No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)

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Here’s our November carnivore chat thread. I know the title is not as imaginative as perhaps it could be, but I liked the sound of “No-quit No-vember” as soon as someone proposed it. I’ve been carnivore for a couple of months, now, and intend to stick with it.


Already? :smiley: I will come on Monday as that is when I start. Maybe I write about my goals on Sunday.
Now I am mean and consider my promise about not writing only for the October thread.

So no goals for now, I want to mention my “tastes like milk from milk powder (just less sweet)” creation though! It uses up egg whites like crazy and what will I do with the yolks?! I used to use yolks for everything but I am not used to it anymore. Oh well, I will make a big amount of ice cream (in my world it’s like 150g. well it IS a lot, isn’t it? it’s rich and dense), maybe even some mayo… Though I don’t need such a fatty thing now, my leaner meat is perfect as it is, amazing how much one can change!

So, my powder-milk is egg white, whipping cream and water mixed well. Not so great alone but wonderful in coffee. Too bad I wanna quit but I drink some coffee today (I even have an excuse, headache, tiredness and it’s not my No-coffee Carni November yet. my first coffee happened after 3pm, I am pleased).
It really remind me of milk made from milk powder though I admit I don’t have much experience. Milk powder was a thing in my childhood but every normal kid ate it as powder, just like with the lemon thingie. It was sweet, obviously. It made a lousy milk with water (even compared to the modern ESL milk, okay UHT may be even worse but who drinks that? but I often drank some awesome rich raw milk) but it was fun (if not really good) alone. We weren’t crazy about it, it was an occasional thing.
So the nostalgy factor may be there a tiny bit but I have way nicer memories. But it is really good in coffee! I used to use normal egg milk, yolks are tasty but somehow too much for coffee, at least if you ask current me. So I enjoy this thing now. I accidentally made it with proper milk macros (except carbs, that’s maybe a tenth of it?) for the first time… No wonder it is similar. And because it has cream, it’s part of milk and that helps :wink: Egg white adds protein and not much flavor. So it gets the very subtle flavor of milk, almost, without the sweetness and that makes it more similar to milk from my childhood when I didn’t feel everything so very sweet as I do now. Not lactose free milk is drink very much drinkable for me, I wonder if it will change…

I ate some super crispy bacons today. IDK what is with Alvaro’s patience but his wasn’t crispy. But it’s fine in scrambled eggs. Bacon and eggs, a perfect dish for lunch if you ask us. (I did eat a bunch of fried pork and eggs and dairy as usual, I need my food. Even if I wasn’t so hungry but got triggered, I did things in the kitchen… And I wasn’t so satiated anymore so I gladly ate my pork.)

Well maybe one goal.

  1. I try to diminish my milk drinking already… It shouldn’t be hard especially with this milk emulation :smiley: IDK what to use it for, though. Maybe it will be good as flavored egg milk. Or I add yolks but way more whites. We will see. Sometimes I wonder if I should worry about eating several raw egg whites* especially alone but nope, I really shouldn’t, it’s pretty much impossible for me to get too little biotin longer term.

*If they are raw after I pour really warm water on them before mixing. I suppose they are as the average isn’t that warm anymore… But it doesn’t really matter, I eat excessively much biotin and even avoiding eggs as much as I can and eating a raw egg white or two a day, it’s fine.

That’s for today.

(Geoffrey) #3

I see no wavering from this woe for me in the future. I love this woe. The results. The great feelings. It’s all so positive and makes me happy. As James Brown says, :musical_score:“I feel good “:musical_score:
I don’t really have a goal this month other than just staying true to my body by eating correctly. I’m really close to what I thought might be a good weight for me but I’ve decided that I’m just going to let my body decide what’s right for me. I’ll just keep on keeping on. (Date myself much?)

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I don’t know how you guys managed to post here. This topic isn’t supposed to be visible until Tuesday!

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Hahaha … i thought perhaps America celebrated November before us Brits!

(Bob) #6

I’ve been doing this 97% faithfully for over 6 months, and for the most part have had great results. I do have a few health concerns that I might need to address by reverting back to ketovore.

(Alec) #7

:clap::clap::clap: Paul sees the Light! :bulb: Well done, sir!

(Alec) #8

Have you shared those concerns elsewhere on here, or can you share them now? I am always interested in hearing people’s stories and reasons for moving away from carnivore, whether forced or voluntary.

Carni is very extreme vs the CW, hence always worth challenging whether it is the right way. I have challenged my thinking on carni a number of times, and always ended back to the conclusion that this is still right for me.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

That word “extreme” always gets me. We are extreme for excluding plant foods from our diet, but vegans are quite reasonable, and not extreme at all, when they exclude animal foods from theirs. Inconsistent much?

And yeah, I don’t assume carnivore is right for anyone else, but it’s certainly right for me. For right now, at least; I do reserve the right to eat other foods in the future if my body ever seems to need them. At the moment, however, I don’t see that happening.

(Alec) #10

I was very specific in my wording… “it is extreme vs the CW”, and I believe it is. Is it extreme vs what is optimal for most human beings? I now think not at all. Maybe 2 years ago I would have had a different view.

But I take your point about the double standards here, especially since carnivore lacks no essential nutrients, whereas I think it is very clear that veganism does.


… “especially since carnivore lacks no essential nutrients”…

Is it so? One of the things that made me question a lot the keto and carnivore woe was the love for Big Supplement. It’s as a trend fuelled by the Big Supplement industry, with some genuine people in between. Big Supplement has invaded and taken it over on the net and books. Lots of the MD and PhD talking positively about the woe are selling Big Supplement.

Is it over? Did at least the carnivores stop financing the supplement industry?

How many carnivores here don’t “supplement”?

(Alec) #12

I don’t.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #13

Sorry, Alec, I meant no criticism of your post. It’s just that I was free-associating on that word. Should have made that clear, sorry.

In fact, neither veganism nor carnivory seems all that extreme to me. I think the word is used by people trying to enforce the conventional narrative, which was in part shaped by veganism. Hence your description of “extreme vs the CW” is right on the money.

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I take Vitamin D, on doctor’s orders, because I always measure low if I don’t. But I don’t see it as supplementing my diet; it’s a biochemical defect in my body that makes me require it. I got started taking it while in the hospital with two broken arms seven years ago before I even went keto, and my PCP’s have been encouraging me to take it ever since. Right now, with my broken ankle, it’s again especially important for bone healing.

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Magic premature posting potions.

(Bob) #16

I’ve talked about it elsewhere but haven’t shared them here yet, but I don’t mind doing so.

I have been aware that I have high triglycerides and stage 4 chronic kidney disease since 2020. Back then, my trigs were 790 and my creatinine was 3.88 with a eGFR of 18. I went back on Keto in 2021 and gradually lowered my creatinine to 3.45 and my eGFR improved to 21 or 22. Then I fell off the wagon, returned to junk food, gained all the weight back. In December of 2022 my creatinine was 3.57, going in the wrong direction, so I made a commitment to return to Keto. I gradually worked my way back to Keto in March. Then clean keto in April (no grains or so-called “keto” products), and on May 12th I went full carnivore. I remain pretty much pure carnivore.

I got more blood work a couple weeks ago and my creatinine was up to 3.82 and my triglycerides were 1860!!! Needless to say, my doctor crapped his pants, cursed my diet, wants me to be a vegetarian and eat a lot of oats, and wants to prescribe me some pills. It might be a statin, I don’t know, because he knows not to use that word around me. But it looks like he forgot to call it in because the pharmacy never heard from him.

It was the first time I ever argued with the doctor. I came prepared with some theories and a handful of printed research studies, but he didn’t want to hear any of it. While every piece of medical research on the internet says carbs/sugar raises trigs, he says they are all wrong and it’s actually all the fat in the meat.

I had a goal of losing 50lbs before my next visit, but I had stalled, so to try and break my stall I had elimated cheese, started trimming the fat off my steaks and giving it to the dog, and reduced the amount of butter I consume. Plus I started extended fasts on the weekends. In light of all the above, my theories are as follows:

I was eating too little fat, and too much protein. In the absence of fat and in the presence of an over abundance of protein, my liver was converting the protein to glucose. This negated the need for fat as a fuel and raised my creatinine levels, because creatinine is a waste product generated when protein breaks down, which is influenced by diet.

When I fasted, I mobilized adipose tissue (stored trigs) into the bloodstream. When I returned to eating, I returned to consuming too much protein, and started making glucose again. The trigs in the blood had nowhere to go since glucose is the “preferred” energy source.

My first step in trying to resolve this issue is to increase my fat consumption. I’ve returned to using a lot of butter and tallow. I am eating the fat off the steaks. I reintroduced cheese. I can’t think of any other ways to add fat, lol. And then, to reduce protein consumption, I’ve returned to an intermittent fasting schedule, and only eating 2 meals a day instead of three.

I’m 1 week in, and retested on Friday, and my trigs were 1657, which is a -203 change. I am going to keep this up and retest every or every other Friday.

Over time, I may decide to return to ketovore, and see how the test results go. My plan all along was to return to ketovore/animal-based while remaining low(er) carb when I achieved my goal weight of 175. I am 177 but decided to readjust my goal to 165.

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I can’t cope with an early thread!!! I’m still in October. … this is messing with my head. We have 2 days left of October :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I thought this thread would remain invisible until published on the first of November, sorry! It’s confusing me, too!

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I find it hard keeping up with all the posts on the current thread… i am trying to keep up with everyones input to this one :roll_eyes:

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Guy Fawkes, Hallowe’en, who knows what else - can we travel ahead in time?