No-quit, No-carb No-vember (30 day carnivore experience)


@Karen18: You fry bacon even more than I do sometimes :smiley: Nice food by the way, everything seems pretty nice.

Odd day, I ate once, around 6pm. Appetite was super low but I needed sustainance already. I barely could eat 280g (raw weight) fried pork chuck, I definitely liked the super fatty pieces on Saturday better… Maybe it’s time to get the really fatty pork out of the freezer… With my low dairy and reduced love towards butter (I love it just fine but I don’t feel the need to eat much :D) I can afford some more fat. But I needed a light day after my weekend.
The head cheese has extra gelatin and it’s noticeable. It’s a hard gummy. And too salty. Oh well, I can eat this but won’t buy it in the near future. Taste wise it’s okayish.
I had some cream cheese with some of my sponge cakes (I ate up all 8). Cream cheese is good and I needed some more fat and something that wasn’t meat or eggs.
390g meat, several eggs, little dairy. Minimum protein, little fat, minuscule carbs. 38% protein, it’s rarely that high but it’s was a protein rich low-cal day :wink: I am pleased but expect better appetite tomorrow. I may add a tiny bit of hen fat (the one rendered out of tasty hen skin fried into perfect crunchiness so it’s very tasty) to my fried pork… Or butter. I only had about 3g butter today, I start to miss it…

(Geoffrey) #205

Man! What a meal and I’m so sorry that I didn’t take pictures but I thought it might be rude to do so since we were at an invited dinner.
Now my friends know I’m carnivore so they made sure that there was enough variety to please everyone’s palate.
So my meal consisted of, and I fasted 26 hours for this, 1 dozen oysters on the half shell and we shucked them ourselves. 1 dozen boiled shrimp. 2 dozen langostino ( they’re pretty small. All of it drenched in butter. Then I ate four Italian sausages. Yeah the sausages probably weren’t as clean as I’d prefer but they were good.
Boy am I stuffed and happy.


I work up in atrial fibrillation. At about 4am we had a feral black cat get trapped in our cat’s outdoor cat enclosure. It was a rude wake up. The feral cat eventually climbed up and over a 4m high mesh fence and ran off into the pre-dawn night. So, sorted that fast heart rate out over about 3 hours as I also took Billie the Labrador to the vet for a sore leg, and then dealing with our plumber, who turned up early, to do some work around the shed and house before we get deeper into bushfire season.

Bacon, egg and coffee breakfast. Yes, I had a coffee. But made sure my heart rate was normal before drinking it. Then there was no heart rate change after, but, like a true addict, I felt I was functioning better. Then, last night was a meal out with some friends from university study days (college).

We were meeting at his daughter’s house and I knew that she was a vegetarian (she was when I last saw her). She is a young veterinarian, and abattoir practical classes turn (we spend a week at a variety of abattoirs watching humane killing and then carcase processing) many of the students toward vegetarianism. These are (we were) young, twenty-somethings, very impressionable, education sponges. But it turns out she wanted to do a horse riding experience in Mongolia and they had never heard of vegetarianism. Olivia said, “I had to re-learn how to eat meat otherwise I would have starved.”

The text I got from my old school buddy about planning the dinner was, “Will a 350g Scotch Fillet be OK”? Absolutely. Dave is a veterinarian as well (as are 2 of his daughters and his wife) and he has his own Angus beef cattle herd. But he was about 8 hours drive away from his farm on this visit. So, he said, we have to trust the local butcher. The steaks were perfect. We had a very nice evening of good, intelligent, conversation. I got to meet Olivia’s fiance. His name is Kane, and he likes a medium-rare steak off the grill. So, he’ll do.

The photo is the sky as I pulled up at the dinner venue in a rural town about 50km south of home.


You others ate nice things! Well, I did too, I like my simple pork and eggs.
It’s the next day so I can safely say I did OMAD on Monday, yay! 1300 kcal, high protein.
Gloomy weather :frowning: I wanted sunshine for my forest walk but at least it’s not rainy. Or way too cold, that comes for the weekend, forecast says. With proper frost in the whole country and everything. The mountains (just the highest parts) got some snow last weekend.

Wow, that is a thing? I just ate it, no learning was needed after 8 years of vegetarianism… Maybe it’s a mental thing. Though it was still a few times per year, not a sudden thing. But my carni trials were easy too, I easily ate meat every day when I was ready for the change (that was probably the key, it wasn’t forced), what wasn’t is not getting bored of meat on carnivore. It still happens, hence my off times even when we don’t have a serious fruit season. As we totally have them still, Alvaro probably picked the last grapes but medlar just starts. But I am not interested so they don’t interfere with my carnivore plans. December and baking will. But I will try to use Alvaro as my taste tester as long as possible. I can do a mostly carnivore first half of December and I probably need that.
And I go for a carni January, of course. I pretty much want a whole month at least carnivore-ish. Like what I had for 15 days. A few -ish, the others were carnivore. I don’t feel the need to be super strict where even our super low plant matter stews are out. Not like I often eat stew but I will soon. Alvaro probably cooks rabbit stew in the weekend and I still have my tiny leftover beef stew as well. But I will push it as long as it feels comfortable enough. I can live without stews and tiny veggie slices for a month.
This November isn’t bad. I failed the full carni month quite spectacularly last weekend (I mostly blamed Alvaro making a lovely dish just when I got bored of pork. it had lots of pork but it was still different) but the vast majority of my days were and will be okay. Great improvement after September.
But I can do better.


Odd day.
After my small OMAD dinner yesterday, I was hungry at lunchtime so I ate. It became even smaller, maybe 1000 kcal with only 86g protein. I ate my leftover fried pork with a tiny extra butter, pork roast doesn’t need much, yum! And I had 2 boiled eggs and egg milk with coffee due to headache, not like it helped but it has a moral support role.

Then I just didn’t feel like eating until almost 10pm when I finally got hungry, had half a sausage (they are so long… with spice I don’t like very much, still easy to eat), 6 sponge cake buns with head cheese and cream cheese and a bit of hard cheese.

I tracked, it’s just my minimum protein as so often… I kept eating until I reached it and now all is well.

Alvaro could buy my usual lean pork today, yay! I will make mincemeat out of it as it has more possibilities, fried lean pork isn’t that great. I will finally eat more than 300g proper meat as I did in the last 2 days… By the way, today I had almost a pound of meat but only 320g wasn’t processed.

I don’t have sour cream, cream or milk now, it’s nice and does good to my protein/fat ratio and satiation.

(Geoffrey) #209

Just a four egg cheese omelette today but that wasn’t enough so I ate some pork rinds and a little whole milk greek yogurt.
Then I finally got around to making some tallow out of the fat I trimmed off of the last brisket I cooked.

(Karen) #210

Was a busy day yesterday. I made up a curtsin for Raymond which turned out to be a fiddly job but it looked nice when it was hung. Then finally managed to sort some dvd writing for him … Took some time but hopefully Raymond will be able to watch all our old dance demos now to remind him some steps we used to do… his memory is not so good with all the time i and out of hospital.

Brunch was nacon and beef burgers and dinner was sorloin steak n bacon followed by srambled egg.

must have forgotten to take pick of brunch!
@Shinita yes i bought a large pack of bacon bits from lidl and when i opened it i couldn’t be bothered to freeze portions so have to eat it straight away lol.


I wonder if this scrambled eggs look much nicer than mine or I am just hungry (even though I don’t really feel it but it WILL come if I take a bite)… It’s almost 4pm, after all. Alvaro is busy with stuff related to the car (oh we will get it back soon! maybe we won’t need a city shopping trip without it! that would be very restricted, 2 backpacks vs our usual haul…) so he isn’t at home yet and I am waiting for him.
It is very easy to skip lunch this way, at least when my body is cooperative and doesn’t even give me urges to eat. I feel I will need food soon but I don’t really feel hungry or weak or anything. Good.

Yesterday I needed some more bites but it was still a fine day.

I will start cooking soon. I made mincemeat from some of my lean pork, it will be good enough fried in the tasty hen fat.
I am not at 0 cal as I had coffee with egg milk (my headache days continue…) but that’s it.


Fried lean pork, yeah, not my fav even as mince. I partially mixed it with eggs, still not the greatest. I will figure out something.

So, I had my dinner between 16:05 and 17:45, I took my sweet time for reasons (like, I started cooking at 16:15…).
151g protein, 553g meat, yeah, I can’t afford that much, apparently if I eat eggs and dairy, even if little. Not little fat (127g) as I needed added fat for my pork (it was still super lean and dry) and opened a package of cream too. And ate up the leftover sour cream and cream cheese in my efforts to try to make my lean pork palatable in bigger amounts.

No mood to get out something from the freezer, I will rather make a sponge cake and cooked, smoked pork chuck day tomorrow :smiley: With leftover pork and whatnot.
Alvaro brought the smoked chuck yesterday but my days had a different base since and I don’t trust myself to taste it only :smiley: I really love pork chuck, be it fried, roasted or smoked and cooked, the latter is special even though I usually don’t eat much processed meat at once. But if I make an exception, that will be this amazing item.

I can’t say I am particularly satiated (well, somewhat? easily could eat more though…) and definitely not satisfied. Though I ate some nice stuff too, it’s not super bad… But I expect better meals.

(Karen) #213

Worked on the 2nd curtain this morning for Raymond. Nearly done … i had to take it over to check the drop was correct so that i could finish it off. The DVDs i spent so much time writing last night couldn’t get recognised in Raymonds TV DVD so i am at a loss. I get so frustrated soing anything on the computer as the time disappears on you and then they don’t work! They played back on my computer and i clicked on the box that asked if i was writing them to play on a dvd so i have no clue what i am missing :roll_eyes:

We went out for a bite to eat at a fish n chip cafe and while Raymond went all out for the meal deal which was battered mini fish with all the expected trimmings which i won’t mention, i had 2 plain sausages… no pics but they were enough and were nice. When i returned home later i had 1 sirloin and 2 beef burgers.

this was my happy meal😁 just enjoying a beef oxo stock drink before heading up for an early night in an hour or so. Last night i was downstairs at 3am wide awake watching some dull programme to clear my busy head!

(Geoffrey) #214

Venison steaks slow cooked in beef broth then smothered in carnivore gravy. The meat was tender and delicious. The gravy was good but it didn’t look good so I didn’t take any pictures.


Sounds amazing.

Bacon, egg, and coffee breakfasts. I have been eating a few small steaks as they were left by a visiting nephew (and some eggs). I need to go on a freezer forage to see what is for dinner tonight after a swim at the beach.


I looked up carnivore gravy as while I don’t remember ever eating gravy so I never missed it, one of the history+cooking channel I follow had a recipe with something similar and I want something nice on my chicken thighs next time… But it could help out lean pork too… I will experiment. Sadly so many recipes (not just for gravy) requires broth and I can’t make it as I can’t get bones easily (my best bet is getting a hen but I need to city for it). And when I have a nice soup, I tend to eat it :smiley:
I wonder if the liquid/jelly below my roasts could work… Probably.

I couldn’t get satiated yesterday so I added a few extra bites later. Oh well, it wasn’t an IF day as I ate after midnight… Good thing I mostly care about my macros but of course, I overeat protein even more… But still only 160g so not that bad :smiley: (I suspect I could easily and gladly do 200g every day but I really put effort into minimizing it.) I had a tiny leftover pork, of course I ate that up, it always happens when I am still unsatiated… My other items were fattier but I can’t eat pure fat expecting satiation.

Today I will have 200g not very lean pork, lots of eggs and smoked pork chuck :heart_eyes: I probably won’t be in the mood to take a photo, my food is good but it wouldn’t make a good enough photo (there is sunshine though so we will see) and it is a big chore to put everything I possibly will eat on a tray. I like to grab whatever I fancy during my meal though I do need some vague plans. Today will be bold with very little fresh meat but smoked pork chuck is amazing (I hope it really is, I never ate a not tasty kind but one can never know. as fresh pork chuck isn’t always great either, just usually).

Very very nice day, too bad I postponed my walk as my foot feels worse than normal after resting (it feels even worse after a 2 hour walk but I know and expect that), only did some garden work. I hope tomorrow will be nice too, I really go to the village already and get a lot of eggs (the egg lady can’t provide any for weeks but when she can, it’s 20-30 and that’s way too few for us for a whole week even when we do our best to spare eggs) and some other things. Chicken thigh will be on sale. A great sale if we consider prices months ago but big supermarket chains started to do even better ones lately. Oh and did I say LIDL has great fish sales and variety now, not only on Friday? I expect it will continue as Christmas is a very good reason to eat fish and we always hear we should eat more fish, Hungarians eat too little but of course we eat little, it’s expensive with tiny variety, normally… There is even an octopus sale, wow. Shrimps and the like are still very pricy so I probably won’t eat any for Christmas. I had 110g last year (or something. or in 2021), it should be enough. I like octopus though. What is with me and my preference eating smart animals…? But they taste good. At least pigs and octopuses. I do like some less smart ones too. I can’t imagine mackerel is smart but surely tasty and LIDL has them fresh! I don’t remember ever eating fresh mackerel, only tinned or smoked. It’s nice to see the fish in its close to original form anyway, they can be quite pretty. Well the smoked whole mackerel is pretty too but the color changed already.

Oh and I had those ideas about eating multiple kinds of animals this month and I have little fresh pork today anyway, the freezer starts to have space problems too (we will pressure can mushrooms soon) so I finally got out the little beef stew from the freezer. Maybe I won’t eat so much smoked pork chuck then. We will see what I will fancy.

(Karen) #217

Up at reasonable time… not as many night trips to the loo … makes a change.

Coffee with books in lounge… a bit windy outside so quite a bit colder. Tea dance in leicester this afternoon so bath and hairwash and dolly up. Brunch before leaving of 2 beef burgers and finished off bacon. Had a few headaches last few days and can only connect to the bacon… won’t buy that pack from lidl again.

Tea dance was okay… very dark and overcast with drizzly rain on the motorway coming home also quite a lot of traffic. Was very hungry on way back so couldn’t wait to get home and cook steak followed by spicy chicken wings and i am just cooking up last of the wings as they were tasty and there isn’t enough for another good sized meal :wink:

Our usual friday tea dance is not on tomorrow ( hence going to one this afternoon … a quite inferior one at that)

(Judy Thompson) #218

Good evening, Happy Thanksgiving, whether or not you’re a U.S. pilgim!
An interesting week for me. I finished the 2 weeks on the glucose monitor - worn on my upper arm with a little wire embedded in my skin. Painless and always available for a glucose reading on the phone app. If I were diabetic I’d wear this thing forever. It was actually a fun video game for me.
The doc prescribed it based on my blood glucose of 104, the company offered a free 2 week trial, and so I started it and found I’m not diabetic at all. However I’d say I am more like a “diet controlled” diabetic. Any sojourn away from zero carb lifestyle and yeah, I’d definitely be as diabetic as my dad and mom were, and as my siblings are. This was a refreshing proof of the woe!
Then as I was leaving the appointment on Monday, the doc said, “Oh yes, you had a second issue, let’s see - cholesterol.” I said well, I read a LOT. And frankly, cholesterol doesn’t bother me a bit. And he just nodded and said, “Okay then.”
I’m liking this dr more and more :slight_smile:
A guy on the ranch always does the turkeys for the little church’s community Thanksgiving dinner but has had serious health issues so I offered to help, and he gave me a 12 lb frozen turkey to cook - he was deep frying the other. This morning I spatchcocked and smoked this one, I knew it needed seasoning but didn’t want to put herbs on it - it’s not actually carnivore seasoning but a rub called “Hard Core Carnivore.” LOL!! (it had cayenne, some garlic, sea salt, and some sugar in the ingredients. I found it to be pretty well balanced unlike some of the in-your-face rubs I have had here.) I got it for its name, and really it was a yummy turkey and only took 2 1/2 hours to smoke, because of the cutting of it. I have gobs of bones to make broth from now, and wow, it was lots better than the deep fried overcooked offering he did, sorry to say, but I did try both. They sent me home to get Mimsy when I got there!! So she helped me with the turkey and ham on my plate - so didn’t look so bad when I threw the rest out lol.
A church guy introduced Mimsy by saying “She is our church mascot.” She does attend church every Sunday! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here are some pics from this week -

Spatchcocked turkey, smoked

Salmon and chicken thigh, yesterday

Farmers burger with cheese, Tuesday

Sausage, bacon and eggs, Monday

Chicken, with a side of chicken salad, Sunday

Chicken. Straight from sous vide, on Saturday.

About a week ago hubby said, your birthday’s coming up, did you say you want a gas grill? Yeah I always used a gas grill and here we don’t have one, for a quick meal nothing beats it. He said, what kind? I said, whatever Home Depot has I guess. He said, but what kind do you really want?? Oh my!! I told him about the Otto Wilde grill which is about the size and description of a toaster oven but hits a steak at 1500 degrees with a crispy crust under a broiler. I read just after my start in carnivore that this is the best way to sear a steak, but when I saw the price I just forgot about it. But guess what? My Otto Wilde is coming tomorrow! We also ordered a cart for it, because it’s really a tabletop type thing, runs on propane. The heat is adjustable as is the shelf so you can put the crust on, then lower the shelf and the temp to cook the interior of the steak. I think I’ll still sous vide first though, for tenderness.

Busy weekend, quite cold and outdoors for more than half of the performances. Not looking forward to the cold! Hopefully I’ll find something warm to wear and they’ll have outdoor heaters!

(Robin) #219

Well, score one for hubby!! And two for you!


so so true FB!! more clean and off more herbs/spices/ or whatever is used in cooking while eating out shows us so much!!

I am SO there right now. Off processed stuff and not eating out much at all has again changed me. yea heading into year 7 and I am confronting new changes eating so strict zc, which is what I love and wanna do for sure but seeing how allowing some processed back real fast effects me.

OHHH I WANT YOUR SUMMER back to me please :slight_smile: I am freezing my buns off and it isn’t even Dec. yet :frowning: Cold cold bones here for me right now but you enjoy that summer and surf!! You still surfing? I sure hope so!!

---------------happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrated!
I had filet mignon and shrimp. OH the filet was so good. Told hubby for him to cook the filets for him and kiddo first and get the few sides they wanted then I cook mine. Yup I even control my cooking of MY meats now cause honestly I want them my way or the highway. Hubby cooks medium to well and I can’t go there anymore!

Got the carby eaters out of the way and I made my pan searing hot to the max, threw on my filet, scorched the outside in a flash both sides and pull off to have it raw on the inside still…sliced it so thin and OMG the tender of it. Just happy as a clam, or hmm, shrimp cause I did boil my shrimp seperate from their adding Old Bay seasoning in their lot.

So onto Xmas and still holding zc my way. Got no other choice :slight_smile:

I did eat up some bacon hubby cooked early AM since kiddo is back from Uni this week. Bleck. bacon gave me slight heartburn. then since tummy was off I ate up some salami and sharp cheddar cause I didn’t want a steak and again tummy went off a bit. Nothing bad, just this type of eating of crap zc to me now put me OFF my normal —eat steak first meal—pork second meal and I felt it.

I do so well mono eating now but some days ya know…well you all know :), we get caught off of our routine and have to deal!

ZC on strong all…new year is coming and we hold our plan and feel great too. no going back once ya get all the great zc benefits :slight_smile:

He said, but what kind do you really want?? Oh my!! I told him about the Otto Wilde grill which is about the size and description of a toaster oven but hits a steak at 1500 degrees with a crispy crust under a broiler.-----

WOO HOO, you go girl, your hubby is so cool!! but he benefits too from this great gift, can’t wait to read how you find your new purchase!! Loved your post!! great pics!!!


@JJFiddle: Congrats for your new grill! :smiley:

I, well, got some “freedom attack” from my inner rebel self, the timing wasn’t great as I already had 2 cute meals (just keto, some items around wear me down eventually…) and didn’t need more food but sometimes I just have enough and want to eat things. Some of the things was inevitably carnivore, I am not the type who goes and eat carbs galore even in such a case… I pretty much break all restrictions now and eat whatever. And for the last 24 hours, whenever too but I won’t allow that too often in the future. I am curious what will happen. Oh yes, NO TRACKING until Christmas or January and even then, only for the easy days. Not when I have fowl or rabbit or some meat where I cut off some fat or don’t even know the fattiness at all… Both Alvaro and I have some extreme stressful times (we have the problem since ages but sometimes it’s worse. I had enough of that too, hopefully it will help me to solve it) and I dislike tracking in the best times too. I needed it sometimes, I learned from it, it does nothing for me now.

I probably will have mostly keto days, surely sometimes very close to carnivore. I don’t have many items I like. I know that I will avoid frying or roasting the lean pork I still will buy as it has advantages… I will find/make some good recipe for it.
Oh and because of my last evening, while I feel pretty good physically, I am careful today. I have defrosted beef stew anyway. And I bought 60 eggs so I eat eggs :slight_smile: Sour cream, my super smooth, lovely fav (not on sale so a bit expensive but it was still the cheapest. but it’s the best!), it’s good to have it again.
And tomorrow we will have rabbit stew. And I have duck wings. So I can avoid pork, I am not into it right now, I will be happy with some fried fatty pork later but not this week. So, less meat, often NOT pork and when pork, preferably fatty except if the dish works best with a leaner cut, much eggs, some dairy, no tracking and whatever extras I fancy. I doubt I will go too far. Focus on a small eating window, simplicity and CHILL.
I don’t want to push anything, not even in a way that doesn’t feel forces but still, fried lean meat, not what I really like. I overdid it a bit I think. And when I suddenly have enough, even the otherwise great fatty pork isn’t what I want. Good thing I have options now. Meat isn’t something I could easily go without for 2 days (I could do it but it wouldn’t be fully natural and okay and right, it would be pushed, forced and that’s what I try to avoid now. and always if I can). How things changed… :wink:

I try to be scarce but I will bring photos if I will have some! Like, my duck wings! How nice, they cut off the end part that is only good for cat food if you ask me… Only bought 6, my bag was heavy enough, my shoulders were aching! And it’s not something I ever bought but I got some pork belly. It looked pretty meaty and there wasn’t anything else tempting and there are recipes using it, the price was nice so why not? It’s not like I care about fat and macros now anyway :stuck_out_tongue: I want peace for a while. I eat too much anyway to lose any fat (I had 15 very cute days, 11 carnivore and 4 very near carnivore and nothing. but of course not, I ate too much. I ate as little as I comfortably could but that wasn’t enough. it never is) so why to try so hard? I go for 1-2 meals per day and not eating unnecessarily first. That may be enough along with everything that I do anyway.
I just don’t want lean meat but I don’t need lean meat for good macros as long as I keep my dairy consumption low. It is easy now.

(Geoffrey) #222

@JJFiddle, sounds like a nice Thanksgiving.
Frying turkeys reminded me that yesterday my brother in law asked why I didn’t fry a turkey this year, he loves my deep fried turkey, his favorite, so I told him that I don’t use seed oils anymore and since peanut oil is a seed oil it’s not something I’m going to use anymore. I went on to tell him that if he wants to buy 5 gallons of beef tallow I’d be more than willing to fry up a turkey and that it would probably the best tasting deep fried turkey ever. Being the penny pincer he is he declined the offer.

My meal for Thanksgiving consisted of turkey slathered in butter and that’s all. For the it’s most about the family coming together than anything else.
My daughter did most of the cooking and she if a fantastic cook, takes after her daddy. I’m the only carnivore in the family so there were the traditional carb foods and some glorious homemade pies and cheesecake. I was able to look at all of the food that used to be some of my favorites and realize that although I sorta missed it all I really didn’t want it. No desire, no temptation, no feeling towards it at all.
I am truly carnivore.


Oh my… (I know a turkey is big., but 5 gallons is an impossible amount of oil for me!)
I am willing to use, like, 100g fat for deep frying anything :smiley: Hungarians deep fry all the time (breaded things mostly) - but not me, working with all that fat put me off (breading is another chore, how can people do that…? or just I am super lazy without a need for complicated meat dishes). I have tried, not my thing. It’s such a mess and what to do with the fat afterwards? (It must be eaten, sure but that takes time. My tiny pot can hold my tiny fat for long enough :smiley: ) Nope.

I just roast mere turkey thighs or wings, that’s enough for me! (I still need some red meat and whatnot to get satiated so no wonder I don’t at much fowl at once.) Well, I couldn’t even buy a whole turkey here, I think I saw whole goose once (before Saint Martin day)… Duck is more like my size I suppose and I never find one when it’s on sale! Oh well, it will happen one day.

Cheesecake is almost carnivore to me, it’s all about dairy… I probably could make a carnivore crust too but why would I bother… I still didn’t make my carnivore ice cream cake plan as I just don’t want cakes on carnivore. Or ice cream, at least I made that as it’s so very easy and useful (my number one idea to use up extra yolks. I can do zillion things with 1 but 3? when I have cream to use up too? very logical idea. by the way, my 200ml cream was no challenge to use up before spoiling this time. too much creamy coffee I guess).

I started to eat my beef stew (wasn’t hungry today and had other things. Alvaro expressed some desire to eat some tomorrow too and I may be selfish but I like to share. well usually. not when I have only 600g fried pork chuck, that’s all mine but it’s a bit too fatty for him anyway)… I pretty much forgot how ruminants taste like at this point, it was too long ago… It’s so extremely different from pork (obviously I know), it was refreshing. Very, very tasty, the cheapest beef cut makes wonderful stew indeed. Zero issue with freezing, very compact flavor. And I wasn’t even hungry, per se, it was just that compatible with my taste when I ate it.