Newbie's been 2 weeks on Keto with NO weight lost


GNG is demand driven, not supply. Fears of protein are very much debunked at this point. Very few people are going to eat protein in such excess that they’re actually having an issue from it.


That’s because you’re taking it out of context. Drink a gallon of water and you’ll gain 8lbs. It’s not fat, therefor it doesn’t matter. Fine to weigh daily, and I’d recommend it and record it, but it’s the overall trend that matters, not the day to day. But without the day to day, you can’t establish an accurate trend.

Here’s me for the last 3mo, I’m set to lose VERY slowly because I’m trying not to lose any muscle I don’t have to, the dark purple is my trend, the light is my day to day weigh ins… this is why you watch trends!

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@Ifod14 Thank you so much for your information! I really appreciate it. I will keep that in mind.

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Absolutely, as I remember, you told me this months ago, ant at that time I doubted it. After 4+ months of fasting (eat 1 meal only a day), I realized that why my weight could not go further down after 10KG weight loss, it’s because I ate too little fat!!!
Thanks Paul, I think most of the people wouldn’t believe what you said, but now I have believed.

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I am going to put a positive spin on this. I think lots of people drop a lot of weight initially on many diets, and also on the keto diet, primarily because they stop eating inflammatory foods.

So when they stop eating those foods, their inflammation decreases and this decreases water and hence loss of weight.

If you didn’t have this, then to me that means you weren’t inflamed in the first place, which is a really good thing! :+1:

So, what to do now to encourage weight loss? It is literally as simple as sticking to the plan, and let it happen. This can take a few days, a few weeks, and even possibly a few months. But chemistry is on your side. Dropping the carbs will lead to a reduction in bodyfat (assuming you have some to lose!), but it depends on hormone re-regulation, and that can take some time. Be patient, and stick with it!


Or not as some of us experience. We still can eat too much or some interfering items (I don’t have those, I simply eat too much fat as I did all my life)…
But until we don’t know if mere keto will help, why to worry and try to fix what maybe isn’t broken? :slight_smile: Tweaking, extra rules are for the later times when we are stalling since some time.

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Just a note that eating ‘often’ can be problematic for some people. Avoid snacking and try to have a decent amount of time between meals. The easiest way to to restrict all caloric food between dinner and breakfast and longer if you feel comfortable. No snacking is the best policy.

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Welcome! I am coming in late on this.

In the beginning, I got my fat and protein macros and tracked for about a month until I got a sense about how many of each the foods I was eating contained. I found that easier to calculate (loosely), than percentages. I didn’t read all of the responses, but if you only have a small amount of weight to lose, it will come off more slowly than if you have a lot. I wanted to lose 80 lbs., and it came off relatively quickly. Lastly (and I’m sure others have mentioned it), I’d encourage you to stay off the scale. You do not have to weigh yourself and it will only serve to mess with your head, whether it’s “good” or “bad.” The number doesn’t matter; let it go. Let your appearance and how your clothes fit be your guide. Honestly, the scale is the devil (to me). The only time I get weighed is at the doctors. For me, that’s about every 3-4 months as I am being monitored for different stuff and they want to see me regularly.

Eat well, keep the carbs low, be content with your food, don’t overanalyze, and let the days pass. It will happen. Best and good luck to you!

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Thank you so much, @gingersmommy! Your thoughts are comforting. Thank you again. :slight_smile:


Except no shortage of people drop the carbs, then overeat for their metabolic rate and not only don’t lose, but gain. Far from uncommon.

If you can only deal with 2300cals a day, drop the carbs and eat insane amount of fat up to 3k, which is incredibly easy to do, you’re not going to lose anything.

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@lfod14 Your point about a gallon of water (= 8lbs) makes the point beautifully. :+1:

But as this thread concerns anxiety over body weight, I’m going to jump onto the soapbox …

TL/DR: Weighing oneself is largely a complete waste of time.

You can stop reading now, because what follows is my gentle rant.
. . . . . . .

While it’s risky to take comments without context, allow me to indulge since there’s no context in which this particular guidance seems wise:

This may be fine advice for some. But it’s a bad idea for most. Moreover, even an accurate trend of one’s weight still misses the point.

Weight is virtually irrelevant to anything anyone truly cares about.

For those prone to obsess about personal health data (myself included), there are far better markers of successful progress than the Earth’s gravitational pull on our bodies.

Presumably, one’s goal is to become healthier (i.e., trimmer, fitter, more energetic, stronger, less flabby, disease-free, etc.) As such, weight is largely besides the point.

Better choices for tracking progress on meaningful goals: waistline, muscle strength, aerobic capacity/endurance, hours of sleep, ability to concentrate, digestive condition, energy level, joint/muscle function, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc. And of course (properly understood) bio-marker bloodwork results.

All told, weight is perhaps the least relevant indication of health progress.

But since we all purchased bathroom scales, we step on and expose ourselves to the perils of feeling “good” or “bad” to start the day. This is a corrosively bad idea for the vast majority of us.

Back to the point about water weight:

Being under-hydrated, and therefore weighing less, is the opposite of good health. OTOH, feeling down about extra weight when one is more properly hydrated only compounds the silliness of checking.

I confess that I too am guilty of such silliness. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to others. :vulcan_salute:

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Watch the “net” carbs thing. Eric Westmann, who’s been doing this for a long time (over 20 years) says “total carbs.” You can look up his methods easily by searching for “Westmann page 4”

Using a lot of fake breads, crackers and bars that claim low net carbs is risky at first. Try to be really strict for a few weeks. If nothing happens then, I’m out of ideas!

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I’ve suffered through a lot of struggles. There are so many variables.
Avocados are fruits, and have carbs.
And MAYBE you need 5g of carbs/day.

The trick is to count TOTAL Carbs, and test to see if you are in ketosis.
This diet is much harder when you are not getting into ketosis.

But you might find many hints in here…

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Shinita, I am curious. Do you measure your blood ketones/glucose?
I would be very curious to know your morning numbers, and your post-prandial numbers.

Of course, my fear is that you simply don’t measure…


No, I can’t measure these things. But as I don’t care about them, it’s okay. I go for feeling right. As I often wrote, I don’t even care about ketosis. It’s another thing that I probably inevitably get ketosis when I go low enough to feel really okay.

I am actually slightly glad I don’t know my ketones as apparently they aren’t informative, like, at all…



@SweetMeNot, you got great advice on the board. Just eat and let the magic happen :slight_smile: Mostly never ever on our time frame how fast we want some lbs. gone does it happen easily, lol, but it will happen! And ya got time, alot of time for healing and change cause a lifestyle means you are in it long term, so time is on your side.

Using anything like pants, shorts is a great way to measure your progress without using the scale. The scale lies on what is happening in your body to gain better health so that is a good way to roll cause many can become leaner/meaner body machine and not lose a lb. on that darned scale but lose a darn size in clothing easily so…you hold strong!!

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Very well said. :clap:

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Shinita, I could not disagree more. This is immediate feedback as to what Chemistry is going on in your body. For people who care about stalling, being truly healthy, or the impact of their food decisions on their health. It’s incredibly informative.

FWIW, Shinita. I “feel better” mentally when I have some carbs, and especially combined with caffeine. Of course my BP spikes, and my weight goes up, and ketones drop. And I don’t feel as great physically… But I realized I was “getting high” with the carbs… And it leads to a bender on carbs. I could not fathom using how I feel. Even 5yrs into this WOE. Partly because I feel worse when I transition back to being healthier… Until I’ve been there for 3-5 days.

it was dreading that process that would always push me to “Start Next Monday” in my past life.

Now, I see clearly the damage I’ve done to my body’s energy systems.

But maybe you meant ketones by themselves, and not combined with Glucose. Yeah, that’s kind of useless, because 2 different numbers. They have to be combined to estimate your INSULIN levels via the GKI.


It’s easy for me as I obviously feel and function better as I get near to my ideal woe :slight_smile: So I don’t need more tweaking, I know what to do, I merely need to learn to stick to it.
Yep, the not informative thing was for ketones only.
Good thing I don’t need any other info either, just how I feel. My body is helpful like this. I couldn’t use my feelings to see my ideal woe right out of high-carb but eventually I figured it out. If it will change again for some reason, I surely will notice. It seems working for me. As long as I do what I should.