No one wants to hear it

(Susan) #254

Thanks =) I am doing the same! I have 2 boys (27 and 23) and 3 girls (18,21 and 25). Good luck to us both in being healthy Keto ladies =).

(Karen ) #255

It’s really funny when you eat badly no one says anything!! Most people just regurgitate what they hear people say who don’t have a clue what this way of eating is all about. Educate yourself first before condemning someone way of life.:smiley:

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #256

@Keto2019 I don’t understand, although I thought I did up to this: “Educate yourself…” Are you responding to a specific post; making a general comment about previous posts; making a general comment about people who ignorantly criticize and/or condemn keto; or, making a comment about ketoers who criticize others for criticizing them?

(Karen ) #257

I was replying to someone’s post.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #258

Thanks. Do you know how to link it so the rest of us can read exactly what you’re responding to? That helps us put your comment into its intended perspective.

(John) #259

I understood the post perfectly, or so I believe. If you insert the (implied) preface “My comment to people who criticize my way of eating is: Educate yourself first before condemning someone way of life.” you will see it is a comment aimed at the general, disapproving populace and not at anyone in this thread.

(Karen ) #260

Sorry, I didn’t mean for my comment to be confusing. New to this forum. I really thought I was replying to the correct thread. Thank u!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #261

That’s the problem, you think (believe) you did, which is your opinion. I’m sure others did as well. OTH @Keto2019 said she replied to a specific previous post. So it would be helpful to understand what she meant rather than what you, I or anyone else thinks, or imagines, or presumes she meant. As she wrote her comment we are guessing because her comment lacks the context of that particular post she replied to. As well, the poster she replied to probably does not know she replied specifically to her or him either. You may think it’s not a big deal but I think it’s a big deal to understand what someone is saying, not what I imagine or presume they’re saying.

(Karen ) #262

Really sorry that my comment or where I posted it upsets you this much. I thought I was replying to the correct thread. That’s it.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #263

All I’m concerned about is understanding your comment. It’s not a question of the “correct thread”. Assuming you replied to a post in this topic, you’re in the correct thread. It is very helpful to the rest of us to understand your comment either to quote the original, reply to the original, or otherwise direct attention to the original post you are commenting about. That way we can put your comment into it’s correct context. Otherwise, we’re just guessing. Also, by either replying, quoting or '@'s the original commenter, you alert that person so he/she can check out your response. If you are new to the forum you many not know how to do these things. Any number of people can explain how to do so.

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It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes. You’re new. I’m fairly new as well. I’m not one to keep on harping on ya.
Be safe and have a fantastic weekend!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #265

No worries. We were all new once.

Hit the reply button and then select some of the relevant text. Hit the Quote button that shows up and the text will be quoted in the reply.

(Patrick L Anderson) #266

A women at work yesterday was ranting about a friend’s adoption of a LCHF diet and going on about “if all you do is eat fat then all you will be is fat, I mean she’s just going to give herself a heart attack on that crazy diet!” I just smiled and kept munching on my grilled steak bites with mushrooms and peppers while she was nuking her Lean Cuisine. :wink:(She could stand to lose about 75 lbs herself) but Ijust keep my mouth shut…


I was over at a friend’s house picking blueberries this morning, and she about fell over when she saw me. We usually cut hay from their fields, and are friends with them- but when I’m doing that sort of stuff, my clothes are kinda loose and comfy. Today, I had on much smaller pants and a top that really showed my figure - which alarmed her. She remarked "Where’s the rest of you?..My gosh, are you thin! ". So, she inquired about what I was doing, and I told her.
She has type 2 diabetes; is in her 80’s, quite top-heavy. Very VERY active, though. But she wants to drop some pounds so her back and legs feel better. She is quite open to it, and is going to watch Dr. Fung on YouTube this afternoon. YAY!!!
Just lettin’ the results speak for themselves!!! =)

(Susan) #268

This is awesome!! I hope that she loves Dr. Jason Fung like we all do, and jumps on the Keto train!! Well done for getting her on the right track.


I just answer “you know, the usual stuff”, when someone asks about weight loss.

I have tried to explain to close friends, but obviously you know how it goes…

(Libby) #270

@Keto2019… Glad you are on the forum! As far as I am concerned, your post was fine and went along with the whole thread. Please keep posting.

(hottie turned hag) #271

Ditto. Have a cute :bird: on me

(traci simpson) #272

I was told that I was arrogant in my thinking that KETO is the proper way to eat.

(Marianne) #273

My family, too. I just scratch my head and keep my mouth shut. At this point, I can expend any more mental energy or angst on it, just gotta hope that at some point they will seek out information on their own.