No one wants to hear it

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Awesome! Do you know if she has started/kept with it?

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I’ve lost over 50 lbs. now and people are starting to remark. I just say “I’m on keto and love it!” and leave it at that. If they make a comment, I say, “we all have to do what works for us; it’s not for everyone” (reverse phychology). I figure with that, I’ve planted a seed. If they get to a point where they can’t stand it anymore, they have something to look into.


Nope, I haven’t seen her in quite some time. I should see her next month, though. I’m excited to find out if she did it!!!

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My wife was telling a friend, who is recently retired cardiac ICU nurse about my keto journey and success that that of my oldest (75lbs now). ALso was explaining how she, my wife, is going strict keto now (yea). Her friend only pushed back on it is not sustainable. But not push back on cardiac risk.

I was surprised but she has been on a SAD diet and her health is declining fast at 64 YO.

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Fingers crossed. I would like everyone to discover this and be successful. Told my work friend about this today for her husband - against my better judgement and because I thought he would be a great candidate. I know him well and apart from that, he loves rich food. I don’t think this WOE would be difficult for him; he just doesn’t know. So sad sometimes!

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That’s true.


Had a brilliant discussion at dinner tonight. Hubby and I went out to one of our favorite places. New waitress looked puzzled when I ordered a steak with a side of butter. Nixed the sides and salad. I explained the carnivore diet briefly- basically that it is a dialed-in version of Keto (since I will still have an occaisional olive or brussels sprout). She was so intrigued. Turns out, she has some health issues, and is going home tonight to watch Dr. Berry, Dr. Fung, and Mikaela Peterson.

She was such a joy, hubby offered her a job at his local hotel, or any of the others if she decided to move. This was truly a very cool evening!!!

Steak dinner observation
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That is really awesome =).


On the same trip, two days later, we had dinner at Olive Garden with son #2 and his family. With my order of steak and butter, a similar discussion with my daughter in law (a former vegan) ensued. She was so astounded at all the health benefits I’ve experienced - not to mention my being barely recognizable - she is going to watch my 3 fav’s mentioned above!

By staying 99%carnivore this whole 3 day trip, I ended up dropping more weight. Currently, I am within half a pound of lowest weight since Keto. When I hit 182, I had fasted for 7 days. I ruined it with a 10 pound gain on the trip to Atlanta. So, of those 10, I’ve lost 9.5 and I am NOT going back! I feel waay too good to blow it!!!

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I am so happy for you, that is terrific =).


no one wants the truth of how you lost weight, feel wonderful, are energized and fresh and new without a ton of aches and pains and enjoying life.

the answer they want is ‘I took this pill’ and WOW everything changed…LOL

I never say Carnivore. Zero Carb. Extreme low carb. I did that before, I got the I can’t give up bread answers and all. I am SO done with that.

I chat no food plans with anyone. I just find a few like minded individuals like a forum like this that gets it and chat up there. Anyone else I just say I eat meat and seafood only and get the blank stare and the big eyes and they usually stop asking anything cause they know they ain’t going there :slight_smile:

Done with fixing others. They don’t want it. When they do want it they will do it and find the info needed and thrive. Until then you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…at least the horse doesn’t give you a bunch of BS how bad the water is for ya HAHA


That can be true for the vast majority of people you know. But, my kids and their spouses have never seen me in this great condition. They’ve always known me as being pretty chunky, save for a few pics from my teens and early twenties. So to them, this transformation is nothing short of miraculous. . They are so excited to see me feeling and looking well, especially after the last 9 years of deaths, fire, loss, and illnesses. They are genuinely excited, and curious about my newfound vitality. I say all that to simply illustrate how it can sometimes require dramatic visual results to peak someone’s genuine interest in what you’re doing differently.

And, for complete strangers, its a whole different story. Usually, its servers at restaurants wherein the discussion ensues. My husband orders meals with sides and salads, starches and breads. I just get steak and a side of butter. Its a great conversation starter. I’ll ask if they’ve ever heard of the Ketogenic Diet. And explain how the meat/butter/carnivore diet is really just a dialed-in version - and yes, I do sometimes have some veg - but no nightshades anymore. Its usually enough to send them off watching Dr. Fung, Dr. Berry and Mikala Peterson. I figure, once they get started on those speakers- it’ll start them on a new journey.

There are some folks who are just totally dismissive of the whole idea. I’ve got a few co-workers like that. They are at least half my age (26 and under), twice my weight (or more), and/or have less than half the energy, get sick easily, and are tired all the time. It seems that my existence is enough to piss them off. All I do is walk in the door, and one of them just gives me the death glare. My take on that is, they just don’t feel bad enough to change their eating. They haven’t suffered enough and reached the bottom yet. They aren’t desperate enough to try something radically different…even though there is proof right in front of them that this WOE works. They truly resent the fact that someone can have the self-discipline to imrprove their own heath, and they don’t. Taking responsibility for one’s own health condition should be one of the most natural, easy, common-sensical things we do as humans. Yet, acquiring the self-discipline to do so is elusive to some- either because of laziness, or reliance on modern medicine to for “cures” or pharmaceutical band aides, or…most likely it’s the addictive nature of our carbohydrate-based culture.

I know it is frustrating, Fangs. You want the best for the people around you. They problem is, they don’t want the best for themselves if it means giving up foods that they are addicted to. Hang in there, and just be the fantastic example you are. Sooner or later, someone might surprise you and inquire further. =)


If they inquire further I will point them directly to the internet and some fab websites…lol

thing is people’s food is so darn personal. It is like getting between a momma bear and it’s cubs :slight_smile: :slight_smile: People will be so vicious over food they eat and then tell ya what you should not eat and more LOL

I want no part of it anymore.

I do know one thing, you mentioned a great point about being younger and not understanding that food is a direct cause of so many other symptoms. In fact being overweight is a symptom. I mentioned this to my daughter in the car the other day. I said younger you are you can carry that extra weight, you feel ok…for a while…but when you hit into those mid-30s you realize you are losing more energy etc, your body is feeling those years of neglect and more and then you find yourself on a worse path. All cause when younger you decided you didn’t need to watch your health cause you are immortal and ‘feel so healthy’ at a much higher weight. I said all that healthy being a lot heavier starts to disappear and one ends up in a bad place. I always chat to my daughter about very low carb. She gets it now thank goodness at age 14 that unless she is the advocate of her own symptoms her body experiences she won’t find a magic pill to fix it and all that medicine fixes nothing truly…it handles a symptom. You are usually not cured of anything truly so always go to the root of the problem. Overweight, super sluggy, achy joints and more sometimes in their…attack at the source. The food you eat. It drives your body. Without good intake you can’t expect good outcome.

well she listens to most and I see her eat…ditch the bread at dinner and few less cookies in her mitts etc. Hey, she doesn’t fight me too hard and come back at me at all when we chat this stuff like I have had others do to me…HAHA…Direct family I can deal…the rest of the world and it’s food troubles are off my doorstep for good.

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We had a chili cook off at work and I had dessert and small bowl of chili (tried to avoid the ones with beans) and some Fritos in the chili. My overweight non keto co-worker said he didn’t want to hear me say anymore that I can’t eat this or that because it’s not KETO! I know what I ate wasn’t KETO. I chose to eat it but that doesn’t mean that now I’m going to eat what he eats; which is crap!


pffft…I so get that. had it done to me a lot of times.

doing extreme low carb. I say I don’t ever eat bread etc.

then the one time I picked up a roll, quartered it, put the biggest darn slab of butter on it and ate it…a quarter of a small roll! my hubby says, yea you don’t eat bread! OMG I wanted to punch his face off HAHA I hadn’t eaten any bread at all in like 9 months up to that point.

What he doesn’t understand is I CHOOSE what I eat in the EXACT time I plan for it or know it is a one off from my usual but it is a big decision to do it when I do it. Hell I am only human. A darn bite of bread once a year…cut me a break and every single day during that time, on plan tight as a maniac and feeling wonderful and healthy and that one time, you choose to ‘let go’ a tad…ya get the mouth!

For hubby I said…you eat what I eat every single day. You do my plan with me every single day! He said nope. Can’t do it. And I say— then you feel you have the right to point out so openly I had one quarter of a piece of roll at this restaurant?

sometimes you gotta shut them down fast or they will drive you insane LOL

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I’ll be keto for months on end and then go to a baby shower or birthday party and have one sliver of cake and all I hear from my extended family is: That’s not keto! I thought you didn’t eat bread and sugar, Erin! Like I’m lying about keto and just proved to the world in open court that I say I’m keto but really eat cake for every meal.

Jerks. But I realize it’s a golden opportunity for them to be thrilled about my cake vulnerability and that I’m not a super human who can avoid all the cookies, donuts, bread, pasta, etc. So I let them have it. I know what I eat on a regular basis.


Jerks…so agree with that LOL

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A lot of people seem to have an unconscious (or conscious) belief that someone following a special diet or WoE thinks they are better than others. So they like to see “slips” and apparent failures, because it justifies their own imperfections. Unfortunately, this is often the people closest to us.

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I’ll admit that sometimes, in certain circumstances, I do feel superior to someone but it certainly isn’t in regard to my will power. I’m a recovering addict (7 years sober) so while I was doing drugs they were way more superior in their will power in NOT doing drugs. We each have our insecurities and it’s the ones who are struggling with weight that tend to call me out so I totally get it and that’s why I let it slide.


funny but as my brain fog cleared I became more of a direct speaker. I just comment in truth how I feel, I rarely let anything slide if directed right at me LOL great clarity for me, bad on other’s sometimes