No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)


@jenikinz: I see you have your hardships… :frowning: I have it very chill now but I always had such easy times. And harder ones too. I know meat boredom, I just don’t seem to have it nowadays, yay! Hopefully you will find your sweet spot! Chicken wouldn’t work for me as it can’t satiate me, some of us are like this. Red meat is way more substantial :slight_smile: But it’s quite individual and it’s fine as long as we can get what we are comfortable with.
Making meat more palatable… I have tricks but I can’t possibly know if they work for you. Some sauce may help, meatballs are easier to eat, more tender and not just meat but spices and egg too… I have my processed meats for variety… But sometimes I can’t help but eat more eggs and dairy and my meat intake is lower for a day. But I can’t keep it low and can’t go super low with it, that doesn’t work, not even for ONE DAY. But a little meat (like 300g) is easy to eat (at least if I have some nice variety) and I may be able to pull off a day with only that much. While I don’t like chicken very much, it’s tender and quick and easy to eat. If I don’t do it too often and I have some other meat…

@Karen18: Pretty food! Especially the steak…
9 thighs aren’t that many (I had OMAD dinners when I ate more at my aunt… :cry: )… I like when I have plenty of meat to eat and the freezer is always an option in need. Never put cooked chicken into it but I never make much for various reasons. Like my mini oven pan (I want to buy a bigger, rounder one, I mean, without uncleanable edges but we never manage to visit the open air market of the city, we have so much other things to do and so little energy/mood to do more. we usually socialize and nap at Alvaro’s Mom’s place instead, that is important too. we watch animal documentaries too and help with whatever she needs at the moment)… It got too long so again. My mini oven pan only can hold 3 chicken legs, those 400g monster ones with some pelvis :wink: So I make only 3. I don’t get satiated with chicken anyway so it’s a small occasional part of my meal.

I will have a more chicken-filled day soon when I cook the hen! Not in a hurry, I am happy with my pork now.

Odd day but still not bad.

12:30: I got hungry without any mood to wait (I probably could have but sometimes I don’t put up any resistance, tiny inclination to eat is enough. I blame the rain and my inactivity, mostly) so I ate my biggest meal as usual. Sometimes this pre-lunch meal is tiny but it was my lunch today.

Alvaro came home, ate lunch in the usual time, I was very satiated.

17:30: I got hungry but when I went down (my room is upstairs, the kitchen is downstairs), I felt unwell with a headache and could only ate a tiny meal. I started to drink coffee then. I had some left.

21:30: I finally got hungry (my protein intake was lowish so I expected that) and ate the left of my planned meal (pork roast with a pork sausage slice). And 2 cheesy fluffs, Alvaro won’t need them :wink: They are super low-cal, it always surprises me… But a nice protein source. And drank my leftover coffee.

155g protein, maybe 120g fat, 16g carbs. Pure carni day #3 (I mean, no plants… except a tiny spice in the tiny sausage - 21g sausage, I didn’t eat it at once… - and tea and coffee), yay! It’s super easy and feels quite nice, way better than my average October day! And I hadn’t much problems there but this is still nicer.
Not IF and I had coffee but those are less important. Well IF is kind of important but it was an odd day, it happens. I am fine with really rare non-IF days when I even had a good reason. And still better than all the after midnight overeating this year… I plan to stop doing those. I often was hungry and probably always not satiated well but I still hate eating in my not natural eating window. I just have to eat if I didn’t eat right during the day. So it’s a result of a mistake or an odd day, it’s not always my fault just usual, probably…

Sooo nicely satiated now! I still don’t want desserts or anything complicated, it’s great.
Why couldn’t I do this before? Oh, because I needed to be fine with eating much meat (I have that since several months if I remember well, I am bad with time) AND not wanting eggs and dairy galore… My summer carbs probably messed up even my actually carnivore-ish days… And I tend to have a better mindset for November… I hope it will last…

Alvaro is playing Dangerous Dave, an old game since weeks now (and Doom and Quake and an old Pinball. good test for old processors and motherboards). We get points for killing enemies but more if we pick up objects and we get another life if we collect 10000 points. Objects gave us 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1600 points but there is the super special and rare one, steak! It gives another life immediately! Steak is great. :cut_of_meat:

(Judy Thompson) #84

Remember Shinita, we did Scotch eggs in early 2022. I learned how to keep them soft boiled by cracking the shell all over with the back of a spoon, then setting the peeled eggs in the fridge overnight to dry the outside. Next day, wrapping each in ¼ pound of ground sausage, then cooking (my recipe used an air fryer.)
It’s probably time to try that again soon. We loved those. They would be good reheated at night after a gig!


I know you could do it. If I boil an egg and it’s peelable, it’s dry inside. Or a tad moist but that will get ruined in the Scotch eggs too. I think I tried to use ones I needed a spoon for as they weren’t peelable but the white was already firm enough. And they got dry too :frowning: I am just not good at this :frowning: And they are eggs, I should be good at them, I even prefer my yolks runny, at least a bit… :frowning:

I don’t remember this! What does it do?

What are they like when made in an air fryer? I probably mentioned once that air fryers got common and cheaper here and i wonder if it would worth it to buy one… I am quite fine without it but who knows? So I try to collect info about them :slight_smile: I even have a high-carber SO who eats non-carni food!

I decided that I rather make “Stefánia”, it’s similar but one big loaf with boiled eggs inside so the shaping is super simple. It has more meat and I like that ratio (I think I had to make my Scotch eggs with less meat as they had to fit to my muffin molds…? That made the work harder). Scotch eggs are cuter and easier to track though :wink: And the big one has the unfortunate thing with slices where the eggs end (or where the slices are white… Not like it’s necessarily bad… And can be partially solved too, cutting off and eating the egg ends… Mom never did that. It was a traditional Easter thing, possibly Christmas or New Year too…

But Alvaro liked the Scotch eggs so I probably will make some again. Just not often.
I didn’t even do the big one since very long… It’s simpler to have meatballs and eat as much boiled eggs with them as I want… Carnivore made me so lazy… And not wanting as much eggs as before…

(Judy Thompson) #86

November snuck up on us! Love the name @FrankoBear, No stopping, no carb, no-Vember! Inspiring.

I’m eating less cheese and no butter so I’ll table the butter-on-cheese idea. A cold or allergies or something is kicking up with dairy so I’m taking it easy with that. Hopefully like you @Karen18, it will spur some weight loss!
I’m still having one meal and a couple small snacks, a couple coffees, a minor amount of booze. I can get away without any most nights now since the switch to vodka and club soda. Can just put club soda and ice in and nobody’s the wiser lol!
Tonight we play the first night of our “week,” which is Friday, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning, then I teach violin, viola and guitar online on Monday and Tuesday.

Hi @jenikinz! I get that you’ve been down this road before and you’re easing into it this time. Good idea, maybe easier on your digestion to do it this way.

Here is some food-

Oct 31.

Chicken, Nov.1st. Pastured, sous vided, then seared.

Nov 2nd, German sausage platter. I get the 2 sides as mashed potatoes to go so I don’t have to cook potatoes for hubby anymore!

Lastnight I put boneless beef ribs in the crockpot to feed us today and tomorrow. Very fall-off-the-bone, if there was a bone. Gravy with xanthan thickener, a plant based cheat I’m still using. It’s ½ tsp per 2 or 3 days worth of gravy however. The egg yolk method of thickening just wasn’t predictable for me.

A couple hours after lunch I wanted something to take me though the evening as we get home late, so tried @Karen18’s method of refried hard boiled eggs. I used ghee to fry. Just enough to heat them through. With salt, very tasty :yum:


I go to sleep already, it’s good my late dinner made me so satiated or else the food pics here would make me hungry, my body and mind has this thing going on, desires may trigger some urges that feel hunger! :wink: Rarely but possible.

(Judy Thompson) #88

@Shinita I’ve looked and can’t find the you tube recipe or any notes on those Scotch eggs. I did them enough times to remember though.
Restaurants make them hard boiled, mine were always runny yolks. You can crush pork rinds too coat them but I don’t remember that I bothered.
The you tube directions I just looked at didn’t dry the eggs in the fridge, so I guess, whatever!
But I’ll make them again. The old thread will be on here somewhere too. Maybe I posted a link?

An air fryer is just a convection oven with a lot of moving air. At one point I didn’t have an oven at all and just used the little air fryer for everything. Now they even come with dehydrator settings. Rotisserie too. Very flexible and mostly small, for taking up less space.

(Robin) #89

Wow… these are all great. My eating habits are too lazy to photograph.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #90

Had four eggs for my first meal, around 12:30. That held me till around 7:00, so I ate some pork rinds to take the edge off, because my sister was planning on grilling some steaks for supper (she needed to make calls on behalf of our mayoral candidate first). It was rather late by the time we ate, but the wait was well worth it. The steak I had was delicious. And they were on sale; she got a great deal on them.


It was a Norwegian semi-soft Emmental style cheese. A yellow, medium-hard cheese with holes in it. Semi-soft = medium-hard. Many people call it “Swiss cheese”. But when I look on the packaging it now seems to be manufactured in Ireland. So many food miles. There is a local dairy company that produces a similar cheese. But it is harder to get access to the local cheese than it is to get the cheese from Ireland. Something is messed up with that.

(Geoffrey) #92

I cook soft boiled eggs for my scotch eggs. I put about a half inch of water in the pot. Bring to a boil. Gently, using a spoon, I place the eggs in one layer into the pot. Place a cover in the pot a reduce heat to a slow boil. Pull from heat in exactly 6 minutes and place is ice bath. Perfect soft boiled every time. If doing hard boil I pull them at ten minutes and the yolks come out a bright yellow and soft but not runny.

(Jen) #93

Yes, definitely easing into it this time, and not stressing over how little I am eating. I am sure in time it will all adjust. I won’t go too long like this, but I am brainstorming ideas for things just in case so I don’t end up like I did last time.

I really shouldn’t complain, but it does stink watching someone make choices you know are going to make their lives worse if they don’t drop at any moment. I am always worried about that though.
I am a picky eater in general, it just makes it a bit harder. I get gaggy very easily, and hope in time that goes away. I have always been that way though. I remember certain meals my mom would make and I knew it was going to be a tearful night and going to bed hungry deal :frowning_face:
Chicken has never been an issue for me, and if it comes down to that, I could live on it. I do miss my mothers meatballs, but she used breadcrumbs, spices, ketchup, mustard, egg and tomato paste, which I think the ketchup and breadcrumbs especially may not work for me, but that is what made them taste so good ugh. I loved to eat them hot or cold, I could try tweaking it and see how it comes out.

My end of day stats are that I ate the two burger patties with cheese, mustard and pickles at 11am and then at 5 I ate a handful of cold, cut up chicken breast. Definitely ate more than yesterday, but still way under calories. Still not going to fuss over it just yet though. I need to plan more things to add in.
I wanted to avoid deli meats and sausages because they seem to be not the best choices for what I can afford. All this talk about nitrites and whatnot, but I may try a little anyway. My daughter is coming to visit in a few day and staying for 4 days, so I know there will be a lot of eating out, but I plan to look at menus before we go anywhere or just order whatever meat off the menu if we stop while out.
I have a plan and she is aware of what I am doing and said she will help keep me on track. I haven’t been hungry or craving anything so far, just like last time. So if that pattern stays, I won’t be tempted in any case anyway. I could always eat before we go anywhere and just let them eat and I can sip water or tea.


I’m listening to Mary Ruddick who is a nutritionist who studies different cultures and how they eat, including the social and community contexts (eating with fingers off communal platters, never eating alone etc).

She is just about to discuss oxalates. It’s a plant toxin that I find interesting. I’ll put the oxalates together with recent discussions about dairy and dental calculus build up, and for my case, atrial fibrillation (AF).

Noting another heart episode here. Yesterday I was out and about doing shopping. It was a hot Spring-time day that became humid and eventually generated a thunderstorm last night. There also have been prescribed burn offs this week that have polluted the usually fresh air. I had been out doing some watering and checking the food forest in the sunshine gathering some Vitamin D under my skin. I could feel the weather change, and will note whether weather is an influence in all this, like when @Geezy56 feels the weather change in his bones. I was working at my computer doing work stuff: emails, marking end-of-semester assignments. It came on as a sudden inability to concentrate and then tiredness, so I went to a recline posture with the aim to meditate.

Then I felt the palpitations, and this time very quickly into AF. I did my usual treatment - salty bone broth, 300mg magnesium (as citrate) every 20 minutes, slow breathing, 300mg aspirin etc. I made my dinner of beef/liver minced patties while in AF, adding salt. It took about 2 hours to get out of chest pain and light headedness but heart rate still more than 110bpm. That was harder to solve. It flipped back to normal 60 - 70bpm at 9:49am today. So, about a 15 hour cardio work out this time.

Bushfire smoke smudging the sunset.


I will try @Geezy56’s egg boiling method today (without ice, too much bother, I tried before and wasn’t effective and anyway, I want to peel my eggs immediately, lil impatient me… okay, okay, some eggs go to a cold bath!)… Who knows? I am still sure I am just cursed - just like I am blessed in other areas involving the kitchen… But I am still an optimistic, stubborn one.
Soft-boiled eggs have their charm. I even have them sometimes, I just need a spoon to get them out. I love super soft-boiled eggs too, they just flow out. And I can eat hard ones. What I don’t like to eat is too hard poached eggs. They are ruined to me. Alvaro likes his eggs in purgatory hard while I like them soft. But sometimes I forget about them :cry: They are still edible, of course but WAY less enjoyable for me. It’s the same for poached eggs in soup, I don’t poach them in anything else, the liquid needs to be tasty. Poached eggs are for me though: Peeling is avoided with all its potential and other problems! The white gets solid while the yolk is totally runny! What not to like? :smiley:

I need to make some boiled eggs today with various softness…
But I am ready for ideas about WHAT can I use to poach eggs in? Something tasty.
I do have some liquid (currently jelly but it can be changed with some heat) below the pork roast, very rich… I can use that now. But are there other options when I don’t happen to have broth or this jelly? My options in carnivore is somewhat limited… Maybe I should have some broth in the freezer all the time…

@jenikinz: I don’t even remember Mom’s meatballs at that point… It was another era… I am doing low-carb since 13 years or more, I should increment the number again or really try to find the year… Whatever. It is since AGES, I changed so much and so did my recipes. I have pretty nice meatball recipes now :slight_smile: Mom used bread and breadcrumbs as everyone but as hers were homemade meatballs and we weren’t poor, the meat wasn’t spared too much… My meatballs have meat, often ground cooked pork skin (I love the taste in meatballs), little egg, salt and my sausage spice mix. And it’s great! I don’t want the old kind but I never missed them, oh yeah I came from not eating almost any meat since decades so no wonder…
I will try to put organs in my meatballs too. But I rarely make them, I mostly just use them to use up pork skin (like the nice super soft smoked pork hock skin… one piece have A LOT!) or do something with some very lean meat.
It may take a lot of time to change your recipes/dishes and be happy with them… I am a hedonist who refuses to give up the usual food joy, I like and used to cooking too so I am very very determined to shape my food to meet my expectations, needs, desires… I put effort into it. I don’t even need much time on carnivore, it’s great. I wasted so much time on recipe making on paleo low-carb, oh my… And my carnivore ingredients are all tasty (with some exception but I don’t buy them again. and chicken liver can be boring but it is different when mixed with other things). So it works for me, now, I really, really hope you will find your woe enjoyable too, soon! You eat very little, it’s not good longer term even if you have much fat to lose… But force-feeding is bad too. There must be a way… I would do everything I can to find it as I really want being well-fed. Not too well but enough. GOOD LUCK!!!
By the way, if it’s just calories, can’t you drink some? I might have said that already, I often do. It’s often WAY easier than eating some meat you aren’t into. I don’t know what other items you eat, it’s easy for me with my eggs and dairy, I love them a lot and I can easily eat more than the amount of all food you eat now using them alone if needed… Even when I don’t love them so much, they are still easy to eat.

Eating out, oh you do it hardcore for a while and this early! Good luck! I am at home, no serious temptations! (Well I bake a probably lovely potato bread today, never made this recipe, even - I ALWAYS try new things I make. except now - but it’s early November and anyway, it’s too carby for me on any day. Not like I won’t make it again and taste it when November ends but maybe not? Who knows my mindset at that point? December is doomed anyway, no, I shouldn’t think that way…)

Your temptation abilities are so adorably tiny, Jen… Just because I am not hungry and don’t crave non-carnivore things, I easily may face temptation when something is tasty looking and I haven’t eaten it in a while and time limited but first of all, being there… I better level up during this winter… Every summer is better since I first tried carnivore but still far from what I would be pleased with.
November is great training for me.

I am really cheering for you!!! Wish you the best. I never can handle well the idea that someone undereats or struggles especially on carnivore with all its totally enjoyable food!

Oh my, I envision prevalence of eating disorders among loners…
But anyway, I would be totally against it. If I am hungry and I am alone, I eat alone, obviously… I never liked inconvenient dietary rules. Like eating when the family is eating. I eat when I want to eat, thank you very much. Mom understood though I rarely said no to food, that’s true… I understand necessity but when a family is at home and someone REALLY can’t eat? But will get hungry later? As many said in the past, fine, son, don’t eat dinner - but you won’t get food until breakfast!
That’s starving a kid, very bad form. Yes, he will survive but probably will suffer hunger and possibly won’t understand why his family is that cruel. Okay, I project my own personality here but surely some kids had the same. I liked freedom in many things especially when it came to my food, a huge source of my joy. I often wonder how miserable I would have been in the past with strict rules and way less freedom. Or in a stricter family now. I have read scary stories about horrible diets where the child couldn’t just go and buy something else. Poor kids.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #96

Oxalates are a good example of how, as Anthony Chaffee says, plants are trying to kill us. In fact, it seems that oxalic acid was actually discovered in the 1820’ls, when a series of deaths in rural England took place one year during rhubarb season. The investigation showed that rhubarb is extremely high in oxalates, and the decedents had ingested a fatal dose.


That is a tasty word. I think there was a case in Paris of a man dying after eating sorrel soup. Oxalate toxicity.

I should have mentioned the other oxalate problem are oxalate crystal formation to form urinary tract stones and damaging sharp crystals. And there is the powerful free anion chelation effect when oxalic acid is released from tissue storage when a person switches to a very low oxalate way of eating, like carnivore.


You hit into ZC Zen! This is one of THE most hardest things to convey to people who do not follow this plan tightly. You change into a new person literally, but only by doing the plan does this come across. One can’t explain it well sometimes, but living it, is priceless!!! SO SO happy you are truly getting the zen from carnivore!! We try over and over to explain what it is like off ALL carbs literally, but unless one does it, that zen won’t come ever…so you are rocking this lifestyle Paul…more power to ya!!

key being you aren’t full on carnivore just yet :slight_smile: what I always reply to is about being on a zc plan. I refer to if one is carnivore and then backtracks into carby times, one will gain, oh yes they will, lol but you are on your path that is working well for you now so that is a good thing. But what I type is always and only about what effects ZC and how the plan changes up when one lets carbs back etc…

Such a kind friend you are K!!! So happy you are helping R so great!!
as usual, stellar meat pics and always look for those daisy plates in your posts :slight_smile:

SO talented!! love your posts! great pics too. Sounds like you guys are doing well. What state are you in right now? In Texas?

--------life contines on super simple carnivore. today is massive big ol’ honkin’ Tbone steak. Later will be country pork ribs.

colder weather now means I will allow turning on the oven more :slight_smile: loving my pork ribs, that fat is just like a beacon to me!!

keeping more of a mono menu now. steak/pork. but last night hubby made some shrimp and I stole some, yum, but ya know what, not a big draw as they were back in the beginner days of my lifestyle.

zc on strong all! Holidays are coming and this is the time to eat very very well. don’t skimp or cheat yourself into experiencing any hunger, eat zc well and one can get thru holidays in fine form :sunny:

(Judy Thompson) #99

Ken Berry has a video (or more than one!) where he says if you want to buy beef raised in the Himalayas and massaged by pandas, fine, but if hot dogs are what you can afford, they are still meat. @Fangs would say she gets a craving for hot dogs and eats a few packages and no harm, no foul. When we travel I eat a hot dog or 2 without the bun from a truck stop for lunch… after the 3 day journey is over I buy a tenderloin roast and a few dozen eggs and all is well :heart:‍🩹 Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

On eating out, I like to get a plate of wings, clean and dry. This time I brought home the celery and carrot sticks and steamed them to add to my dog food recipe!
Some places will give me a hamburger patty with an egg on top. Or a shrimp cocktail. I just always think “I have more food at home if I’m still hungry.” There’s no food as good as the food I make myself!


What. How many decades he ate that?
Sorrel soup is nostalgic :slight_smile: Mom made it a lot in summer. I would never bother with it but I gladly ate it. With sugar. We actually had lots of not dessert type dishes (less so than sorrel soup) with sugar… Sigh. My childhood was WAY too sugary but it’s probably true for all of us. Mine was VERY sugary as I had a huge sweet tooth and if I ate something sweet, I wanted to eat more. Sigh #2.

(Meanwhile I baked a beautiful big potato bread. And Tofu gnawed on it :frowning: I forgot I need to put away things with a yolk wash too, not just anything meat or dairy or almost pure egg… Not like a cat of ours didn’t eat plain boiled white rice out of a pot once… Cats aren’t always fully aware they are obligate carnivores…)

But I ate too, a proper meal at 12:30 and a mini one (and coffees, headache again… tiny and fresh but I drank coffee yesterday so my temptation resistance was super low. I don’t like this coffee, I will stop. but my headache passed) at 15:30. I will eat dinner with Alvaro soon. I find my lean pork roast too lean and dry now and I am not into roast anyway today. I had 4 lovely boiled eggs (2 pretty much liquid ones, a runny yolk one and a fully boiled but not dry one!) and baked sponge cakes (and 2 quiche muffins), I will have my smoked ham and butter sandwiches again! Finally ate up my leftover mascarpone (it was high time). We will see if my body allows a low meat day after my meaty ones :wink:

It’s non-carnivore topic again but it’s my garden! I took out 2 radishes from the (very muddy) soil. My tiny veggie patch with still inferior soil and not enough sunlight produces so little but I have a few black radishes now (one was white though). And one was HUGE. Like at the greengrocery’s! I am pleased. The others are small but still very much usable. Yay!
I will dig up the little patch at some point but it still have things in it. Like 5 radishes, a few tiny carrots (I had not so tiny ones but they were eaten already) and zillion flowers but those are mostly dead at this point.

Alvaro cooked some carby food over open fire, we burned a lot of wood and I happily hacked up some. I got quite warm in a t-shirt outside! But it’s a warm November :wink: The big walk got postponed but at least I did a tiny exercise and were outside…

What will I do with my green ham roast? It’s too lean. There are options but what is the easiest I wonder… Some buttery/yolky sauce, maybe, I can add some of the jelly for extra flavor…? I probably will gladly eat my pork tomorrow but liked my little break with eggs :slight_smile: I did eat pork just not much.

So I am still chilling, it was already quite a few days :smiley: I eat, get satiated, no struggles AT ALL! :smiley: I love this November this far!
But now that I ate up some dairy leftovers just to keep them from spoiling… I can do simpler!
Except I didn’t open my greek yogurt, I have pretty much, expires on the 9th… Maybe Alvaro can help with it, he can use it instead of sour cream in his soup but as the sour cream doesn’t last forever either (it’s not so bad at spoiling though), I told him to use up the sour cream first.
Yogurt is easy to eat/drink, I remember some 350g days and there wasn’t much effort involved… But I don’t want to eat so much now…

I wouldn’t. I am that type. (I barely could gain super slowly when I overate like crazy on sugar!) Not like I can go back to carby times for long :smiley: I don’t have that kind of willpower, I crave carnivore like crazy after 1-2-3 days! Well, at least carnivore-ish as it works the same for me. I only had 2 week pure carnivore this far so of course I can only talk about this short time but it’s the same with 2 week carnivore-ish for me. I have this tiny allowance that still don’t mess with me… But any more and things get really hard and I probably go beyond keto into low-carb. Maybe not now but remember me talking about not being able to do keto without carnivore in the beginning? If I added some plant carbs not in really tiny amounts, it was a slippery slope. And not only because my mind worked that way, I changed in a deeper level.
Some people have everything, energy, fat-loss, feeling fine, no cravings etc. on mere keto! I don’t. Not even <20g keto. I need to be real close to carnivore to get benefits and a nice change.

But yep, now I do true carnivore in my eyes (just spices, wait did I eat mustard yet? I don’t think so. definitely not the sugary pepper condiments! and almost zero spice! and tea and coffee but how could I live without any of them? good enough to me) and we will see what happens! I am kind of excited. Even if I don’t need to be this strict, it will be very useful. But I always wanted to see what happens here. I can extrapolate and make educational guesses based on my experiences and knowledge about myself… But it’s extrapolating so not fully reliable.

(Jen) #101

I went to the store today and got ground beef for meatballs. I did buy two huge cans of tomato sauce, and I am not going to worry about the carbs in that, as I don’t plan to eat any more than what is lightly coating the meatballs. I added a lot of spices, I hope they come out good!

I did buy some pork stew meat because it was on sale, I seem to have issues with pork here and there, but maybe that was what I was eating with it, worth trying again in any case. I also got a dozen eggs and plan to make myself eggs to boost my calories.
I am ok forcing myself for a while in hopes that eventually I won’t have to, but after 30 days if I am still feeling I have to force it, then yeah, I will probably add some good carbs back in, but will have to be careful not to backslide. That means I will have to watch what my upper tolerable limit is before the cravings for crap start back up.

When eating out, I generally don’t have any issues, I either go for burger patties, filet if they have it, or chicken…chicken is always easy and most places have chicken.

My cravings right now are nil. I had some chicken this morning around 8:30am and haven’t had anything since, that was almost 5 hours ago. My stomach is a bit rumbly, but I still have no desire to eat. I am waiting on those meatballs, but they are on low heat and will take several hours to cook. I still have plenty of chicken and eggs if I feel the need to eat.
I don’t like undereating, but I am only on day 3. I plan to give it at least 2 weeks and if I am still not eating enough at that point then I will add carbs back in little by little to boost it up.

I only drink water or unsweetened iced tea (very rarely though) I don’t know what else I could drink to add calories. I don’t like milk unless it is in cereal so that is out, and I hate coffee, but that has no calories anyway and I don’t do well with too much caffeine. I feel like my body just hates me lol

I have watched that one, I guess I just get very in my head. Today I went through all the deli meat and they all had sugar in the ingredient list, and I am trying really hard to stay off the sugar completely. I guess a little won’t hurt, I do tend to get all or nothing and I think that is a HUGE part of my problem. If I keep on as I am, I will probably just add them in and not fuss about it, because eating that is still WAY better than I was eating before!

Well I had half a pound of ground beef, in the form of meatballs, with some tomato sauce. I also had 9 black olives. My carb count for today is already at 5g, I think I need to stick with ketovore for now, so I am out of the challenge :anguished:


@Jen: I try to avoid making eggs (or meatballs) in purgatory for as long as I can as it’s not carnivore and it’s my carni November! :smiley: But when I do carnivore-ish, it’s nice. Tomato isn’t super carby and when you just eat your food with the amount that stuck to it… Or maybe a tad more… It’s not much carbs. But not fully carnivore. BUT… It may make your meatballs more palatable. Mine are lovely anyway, to me, I would never make eggs in purgatory if it wasn’t a super quick and easy main dish for Alvaro’s lunch… But when it’s there, I like to enjoy it myself. I go for the poached eggs but I need some flavor with them. Maybe I should make eggs in purgatory when I will have soup with poached eggs so I won’t feel left out…? I may be ready for that high level. I really don’t want any tomato and I like my carni food. And I take this month VERY seriously.

I hope eggs will help with calories! I drank 2 very soft-boiled eggs today, they disappeared in seconds… And drank 2 eggs in egg milks. Not everyone likes to drink raw and too runny eggs, of course but yolks are quite precious raw (I have heard many times they are better that way… I eat them the way I like, they are precious either way) and it’s possible to pasteurize eggs if one wants that.
But eggs mixed with meat creates new things too. Eggs are super useful if you ask me.

Mine is way higher but I eat carnivore and that is what matters to me :wink:

I had 4 meals this far, one was super tiny. I am a bit hungry now. I had to eat at 9pm, yeah, only 121g protein at that time, it almost never works…

144g protein, 128g fat, 13g carbs. 402g meat so a bit lowish but not really low. Not a bad day, it’s STILL only around 1800 kcal (of course not accurate but I can’t be very far off today), on a not IF day with too many meals! Yay.
Even if I eat again, I don’t care, it’s time for a day without a deficit already!

I do try not to eat too early tomorrow, it’s more convenient that way. And I make some nice sauce so I can eat enough meat in one sitting. I will focus on proper sized meal, I don’t need a lot of effort for that, actually.

I need some different meat soon. I have meatballs with skin and beef stew in the freezer. Some fried fish too. Alvaro can have tinned fish with its sugary sauce on his pizza next time. I appreciate the proper fish more!

I don’t plan for tomorrow, I will eat something nice that I fancy at the moment. I have options :slight_smile: