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(eat more) #25

you don’t have to use bulletproof brand…it’s just the adopted/abbreviated name of “coffee with fats” :blush:
use whatever coffee you enjoy and add your fat of choice…coconut oil, butter, cacao butter, egg yolk, heavy whipping cream…i think it’s @devhammer that adds marscapone…(but that’s cheese)

maybe you haven’t ever had good cheese and that’s why you don’t like it. i don’t know why but i am sad that you don’t like cheese :joy::joy::joy:

(G. Andrew Duthie) #26

It’s called cheese, but IMO, the taste is much more akin to a VERY heavy whipping cream. Somewhere between HWC and unsalted butter, I’d say, in terms of flavor and texture. And yes, it’s WONDERFUL in coffee. I picked up another 10 tubs this week when it was on sale again (sadly, not as much of a bargain, but still $2 off per tub, so I took it all).

Now I wait for @Fiorella to tease me about my mascarpone obsession again. :wink:

(Nick) #27

All my friends are sad I hate cheese, I understand. What do people use for heavy cream? Jusy so I know what I’m looking for.

(eat more) #28

heavy whipping cream


I’m pretty sure this is @devhammer 's fridge

(G. Andrew Duthie) #30

Who on earth needs that many…

…minifigs? :wink:

(Jaidann) #31


You can google search for egg fritatas - then just put the stuff in that you want! YUM. I can’t do butter in my coffee either! BLECH :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Nobody messes with my coffee!! Straight up, hot, black coffee. Delish! No putting stuff in it! :slight_smile:

(Nick) #33

I’m not so sure steak for every meal is a great idea. As good as it sounds

(Megan) #34

Ask @Brenda and @Donna after their steak challenge.

2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #35

NO shit right? I’d recommend rarer steaks for maximum nutrients with THICK fat.
There is a right and wrong way to eat ZC (zero carb. No plants).


Keep hardboiled eggs in the fridge and have them in the morning with mayo and salt and pepper. Also, before I tried BPC it sounded really disgusting to me and I had to overcome myself to try it. If you need it to be even more of a meal replacement you can add both coconut oil, butter and an egg. Just make sure to blend/mix right away when you add the hot coffee so that the egg doesn’t cook. You can also add a little bit of cinnamon. Trust me, it is better than it sounds!

(Nick) #38

So I had a Bulletproof coffee this morning. Not as bad as I expected. Probably add more butter tomorrow if it makes it taste like theres more cream in it

(gooeykablooey) #39

I’m sad he doesn’t like cheese too. We could be in My Big Fat Greek Wedding subbing cheese for meat “he don’t eat no cheese!? What do you mean he don’t eat no cheese!?”
Funny the things that will get an emotional response from ketoers :smile:

(Keto in Katy) #40

I use heavy cream instead of butter, I just like it better that way. Or you could just go with the coconut oil alone. Maybe add a little vanilla for flavor.

(Realhope18) #41

I’m new here my fellow keto friends… does it have to be grass fed butter… can It just be pure butter?

(Rob) #42


Watch out for adding to an old thread (this has been dead for a year) since it may not get your desired answers.

Also - use the search function at the top (magnifying glass) and you will usually find your answer. This has been discussed ad nauseam…

…covering butter and meat.

This is probably 10x more discussion of butter in particular than you ever need…

TL:DR - on average people prefer the taste of grass fed (Kerrygold is a US example) but no-one can offer definitive proof of why that is. Many also make health claims for it but there is little actual science to prove this. Many others say they don’t care and it doesn’t matter what the source is.
If you can afford it, try some grass fed and compare it to basic. Availability depends on where you live in the world. In many places, all of it is grass fed, if you are in North America, Kerrygold is the most widely available but many other local/regional brands exist.

(Realhope18) #43

Well… thank you for this :pray:
I’m not quite sure how to navigate around on my own :joy:

(Rob) #44

It depends on what platform you are using as to exactly how to navigate.

A phone will give you the sub forum sections and the most recent 3 posts in each section.
A tablet and PC/Mac will give you sections on the left, 25 most recent posts on the right from any sub-forum.

The search magnifying glass is usually up near your picture in the top right corner of the page. Super useful as a newbie or experienced ketonaut.

The Newbie Section (top of the section list) is a good early place to scan around but there are sub sections for many interests - Food, Science, Health Issues, Fasting, etc.

Go wild… READ A LOT!! Ask questions (in relevant, newish topics or make your own topic) if things aren’t clear from the existing info.

(Realhope18) #45

Thank you. I’ve read your stuff. You’re very knowledgeable.
I’m a good solid two weeks in keto. Prior to the two wks lowered my carbs tremendously!
I’m starting to feel like it’s not working LOL!
I give up quick… I’ve tried so many things!

I probably just need to keep my blinders on… I keep seeing people’s posts on social media , that claim they’ve lost 12 pound of water weight in one wk. I’m so far, only 3 pounds down. I know everyone is different it just gets frustrating.

(Rob) #46

Blinders are good. That’s why this place is great - all the info, all the support, none of the BS and meanness of social media.

Lots of more experienced people on here are constantly surfacing fascinating things from across the web and the world so you don’t need to find them yourself and expose your tender will power to the social media swamp. There is more experience here than a hundred FB groups.

Remember, Keto is a Way of Eating (WoE), not a temporary diet so it pays to KCKO and do things that you can stick with and aren’t so hard that you give up and get a dozen donuts :doughnut::roll_eyes: