Newbie keto eating diary (advice welcome)

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I was just wondering how you are getting 3 1/2 grams of carbs from meat. What meat are you eating?


you are right, the yogurt contains 4% carbs. so with about 200gr of yogurt i have to add 8gr carbs to yesterdays total.
i didn’t know that, i thought carbs are mainly in solid stuff like grains and some vegetables, etc.


i still had it in my freezer.
its biological, 71% pig, 17% beef/cow and some other stuff.
on the package it mentions:
fat 22%
carbs 3.5%

Its 100gram so gives me 3.5gr carbs.

in dutch its called ‘slavink’


Does anybody have a simple recipe for (low carb) pancakes?

i think it was in that netflix documentary ‘the magic pill’ i saw that guy make them out of pumpkin but i was not successful copying that. (it ended up in a 4mm layer of pumpkin soup :wink:

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Eggs and cream cheese

One egg to once ounce of cream cheese, blend and add sweetener and / or cinnamon / vanilla / whatever if you want to

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I add psyllium husk sometimes to give it more substance

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Maybe check out what the ‘some other stuff’ is. If you eat real meat that hasn’t been processed there shouldn’t be any carbs.


Breakfast today: Yogurt + some nuts + flakseedoil 10gr carbs
Lunch: 2 eggs + cheese + bacon 1gr carbs
Diner (plan): meet + 200gr vegi + cheese 8gr carbs


regarding food, last 2 days have been more or less the same.
I haven’t had the time to test the pancakes yet, but thanks for the tips! hopefully this weekend…

if i look back now at my first 12 or so days of low carb diet I notice more headaches also i can’t say that i’m mentally more alert, more the opposite a bit foggy in the head and making silly mistakes.
i assume that would be the so called keto flue but wouldn’t that be over in 7 days (?).

I do seem to have more constant=equal energy, not more than before, but less peaks/valleys.
Those keto urine sticks, (to see if you are in keto or burning carbs) do they work ok or waste of money?

oh and i heard somebody mention he used keto diet for 6 days and the 7th he just ate what he liked. would that work or do you keep the headaches than every week?

And what is your biggest indicator/phylical feeling/etc so you know your in keto vs carbs?


Honestly, longer-term, a waste of money. They don’t really measure what you think they’re measuring and once you’re fat adapted and actually using up a lot of ketones in your body the strips might make it seem like you’re not producing a lot of ketones (when in fact you are, you’re just using them all up).

Better to just focus on eating well, looking after your health, and focusing on getting your body used to using fat as an energy source and not caring about calories etc. Getting sufficient electrolytes via good quality salt.

That being said, if you already have some, or would like to use some in the short-term, as long as it makes you feel good then no harm. Just don’t get worried if the strips start to indicate something “bad” when in actual fact you feel great, energetic, and you’ve been making progress to whatever goals you have. It’s an unnecessary and inaccurate distraction.

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[quote=“bjorn, post:29, topic:67538”]
oh and i heard somebody mention he used keto diet for 6 days and the 7th he just ate what he liked. would that work or do you keep the headaches than every week?

NO! That would be worse possible option. You would just be extending your adaption to being a fat burner. You can read all sorts of stuff on the Internet. Stick to the really good advice you will get on this forum.

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I started using the Total Keto Diet app. It allows you to set your own macros or have them calculate them for you. You can choose to go by total or net carbs. You can search a database of foods or add your own. It works pretty well I think because the interface is simple but has everything you need to track your macros.
I’ve added a couple of screenshots for you to see which app it is and how it looks.


hi Teri,

thanks for the app tip.
i started using it but have 1 question (in general)

eg for vegitables,
if you enter some food has 4.5gr carbs and it has 2.5gr fibers
the app will tell you that netto you have 2.5gr carbs.
it subtracts the fibers from the carbs.
is that ok?

you would think carbs are carbs, why ignore it when it are in the form of fibers?
bjorn, and all very happy days and a healthy 2019!

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It’s because the fibre isn’t actually digested, it just passes through so has no impact on ketosis or blood sugar, although some people do actually need to count total carbs.

Find what is right for you.



i had to get used to the app but find it handy now. especially adding your own food/portions is useful, a bit of work at the beginning but since you eat a lot of the same things its less work after some time.
Don’t understand why you have to log in but anyway…

Still have some trouble finding nice (keto) foods (things i like) and are easy to work with.
Especially more variation would be useful.
i guess it just takes some time…

i noticed the app changes (increases) the total calories to 2300 when selecting you want to add muscle.
When i look here i see that most of europe is around 3000 calories usa a bit higher (3500+).
And looking further i found that an average man needs 2500 calories to maintain body weight.

Would 2300 be enough? i don’t want to loose wait.
Before i used the app and just listened to my body, i started to loose weight so thought better keep track some way.
Has calorie intake anything to do with metabolism? i’m a skinny guy with high metabolism,


oh and on my experiment pizza…
slowely moving forward…

On this experiment #3, i first backed the bottom like a pancake (image below about 9" or 25cm diameter)
than added stuffing and put in the oven.

for the bottom:
100gr cheese
50gr almond flour
1 egg
i added 100gr coconut milk to make it more liquid so you can pore it in the pan and it evens out (since its a liquid), but it keeps too loose when ready, so have to use less of that.
perhaps in the next experiment i’ll use less coconut milk and add the bacon in the bottom to give it more strength

but it nice to eat :wink:

the basics are 2x more cheese compared to almond flour

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So, is your bacon cooked? It looks like it worked!


what do you guys see as best sugar/sweetener replacement?


I don’t bother with any. I hate the thought of chemicals like that.

Otherwise welcome and yes at first it is a bit of a juggle at first, measure this count that … but very simple in the end.

Breakfast - bacon and eggs cooked in butter (lard, tallow or similar).

Do not use “vegetable oil” it is just nasty industrial machine oil.

Lunch - avocado, canned salmon and feta

Dinner - steak and steam vegetables, then on my plate I add butter on the veggies which improves the taste and it’s a secret supply of fat.

Drink tons of water. Do not forget salt.

Don’t drink too much coffee or else I can’t sleep. But I enjoy at least one cup with the morning, instead of milk I use pure “pouring cream”.

Don’t have too much butter (fat) or it’ll be too much energy.

If too tired. Make sure salt is up. And make sure I’ve eat enough fat! (Increasing protein makes you drowsy, butter or olive oil is pure energy).

Diet is very easy.

For tracking - I use have Fitbit Versa and hence the iPhone app to enter all food. I can see the grams of everything on their website when I log in.

Watch hidden carbs. They like to smuggle sugar (fructose) or wheat into everything.

For snacks I have almonds, walnuts, seeds … trail mix but low carb ones. I’ve had half a piece of dark chocolate (90% cocoa) once or twice …

Anyway good luck.

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I don’t need any sweetener, may be tough at first but you can get over it. I don’t do any diet drinks either. My go to breakfast is two eggs scrambled with heavy whipping cream. Sausage and beacon, cheese and butter in the eggs. I also add a tablespoon of mct oil to my fist cup of coffee.