New Advice On How To Break a Fast


(Wayne Hynd) #22

Currently, I am on Day 8 of a 12 Day fast, being interested much more in the astounding benefits of autophagy and mitophagy than losing weight (which IS very important). (I will post in a more appropriate thread my reasons for selecting this length of time.)

Regarding refeeding, Valter Longo (Professor of Biological Science and Director of the Longevity Institute at University of Southern California), who has studied fasting extensively, recommends the following transitional diet:

Transition diet For 24 hours following the end of the five-day FMD, patients should follow a diet based on complex carbohydrates (vegetables, cereals, pasta, rice, bread, fruit, etc.), and minimize the consumption of fish, meat, saturated fats, pastries, cheeses, milk, etc.

(“FMD” = “Fasting Mimicking Diet”, which he developed as a way to maximize autophagy while still having fasting be acceptable to the mainstream medical profession.)

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #23

IDM’s Megan Ramos says to avoid eggs and nuts. Are you following the mimicing diet or really fasting? Personally I would not touch what he is recommending. And I am a low carber, 50 g max. not even strict keto.
I find fish and salad with lots of EVOO and vinegar to be a good fast breaking meal.

You can try his method and see how you respond, we are all n=1 here, so YMMV.

(Brandi) #24

Just broke a 22 day water fast and I made bone broth from a cow we butchered and added in a good amout of short ribs, so far had 3 small bowls with a little bit of meat and I am perfectly fine! my stomach doesn’t bother me so so far so good! I did feel really tired after my first refeed though! And I’m really craving bacon!!! Ugh. But I’m doing the bone broth and meat for another few days then we will see(:

(Geoff) #25

How can complex carbohydrates “FMD” maximize Autophagy?
Am I incorrect in believing that you have to be depleted of glycogen/carbs before “Most Beneficial” Autophagy can occur?
I say “Most Beneficial” because, it is my understanding, that glycogen can deplete by Autophagy
but the Autophagy that occurs when the body is burning fat is most beneficial.


I have been engaged in my longest fast and was worrying about how to end it. Read everything I could find including reading this thread more than once. Had a general plan when I went to bed last night. Woke up this morning and boom! I just had to have acv in water! Where the heck did that come from? But it tasted great. Seemed to settle my stomach and no negative reaction. Two hours later I had a piece of deli ham, slice of cheese and mayo. So far so good. Loved all of the advice here.