New Advice On How To Break a Fast


(What The Fast?!) #1

Whoa!!! I’ve always heard (on this forum and lots of other places) to break a fast with a handful of nuts or eggs. I almost ALWAYS break a fast with bacon and eggs because…you know, bacon and eggs! However, I was just watching an FAQ video from IDM (on their membership site) and Megan said the new advice is to NOT to use either of those things because it can be hard on your digestion. (Nuts tend to come back UP and eggs tend to go right through you.)

I’ve never had either of those reactions, so I probably don’t need to worry about it, but still good to know!


Hmmm, I’ve had no problem with either of those. What is their recommendation then?

(Ethan) #3

They recommend breaking a fast with something small like olives.

(Sophie) #4

Is that all?

(Stacy Blanchard) #5

Unless they have changed there advice I have heard Megan say to eat a handful of nuts or something small like olives and then wait half an hour and then eat something til your full. I don’t know how long a fast needs to be before you start worrying about re-feeding? I have done lots of 1-5 day fast without worrying about what or how much I eat. I did a 14 day fast and my doctor warned me to go slow when I broke that fast. I had no problems though.

(What The Fast?!) #6

They recently changed their advice. They now say to avoid nuts and eggs - she said to do something gentle on your stomach, and not a ton of fat all at once. Some broth to start with, then 2 hours later a salad with light olive oil is what she suggested in the video released very recently.

(Ethan) #7

I can never wait a half-hour. I break my fast with anything I can find…then I just devour everything for the taste of it.

(What The Fast?!) #8

Hahaha. I generally have a small snack while I start cooking. Avocado is my favorite thing to break a fast. …but what do I know? I have been fasting for ages and always gain back the lbs.

(Ethan) #9

I am a bit more than 3 days into a 5-day fast right now, and I can’t stop thinking about what I will eat…

(What The Fast?!) #10

Seriously. I’m only 22 hours into a 65 hour fast at the moment…ravenous.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #11

I also have those when breaking a fast, and it was the first time I had heard nuts are not desirable. How can that be macadamias are my go to for breaking fasts, along with a few olives if they are in the house. I might try the suggested lettuce salad with a good oil next time. I started a 36 hr. fast tonight will see how it goes breaking it that way.

I do know some have issues with eggs, but I personally haven’t.

(What The Fast?!) #12

I’m waiting on the results of a food intolerance test to tell me if I have an issue or not. Fingers crossed that eggs and cheese are not on the list!!!

(Doug) #13

I think that for many people, the length of the fast makes a huge difference. Personally, up to 5 days is no big deal. Did one 10 day fast and slammed back into the food extra hard, right away, and did feel like the digestive system was struggling, then - felt sluggish and tired. That was stupid of me and I knew better.

If one is not getting a bad response from what one breaks a fast with, then hard for me to see a problem…

(Tessy M.) #14

Sweet! That’s what I break my fast with already!

(Vincent Hall) #15

I generally break mine with my home made flaxseed/hemp seeds bread and some brie with home made sauerkraut.
That’s the starter as I make my large salad which takes me half hour to make, then same again to consume.
Seems to be okay for me.

(Ethan) #16

I just broke mine with a Starbucks americano with heavy cream. Next I had extreme-fat bone broth mushroom soup. I followed it up with @Brenda’s tuna melt


The “right” way to break a fast is by eating what your body tolerates well. There are a multitude of foods that can be used, pick something that you like.

Many people can immediately resume eating normal meals after a 2-3 day fast. I regularly engage in 7 day fasts and eat a normal meal with no ill effects.

A refeeding issue can arise when the GI system totally shuts down for a prolonged period of time. But I think this would require consuming nothing but water for at least 5+ days. Even the smallest stimulation will prevent the GI from going dormant- coffee with a bit of cream, a dose of ACV, the occasional bullion or pickle juice.

(Raj Seth) #19

Several portions of JD & Diet Cola :rofl:

then you wont give a rat’s ass how your tummy feels




Keep in mind, unless your doing extended fasts (which I call more than a week) you don’t have to be TOO crazy about how you break it. Small snack, give yourself some time, then eat normally. A lot of the advice coming outta IDM is for the general public trying fasting, a bunch of their patients aren’t finely tuned fat incinerating keto’rs. If you’ve ever paid attention in non-keto fasting forums those people do NOT have a smooth time with it! Almost sad really, I mean it makes perfect sense… but still.