today wasn’t carnivore either, I really can’t stomach much meat now. But Alvaro brought 20 eggs and I ate a lot :smiley: My favorite sandwich (3 warm poached eggs with grated cheese on it. Pickle slices are optional, just like some paprika condiment. originally it had bread but it doesn’t need any, I don’t even try to add my sponge cake buns, it’s perfect without), egg milk, a new batch of sponge cake… Yum. I had pâté and some pork chuck roast. And pancakes but those weren’t carnivore. I really need some nice carnivore pancake ideas, I find cheesy pancakes boring now…

Beautiful, warm, sunny day, I am in pain as 2.5 hour was too long for my leg :smiley: But I have found a lot of nice mushrooms again. Forgot the camera though. Need to identify 2 mushrooms, it’s usually a lot of work but it’s only 2… I had days in the past when I brought home 10 to identify, that wasn’t so good but I was curious :smiley:

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I tried chaffles once after going out to specifically buy a waffle maker… i couldn’t bear them they were awful and i couldn’t undertand everyone enthusiasm about them. Gave the waffle maker to my daughter.

(Karen) #195

Went for brunch in the Salvation Army charity shop cafe.

Dinner was chinese pork ribs which got a bit charred as i got distracted on the computer, nevertheless they weren’t impallatable! Followed them with 2 small rump steaks…so so!

Then finished the beef bits and corned beef… could’nt allow them to go past their best :wink:


Similar. Egg and cheese never can be truly awful for me but I really didn’t understand the hype, I didn’t even feel any desire to make them again… And I do love eggs with cheese but in some other way.

Finally, tracking is done (still no spreadsheet, I probably will skip that, too much work. I will enter my macros or something and that’s it for now).
I apparently ate 1900 kcal in the last 2 days. Oh I thought I overate like crazy but apparently not…?
380g meat yesterday (I still had chicken, that’s easy to eat), 176g today (sponge cake helps with pâté… my fried pork liver wasn’t good but with enough lard, it’s fine! I still have a lot)… I need a break. At least I had eggs and lots of cheese today… And it’s Thursday so milk too :smiley: And butter. Just because I went for lard today, I had that too.
So I eat fattier and still not too much, therefore my protein is low. Well it was yesterday (100g), I took some non-carnivore steps today to raise it (124? but with my lack of accuracy it may be 130). How was/am I not hungrier I can’t comprehend, maybe fat helps in some situations that rarely happens but it does now. Or my high-cal days helped (but they usually can’t do much with my protein need). Or who knows? Too many potential factors. Well, I enjoy it until it lasts.

I did need a second dinner both days (how low was my protein before that, oh my god…?!) but a few bites helped. Today I ate some more pâté with a sponge cake bun and pork roast for second dinner and I am still at 176g meat (liver counts as always), I used 3 meals to reach that super tiny amount… Things are serious. I look at the photos here and nope, the meat isn’t tempting at all. They usually are, even if I am perfectly satiated or it’s morning when I feel no desire to eat. They are still nice and tempting. But not now :frowning:

So I take a break from eating meat (I will eat some but possibly not much. I don’t even have my usual pork now, stupid supermarket situation. there is no day when I can expect meat there at this point) and come back to carnivore on Monday! I should be okay then, I just can’t get meat until then but I have some pork chuck slabs in the freezer… Alvaro wants one so I really will be low on meat soon and if the supermarket stays unhelpful, well… I still will have this and that, beef liver (but I ate liver all the time now, I may need a break from that too…), beef stew, fish…
The supermarket don’t even have some nice sale on Friday and it usually has. If it has pork sale for Friday and Saturday, it tends to HAVE pork at that time so it’s helpful but the sale price is good too.
But there is a hake fish sale, I suppose I can eat a decent amount of it if I make some tasty sauce… Poor fish needs that.

We wondered about going to the city to buy food but we don’t have a car now but we have things to do (like getting the forest mushrooms I have left :smiley: one should use the 2 weeks in 2023 when there is a decent amount, it wasn’t a good year mushroom wise, to put it lightly. I didn’t even see some spectacular ones. Alvaro likes his mushrooms and it’s a nice variety for him. I pretty much lost interest along with the vegs but I am happy to find some especially pretty, big ones).

(Geoffrey) #197

OMAD today.
Three thick slices of brisket and three over easy eggs.

(Karen) #198

Yesterday started with 100 stair runs and finished with a great tea dance at lichfield. Brunch was 2 burgers and 3 bacon rashers dinner was sirloin steak with 2 sea bass fillets followed by bacon and 3 hard boiled eggs


Today Up in good time so that i could get to Curry’s PC World black friday sales. Ended up getting my boy a new toy that wasn’t in the sale! Hey ho…

Didn’t end up getting a brunch and finally got dinner about 4.30pm! Had sirloin steak with butter followed by pork rib and chicken wings and i ate the lot! Very nice and tasty.


Dinner was 2 pan-fried large pork chops tonight. Going for the thiamine. Eggs and bacon breakfast. Last night was 4 chicken thighs in butter after an egg and cheese omelette at breakfast. OMAD the day before that with a surprise dinner out at a fancy restaurant where I ordered sirloin strips rare. But also ate cuttlefish, wagyu and duck rillette. It was tasty but I did not sleep well and woke tired with muscle and joint aches and pains. @Fangs often says that restaurant meals will get you because we can’t control how things are cooked.

I’m getting out in the sunshine and diving into the ocean, and feeling good for those things. We have a week of summer weather ahead with clear blue sky days and hot sunny sun. I wonder if the Human Resources managers will understand my argument for work health days off, as compared to sick days, or having to lie about not being at my desk under fake lights and clotted all over with air conditioning.

It may be a hot summer. It’s starting early. There is a local tree that is called a Christmas Tree as it has bright orange blossom in December and around Christmas time. This year, the ancient one at the base of the ridge is already setting blossom. the local indigenous elders are concerned.

If that ain’t enough there is some B-list actor named Nicholas Cage filming a surf movie at my local beach. I thought we were safe from such things being as we are out here on the edge of the world so far away from anything and anyone.


Not back yet but I pop in a tiny bit…

Pretty tree!!!

No walk today either, rainy day became just gloomy and we washed the car. I am tired but mildly pleased. Car goes to the mechanic tomorrow.

I am super satiated and can’t seem to get hungry today (but it’s not even 3pm yet… still, it’s very late for weekend…) but I ate carbs and gluten yesterday so it’s not surprising. But I do feel better on carnivore. Yesterday I fried the pork chuck Alvaro deemed too fatty for the chili dish, it was fatty indeed but quite good, I used part of the rendered out fat to make scrambled eggs with the old lean pork chuck parts Alvaro didn’t eat. It was a bit old, fridge smelling, it makes sense to others too, right? Not spoiled at all yet but way after its prime. Oh well, it was nutrient. The freshly made fried pork chuck was pure bliss but a little was enough. I hope I will be able to enjoy a bigger amount of it tomorrow. Alvaro’s dish has plenty of meat so my meat eating isn’t very low even this weekend but next time I want him to use something else, not the perfect pork chuck that shines best when simply fried or roasted with salt. The other flavorful items overpower it, it’s too strong not to be noticeable but it can’t shine fully…

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Nope. Both the HR Managers and the medical community appear to be in agreement: plug on til you Get Sick, it’s your civic duty. Then we can reward you with bedrest and pills.


Not much life here now…

Hi guys, I am back, it’s nice. I am fasting now. I really should. My old plan is doing my best at fasting on Mondays as my weekends tend to be more satiating and satisfying, more food, often more carbs… So I should use the chance while mitigate the problems the weekends brought (I don’t mean the carbs, necessarily, more like the bigger eating window and even more food than usual)…

I tried to track. Saturday had about a pound of pork chuck and protein around 200g… Well I didn’t hold back and ate a ton of food…
Yesterday was normal except with lowish protein, I got very full very easily (I did eat very satiating food after my high-cal Saturday).
And now I can’t properly get hungry so all is well, I should enjoy it while it lasts :slight_smile: I do need more fasting. I still eat too much and I stayed 75kg, of course.

5pm on a gloomy day. Tomorrow I will go into the forest for the mushrooms (and the walk, it’s always the main thing but I take long walks easier if there is some reason like shopping or mushrooms. walking in the forest on a sunny day is already a good reason but since my foot still isn’t healed, I am a bit reluctant)!

If I eat today (highly likely…), it will be freshly fried pork chuck (YUM!!! I have very tasty, perfectly fatty slabs now with marbling and everything), sponge cakes with lean head cheese and some boiled eggs.
Head cheeses are usually quite fatty but this one is leanish, probably full with tongue and cheek meat. It will come handy on days when I can’t resist the siren song of butter :smiley: I managed to eat up my lard, yay! We nearly run out of sour cream and I resist the cream, cheese isn’t a problem so I expect some good, low dairy days! It makes things so much easier, even pork chuck becomes lean enough then. I hope Alvaro can buy the usual lean pork green ham tomorrow (and hake!) but I really don’t want to depend on it all the time. Not fatty enough for me.

(Karen) #203

Sunday i pick up my son from his care home for a day out. My daughter picked us up from my house and we just went local for some brunch. Lovely place with good food as you may tell from the photo because i had nearly finished it when i remembered to take pic :roll_eyes:

we went to a few shops so Ben could indicate what he may like for xmas then i took him home for his walk to the shops to get his monster drink with the staff.
Dinner was a sirloin steak followed by bacon n 3 hard boiled eggs and a cold chicken leg n thigh. forgot steak pic

This morning i was up just after 7.30am did 100 stair runs coffee and books then ran to CrossFit and did a puffy workout and then ran home … well more like jogged lol.

Brunch was the remaining cooked chicken leg n thigh but i pan fried it with some bacon. Dinner was sirloin steak followed by bacon n 3 hard boiled eggs