New Vegetarian Keto Teen!

(Willa) #1

Hey guys!!!

I’m Willa and I’m new to keto. My cousin told me about keto and she said this forum is really friendly :slight_smile::slight_smile:

I’m only 14 so I don’t know much about it but I would really really like to know how to get started on a plant-based keto diet. I eat eggs and some vegetarian mince.

I’d like to know what apps are useful to count carbs, what are some vegetarian keto staples to put on my dads shopping list, what are some quick vegetarian foods i can make myself (keep in mind, i’m no chef :joy:) and what are some good lunch box ideas so i don’t get tempted at school, how can i make my transition easy because i’m currently eating somewhat significant amounts of processed foods. I’m currently around 61.6kg and i’d like to get down to around 55kg i’m 5’2 so it’s healthy don’t worry lol.

if anyone has any general tips to helps start this journey to a better life, i would absolutely love that.



I dont think you need keto at that age to lose weight, ur weight is a rollercoaster anyway when ur in ur teen years. The best and easiest way for you is to talk ur parents into making fresh food only at home, kick out all the processed food and candys. Maybe introduce the option also of if ur family wants to indulge a little, u can all do it together eating out in a restaurant, but keep home clean of all the bad quality processed food.

And lastly, dont worry too much about ur weight at that age as it doesnt matter as much as u think it does, good luck :upside_down_face:

(Karen) #3

Welcome! Are there any medical issues that you were trying to take care of, or do you just want some of the non-scale victories that everyone talks about? Can you tolerate dairy?

(Chris) #4

Wouldn’t it be hard to be plant-based vegetarian keto?

Your calorie sources would be eggs, plant oils, nuts and avocados. All other plants would just be 0 calorie fibre or a source of carbs which won’t work with keto.

Eating large amounts of high omega-6 plant oils and nuts would probably not be really healthy. The eggs would be good though.

Why the interest in doing the keto diet as a vegetarian?

(Willa) #5

Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be worrying about my weight. I’m doing keto more so to be healthier and gain muscle aswell. I will definitely take everything you said into consideration :slight_smile:

(Willa) #6

I really care about the planet so I choose not to eat any source of meat. It will be quite difficult but I’m willing to do whatever it takes! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Willa) #7

I don’t have any medical issues :slight_smile: I’m doing keto to be healthier and lose a little weight. I overall just want to live better :heart:

(Willa) #8

And yes i can tolerate dairy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart:


Thomas DeLauer did a vegan keto podcast on YouTube a while back, Look for it and see what he was eating . . . other than that just stick to very low glycemic index foods and get enough high quality protein.

(Willa) #10

thank you that helps a lot!

(Chris) #11

That’s an admirable thing. When I was your age I wasn’t thinking about the planet at all, or much of anything - except the kinds of things that preoccupy teenage boys :slight_smile:

However, it’s not quite a simple as going vegetarian will save the planet. Eating vegetables that are grown around the world has a huge impact on the environment. From the poisons that need to be sprayed on the crops, to the animals that need to be killed so the crops aren’t eaten, to the fertilizers made from fossil fuels, to the depleted soils, to the fuel used to transport the fruit and vegetables around the planet, to plastic packaging, etc.

If you can be a vegetarian eating food that is grown close to you in such a way that doesn’t involve all this carbon impact, poisons and animal death it could certainly be beneficial to the environment. I was fortunate that I grew up on a farm and my mother loved to garden. She had a huge garden that she tended all summer and we preserved lots of it for the winter. (I still remember eating fresh peas and carrots in the summer!)

When I first went carnivore I looked into the environment impact. As long as you’re eating cattle that are grass fed and raised in a field you’re actually removing carbon from the environment and strengthening the ecosystem. You’re also contributing to less animal death and cruelty.

I believe we evolved eating meat. Done properly it is extremely healthy both for us and the environment.

I’m completely against factory farming and would be happy to have it banned despite knowing it would definitely increase the cost of the meat I buy.

(Willa) #12

Thanks for the reply! One day I’m going to live a zero waste lifestyle and I’ll definitely buy local :slight_smile: I respect your choice to eat meat and I agree with you on the factory farming thing. One teenager won’t make much of a difference but one day I believe humans will all come together and end global warming. As for keto, I’m still going to give it a crack, and I’ll definitely be eating lots of avocados lol. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::avocado:

(Chris) #13

Avocados are delicious - especially in guacamole! :smile: And coincidentally (or not?) guacamole goes amazing with eggs!

Good luck!

(Willa) #14

Lol it sure does. Thanks :sunglasses:

(Full Metal KETO) #15

I agree with @chris_monkfruit, mono cropping and mass agriculture are much more harmful to the planet’s eco system. Pasture raised animals promote soil health instead of depletion of the soil from plant agriculture. Protein from plant sources is incomplete plus you are ingesting protease inhibitors, oxalates, lectins, phytoestrogen, phytic acids, and many other anti nutrients. Especially avoid soy based products. These block the absorption of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Plant foods contain zero vitamin A, they supply carotene which must be converted by your body into vitamin A. A large percentage of humans cannot so this efficiently. Between 40-90% of people have reduced capacity for that conversion. The bioavailability of minerals and vitamins in animal products are superior to any from the plant kingdom. There are two major lifeforms here, plants and animals. Plants do not want animals eating them and their defenses are toxins that attempt to make them unsustainable food sources for insects and other non plant organisms like fungus. Although these compounds developed long before humans it’s naive to think they don’t affect us. Plant based diets will work for some years and then the nutritional deficiencies will start to take effect. The quality of your hair, nails and skin will be down prioritized for more important biological needs because of the poor protein quality you get from plants. We evolved eating animals and that’s why humans have big brains, animal protein and dietary animal fats are important for your body. I realize this is an emotional position based on idealism for you, but you’re playing with your biological health on a plant based diet. There are about 5-10 ex vegans for every practicing one, 2-3% of the world’s population. Most are quite young and at about ten years most have shot their health vitality. There’s more vegans who have gone back to animal foods than there are getting on the vegan train. Please do some unbiased non vegan research into the effect that a plant based diet will have on your health. Meat imitations are junk processed foods. Please eat natural whole foods for your health and don’t fall for fake meat made from processed grains and vegetable oils. They are very anti ketogenic.

@KidKeto I absolutely disagree with @ODE saying keto is not good at your age. The sooner you start eating a proper ketogenic diet the better your life will be without metabolic derangement which eventually catches up with almost all of us, nipping that before it blooms is the best possible thing you can do for a lifetime of stellar health. Why would you wait till the engine blows up on your car before taking proper care of things before a problem has ruined the car? If you wait until it’s a crisis like most of us here have you have lots of metabolic repairs and permanent damages possibly to your body. I say this from personal experience. I would be a different man today if keto was a thing when I was your age and I had adopted it as my lifestyle choice. I’d still have both kidneys and legs and probably never developed cancer. I commend you for your wisdom at your young age stepping onto the KETO path. I wish you great success on this life altering venture you are undertaking. At your age I didn’t even think about dietary health, I still thought I was immortal! :cowboy_hat_face:


Where did i say that?

(Lisa) #17

“Plant based diets will work for some years and then the nutritional deficiencies will start to take effect.”

+1 from an ex-vegan here. I was vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for three in my younger days. For that three years I was doing the “nutritarian” style of eating (Dr. Fuhrman) and/or the starch-based style of Dr. McDougall. I stuck to high-nutrient, whole plant foods and consumed almost no vegan “junk food.” However, I now have severe food sensitivities and autoimmune issues that I believe can be attributed, at least in part, to nutritional deficiencies from veganism.

(Robert C) #18

Given your age, you should involve a parent or guardian in this process / decision.

They can help (i.e. food preparation, shopping) and will understand why you feel bad or are cranky if / when Keto flu symptoms hit.

They also won’t be worried about your weight loss - knowing you are making healthy food choices and not under-eating (which they might otherwise suspect).

Until you are an adult - if you make significant dietary changes without their knowledge - they are the ones that will have to pick up the pieces.

(Full Metal KETO) #19

Sorry about that, I ran with keto at your age…Overall you gave very sound advice. But I will venture that snowy is growing up in a different era than we did and insulin resistance at younger ages is more and more common. Again apologies. :cowboy_hat_face:

(kicking cancer's butt with keto) #20

Not only this, but it might be wise to have some kind of medical oversight as well. You don’t necessarily have to give all the details, but you can say that you are eating vegetarian.