No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)

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This is true, but the body handles them differently. The triglycerides measured in the standard blood test are from dietary carbohydrates that have been packaged by the liver into VLDL particles to be circulated through the system. This has been shown in tests using radio-labelled foods. As you say, a low-carb, high-fat diet should decrease the triglyceride measurement and increase measured HDL.

There is such a thing as familial hypertriglyceridaemia, but it is extremely rare, and in the one case I know about (David Diamond, the neurophysiologist), it responded well to a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet.

Anyway, back to the topic, we had some delicious pork chops last night, and I’m looking forward to having more for lunch. I was also surprised yesterday afternoon, when I had four eggs for my first meal of the day, and they actually lasted me all day until pork-chop time!

Butter is such a great sauce for things. We are going through it like crazy, now that my sister and I are carnivore!


Butter is wonderful :slight_smile: I stick to 10g per normal day though. More if I eat too lean and some missing :wink: Or if I fancy more but I rarely do, it’s great but I don’t want much.

I had a few small bites at 12:45 (it happens when I am not satiated anymore and just fried some leftover eggs, I made sponge cakes and some was left), ate a proper lunch at 2pm and probably will eat a very early small dinner.
My food today is very similar to yesterday’s. But I knew I need fat so I had two egg milks with extra yolks :wink: So nice. And a bunch of sour cream, I desired it anyway! And my pork was a bit lean (especially after I ate the fattiest bites cold) so I fried them in butter (7g but I got some lard from the oven pan too).

Today I almost just made pork shoulder roast. But it’s way too fatty and triggers overeating anyway according to my experiences and a few egg whites and liver can’t balance it out so my last slab of lean pork is defrosting too. I like that better anyway… I expect some nice days, I plan and track like crazy :smiley: But I eat simple enough and it’s fun too…

I will write about my goals later, I am very lazy after my meal (my bad sleep doesn’t help).

Sunny day, I have planted some tulips. Fringed Gorilla is the name for some odd reasons. It’s very deep purple, almost black and they are fringed and that is so fun… I have plenty of fringed tulips but they tend to be red, yellow or red and yellow. I don’t have a huge color variety but I love “black” tulips (I have some but sometimes they diappear and they have normal petals). The bulbs are beautiful, big and healthy looking!
I got out the gladiolus bulbs from the soil. The two that I apparently put into the right place got big and made plenty of tiny bulbs. Even the one that had no flower. The only flowering one looked amazing, I hope I get some next year as well. I will need a nursery for the babies, they are super tiny! Pea sized.


Stupid day, I am very useless if I don’t sleep at the right time. But some days are worse than others.

I had lunch at 2pm and dinner after 6pm as I napped and woke up not hungry at all. I wondered about skipping but it never ends well so I ate in the end. And then it was hard to stop but I didn’t eat a lot extra. 141g protein and 124g fat, hmmmm. Not good, not tragic. It would be good if I wasn’t totally sedentary but tomorrow I will do my full workout I hope. And some walk, I really need some already, it’s abnormal for me to skip days. It depletes my energy and affects my mood in various ways.

I am VERY satiated now. Had a few bites of pork, finished my egg milk, 1.5 sponge cakes and some lovely sausage… And tea with cream, I do that now. And a bit milk.

I had a tad above a pound of meat as it was a quite eggy day. My dairy consumption stayed modest. Yep, good enough day eating wise.


Yes, it is.;

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3rd carniversary today ! Happy carniversary to me :grinning:
Brunch was bacon omelette

Dinner was 2 sirloin steaks followed by bacon and 4 hard boiled eggs pan fried with butter. So what’s new lol
Still eating clean and that won’t change throughout November. Nothing to quit out of diet… think i would go hungry if i quit anything else. I need to eat up some stuff in freezer this month… i have a duck waiting in there but might hold on to that for xmas. I may have to eat a lot of pork and chicken :roll_eyes:


Happy carniversary, @Karen18! :cut_of_meat: :fried_egg::tulip:

I am still so very nicely satiated, November started successfully. I hope my late eating won’t come back again. It was pretty annoying but I can’t handle being not satiated, maybe even borderline hungry without being well-fasted. And then I easily get tempted in the kitchen.

I will roast 3kg pork tomorrow. That’s neat, enough for 6 days for me! Alvaro ate meat 2 times today, it’s rare but he apparently needed it with the pumpkin I cooked after looking at my horrid carving… I only have some normal knives, it’s not easy with those even if one is more skilled and patient than I. It’s fine, I just have a tiny fun every year, don’t want to produce something remarkable :slight_smile:
I will make other Halloween food soon, like cheesy Vienna sausage mummies, that’s ridiculously simple and quite fun I guess… I saw sausage/cheese witch’s fingers too but that’s not so cute.
Can I make spiders from chicken liver I wonder…

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I am going hard starting tomorrow. It is too late for me today, but tomorrow is a new day. I went through the food closet and fridge and threw out a lot of stuff.

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I’m starting to wonder if this is my situation also.

Several people have said for me to check out David Diamond.

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Just a four egg bacon omelette and later an ounce of cheese. By the time I got through with chores it was late and I just didn’t want a meal.
I’m going hunting in the morning so I’ll see if I can bring home my supper. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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We began at almost the same time!


Had a trip into the city. For a dentist visit, like @Karen18. It’s my first scheduled appointment since 2020. Pandemic intervention then a slow struggle to go back to see them. Before that I would go to the dentist every 6 months. The reason being that I don’t like going to the dentist. The reasoning being that if I went regularly, then I wouldn’t have to go to the dentist. Because it is those tooth ache times that can be traumatic.

Last month I think I noted that I had lost a filling, and that set up a bowl in my molar tooth to catch chewy bits. Then in true carnivore style I was chewing my way through a cow and a bit of gristle broke off the rear cusp of a molar. That was fixed at an urgent visit. But I booked a check up two weeks later and a teeth clean.

One thing I notice on carnivore, and I wonder if it has to do with some mineral salt dumping, is that I get mineralised build up on my teeth very quickly. I brush my teeth twice daily and use dental floss. The build up makes me think of paleolithic dental reports where skulls have been examined an the concretions of dental calculus used to decipher what the people had been eating. Also the finding with hunter gatherers that traumatic tooth loss could occur but there was no sign of gum disease (on the bone surface under where the gums had been), and that the bone matrix was strong and the teeth, despite sometimes heavy calculus, were strong and healthy.


MY GOSH…2 days and not quite 2 even for me. Today just started Nov. 2 and in that time for Nov. we have 52 posts in this thread…wowza

just busy doing life and my zc is extremely stable and all is doing very well on this lifestyle.

no quit, no carb Nov, yea that will never be a worry for me now LOL
too long on this boat ride to jump ship :slight_smile:

ok will try to catch up on future posts quicker, but this short amt of time and ALL these posts, I give it a big yikes but loving how this thread chats SO well.

@FrankoBear, yea kinda normal for alot of us in a way. many mention that faster buildup behind the bottom front teeth being most prevalent kinda…Dr Kevin Stock is a dentist in real life and a very long term carnivore, you can google youtube, Dr Stock carnivore and he has a few dentist videos out there with carnivore menu in mind, he chats this stuff too…he mentions this issue but heck I can’t remember the reason now since I read it long ago LOL…might help to check it out if you want more info…

HI ALL!!! Keep on Carnivore!


Coffee and dairy are discussed.


It’s only 11am but I already changed my plan for today (as I made a plan yesterday. it felt necessary as I had to get out meat from the freezer then)… I started to fry my meat (I will roast the vast majority but I fry up some too) and it just seemed too tempting so I dropped as much eggs as I could and go for fatty meat ~ . I will have accuracy problems… I cut off some fat from the pork shoulder as it’s WAY too fatty. It will be nice for scratchings :slight_smile: I don’t need lard though, oh well, it will be just a bit.
But it will be even worse when I will cook a hen :smiley: The macros will be anyone’s guess :smiley: I can weigh the bones but only after cooking (good enough), the skin will lose fat and I probably give 2 limbs and all the chicken breast to Alvaro. I may just forget about tracking at that point. I want a soup and the limbs and skin will be roasted. Yum.
But now I have pork for almost a week!
Soon I use up all the leftover dairy items (the quark expired on the 25th…? still good but it’s high time to eat the little bit that is left, the mascarpone has some time but it’s tiny) and figure out if I can eat super simple! I really enjoy my meat nowadays (I hope I won’t have problems with the pork shoulder either. one can never know, I had some not so good pork chuck too and that’s my fav cut! green ham isn’t only leanish and cheap and very much available everywhere but it almost never disappoints me).

It is a wonderful sunny day! Heating won’t be needed for a while :wink: It will be our personal record. Sometimes we can wait until the beginning of November but now we have 20C in my room and after some cooking, 20C in the kitchen… About 19.5C there in the mornings, it’s great, we always waited until it went below 18C - unless we started to feel cold. My nose is already freezing (even in 20C. I blame my general mood and inactivity, I will change that very soon) but otherwise it’s nice warm inside (and especially outside. it’s cooler there but I am moving outside).

@Fangs is here, yay, I missed you!!!
Many comments are tiny and even I don’t do my usual monster of texts! :smiley:
That may happen when I finally write about my goals.


I hope I finished my day at 15:15.
I got hungry at noon (just a tiny thing, I ignored it easily), got properly hungry at 2pm and I had freshly made fried pork so I ate. Just fried pork, I didn’t make a photo this time, I had no idea what else will I eat or if I can finish it to begin with…
I could finish it alright. 500g pork, more or less fatty, yum! Stayed hungry so I ate my quark with sour cream and 2 sponge cakes. Still hungry but I supposed my protein is fine so I jumped my freshly made scratchings, it wasn’t meaty this time but so nice and crunchy and fatty! Still not satiated, I tracked, oh so it is below 130g, okay then so I ate 2 sponge cakes with smoked ham and butter, it was wonderful! I had milky egg milk, milky tea and a small glass of milk somewhere too.
I hope I will be okay now, my numbers tells me I should but one can never know, I probably have a calorie deficit since days and I had my usual half workout… My muscles were aching but I postponed too many workouts and I did have a day rest so I did my arm exercises. Not as well as usual but fine for now.

I had fatty meat so accuracy is worse than usual but my tracking shows I have eaten…
558g meat (and fat as I count my scratchings, with fried weight but it was on the meat), 134g protein, 121g fat, 11g carbs.
I felt I can’t keep my fat so low every day, that wouldn’t end up well :smiley: It’s still a modest day, isn’t it? Especially for a workout day but I still don’t take proper walks (I had a tiny one today) and I feel I have eaten well, I am perfectly satiated. We will see if it will expire today but it would be soooo inconvenient. Nope, I will be fine, it was a very decent sized meal! Fitting for OMAD.

The pork shoulder wasn’t disappointing at all :wink: It’s great I could eat so much meat at once without boredom. I kept getting enough of meat even this year when I had no problems with eating over a pound of meat a day, even felt the need for it quite often. But I needed 2 meals and a bunch of eggs and dairy and whatnot to go along with it. I kind of envied you others who could just sit down and get satiated by meat alone. But I can almost do it now and almost is quite good for me.
I am pleased with my meal, no matter how I look at it.

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It is 11am and I haven’t eaten yet. I am a little hungry and plan to make my burgers soon before the hunger gets to a point where I want to go hog wild. If I can’t control myself, my plan is to go to bed with my headphones on. That is a trick that has always worked well in the past.
I am out of work, so I have time to get myself back on track without having to worry about doing it around a work schedule.

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I’ve been finding that, even if I do eat more than I think I should (I follow Dr. Chaffee’s advice to eat meat as long as it tastes good, and stop when it stops tasting good), I don’t gain weight.

In fact, this morning I was able to get on the scale for the first time since the end of August, and I am down six pounds/2.7 kg. I am also on the tightest hole in my belt, though I believe it will be a while before I’ll need to drill a couple more holes.

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By hog wild, I mean eating all the wrong things, which is what I tend to do when I get over hungry. All logic goes out the window and I end up gorging on crap.
My plan is to have a bunch of burgers made so that when the hunger gets to a point where I am still feeling in control I can eat whatever I need and put the rest aside for later, or eat them all if I need to.
That is good advice about stopping when it stops tasting good. When I did this before I feel like it was starting to never taste good. My goal this time is to work through it and figure out what works and not add stuff I shouldn’t back in just to hit a calorie range. I am not even going to track this time because it sets me off.


After 13 low-carb years, several on/off keto years and a few carnivore-ish on/off years… I think I am better than that.
I am probably not but it’s really rare that I truly go wild. I can make a bad decision in a heartbeat at Alvaro’s Mom (we have new ones again, right? Alvaro is my SO), that is my weak situation…
But I got LOADS better since I have carni times. It’s quite amazing. I do train myself but I didn’t improve this quickly on mere keto, I blame the carbs, obviously.

But I can relate. My “gremlin time” starts around 6pm but it gets stronger as time passes. I shouldn’t be able to eat at that time. As I will probably eat then (not when determined but yes if I get hungry. I don’t stand proper hunger and why would I? hunger means I should eat). But I didn’t want it to be this long… So yep, I become a different person though maybe not that different on carnivore. But it’s best to do carnivore with a big focus on meat and that keeps me satiated and satisfied and I won’t become a monster when it’s late… It’s not always pretty.

I still have my habits and preferences. It would make no sense to eat random carbs. I still may eat a lot of keto food or some very wrong carni items for me at that moment…

it’s best just to avoid eating then. And having good food at ALL times. It took years but I hopefully lost my stupid optimism. “I will make food and eat later”? I may get super hungry early. “Oh I have so much protein sources, I don’t need 600g meat…” And I manage to get turned off by half of it and I am hungry and I have nothing good to eat…
I usually am very well prepared now. But if I am not, I better fast, I end up better that way… But I dislike forced fasts even though it is usually easy now, I can wait some hours… Still. Sometimes it is urgent to eat or I am not in the mood to wait…
BE PREPARED! Have lots of lovely food. Variety, ready to eat things in the freezer (after warming it up but it’s minutes, everyone can wait that long)… And knowing what you should eat so very deeply and well that even the worst hunger can’t make you forget. I know some hunger takes away a bunch of my mental abilities. I may not be able to come up with something from scratch but if I am aware my options already, that helps.

Not for all of us. Both my SO and I feel tasty food tasting good at any time. Being even too stuffed can’t change that. It tastes like any other time! May be less tempting (it depends. it’s appetite, it may do whatever, it has not much to do with hunger, fullness or need for fuel in my case. there is a weak correlation but that’s it) but the taste is the same.
I think that’s why people can overeat themselves to the point of serious stomachache, merely from the fullness. It can be compulsion - but it is probably more often appetite, desire to eat. Tasty food may trigger it, carbs definitely “help” in my case as it goes against satiation… I need to stop when I get full as I don’t do pain and anyway, good satiation (what I get some nice meaty carni meal :slight_smile: ) turns off my appetite and puts me into a blissful perfect satiated satisfied state, I love that, it’s hard to get without carnivore, normally getting satiated has nothing on it (but that works well enough too). Meat has this stop sign, sometimes very sudden, sometimes not so much but it is nice and helpful. One of the reasons I can’t stray from carnivore and not coming back basically right away :smiley: I LOVE that. As I suffered the lack of it and worse too many times. I missed it on carnivore a lot too but now I can eat enough meat :smiley: Yay.

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Good strategy. Remember, you can have all the carbohydrate you want; just have it tomorrow, not today. Pre-cooked bacon is a good thing to have around. If you can tolerate dairy proteins, it tastes good when smeared with cream cheese. Pork rinds are a good carnivore snack, if you need one. And you can hardboil a mess of eggs to have around in case of hunger. Buttered, they are delicious! Especially if you have some of that pre-cooked bacon with them.

And buttered cheese is not to be sneered at, either, for people who can tolerate dairy proteins. Also, buttered leftover pork chops, which is what I had for lunch. I also like to make a pork shoulder (picnic) every so often, because the skin and layer of fat that come with it make great snacks later on.