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Who else is tired of trying to explain what you are doing with KETO? People ask how I’ve lost so much weight but when I try to explain it I find that they stop listening as soon as I mention low-carb / high fat. It’s at that point that I start getting the “I just couldn’t give up carbs”, " too hard on kidneys", “what about vitamins”, “you have to eat fruit”, “you’re gonna have a heart attack”, blah, blah blah. If I were to sit down at breakfast and drink a carton of chocolate milk with two donuts no one would bat an eye. I’ve decided to stop trying to explain anything. Now my answer is - go do your own research / or not. Anyway…

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(Allie) #2

I don’t even bother and never have, no one’s business but mine.

(Susan) #3

This is what my kids say to me… all the stuff you said, not my youngest. My 21 and 25 year old daughters are hating me being on Keto and saying all that. It is getting on my nerves… but I am not stopping Keto either. My 23 and 27 year old son’s don’t nag me about it, but are not interested in trying it either.

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It’s not like I’m preaching or even bringing it up. People ask and want to know what the magic bullet is but when you tell them…

(PJ) #6

I know what you mean. People never say, “Oh, I could never live without broccoli!” yet don’t realize comments like that reveal their addictions.

A woman friend once spent 30 minutes telling me about her health issues, including massive overweight, diabetes, heart condition, and a long list of symptoms. I pointed out I had lost (at that point) over 100# on low-carb plus lost tons of medical symptoms, and she said, “I could never give up bread.” I just stared at her.

They should sell advance-buy funeral plots with bonus gift cards for grains and soda.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #7

Only a few people at work have ever asked what/why I eat, even though my shifts usually include a meal break where everyone else eats the standard. I never bring it up unless someone asks. The few who have asked have listened while I explained keto in 100 words or less. A couple have expressed an interest in trying it. One fellow has expressed a more serious interest and we’ve had longer and more in depth discussions about keto. No one has issued dire health warnings or seemed particularly concerned for me. And I don’t know of any one who has actually tried it.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #8

Isn’t it amazing that people want what you have until they find out they must give up an addiction to get your results? People just are too lazy mostly to even attempt something if they find out they need to give up fruit and donuts. Most people prefer to remain comfortably ignorant.

Then all a BS justifications begin where they believe their own dogma in spite of newer knowledge. For instance I was on dialysis for 10 years and now have a kidney transplant. All my nephrology team are supportive of what I am doing and none of them are the least bit concerned about me damaging my kidney. In fact my regular nephrologist told me he wished most of his patients would follow my example, and confessed that he should also. Wow, I impressed the doctors with the changes that have occurred in 10 months which they see as inspirational. So what the hell does some random person’s concern about kidney damage really amount to?

There’s even cardiologists getting on board with keto. Check out this guy, Paul DiNinolantonio the author of “The Salt Fix”. A cardiologist and medical research doctor who’s keto himself. It’s the most comprehensive treatise on salt ever written and goes against what most cardiologists still believe. Here he’s interviewed by Ken Berry MD.

Some people need to bottom out before they change, which is unfortunate.


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If it is a person I am not close to I will just start by saying I stopped eating sugar. I say more if they ask for more. Most of my close friends get it by now.

(John) #10

Yeah, I just tell them I eat lots of healthy, natural foods prepared from fresh ingredients, cut out all sugars and starches, almost all processed foods, and don’t snack at all. If they ask further about what I actually eat, I tell them: salads, non-starchy vegetables, berries, nuts, eggs, cheese, yogurt, fish, chicken, turkey, beef, pork, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado oil, some butter.

It’s only when you apply a label to it that they have a negative reaction. It is really nothing more than eating good, healthy, real foods. The only difference in any of the healthy diets is the proportions of the macros.

(Murphy Kismet) #11

They want a magic pill. They want it NOW. They don’t want to have to work for it.
As soon as I hear “can’t”, I stop talking.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #12

Isn’t this the crux of the issue? If you tell people you’re eating low carb they seldom have an issue with it other than “But I like Bread”. When you bring up the word “KETO” they associate all the negative crap that’s out there to discourage even trying it. If you google whether a ketogenic diet is safe and healthy you get a flood of half truths in all the articles that come up on page 1.

Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical and tons of other “Health Authorities” always bring up bad breath, headaches, constipation and regaining weight because the ketogenic diet isn’t sustainable or healthy long term. And they still say that the research is not there to support it’s virtues except in cases of epilepsy. They’re still pushing the healthy whole grains, legumes and fruits saying you should never eliminate whole food groups because all those things are necessary for health? How many of us ended up here from following that advice?


(Allie) #13

People ask me too, I just tell them I don’t eat starches or sugars. Job done. No need to mention keto or high fat, and people just accept it.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #14

I’m know at work as someone that is intensely interested in technology and science. So some people ask and sincerely listen. Not all that listen make changes in their lives but some do.

I start with

  • I don’t eat processed food
  • I don’t eat processed oils like canola and soy
  • I don’t eat breakfast most days

If they want to know more I say

  • Low Carb (I never say high fat)
  • I Fast 2 to 3 days a week

I have never had anyone challenge my fasting. They are usually interested or I get, I could never go a day without eating, how do you do that?

I don’t look for opportunities to tell people. I just answer questions.

My wife, on the other hand, says “Doesn’t Eric look good. He is keto.” Occasionally she says “He is a carnivore.” For the record, I’m not but I am more carnivore today than ever before.

('Jackie P') #15

I was very despondent at first. I thought everyone would be amazed to hear it! But with a few exceptions, people’s eyes glaze over and they aren’t interested. Even a friend with T2D who has been warned her kidneys are failing!
Now when people ask what I am doing I just say, I cut out sugar and starches and leave it at that. In fact, if they start wittering on about not being able to give up potatoes I just say, “no, I don’t suppose you could”!

(PJ) #16

I have found one thing: that it’s easier when I’m talking with men, especially manly-men if you know what I mean: I say, “Just eat a giant steak every night when you come home, nothing else in your day except maybe coffee or tea, and drink enough water. You may be a bit ill around day 5 from detox and you may be a bit lacking in energy for awhile as your body adjusts, but hang in, it’ll recover. Do it for three weeks and see what happens. Betcha 20 bucks you’ll be amazed!”

Most of them love steak; most of them already skip breakfast; most of them are willing to work through lunch so they’re less tempted; it’s super easy to try; it’s easy to cook; so if they can afford it, and do it, it takes a lot less than 3 weeks for them to go “Holy crap!” and lose a bunch of water weight and feel better, and once ketosis kicks in well enough for their energy to return, they’re sold.

I don’t know why, must be a cultural thing, but I find if I tell women, “Look, just eat meat for awhile” they’re horrified. But if I tell them anything else and they try it they end up calling me wanting to know what’s wrong with just having a mango or why the cabbage diet isn’t a good idea.

I had a friend who NEEDED keto, went on it, and ended up going off with the comment that “any diet that won’t even let you eat an apple is too restrictive.” People do not understand the addiction component of sugars.

(PJ) #17

daddyoh I bet half the reason what you’re doing in conversation works is that you are able to keep it so succinct. :slight_smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #18

Maybe. My ethiopian employee is keto and also his lovely wife. She is known for native cooking and has a blog. She has converted it to cooking Ethiopian keto. Of course no indera bread. She does cook the bread for their daughters. But the girls are healthier just eating keto light.

There are spreading keto back to the home land.

I am very happy I “seeded” him with keto. He was talking to a friend back in Ethiopia this week during my fast and telling him about my fasting. His friend was like, “I couldn’t go a day without eating. How does he go 3 days?”

Frame of reference is everything.

(Tony Campbell) #19

Well, when the majority of medical professionals and fitness instructors still think that your diet has to be carb high and low fat…is it not surprising that average joe has a brainwashed view of eating high fat? Whilst I was in the gym this evening, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between one of the staff and a young lady that was having difficulty losing weight. He was telling her to eat a calorie deficit on 60/30/10 carb/protein/fat.
I’m listening and thinking “poor lass is going to be hungry and tired and then start cheating on her ‘diet’. It’s such a shame…

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #20

MY gym advertises smoothies between music that is too loud and annoying. Everyone has their own audio device anyway.