No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)

(Geoffrey) #123

Amazing! I did not know that and would never have considered that. The knowledge on this site just continues to amaze and inspire me.

Yes sir, bacon is just cured pork belly here in America but I can’t speak for other countries. I’ve been experimenting with just plain pork belly and I’ve been liking it with just a little salt so I may just start doing that for now on.


I am well-versed in headaches, had them all the time as a kid, it got more rare later (still frequent. Alvaro has it a few times a year, that sounds right… :smiley: it’s warning sign from my body in my case and I don’t behave well enough not to get those).
But I have no idea about auras. Isn’t it some migraine thing? I had that horribleness (the migraine) once in my life I think and I really hope I never will get that again, it was bad. Hey, a strong stubborn headache is already very bad!

I am so hungry… It’s 3pm, Alvaro comes home soon… I had some non-black coffees (had a tiny headache and after 3 coffee day I have a hard time with saying no then… I have lovely milk anyway, this 3.6% fat one is SO RICH!)… Even a bite of quiche as made quiche muffins and had a tiny leftover that I microwaved… My 12 sponge cake/quiche muffins? Easy to resist, it’s not mealtime yet. But that extra bite, I ate it up. I had my workout too, that helps with getting hungry…
I will eat real soon now :slight_smile: I can eat without Alvaro, sure but it’s close and I can wait a tad more this time.

I made new sausage mummies, the photo will come later. I lost patience when it came to their faces but the sour cream wasn’t very cooperative either. The cheese bandages(?) turned out better, I used a different approach - and didn’t even burn my fingers! Progress!

I thought it’s the case here too but I have read things I couldn’t memorize as it’s just so very complicated when it comes to our very fatty pork (szalonna. I can’t translate the word. it means zillion things, from pure fat tissue to meaty but still at least 50% visible fat ones… I never saw it meatier, there are probably no rules against it…? it can be raw, raw and smoked, cooked and smoked, slow cooked and everything. the cured super fatty pork jowl I used to buy is one special type).
So I googled again… It says bacon is from pork rib here. And I have read about “teaszalonna” :smiley: It’s not smoked just… IDK the term in English and IDK what it means. Something with fire? So it introduced to flames somehow, we have that with sausages, I knew that…

Bacon looks like pork belly though. Does pork ribs have such a part too? :thinking:
I often feel I know so little when it comes to meat. But it’s super complicated. And I am usually busy with just eating it. But I do like knowing things.

(Karen) #125

Took a break from helping Raymond today because he wasn’t to well so i suggested he rest up. After some stair runs and the usual morning ritual i took a pile of stuff to charity shop and skip then home again.

Brunch was earlier than usual cos i was going to pop round and do some more stuff at Raymonds, which made me hungry earlier than normal. Brunch was bacon n jard boiled egss x 3

Dinner 2 small steaks followed by plain chicken wings. The whole packet … about 12 wings!

(Geoffrey) #126

Ate twice today. First time was three eggs over easy and lamb steak with Bleu Cheese crumbles.

Normally that will satisfy me all day but not this time so later one I cooked up a half pound lamb burger and topped it with some swiss cheese.


Heart is behaving.

Last night I baked two good sized lamb shanks in butter. I ate one with two fried eggs and a playing card sized 6mm thick slice of pan-fried sheep’s milk halloumi cheese for dinner. But I do love the flavour of cold lamb. So, the other cooled and went into the fridge.

After some sitting in the sunshine making some Vitamin D, at about 11:30am, I had a 3 chicken egg omelette with two full rashers of bacon and some grated Jarlsberg on top. Then under the frypan lid to get the omelette to floomph. I had two coffees today working at the computer. The coffees had a dollop of fresh cream in each. You got to look carefully at cream packets as often there are thickeners. You don’t want those. Just cream. In the afternoon I had a beef bone broth and I had boiled some eggs. I had to test one to make sure it was soft-boiled. It was. With salt.

Then this evening I ate the cold lamb shank with some chicken liver pate. That was enough.

I’m thinking on going back to tracking foods for a while to check my daily protein intake.

I also digested another ZC oriented podcast this afternoon:


never had this on carnivore ever since day 1 and I am knocking wood I never had it or the big D, only rare occasions I ate something off or I way way overdid fat intake.

You know Paul I got away so lucky on carnivore in that I had very few changes thru adaption times and went straight into ‘good body routines’.

I sure feel for ya on migraines. never had that and rarely get a headache, I get sinus issues thru allergies only. carnivore did not fix those allergy symptoms for me at all. I live with them truly and are so envious when some say their ‘allergies’ lessen but I think alot of times they don’t know what they were dealing with, probably more of a food allergy and it fixed up better as they dropped carbs and went carnivore. Hubby mowed front and back and side pasture yesterday and I was out and about on the flying dried up crap blowing around and that night, wow, I went down into sinus hell LOL but I can get that cause and effect and treat it well. But super glad your aura has lessened, hubby gets that issue and it is freaky when he goes down bad…glad you are getting relief.

my bathroom issues on carnivore went SO stable immediately for me. morning bathroom hit and done for the day. in and out of the bathroom in a nano second, plus I always had massive good iron guts HA I can’t understand anyone saying they don’t go for days on carnivore at all, that never happened to me, well maybe a few times, but never as an issue at all. again, I seemed to be one who went into transition very well on my iron guts and I love my bathroom life now LOL yea, who says that right HAHA

------------simple usual zc day but beef will be chuck roast in oven.
second meal, hmm, I seem to be porkin’ out a bit. might just do the whole 2-3 lb. beef chuck roast for the day and split into 2 meals. Nothing is calling my name to eat at all.

last night I did have a hankering for some sardines. ate 2 tins. YUM. haven’t wanted them in a while but when the call comes, I sure do love them!

zc on all



Yay 2! :smiley:
I want lamb too already :frowning:
But I have butter and I use it… Butter is amazing, its wonderfulness just can’t wear off, to become just “very tasty”. No, it’s a bliss every time I eat it. Especially on my sponge cake buns. Nostalgic. I used to eat it with rolls but this is even better (than it was back then as now I probably would feel it too flour tasting though baking is tricky and sometimes mask that somehow).

Today I finally only came here before eating. Now I am hungry, waiting for Alvaro. Yesterday (no full tracking yet… I tracked and then I ate a bunch of food again… the buttered sponge cake bun was so good I had to repeat that…) was higher-cal so I was satiated until almost lunchtime! I hoped I can skip it but I did the other half of my workout and fried pork spleen… I am looking forward to it, some are filled with smoked pork chuck, some with a little cheese… The rest is just fried but I may put some sour cream on it.

Nice day, tomorrow will be even sunnier, they say and then gloom and rain comes back. The days aren’t very warm now, still T-shirt weather but way lower temp than the house so poor house keep getting colder and colder. We will need some heating soon. Frost comes back to some parts of the hungry. But we need something colder to reach my tomatoes in front of the house (I have plenty of just-left-green-phase ones and they are important to fulfill their role in Alvaro’s plate). It’s the hilltop, no frost even when the valley (the other end of my tiny land) just, barely has it. Sometimes Alvaro see no frost on the hilltop, no frost in the valley but when he goes even lower, it’s there. And the hilltop is around 250m and the deeper valley is very close to it too… :smiley: A neighbour said wind on the hilltop helps.

IDK how much I would need to overdo it, 260g isn’t enough, that’s sure as I have that sometimes :slight_smile: But my body is stubborn anyway, it just works as it should most of the time.

Alvaro is here, I go and eat and photograph the spleen!!! (Do people use “photograph”? It’s weird as we have it but it’s archaic for us, our language has a proper one. And young’uns whatever it is spelled surely use something else. but I can’t always say I will shot it).


I’m so sorry you have stage 4 CKD! I hope you can stop it from progressing!

I didn’t understand a few things from your post. One of them was that you were doing carnivore from May 12. Then you’ve tested your blood somewhere in October and had triglycerides in the 1800s. And you blame carbs? What carbs?

Months ago I was reading diets for people with advanced CKD. They seemed to avoid meat. Are you sure a carnivore diet is good for you, considering your stage 4 CKD?

Is there research with subjects like you and the outcomes with a carnivore woe? Sometimes a diet is excellent for many individuals, but not for others, depending on preexisting conditions. When I read research papers, I’m always careful to see if it could apply to me. Who were the subjects of the study? How long were they studied for? This kind of thing. Also, in case you’re following an internet person (not saying you are!), is he/she like you? I see a lot of internet people who are some woe ads who are young, healthy and exercise a lot. They can get away with any diet. At least for a long while. What applies to them doesn’t necessarily apply to me, an old, non white, menopausal woman. Etc.

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As I mentioned in a recent post, either in this thread or another, I just came across a reference to thyroid problems leading to wildly high triglyceride numbers. I’d advise @Dismal_Bliss to get a thyroid test to see if anything is going on.

(Judy Thompson) #132

Happy happy carniversary!! Ooh 6 days ago… I’m reading back as I realized there were paste at the beginning of the month I didn’t see.

(Judy Thompson) #133

Tuesday already and recovering from another crazy weekend. We are living playing here in the TX Hill Country, in the steakhouses and wineries. Saturday we played outdoors for a vineyard celebrating building plans for its tasting room. Great to cultivate now clients.

In my recent blood test a few weeks ago my triglycerides read 55! I figured that’s part for the carni course, with total cholesterol of 240 and the doctor going on about oatmeal… So @PaulL I could relate to your story about oatmeal being pushed in the medical community. Funny that he didn’t even mention what good triglycerides I had! Yeah I’ll go back and tell him I ate goats… oops, must have misunderstood the instructions :rofl:

Yesterday, cluck and surf.

I’ve got teeth woes, a temp crown on left molars has come off and a crowned trio on the right molars side is loosening. The mouthwash she sold me is full of maltodextrin and tastes deplorable so that’s not happening. So I will probably stick to eggs, fish, shrimp, chicken, burger for a couple months til we’re back in VA in January and I can see my dentist and get the permanent crowns installed. There’s plenty to eat without breaking teeth.

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(Geoffrey) #135

Three heaping tablespoons of homemade liverwurst fried with four scrambled eggs. Then some chicken, both white and dark, drowned in butter and then some yogurt to finish it off. Finally satiated.

(Karen) #136

@JJFiddle feel ya with your toothipeg woes i am back in next tuesday 14th for 2 crowns! …though i am not having troubles with them now…mine are to cover the 2 root canal trestments i have just had.

A few stair runs this morning and sat outside to read with coffee but boy is it getting chilly even in the sunshine!

Brunch was in the cafe

Then went to Company Shop to stock up and brought home a cooked chicken £1.68 which i dug straight into and made some bacon n chicken sauted in butter followed by shin beef which was sadly lacking in flavour… can’t beat a steak :sleepy:

Added a beef stock cube to the juice and drank a cup full also boiled up the chicken bones for some stock that i will drink tomorrow.

(Bob) #137

No, I am not blaming carbs at all. I have a few theories as to why my trigs were that high but carbs is definitely not one of them. I am mostly carnivore, and maybe ketovore once or twice a month.

No, I am not 100% sure. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of people reversing their CKD back a stage or two with a carnivore diet. I’ve read one from one active user is another carnivore community claim she rolled her stage 3 back to completely normal kidneys. Several people say they have rolled theirs back with intermittent fasting and keto. I was successfully doing the same when I was just keto.

On carnivore, my creatine is increasing, which you normally don’t want to see. But, I am also losing a lot of weight. My mass is protein that has to break down. The food I eat is protein that has to break down. I am lifting weights which causes protein to break down. As a result, i think my creatinine levels are skewed, and in December I am going to ask my nephrologist to order me a Cystatin C test and calculate eGFR that way. Cystatin C is a protein waste product that is not affected by food, exercise, or rapid weight loss.

Once I reach my goal weight, I plan to return to a clean low carb/keto type diet. I am not averse to all plant foods and I don’t believe that plants are trying to kill me :smiley:


So tired. Went shopping, my leg still isn’t happy with more than 2 hours of walking… But I only was limping in the end :smiley:

I postpone the spreadsheet making, average for everything for my first carni November week now, too tired even for that. And IDK where is my pork spleen photo so that comes later too.

Yesterday’s numbers (I had a few extra bites very late, yeah, no way I pull it off with only 125g protein… :smiley: I don’t even know how accurate it is but I almost never can track it below 130g): 131g protein, 118g fat, 390g meat and 28g scratchings, I stopped counting it as “meat”, now it wasn’t even meaty at all. Every processed meat item counts, no matter if it’s 30% or 90% fat (I don’t buy pure fat).

As it was a light day (1667, guesstimation says… it’s easy to stay low with lean stuff like spleen! :D), no wonder I got hungry at noon today. I know how horrible to my hunger and well-being walking hungry is so I ate.
1st meal at noon: my leftover scratchings, cheese whisps and egg milk. Snack type food and not very much.
lunch around 4pm: It was mostly Alvaro’s lunch, I wasn’t hungry but finished my egg milk and my tiny leftover jellied fluff dessert. Grabbed a few bites of fried spleen :wink:
main meal after 6pm: Fried spleen, a very little bit of fried lean pork, sour cream and the deli meat with various organs I like. I had another, smaller egg milk too as my milk won’t last longer. I drink it too slowly, Alvaro didn’t help with this one. Normally he does but it was the last liter of 3.6% milk and it’s so wonderfully rich and amazing in my egg milks… But I put it into ice cream, the jellied fluff and everything. But I use it in tiny amounts at a time. My ice cream had 40ml…

I am very nicely satiated now and no mood to track but I will. It shouldn’t be much. I just feel like sleeping now. I was already tired and eating a meal on top? No energy at all.

147g protein, 129g fat, 17g carbs for today. Almost a pound of meat and I had scratchings and that was part of meat originally…
Maybe I ate a tad much, I pushed the second egg milk a bit, I tasted and tried to figure out if it’s good without any spice and flavoring. It was.

It’s quite good that even my 3MAD days aren’t overeating one. I surely had a tiny deficit considering I had a big walk. I really needed one already and the weather was lovely and sunny. Tomorrow will be nice too.

I will drop the tracking at some point, it’s not so nice. And my protein is pretty okay anyway. Maybe I eat at 1am (it happened maybe last night? I don’t remember such things) but it will be close to the possible minimum.

I may nap a bit.

(Karen) #140

Brunch sautèd chicken n bacon

Dinner cold chicken followed by sautèd chicken and bacon lards because i wasn’t enjoying chicken cold followed by sirloin steak and remainder of bacon lards

Not keen on bacon lards i prefer thin sliced bacon.

Tea dance this afternoon just to get moving a bit.

(Judy Thompson) #141

A couple weeks ago at my annual exam the doc prescribed a subdermal glucometer read with a phone app, because for the 2nd year my blood sugar has been 104 (!) (I always thought Norm was 100-115. Apparently the human body has changed since my nursing school days :rofl:) I got the thing and hadn’t installed it into my arm, but did so today.
The first reading an hour and a half after lunch was 54. Danger danger, it said. Various Google searches said eat 15g carbs, you might pass out! Then 35 minutes later it was 109. Now it’s been 10 more minutes later, my phone beeped loudly for another test and it’s down to 69. Zeroing in on the kill I guess. I’ve never done this so it’s unsettling. Anyway, more to come.

I had my boiled egg at 10 and for lunch ½lb burger and 2 eggs all cooked in ghee.

The Butcher Box shipment came in awhile ago, how beautiful. This month I got more rib eyes, both thin and thick, hamburger, chicken thighs and sockeye salmon.

In high school and college my blood sugar was 90 and doctors said I was hypoglycemic, but now 90 is considered high normal and the 100-115 that was normal is considered diabetic! I know this doc (he of the oatmeal prescription for cholesterol) is itching to get me on metformin. He probably didn’t get his quota of new diabetics this year.

(KM) #142

So, I had question, and a thought. The question: is it really painless? I mean like you really don’t notice you’re doing anything but taping something to your arm? Or is it more like mmmph … ok, I guess that wasn’t so bad (what people say about glucose finger sticks, for example).

The thought … they’ve changed a lot of recommended numbers over the years. Suddenly everyone was obese, because they moved the cheese. (and lo and behold, the people who were making these changes were financially invested in Weight Watchers.) Then everyone had high cholesterol. (and lo and behold, the people making these changes were financially invested in statins). Now it’s blood glucose. (and I’m wondering … lo and behold, the people making these changes … are they financially invested in cgms, or Rybelsus, or metformin?) I’m never quite convinced whether the “normal” limits are driven more by science or industry.


Enjoying this new chapter in the story. I have a Constant Glucose Monitor (CGM) in a box somewhere. My phone is an iPhone4. It just does stuff like phones people. As for apps and beeps, it’s not so good at that.

Blood glucose less than 100 (5.6mmol/l) is a good goal, I think. But of course there will be variability around meals and life events. In my own personal experience I find my blood glucose is higher on carnivore ZC than it is eating keto. Those variations are notable, and the places from which to learn.

54 is only about 3.0mmol/L (my preferred units), and not a danger zone for a low-carb eater, and especially for a low carb eater who may be off-setting that level with blood ketones. That alarm should be a cue to test blood ketones. If they are present, then no problem, as your body is using the ketones for fuel. Your body will make blood glucose if a body system demands it. We are anti-fragile. We are robust.

It’s amazing how a nutritious way of eating helps clear perception.

The way ‘normal’ levels are calculated is based on a data base population of blood tests that comes from an 80%+ metabolically unwell population. Mix that with nefarious motives by pharmacological entrepreneurs and it becomes a shepherded path to a medicated life. I think it’s better to dive into asking what is optimum. I like measuring things and tracking biomarkers to watch for changes over time. But often discount ‘normal levels’, if they are outside my goals or outside the peccadilloes of the ZC WoE.