No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)

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Sorry just couldn’tt read all 21 posts this evening. I have been assisting Raymond again with settling into his new Bungalow and we have a way to go still. Went for a bit to eat in cafe today about 1ish so brunch was my usual cafe bash of 2 fried eggs 2 sausage and 2 bacon

Dinner was 2 cold chick thighs followed by 1 sirloin steak and followed that with 3 hard boiled eggs with a couple of chicken thigh skins in butter.
No steak pic… must have forgotten to take it lol

@JJFiddle i haven’t taken butter out of my diet because i really need the fat content and because i get salted butter it saves adding any. The steaks definitely need the added butter… i feel i need something as i am not adding any spices or condiments now.
I had cut right down on things like sausages too… until this week while helping with Raymonds move when i have eaten out more. But hopefully next week we will have it all sorted and i can return to my ‘new’ normal!


Pork in the mix. @Shinita may like this as Hungary (as far as I can tell) has a pork based meat economy and magical Mangalista pigs that have health creating lard.

Pork is a ZC food rich in Vitamin B1 = Thiamine. Thiamine is hard to get from other food sources. If we do not have enough vitamin B1 in our diet we will get a deficiency and become unwell. One body system affected by thiamine deficiency is the the nervous system. Thiamine is important for creating the layers of tissue that wrap around nerves. Thiamine deficiency can cause fast heart rate and problems in the legs with swelling and difficulty moving.

Mary Ruddick talking about beriberi and pellagra which are two Vitamin B deficiency diseases:


Last night’s dinner was locally caught dhufish. It is my favourite. Breakfast was bacon and eggs, and I had two salted boiled eggs in a small meal between. I had two fillets of dhufish totalling about 300g. Cooked them in a lake of salty butter. Delicious. I also pan fried some sheep’s milk halloumi to accompany.

But the thing I find with fish meals is that the degree of satiety is much less than a steak. I think that is why surf’n’turf may be better? Where we have a marine protein and a land protein on the same plate. Combining pork and mussels is a dish that I ate often when surfing in Portugal. That was a good combination. As we head toward summer weather here, I think meat and fish combination meals will be more on the menu. Is lobster and steak too decadent? Maybe it will be OK on the upcoming feast days.

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Decadent? Oh no sir. I believe the word you’re looking for is Perfect.

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I would imagine that all your work helping Raymond has been hard but very satisfying. Good for both of you!

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Fish has somewhat less protein per 100 g than meat has. That probably has something to do with it.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. What language is “too decadent”? :rofl::rofl:


We here eat mostly pork and chicken. The vast majority of our meat consumption is these two, both are very popular. Now I want to look up data again…
Okay, I didn’t find that study. Just another one with a horrible guide for “healthy eating”. I break all of them, spectacularly except I do eat at a table :smiley: And as always, they lament Hungarians eat too much fat and cholesterol and salt and not enough fiber and fish. So I don’t know but beef is… Somewhere below 4%, just like fish and pork and chicken gives almost all the rest in similar amounts.
Alvaro’s Mom nearly always cook chicken. I, of course, almost always cook pork but I do like some variety.

Mangalica is somewhat rare and fancy and pricier. I can get it, not the flesh but pure fat tissue or sausage… I don’t pay extra for that and I never buy pure fat.
The pig farm has Mangalica (they are so pretty with their curly long fur, many are ginger :D) but several other breeds too and I never know what the meat actually is at the moment. I can ask the women, she is very familiar with everything, it’s a small family farm, after all and she loves her pigs just accepts that death is a somewhat early part of their life. Just like my anchestors. They were peasants if someone doesn’t know that yet, I mention it sometimes but not very often. Not very rich but not poor either, the land had great soil and gave enough food for the family. Mom was a peasant girl, the land was taken away when she was very young. Those were hard times especially that Grandma raised her two kids all alone - and she had no land anymore. Mom had to work while attending school after elementary school, there was only money for my Aunt, the older one.

I have watched an interesting video about beriberi in Japan when soldiers got wonderful white rice (it wasn’t what poor people ate, everyone wanted it) and managed to live mostly on it. While poor non-soldier ones ate brown rice and avoided that fate and rich ones ate a varied diet so they did the same. And it was extremely deadly in wars. It was a bit like scurvy, it was very prevalent and someone said what to do but of course they didn’t do it for a while… And the men kept dying. Like, comparable with the lives lost in action. In a war.

It’s good I don’t need to worry about B1 (never did) but I still have some vitamins and minerals that is almost zero when I put some basic day into Cronometer. But I am functioning so maybe it’s not too bad. I can’t easily change my diet at this point.

I didn’t even hear about dhufish before! (Oh so it’s only there, maybe that’s why.) Good for you!
I try not to bemoan our tiny seafood selection again. Christmas isn’t very very far away and I WILL get some new fish species!

I don’t think there is a thing as too decadent if you can get it, can afford it and like it :wink:

Rainy day, woke with a headache, it’s relaxed weekend anyway, I didn’t even try to resist coffee… But nope, I don’t like it. Not even my fav, not even with egg milk. I opened milk again, I need it for ice cream anyway (I don’t want to open one of my few boxes of cream) as I produce yolks now. My normal, yolky egg milks are way too salty for me now.

It’s not even 11am and Alvaro is having lunch. I try not to eat yet, the egg milky coffees are bad enough! Not like I particularly care at the moment. By the way, I got hungry another time yesterday, still low maintenance or maybe very tiny deficit, no idea about my actual energy need, I must be close to it. Is it high-cal enough for my body so I can have modest days again? We will see.
I personally would like to be more active. I wasn’t out walking since too long. I just lifted weights and used my stationary bike a bit. But I need my walks.

It’s quite probably not the (main) reason, for most of us, at least. The difference isn’t so big and fish do feel less substantial with its different, lighter flesh. I strongly suspect I don’t get satiated well by fish. Just like I don’t get satiated well by chicken, not even if I eat much more than pork and just as fatty. Some people have the same problem with pork and only get properly satiated by ruminant meat! :slight_smile: Satiation is extremely individual, I have found listening to stories in the last 10-something years.
Egg isn’t as satiating at pork and ruminant meat, either. I suspect ruminant meat is a tad more satiating than pork for me but I very rarely eat only meat so it’s hard to tell. One day I will make experiments with simple meals! I just know that 600g beef (don’t remember the fattiness but it surely wasn’t lean) with a yolk was my OMAD meal once. I never had only 600g pork with almost nothing else for OMAD, I eat way more in a day but maybe it could happen? I am not the same every day, after all, many factors are changing all the time and my past days matter. But beef still feels more satiating to me. And cheese has a close to zero satiation effect as I can feel. I can’t test it with a lot as no way I will eat a ton of cheese at once. But if I am almost satiated, I can feel the difference between eating different protein sources. Cheese must be contribute but not immediately, when I eat some, I feel the same as before. And if I eat much dairy, I tend to need more food on that day even if I eat protein rich dairy items. But maybe I would need experiments… Not now, I am quite happy with keeping my dairy consumption low, FINALLY! I couldn’t do it for years.


Couldn’t agree more. especially like you guys do travel alot and if we have to navigate on the road foods, hey you do what ya gotta do and are ok eating :slight_smile: never a wrong thing doing that!! I seen alot of ‘road meals’ pics from you!

You are full on carnivore now? I missed your changeover. I remember you eating some fruits and other stuff in your day but not alot, but still not full onto the zc plan. S if you are carnivore rock on then!! More power to you :slight_smile: How long has it been that you dumped all the carbs and gone carnivore now?

absolutely. it is not a dense muscle meat protein. so yea ‘lighter meat proteins’ like fish and shellfish are definitely not a ‘good stay’ for most of us…that is when they become best as combo meals for sure. I can eat a lb. of shrimp in a flash and it would never hold me, just like eggs never hold me. Dense meats, key to zc for sure :slight_smile: so agree.

@Geezy56, AMEN…perfect is they key word I would use too, lol.
I did call my crab legs or lobster times my decadent meal cause you pay alot of darn money for way little meat with those suckers. Wallet can hurt alot on the amt of lobster and crab I required to eat to get any kind of good fill from them :slight_smile:

-------------simple day.
repeat again.
start day with sirloin steak.
second meal will be country pork ribs again.

I was hungry last night so I fried 1/2 lb. of bacon. GOSH almighty my tummy started to burn. Sodium. I have been dumping sodium and do best on bacon in the AM only…well I pushed that darn bacon to at night cause I wanted it and I paid the price for it. It was a 3 Tums event…ugh.
Not been eating alot of bacon at all anymore, but when that darn hankering hits, ya know…well, bacon is now a day food or forget it, never at night again on an empty tummy. bleck.

zc strong all


@Fangs: It’s my carnivore November! :smiley: I was getting ready for it since long! I tried to be pretty close to carnivore in October but even the workdays were mostly carnivore-ish, not pure carnivore and sometimes I couldn’t help a keto one! And I got looser in the weekends, sometimes way too much :frowning: I blame the summer, I need some break from all plants (but tea and spices and a tiny mustard :wink: I don’t listed coffee as I shouldn’t drink it, I just do. but it’s not good and today it didn’t help. painkiller didn’t help. only fresh air did :slight_smile: ) so the lingering effects won’t be there.

But November is very much suited to carnivore. I aim for a carni November since the first year! As it seems easy. It was not this far, the last one I think went very wrong too… But this November is my month! :smiley: I aim for a pure carni month (with the mentioned tiny things) and we will see! I am super determined to break my two week carnivore record that I set in my poor low-meat times! It will be way better now.
I had a time when I realized I probably don’t need pure carni and with this belief I have no chance for it anyway but I don’t have that now. It’s too easy not to add anything, I don’t miss the extras. It is different in summer with fruits seasons and lots of fresh produce, I failed when I wanted to eat pure carnivore even for a day or two… But that is over and while Alvaro still buys juicy vegs to eat raw (and fruits, of course) and even my own garden have some, I just don’t want them. Winter mode or something? Or I just had enough of them in summer and early autumn. Not like I ate much, I already ate little fruit before carnivore and I really lost interest in vegs in general just before carnivore, I only kept a select few in tiny amounts, occasionally. Except in summer when it was more like daily but very tiny…

I go for carnivore (pure or ish, we will see, I probably start pure and relax if I feel restricted?) in January too. But November is where I do it stricter. Experiment, I feel I need it after the carbier months… So it seemed a good idea and it works fine this far.

I am not in my final “I am strict now!” form yet! I can do simpler, I can eat less dairy…
But weekends will be more relaxed, today I eat cheese! But my pork is really lean now as I ate the fatty parts already… I made a butter/mustard/yolk sauce for some of it and will put it into some scrambled eggs together with the little leftover sausage. If we can call it so when it’s ONE egg and a lot of meat but I tracked and my protein would be super high if I just ate eggs like no tomorrow. I touch some eggs (egg milk, sponge cake sandwiches with butter, cheese and smoked ham), grab a modest amount of meat and it’s already a lot of protein. I planned to eat liver but no protein allowance for that today.
That’s why I need tracking, I have no idea about my macros without it. And I don’t want to waste protein, that costs money. And eating too lean would make me miss fat.
Today will be buttery, I put it into everything including plainly into my mouth :smiley: I have lean pork, I can eat more butter than usual and my macros will be lovely!

Too bad I have so much lard, I should eat my sponge cake buns with lard, not always butter… I do like that, I just prefer butter and forgot about my lard anyway (and if it’s a more complex sandwich, it must be butter!). I need to figure out what to do with it… I never even make pâté (that is better with butter, sadly) as I can eat liver without that extra work just fine.
Even Alvaro don’t want my lard, he only would use it when cooking pork. He says lard interferes with everything else’s flavors and he doesn’t like lard so much anyway. But he is a weird one who can’t eat butter without Vegemite. Unless I hid it in some food but buttered bread with Vegemite (Marmite is fine too) is the ONLY food he can use butter for. I can put butter into/on nearly everything… It works well with almost everything… So eating all the butter we buy is my burden :wink: It’s fine but how he can’t eat it in any other way, seriously? :smiley: Strange.

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@robintemplin hi yes we have got a lot done and he only has a few small boxes to sort through now and those have his paperwork and personal bits in that only he can sort through. Today i finished the last bits at his old bungalow while weather was fine and put all his pictures up on the wall as he isn’t steady enough to get on the steps. It is starting to look nice and homely.
Just sat down out in the garden to read and drink coffee when my daughter phoned to see if i fancied a walk around nature reserve so i just read the daily bible and dailies that start my day right and was ready to go. The reserve was still flooded in places and the big river Trent was 2 rivers where it had flooded the other side of it!

I ate before going to Raymonds today rather than eat out…getting a bit fed up with sausage, egg n bacon!
I pan fried 2 cooked chicken thighs and scrambled in 3 large eggs.

Looked a bit insipid but was rather tasty and satisfying.

When i returned home i had the last 2 cooked chicken thighs pan fried with the jellyfied chicken juices so they stayed fairly moist and followed that with 2 sirloin steaks n bacon.

Couple of skip runs to do tomorrow and a charity shop run and then that should be it with Raymonds move…yay!


Haven’t tracked my last meal yet (before that, my macros were just fine, a bit on the lower side). I got hungry so I ate a lot more… But I am finally very nicely satiated. I ate more pork, chicken liver, my leftover sponge cake with lard, cheese, Greek yogurt and even my Vienna sausage mummies:

Not so bad for my first attempt (considering how not cooperative but too hot the cheese was) :smiley: But I can do better. I make new ones tomorrow. With white eyes. The pupils are black sesame seeds so not carnivore but they are so tiny… :wink:

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Omg, the sausage mummies! :heart:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #115

Forgot to photo it, because it came out really well, but tonight was fatty T-bone with eggs. Soft and tender and red, but with some nice gristle to chew on for the collagen (I have to say that my nails vastly improved on keto, and now I can’t keep them trimmed, on carnivore!).

Carnivore has also improved my eye-hand coordination, it seems, because in the weeks I’ve been adding fried eggs to my meals, I’ve broken the yolks of only two eggs out of several dozen. I had to stop frying eggs thirty or forty years ago, because I inevitably broke one or both yolks. Can I count that as a non-scale victory?

My weight is unchanged, at 228/103.6, but my belt is getting looser. I’ll have to see if I can handle the steps down to the basement, where the drill is! :+1:

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Went to visit some old friends today who live aways away from us and as usual we went to lunch. There is only a couple of places to eat in their small town and they chose the mexican restaurant. That was fine because I can easily eat carni there. They had several beef dishes and several steaks and I got the ribeye. I usually ask for some butter on the side but I didn’t need it with this steak. That thing was so fatty juicy that butter didn’t even cross my mind. It was a little overcooked for my tastes as I like them rare but it was very good.
Funny thing is, on that long drive home I realized that I was still wanting more. Normally a big fatty ribeye will satiate me but not this time so when I got home a downed a couple of hard boiled eggs and some pork rinds.


the more and more you do go towards very strict, you will find the more you love this lifestyle :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So glad it is your carnivore Nov!!!
You really have walked this path into this lifestyle…we chatted a long time and wow, you are in a full on carnivore Nov now…great month for you! Enjoy reading your adventures into this lifestyle and the path you took doing it!

I don’t know if that pic with the eyes is cute or scary as hell HAHA that is what we do tho, eat things with eyes LOL

oh yea, the beauty of our plan to the fullest! the number on the scale means nothing anymore in our lives truly. Remember, age is just a number, gender is just a word, and that damn scale is just a tool, one that is useless to us :slight_smile: great post.

-------simple day again as zc usual.
that bacon set me straight. can’t do big sodium hits anymore…and me, who was the Queen of Salt literally have been dumping salt like a mad woman now. huh? even heading into year 7 of this lifestyle even new changes…amazing. I thought I would inhale salt forever and here I do, changing again LOL I can’t say enough about how surprising this eating lifestyle truly is and what great it gives all of us!

I want a filet mignon. yup, so driving to my local smokehouse/meat store down the road and buying a honkin’ filet for myself. second meal, hmm, nothing is calling my name, not even my pork ribs so will leave meal 2 to fate, probably if I don’t default to pork, I will just eat some kind of chicken :slight_smile: Ohhhh, so interesting, so different, so wild HAHA


Yummy mummies?

It’s a frypan victory!

Driving increases cortisol and can create a reactive hunger. Driving is a hypervigilance inducer and inherently stress-filled. People who drive for relaxation, should be driven by a good driver, not do the driving themselves, as there are some harmonics with road and tyres, or engine sounds, that some find soothing, like a elongated cello drone note.

Bacon on the brain. Sounds like a carnivore dish. Something that @Naghite Michael may eat. I’ve been wondering about bacon since hearing about how high pork is in Vitamin B1 thiamine. That made me think about pork belly. I think @Geezy56 Geoffrey was talking about pork belly cooking and eating just recently? I’ll do the ‘pork belly’ search in the topic after I finish typing. I’m pretty sure that pork belly and bacon are from the same area of pork. I wonder if the bacon preparations deplete the Vitamin B1 as compared to cooking some fresh pork belly?

For some reason now I’m thinking about sea snails. I think they are called ‘cockles’? No, a cockle is a tiny scallop-like clam. But there edible sea snails I’m sure. I have to look about the Portuguese pork surfnturf recipe.

Porco Alentejana, is a superbly comforting and oh-so-satisfying dish of marinated pork shoulder and briny clams in a white wine and red pepper sauce.

Ah, edible sea snails are called periwinkles and whelks.

On the reefs at the coast here there is a supposedly delicious sea mollusc called abalone. There is a black market in them (unfortunately). After you eat the shellfish there are also these amazing coloured shells to find.

I think I read somewhere that human ancestor animals developed standing on two feet, not because they needed to see better in African grasslands, but before that, when they were foraging along the reef ledges for high quality nutrition in shellfish, they had to stand up in rock pools to see what was in the next rock pool.

I have to stand up and go and see how the lamb shanks are cooking in the oven. I’ll thank our ancestors and delicious seafood as I do it.


Good for you but is that the reason? I always blamed too sharp eggshell edges. If I remembered to blame anything at all. Though I am a bit clumsy too sometimes :wink:
Hence my egg whites quite often get yolks in them. It’s good they are still perfectly whippable with a tiny bit! Not with much.

Okay, I never was that bad… It happens sometimes, very often when I take apart many eggs but that’s it. Our sunny side ups are fine. Until they can’t handle my SO’s prodding anymore (the white likes to take to fry forever where it’s thick so he helps them…)… He is very much against any amount of not properly fried egg whites. While I am a savage who eats (not prefers though) soft-boiled eggs with some transparent whites…

Congrats! I haven’t weighed myself or checked my tight pants yet - but it wasn’t even a week and my deficit was tiny. I will check it in December or something. Except now I got curious… I surely was 75kg in the beginning of November as I am always that much. It’s almost noon now, I drank and have clothes but who cares? :smiley:
My stubborn scale surely not. It’s some old mechanical one, I bought it used 12-14 years ago? But it’s smart enough to know that I am the one on it and then it shows 75kg… :stuck_out_tongue:
Yep, 75kg. The water and the passing of time balances each other out, my clothes… Isn’t much compared to my scale stubbornness.
So I have no idea :slight_smile: But I will notice if I lose a signficant amount of fat and I don’t care about a few kgs, that’s nothing, I was 62kg after I first quit keto and promptly lost a lot… (I mean, I immediately started to lose fat and continued it for several weeks, it was slow as always.)
I went back to 69 as always, I was so good at maintaining that… Long carby periods (I still was able to do it in the first on/off years. it wasn’t very carby but higher than my usual low-carb, I remember such summer times) managed to bring it up to 70… And then my 5kg shock/stress gain. I have 75 since, it was 3 years, it was November then too. I responded to the big shock with undereating, very severely for 1-2 days… It’s not nice only knowing that your SO had an accident, alive but broke his spine… I am still SO VERY GLAD he only lost his spleen. Sometimes I spontaneously thank him that he didn’t die and didn’t lose his mobility… As if it was on him but maybe he is a good relationship with his Guardian Angel or something. But maybe it was mine… Whatever.
He is still way healthier and more active than the average person.

And now I am hungry. WHY? I didn’t even look at food photos (they usually are ineffective but this thread is a tad different ;)). I had plenty of food in the last 2 days ( Saturday was around low maintenance only, still no tracking about Sunday but it must have been serious with plenty of protein. not very much meat though). I planned lunch skipping but we will see.

I will make Mondays my OMAD days if I can :slight_smile: I always felt Monday is the easiest to fast as I had my relaxed, probably higher-cal weekend and get more serious again. Of course no force, I eat when properly hungry. Just a tiny push. Not eating just because Alvaro came home or I have food or I need something nice in my life just now.

So I did :smiley: Years being in these threads, so much thought and effort and I did try but it wasn’t so easy for me. I mean, I did it in easy mode but I just couldn’t go carnivore cold turkey for long :frowning: It was mostly mental and I needed time. When I actually did carnivore and wasn’t bored of meat at the moment, it was very nice and easy.
I did it on and off but the off days weren’t any easier and as time passed, they got harder and harder. Carnivore is my easy and good time. Just something always happens…
But November is good. Lack of many usual temptations and I am determined enough so the others (like baking for Alvaro) can’t manifest. Same for compulsions, I don’t have them now. Tastes like freedom! :wink:
And while my occasional old problem was that I can’t eat something that I am not bored of momentarily… Now I just let my poor processed meats, organs (except chicken liver) and non-pork wait for their chance while I eat my usual pork and eggs and some dairy. I only ate the sausage mummies because I was hungry late and they were there and already ate enough of the lean pork. I buy those things for variety - and I don’t seem to need variety that much. But I am sure it will change a bit later.

Some people even eat eyes. Fish eyes are a delicacy to many. I am still not interested… I have found chicken eyes neutral, I mean, not scary but I skipped it and went for the brain! That was nice. Little, smooth and soft. Not a bad taste either. Similar to marrow.

It’s known that some kind of noises help with relaxation and sleep… Our car is a bit loud but I easily sleep during long rides. This time I had an interesting book though, written in a great, humorous syle and I read the best part loud and Alvaro thanked me for it :slight_smile: I kept him awake and entertained instead escaping into Morpheus’s arms, good job, me!
I did motorbike riding for fun, sometimes it was relaxing too… It should have been more exciting but I have these too strong self-protection instincts and was a bit too careful (and I can justify a lot of carefulness as one can never know when a sudden extra tiny problem happens). I typically overestimated the challange of curves or just was too much of a coward so missed on some pride and excitement. My big accident happened on a straight road out of boredom.
By the way, I totally can take a sharp turn by 5km/h when I ride a bicycle too. I don’t care. I am not in a hurry :stuck_out_tongue: My average speed is very low too but there are uphills. It would be quicker but super boring if the terrain would be very plain. I can’t handle some uphills around here though :frowning: I have a 3 gears bicycle, not enough muscle and even less inclination to try REALLY hard. But I get winded easily there too, I know my stamina need to get improved.

I probably wrote too much already. I just wanted to pop in. I plan to come only when it’s lunchtime and I want to skip lunch, distractions (the kind that doesn’t make me hungrier though) are precious… I plan that since long but I just can’t stay away sometimes. Often.

But periwinkles are flowers… At least couscous and cuscus are written differently (in English. they are written the same in Hungarian. quite different so if someone says they ate some, you typically can be quite sure it’s not about the animal… ).
Thanks, I have learned something. Right after the dhufish! I talked about them to Alvaro. Animal stuff is one of our fav conversation subject.


(Michael) #120

Yes, I would love brain and bacon combi. In terms of bacon and pork belly, here I am


I have no pork belly now :frowning: Not even a tiny bit :frowning:

I have smoked cooked pork chuck though and that’s ideally fatty for me… Not too little, not too much. I can handle a meaty pork belly though just fine :wink: Even a fatty one if I can use some eggs and of course I can. I just buy the meatier one as that is worth more for me. I don’t need very much fat and I can buy it for cheaper anyway.
And Alvaro likes pork belly too and he goes to the meaty part so I end up with more fat anyway…

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #122

It is amazing. I’ve been a salt-lover all my life, and like you, I am finding myself cutting back somewhat, on carnivore. I’ve read about carnivores finding that they just don’t want salt, but it’s still weird to be experiencing the first stages of it. I’m not nearly where you are yet, Karen, but I definitely notice a drop in appetite for salt. On the other hand, if I don’t get enough, I tend to get constipated, even while following Dr. Chaffee’s advice to get plenty of fat. So I am steering a middle course.

When I was doing keto-level carb-eating, if I didn’t get enough salt, I’d not only get constipated, I’d get migraines, so I want to get enough salt to avoid those. On keto, it was mostly just auras, not full-on headaches, thank God, but bad enough. Since going carnivore, I don’t seem to be getting even the auras, but I think I still need enough salt to prevent them. It will be interesting to see how the salt issue changes as I go along.