No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)

(Jen) #63

I am cutting most dairy for now only because I am beginning again, if my calories seem too low and I just can’t stomach the meat I may have some cheese, but I want to avoid it for now just because I am not sure how much of an issue dairy is and I am trying to reset.
I have tried the pork rinds and I didn’t like them at all, it is too bad because the crunchy, salty stuff is my weakness and I thought these would fit the bill, but no go.
I may just eat some butter if needed as well. I do prefer to take at least 30 days and keep all dairy out if I can, and then slowly add things in and see what happens and how I respond to them. I need to do a true elimination diet and see what works and what doesn’t. I was on that path last time but gave up :confused:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #64

I’m re-watching an interview with Robert Lustig on how to interpret a lipid panel, and he mentions that hypothyroid function can drive triglycerides up very high. Have you had your thyroid function checked? That 1860 might indicate a thyroid problem.


I didn’t try pork rinds yet as they are insanely expensive and they don’t really look good to me… I have my wonderful fatty (and if I want, meaty) scratchings! I got hungry a bit and ate up the rest of it (only 10g but very fatty items sometimes work in tiny amounts. when I already have pretty okay macros for the day).
You don’t eat dairy now so cheese whisps are out but there are other crunchy options. Bacon, chicken skin, once I had lovely crunchy piglet skin… I rarely tried to make crunchy pork skin but I disliked the taste for some reasons - while using pork skin in meatballs was a huge tasty success, IDK how it works… :thinking:
I don’t really have crunchy options right now. I could make more scratchings but I already have lard for weeks so I won’t. I will have chicken skin but that’s very little and once a month or something. Bacon is even more rare in my life but it lasts for seconds, it doesn’t worth it. It’s often too salty too.
I try not to feel sorry for myself now. I rather continue my crispy experiments, that is a nice texture too. And even my sponge cakes can pull it off subtly.

I have warm pork roast in my oven :frowning: The temptation is big but I may or may not have eaten enough for today. Oh well, I will eat if I can’t stand it anymore :slight_smile: I refuse to decide.

(Karen) #66

Up very early just before 7am. Needed to be off out a little after half 9 but obviously had to do my reading and have a bath and hair wash first. Went to the U3a open meeting where there was a guest speaker giving a very interesting talk about the Gretna girls and the devils porridge. All about the war effort… very worth googling and reading about. He was a great speaker too. So often speakers lose their audience shortly after starting but not this one, held everyones attention from start to finish.

Went to cafe for brunch and enjoyed it very mucho!

Then a bit of shopping and back to Raymonds to do some more sorting boxes and getting him straightened out … we will be carrying on tomorrow.

Returned home about 6.15pm and cooked 2 pan fried sirloins and followed them with breast of lamb which was a nice alternative to the bacon n eggs i have been eating lately.20231102_184142

(Jen) #67

I am iffy with pork, some days I am fine eating it and other days I feel bad (like sick or crampy) chicken skin very well cooked sounds amazing to me right now. I still haven’t eaten my other two burgers, but I am not feeling hungry yet either.

(Jen) #68

Meat is the one food that definitely stops tasting good to me…I can eat all my favorite garbage chemicals (because it really shouldn’t be classified as “food”) and never feel like it tastes bad, but for some reason, I get to a point I dread eating meat and it doesn’t taste good anymore.
I do worry about this because it messed me up last time and I would force myself to get it down. I don’t want to do that this time. If I am truly hungry I should be able to eat it, I should want to eat it regardless of what it is. I feel like a lot of my “hunger” is just a craving for something I am addicted to and I am not addicted to meat…unless it is a filet, but I can’t afford filet…and if I could I would be eating a bunch of them a day haha


It usually sounds great to me but sadly it comes with the chicken itself and that’s not my fav food and doesn’t even satiate me (still nice and tender occasionally. and quite good as stew, actually but a normal Hungarian stew is not carnivore). And it’s such a tiny thing every time! (When I have 1-2 thighs, it will be more satisfying next week when I will have a whole hen! The soup needs no skin, I will roast it all!) Oh well, I have other crunchy items, fortunately.

Meat doesn’t stop tasting like it tasted to begin with but I quite got bored of it somehow, I just had enough at some point and wanted some other food.
But we humans are all different, even I am different from past me, we should do what works for us at the moment.
I am not a forceful one, not hedonistic, I may push a bit if it must but no force. It wouldn’t work anyway, once I almost gagged, I just couldn’t eat the food when pushed harder than usual (I didn’t feel I am so much against it!). I have variety specifically to avoid force. I always have something I am able to eat. Sometimes I don’t want anything so I won’t enjoy my best bets either, the dishes that always work but I can eat them and that is what matters when I am very hungry. Desserts and processed meats usually work for me. Or I can drink some egg milk. Liquid and creamy things (jelly too, at least in my case) are easier and quicker to eat. I am able to consume several eggs that way even if I strongly dislike eggs at the moment (very rare but happened a few times in my life).

I have lots of experience at this point. I hope it will be enough for a carni November, no matter how very bold goal it seems.


As in smearing butter on a piece of cheese instead of bread? I do that too. One of the best snacks I came up with by myself.

(Geoffrey) #71

Do you eat them plain or do you dip them in something? My wife will dip hers in sour cream. I like to spread liverwurst on mine. I’ll also make a smoked salmon salad for spreading. I like them with sardines, mackerel, herring and oysters.

Well that’s a new one on me. I may just have to give that a try.

(Geoffrey) #72

Well my hunt this morning was successful so we have venison to eat.

Oh, but that’s not a picture of the venison. That’s my lamb steak I had for supper.
The deer will need to age for at least 5 days before it’s ready for butchering.


That’s a good method Jen. Prepping food before the hunger has a chance to trigger temporary insanity. I like the way you are mindfully exploring the difference between hunger and cravings.

Food prep in a carnivore diet is interesting. Burgers would be one place for some prep.

I plan to make some mouth-sized meatballs today with a mixed beef mince and beef liver combination I found at the local grower’s market. I’m going to extend out the beef/liver mix with some more beef mince (US call it ‘ground beef’), then mix in some eggs for holding power, some pink salt, and I’m going to grate some cheese to place as a core in the centre of the ball. That way when the meatball is eaten it has a melted (hopefully not molten) cheese centre. I find that Jarlsberg cheese is a wonderful melting cheese.

@Fangs will tell us that prep in the kitchen for ZC carnivore is very simple. Take meat, maybe it needs defrosting, and cook it.

But I do see some ZC ‘chefs’ and cooks in the thread that like smoking meat, or they sous vide it, or they make stews, broths and soups. So, there can be a bit more to it. There is also semi-freddo carnivore cream dessert, or delicious duck fat mayo (Judy @JJFiddle.) I note that @Karen18 likes a double cooked egg in using boiled eggs mixed with bacon.

I hope you enjoy those burgers, Jen, and any good feelings that may be starting with the eating change.

12 noon breakfast, I had a bacon 2 rashers and 3 egg omelette cooked in the butter and tallow in the pan from last night’s rump steak. this morning had a social coffee at the coffee van by the beach, then went to the Grower’s Market in the nearby rural town to get some meat and fish (and a pumpkin/ squash for Mrs. Bear).


:100::crazy_face:, your monster posts are legendary!! :star_struck:

@Paul, you saying no weight gain eating all ya want on zc…that is the full on truth of it literally. I never gained eating ALL I wanted on carnivore in my day. and believe me what I ate some days in the first few years was massive! Only time I would actually gain and not lose it off was when I stepped just a tad over that zc line. I think when I read people are gaining on zc it is because they are not doing it…they are walking that fine line still like keeping diet soda, or using too many condiments that actually are very carby/sugary and going insane on the dairy train. But one can’t police what goes in one’s mouth but when I read they are gaining I think they are ‘off zc’ in some way that is working against them. Cause anyone eating ALL ZC doesn’t have this issue truly from all the posts I have read thru the years. Great you are right on track and getting fab results. New belts you can always buy for that great new body HAHA Xmas is coming up, time to give hints to the partner on what new accessories you are needing :drooling_face::100:

@FrankoBear, oh you are so right there is SO many ways to cook zc, that is for sure. me being that simple basic person, as much as I wanted to try sous vide and all that I never did it HAHA too damn lazy, like ya said, get pan, fry, done. My mind off cooking has been one of THE best benefits from zc! I just love food is not a total forefront in the brain for me now. of course I am still in it with hubby but I got him way more trained now. I cook the meat he wants, he provides his own sides…and those sides for him are becoming more and more basic now too so…yea, we got a good married life in the kitchen :partying_face::crazy_face:

kiddo wants a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, so yea, I will make that for her. was gonna buy one but looked up on the internet and they are easy to make fresh so…might just do that for her. Won’t do baking for mostly anyone in this world but for her I will do it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

----------defrost NY Strip steak first meal. been eating alot of country pork ribs so kinda over them a tad, gonna do 2 big chicken breasts for me and ‘even thinking’ some alfredo sauce but have to see if I wanna bother making that or not later in the day HA whatever I choose to do with the chicken will be fast and simple. never complicate zc is my motto

ZC on everyone!!


I never would butter my cheese, that is the uncanny valley for me regarding fattiness I think… I won’t calculate, I did lots of calculation involving a dozen of numbers*.
But I do butter my sponge cake buns before I put sausage on them… No matter how fatty the sausage is (very much. my sausages tend to be ~45% fat in weight), it’s better with butter! :wink: And the bun feels (well, is) dry, it is really great at being bread in my sandwich. WAY better than real bread, actually. Eggs are way superior over the plants used in bread. I never liked sandwiches except one warm, messy one where the poached egg, grated cheese, butter and pickles overpowered the bread slice - but when I realized I can just skip the bread, even that got WAY better. I still rarely eat that, it’s a bit complicated and I forgot about it anyway. I really like my super simple sponge cake, butter and sausage or smoked ham ones. (I have 1 sponge cake left, I need to bake a bunch again… That’s only 12 and it usually lasts for 2 days but I can skip days nowadays. But it’s nice to have them at hand, I use them for many things.)

*Pork roast, it’s not easy this time. And the result is very inaccurate as I fed the fried liquid thing to the cats, they were happy… I used frozen meat so much liquid came out and I don’t like that, I eat the meat itself only! okay it’s my fault to weigh the individual pieces but it can be helpful when eating that THIS piece is just right for today… And this way I spotted the lean pork piece that managed to grouped with the fattier. It’s not trivial to tell them apart after roasting but before cutting and eating… But now I will have it easy enough.
But it will be nice when I figure out how to eat right without tracking. I still will be curious, though… Sigh. Unless on Simple Days. Yep, I will go for them, meat with a few eggs and very little else.

It was a rainy night and it’s a rainy day this far. It has just stopped.


@Geezy56: Congrats!

Yeah, that was my first thought that you already cooked some?
It’s not like I can tell apart lamb from venison…

I didn’t know about deer aging before butchering is a thing! I only read that about fowls like pheasants! People allegedly did it to an extreme extent in the past…

@FrankoBear: Liver meatballs, I should try that. Did I ever do that I wonder…? Probably not. I made meaty pâté and scrambled eggs with some liver I think… It was long ago. I like my liver cooked in cream now but it’s good to have more recipes.
Why is the cheese grated in the center? Most cheeses melt the same in one piece… Hence I never understood why people bother with grating cheese for cheese whisps when a piece works the same and less work! But really hard, dry cheeses don’t melt properly. But I prefer Gouda cheese whisps, not very young but not very aged Gouda… That melts wonderfully except the drier, harder part around the edge. That melts partially but it gets puffed up and it’s fun too… I don’t like grating cheese so I avoid it whenever I can! Alvaro’s cheese fluffs have grated cheese in them (I use already grated Grana Padano now) but the center is a little block of Gouda :slight_smile:

I don’t know Jarlsberg cheese… I wonder if I can find it here to begin with…
But I am not into cheese now so I eat whatever Alvaro eats, mostly. And I like to grab some cheap but fine one, there are great sales lately (after the expensive dairy phase prices drastically dropped, especially on sale) and it’s good for some general grated cheese on/in various dishes. Grana Padano helps it out anyway but when it is in one block so the bite is all about the cheese, we use Gouda. And we almost run out of it now and can’t get more for weeks, at least not without serious effort.
We have plenty of interesting hard cheeses and Emmental though :slight_smile:

I could talk a lot about cheeses despite I don’t even have so much experience and I am not interested in eating them at all now… Why do I feel the need to talk about things I don’t want to eat? Maybe it’s some mental thing, I don’t eat them but I ate them before and talking fills the hole even if I don’t miss the items…? Or I just like to talk about food, no matter if I eat or want them, as long as it’s nice food (or it’s very much not so I want to verbally attack them but that’s less hedonistic).

More complex dishes? There is scotch egg too (it’s too much work for me and I don’t like a whole egg with dry yolk in the middle and no way it won’t become dry if I make it. if an egg is peelable, it’s already barely moist) and my desserts :smiley: I pretty much ignore them now as I am happy with meat and some eggs and tiny dairy now but there is my beloved jellied fluff (it was called “marshmallow” originally but I added yolks, removed the sweetener… I think I drastically changed the texture but I like it and that is what matters). I will make it soon and ice cream too as I usually need 8 egg whites for Alvaro’s carnivore cheesy fluff (egg white and different cheeses, quite simple!) and I need to do something with the yolks. I can use 1-2 yolks here and there but 8 per week is sometimes tough. Especially now that I invented my egg white milk…
As usual, I wonder if I can cook a standalone egg yolk to become similar to a hard-boiled egg yolks. As I can make deviled eggs filling for Alvaro that way. He can eat it without the white part. I could but I prefer them with 2 times as much whites. Boiled egg whites are lovely and I can’t make that loveliness from egg whites separated from their yolk. I prefer whites hard-boiled and yolks runny… Leftover dry yolks are fine, they even works in scrambled eggs if well mixed. I would be so lost without my hand blender. My current one is sturdy, it has mostly metal parts so it doesn’t break in some month… And it’s strong! It has a grounder part too, I won’t google for that item name, I did it for the hand blender as I keep forgetting… But that is somewhat annoying, the knife is at the bottom so I can’t put much meat into it (I use it for a small amount of meatballs. maybe for pâté). And then I need to clean the greasy thing. I prefer making a lot of stuff in a bigger machine…

(Bob) #77

I have not. My nephrologist regularly checks my parathyroid with a PTH Intact test, but this is a different and separate gland from the thyroid. I’ll look this information up. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #78

It’s really amazing, and the best part of eating this way is not being hungry between meals. Also, the signals from the body are pretty clear. I have been on an egg kick for a few weeks, and they make a great addition to burgers and steaks.

Last night, we had shrimp in cheese sauce (very tasty), and I added a burger to that. Very filling and sustaining. Bob (ctviggen) brought me some meat from the farm store nearby (I hope to be able to walk there soon!), and I’m going to have a big sirloin for lunch. It’s calling to me from the fridge, where it’s thawing at the moment, lol! Can’t wait!


I don’t gain having carby days either… That’s a given for me. LOSING is the tricky ting but I really do my best now! While being quite comfortable and loving my food, of course :slight_smile: It’s a lucky November this far.

But one isn’t hungry between meals, we eat when we get hungry… Or is it just me? :smiley:
If I had some set mealtimes too far apart, I would get hungry between them on any diet I suppose. Except on HCHF if the meals were big enough. Big carby fatty meals last super long (in my case, at least). But big carnivore meals do the same, I just rarely can have them. Small carnivore meals make me hungry in 1 hour as I often wrote. I am good at not eating small ones this far this month :slight_smile: I hope I will keep this but I will, I will use tricks to ensure it. Eating much is easy even when it doesn’t happen automatically.

By the way, my OMAD meal (if we ignore the 10g scratchings in the evening…) only lasted for 18 hours. No wonder, I have a deficit every day, tiny but my body dislikes it even tiny especially when the calories are low as I am too sedentary. Tomorrow we will go to mushroom hunting as it’s autumn after lots of rain. It will be muddy but it’s a nice long walk in the forest, quite nice. And if we find any pretty mushroom, I will photograph it.
We always find at least bracket fungi, my big fav group :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: But they aren’t soooo exciting (yes they are) as the elusive more special ones.

I had lunch at 12:30pm (I got hungry), I didn’t want to eat up my daily meat that early and anyway, I fancied various things so I had cheese whisps, my last sponge cake, smoked ham, some chicken liver… But roasted pork shoulder and green ham too, of course. I won’t roast all the lean pork in the future, sometimes it’s lovely, sometimes it’s too lean and a bit dry. But it can be helped with some fattier items with it. And feeding some to Alvaro as usual. Hungry me happily eat it up too. So no problem.

Oh I forgot, I ate egg milks too, with milk and an extra yolk, super rich! :smiley: I am in love :heart_eyes: My egg milks aren’t always the same and sometimes my actual taste/needs and the version I happen to make (what I add, ratio) are super compatible! 10/10 drink! I was so enthusiastic and asked Alvaro why others don’t drink this absolutely amazing drink and he said it’s some watered down floating islands liquid without sweetener and he isn’t interested at all.
But it’s sweet, I even thought maybe the milk is only for the times when I want my egg milk sweet… And I am better off with cream otherwise…

(Jen) #80

Well day two and I ate the other two burgers I didn’t eat yesterday. I ate at around 1pm yesterday (two burgers of the four I cooked) and didn’t eat again until 11am this morning. I didn’t feel hungry or crave anything at all.
The burgers didn’t appeal to me but I ate them anyway. I didn’t have to force it at least. If I feel hungry later I will make 2 more. I did put cheese and pickles on both with some mustard. I think for now I should keep the zero carb dairy as long as I have no issues with it. The pickles are 1 carb each, so I ate 2 carbs yesterday and today…I am not going to count that as a failure even though it isn’t technically zero carb.

I actually love chicken, it is the one meat I haven’t gotten tired of, and I do get the gags with steak (except filet) and ground beef after eating it day after day. I may have to eat some chicken with the skin and some tuna if it gets bad. Last time I was forcing down the ground beef and I think that is what finally broke me. I couldn’t take it anymore. This time I really want to work through it and hope I just get used to it, otherwise I may be living on chicken and butter lol…not exactly ideal.

I tried plain and the flavored ones that were still zero or very low carb (I can’t remember if the flavored ones had any carbs) but I didn’t care for the taste of them at all. My husband didn’t mind them but said he wouldn’t want them again haha

I know myself well enough that if I don’t have something on hand as soon as I get over hungry it can all go downhill very fast! I definitely need to experiment with different ways to make meat to make it more palatable. I have always had issues with red meat other than burgers and filet. Even as a kid I would gag. It kind of limits me, but I am hoping I can retrain myself somehow.

(Geoffrey) #81

A tin of mackerel with some pork rinds, Three hard boiled eggs and tried out @PaulL’s idea about buttered cheese. The cheese was interesting. Not overwhelming but still tasty. I’d do it again.

(Karen) #82

Up at reasonable time… not early by any means but dressed and downstairs reading with my coffee. Still doing BP every morning and the hand release pushups, delt s and squats before sitting to read.

Left home about 10.15am to go to Raymonds again to continue helping him to setlle in to new bungalow. Have to keep getting on at him though to stop him doing anything. He feels bad not being able to help but he really isn’t well enough to do stuff. Took him for brunch about 1pm and i had my usual 2 eggs 2 sausages and 2 bacon. Easiest option when we go to a cafe. Omelettes aren’t the option at the mo while i am cheese free. Haven’t eaten any since beginning of september. That in itself it totally amazing for me being a bit of a cheese addict but it worked at getting rid of the few pounds i gained by stuffing my face with cheese and mayo! All or nothing is the key for me.
Feel so much better eating cleaner and haven’t had any issues with RLS at night time… Yay! :grinning:

Returned home about 6pm with dreadful back ache :roll_eyes: pan fried a sirloin steak and followed that with 3 chicken thighs. Cooked up the whole bag of 9 thighs because the bag had been in the freezer for some time and i had been lazy and not portioned them :roll_eyes: i will eat them cold over the next couple of days or might even pull some meat off and see how they pan fry with the hard boiled eggs… i have a number in the fridge ready to eat or chuck some in an omelette.