No one wants to hear it

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Except if you dig in to MANY of those articles, I think you will see the HINTS of DANGER and WARNINGS… I believe they do this on purpose…

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This is true.
But KNOW this. I will NEVER be 100% perfect at this WOE.
Sorry, I wont. I am carnivore. But I like some things that give me migraines/inflammation.

Sorry, I simply do. Not often, trust me. But peanut butter ONCE A YEAR. Deal with it.

I had someone tell me b/c of that, I was NOT really carnivore. I said GFY! Sorry.
This is for the rest of my life. I spend ENOUGH time and energy fasting 3-4 days a week, almost every week. And I am WORKING on getting to OMAD on M-F… After the New Year, I am going for it.

I will NOT make that kind of change going into the holiday season. Will I have a few cookies? NOPE. Not unless they are keto. (Working on ones made with Pork Rinds, Butter, Maple Syrup from Lakanto). But I don’t want them when I have time to make them and play with the recipe. LMAO.

But we have those people. Here’s the deal… You do you. Let them do them. I personally could not be happier with my progress. I am NOT where I want to be. I now want a 6 pack… I will be 53 when I get it! (Maybe 54)… I will die LEAN and HEALTHY!

Instead of living like I am dead at > 300 lbs and hating life!

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I love their salmon!

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Same! Avoiding sugar and processed food. No questions or side-eye.

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Yes! My brother told me, “You can’t feel smug about “resisting” something that is not a temptation for you.” I’ve never forgotten that. I was an alcoholic and smoker. Today, I only feel superior to my previous self. And sometimes I think my addictive personality helps me stay with strict keto. I am now addicted to it. (And I don’t have to sneak outside to partake!)

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And also don’t you think the history with addiction gives us a lot of introspection? Like, I don’t ever reach for something sweet without having thoroughly thought about the REASON for my desire, the pros and cons and then the preparedness of the fallout. Like, if ignorance is bliss, I’m the opposite of bliss. I’m “reality bites” over here.

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Absolutely. I think having conquered addiction is my super power.