No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)


I do my best to stay away but you are here so I write a little bit too.

What is this about oats, seriously? I see it a lot but why would anyone need to eat oats? Is it a superfood now?
(I know not a single food group is essential and I never liked oats - works mixed with much eggs though, I still only ate them that way a few times but I don’t hate them that way. oatmeal, on the other hand is inedible to me, ew! and I don’t even start to think about what my body wants here, it’s just the horrid oat taste!)

(Alec) #22

Wow! There is definitely something very wrong there… I don’t have many ideas to help…

We don’t ingest trigs, we make them, so why does your body want to make so many. There must be a feedback loop somewhere to manage the level of trigs in the body, but I have no idea what or where that is. It sounds to me that something is making that feedback loop not work… nobody needs that high level of trigs, and as you said we normally associate higher trigs with high carb/sugar ingestion. But if you aren’t ingesting many carbs at all… why is your body doing that? Are you on any meds that might cause the trigs to be high?

Sorry, very basic thinking and I am sure your thinking has gone way beyond this.

(Robin) #23

Maybe we ARE time travelers!

(Geoffrey) #24

Here in America there has been a big push to eat things like oatmeal for the reduction of cholesterol. This has been going on for at least 20 years or longer. It’s supposed to be part of a heart healthy diet. Almost all of the oat products are cereals that are loaded with sugar. It’s really disgusting how doctors promote this sugary slop and the sheeple just eat it up.
Anyone want to bet that the studies showing the health benefits of eating oats was funded by the food industry?


They must mean goats. :goat::goat::goat:

Baked kid (Sardinian dish)

(Geoffrey) #26

Goats is good.

(Bob) #27

Actually, the animal fats and plant oils we consume are indeed triglycerides. And after consuming a fatty meal, your trig levels will rise. After several hours though they should return to baseline. Consuming refined carbs habitually however raises your fasting/baseline trig levels, wherease consuming fat should actually lower them.

So what’s my problem? Hell if I know. But this is one reason why I have reintroduced intermittent fasting, removed snacking, and have scaled back on my portions (I’m a big eater). I could just be eating too much and too often than what I really need.


Oats have a good press here too, it has more protein and fiber than normal grains but that’s it… (I never cared about the protein, my eggs always had much more :smiley: And I don’t need fiber but got plenty before carnivore anyway. I hate oat flavor too so it could be a hyper-superfood, I still wouldn’t care.)
They are mostly used to replace wheat flour in recipes for health-conscious people, apparently. (Let’s not think about the instant “keto” oatmeal packages.)
I have so much better ideas to replace wheat flour (like, nothing in my sponge cakes, sour cream in pancake… but even nuts are better if we need something solid and I happen to be off carnivore, of course… tastier too! different texture and feel, yes but works sometimes).
I don’t do anything with oats as Alvaro cooks his own oatmeal.

But let’s go back to carnivore. My non-carni days are still too close (I can’t even do carni today, probably as there are some not very carby but very nice non-carnivore leftovers. I just couldn’t eat everything yesterday) but I will be back tomorrow! Yay!
And it will be proper carni and no coffee… For as long as I can do! Simple and everything. I am getting ready mentally since long. November should be good.

I would love to eat goat in November :slight_smile: I hardly will :frowning: But if I could grab some mouflon in the usual hypermarket again, that would be amazing!

PRETTY dish!

Tomorrow I will write about my goals and start tracking again, I will go back to my elaborated spreadsheets as well. I won’t even get annoyed as long as I keep things SIMPLE this time.

(Geoffrey) #29

My goat knows his place in life.

Just can’t wait to get in the smoker.

(Robin) #30

That goat is a GOAT!!! Looks like a real beast.


I couldn’t find my photos of goats :frowning: There are a few around here so I shot them sometimes. Only with my camera, no matter how fitting it seems to eat some when they almost kill some of our young trees (lack of fence, we have that)… But I have no guns anyway, it would be super much work to get one and I am not the type to harm non-parasites. I even save flies sometimes but flies are in a gray area, I kill some, I save some, I ignore some.

But I have found these photos. Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL? Very tasty too. Racka sheep :slight_smile:

The beef farm had them on sale once :frowning: I ate some wonderful mutton and got a skull with those amazing horns… And they hadn’t mutton on offer again. Sigh. It’s quite sad as it was the best ruminant meat I ever had.

(Karen) #32

The black one looks as though it has his ears reared back and a unicorn horn in the centre of his head :grinning:



I must share this very majestic lil one too :smiley:

(Bean) #34

Well since this “topic will post in 5 hours”, I might as well pile on, lol. Sadly no goats, but I do have snow… sigh.

I need to figure out carnivore travel. Too much pork and chicken over the weekend. I have been starving all day. We hiked a lot… but I always hike a lot.

I spent some time reading in the car, and it looks like I’m probably a “lean mass hyper responder”. My numbers are textbook for that. I’ll be curious to see how the current study comes out.

Does anyone have any other NOs for November? I know some of my students do “No-Shave” November and donate money to charity and walk around looking like mountain men.



(Bean) #36

No oats- only goats?


What is CW?


I”ve just completed my first month back at ZC - hurray!

I am loving it, and glad (and amazed!) to say I didn’t cheat. What’s more, I didn’t feel a big temptation to cheat. For someone who constantly struggled with carb cravings on keto, that is saying a lot.

At the beginning of last month I said my goals were to stick to this WOE and to lose 5 pounds per month through the end of the year. I’m glad to say I lost 8 pounds in Oct. Even better, I can feel a real difference in my clothes.

For Nov, I’m continuing with the same weight loss goal, and also adding a goal of building muscle through resistance training. While my weight is not that high, I am very much “over-fat” - my body composition is lousy. So I want to work on that.

And, I love “No Quit November”! I’ll remind myself of that if I need inspiration.

(Alec) #40

Sorry…. conventional wisdom.


Yay! My personal record is still 2 week and I had it years ago, I am very determined to change it this November!

It’s very normal not having carby temptations when you don’t mess with plant carbs. I was so very uncontrolled on keto, it’s a small wonder I could do it once for 7 weeks, I went off all the time afterwards… I totally thought it’s partially my personality and partially my old, die hard habits. And then carnivore just erased them almost all. My coffee addiction remained.
I still stray after some time but until then it feels the best. Carnivore (or rather carnivore-ish, super close to carnivore, a minuscule amount of plant matter beyond spice) is the woe that I can keep the longest. I very quickly start to crave carnivore if I stray (unless it’s very subtle so the carbs added up in several days are still very low. but it’s too slippery slope for me, I rarely can hover there). And I don’t specifically crave carbs… Or rather non-carni items as they are often very low-carb… Just something happens. I still can be tempted even if I don’t crave the stuff but it’s there, being lovely and time limited (that’s a strong point).

But I am pumped up for November and I am nothing if not stubborn. So I feel very safe now. (I wonder how long it will last… I am willing to fight even when it stops being automatic or easy…)