Need non-dairy fat sources


I’ve lived this WOE a few different times in the past 20 years and always end up coming back because I feel so much better, physically and mentally, when I stick to it. I’ve been eating clean for the past week but I am always hungry because I’m not getting enough fat. Why? I’m trying to do it with no dairy this time. Not only have I read that dairy is bad for us in several ways but it clogs up my head, nose and ears when I eat it. My sinuses haven’t been this clear in years. BUT… I’m hungry! Everything I used to eat to get my fat macro up there is dairy. I try nuts but am still hungry. Avocados don’t seem to help, either. Peanut butter works good but too much of it irritates my intestines. I can’t eat fish (except shellfish) and I’ve tried pork rinds several times but can’t stomach them.

What am I forgetting? There has got to be a way to get some healthy fat into me that’s not dairy. I meat fatty meat often but it’s still not enough. I need a quick “fatty” snack to kill the hunger - protein doesn’t really do it for me. As a matter of fact, too much protein does funny things to my BG level. If there is some miracle food out there that I can try I would LOVE your suggestions. I do walk by the fridge and grab a mouthful of ghee, which helps, but was hoping there is something else I’m forgetting about.

Thanks in advance.

(Joey) #2

Eggs? (hard boiled for snacking, fried, poached, with bacon, sausage…?) Plenty filling for most folks.

A thought on dairy … a lot of people who don’t tolerate dairy very well (lactose intolerance) report that hard cheeses don’t affect them adversely at all. You might be in that category. The benefit of hard cheese is that you can find varieties that are rather high in fat - and if they don’t disagree with you, you’ll get both fat + protein in a nice snackable bundle.

Of course there’s the higher fat ground beef option. Make burgers, patties, meatballs, etc. Chomp away from the fridge when feeling peckish.

And finally, chicken has plenty of fat on the skin. Rotisserie style chicken might be a decent snack item, again, from the fridge or microwave.

Just some ideas to get you going. :vulcan_salute:

(Harriet) #3

Have you tried macadamia nuts? They’re expensive but they’re basically little fat bombs. You really need to get them online to not break the bank. Also better to buy in winter months.

Coconut products, oil, manna (aka coconut butter), full fat cream of coconut for tea or coffee.

Fat bombs. I make one that’s basically 50/50 coconut oil and peanut butter with cocoa powder and erythritol. My husband loves them and he isn’t strictly keto.

(Bob) #4

Coconut oil, beef tallow, bacon grease (and bacon itself), butter and ghee. The latter two are dairy but are devoid of casein and lactose which is usually where your problems lie. You can use these oils and fats to make your own mayonaisse and sauces too.

(Alec) #5

Pork chops and lamb chops with lots of fat on? IMHO if you are ever hungry on a keto/carni diet you should satisfy that hunger with fatty meat, preferably a fatty steak. Never limit calories. It is the wrong approach.

Yesterday I bought 20lbs of beef fat for US80c per lb, which is now in the freezer. I am going to use this as additional fat if I ever eat a meal with limited visible fat. I cooked and ate some yesterday, and it was really filling!

Also, although butter is dairy, I think it is unlikely you will react badly to butter. Being very high in dairy fat and low in dairy protein you might find it is OK for you.


Thanks, Joey… great ideas. What I went and made myself right after posting my question was 3 eggs scrambled in bacon grease, a small amount of broccoli, a few breakfast sausage and lots of butter in the same pan. I get full after only a small amount but then am ravenous a few minutes later and have a few more bites. Kinda strange - never had this before. I can’t eat much, but I’m starving. Guess it’s a new side-effect of keto flu?


I love coconut, I always have at least two fresh coconuts in the house and grab a hunk when I need to chew on something. I also poured a bunch of coconut flakes in my breakfast this morning, and I splash coconut oil in just about everything I cook. I like the idea of getting some fat into my coffees - totally have forgotten to do that this time around - thanks! We eat a lot of chicken and pork in this house but I think I better start looking for fatty beef.

I will head to a health food store tomorrow to look for a bunch of coconut products. Coconut butter? You’ve got my interest!


I ran out of macadamia nuts last time I was eating low carb and have forgotten to re-order - THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER!


Definitely need to step up the beef game, but it’s gotten so darned expensive! But then again, we’re worth it, right? :slight_smile:

(Alec) #10

Agree. Pork, lamb and chicken is cheaper. I am always on the search for cheap beef. I have a specific grocer I go to for steak, and it is 30% cheaper than the alternatives.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Can you cook with butter (even though it’s technically a dairy product)? Otherwise, what about lard or tallow? Or bacon grease (yum!)? I put eggs on my meat; that seems to help, too.

Pork rinds make a great snack, and so does bacon.

Also, be sure to eat more at meals. Avoid carbohydrate, since elevated glucose interferes with satiety signals.

Don’t eat according to the clock; eat because you are hungry. If you are hungry, cook a meal. Eat as much as it takes to satisfy your hunger. If there are leftovers, put them in the fridge for when you get hungry again. Rinse and repeat.

P.S.–Dr. Chaffee has some good advice for people who don’t feel hungry: eat some meat. If it tastes good, you are hungry, so eat until it stops tasting good.

(Geoffrey) #12

Nobody’s mentioned it yet so I will, Brown Butter Bites.
Videos galore on how to make them.

(KM) #13

Meat “sticks” are often about equal in fat and protein for a quick easy snack. I get these at Costco.

(KM) #15

(B Creighton) #16

I make a fat bomb with coconut oil, cacoa powder, and erythritol/monk fruit sweetener. It’s a lot like fudge.

I have pretty much totally given up all SAD dairy. I simply can’t have any of it. However, I do enjoy goat milk yogurt or A2/grass fed milk yogurt, which I have found I can have. Although I am lactose intolerant, that is not generally an issue with yogurt, but these alternative sources do not have A1 casein protein that is in Holstein cow yogurt. If you have not tried these, you might find they work for you. Another idea is to make your own coconut yogurt - best made with coconut milk which has a lot of coconut creme.


I eat meat… As lean as I can manage as fat adds up like crazy there… (But I have eggs and even dairy, I just seriously limit them now especially dairy.)
There is no amount of fat I could possibly need that I couldn’t get from my meat alone. Or crunchy chicken skin :wink: My scratchings are meat as I like them meaty. But they are fatty alright. I like pork belly and pork jowl too. I don’t like pure pork fat tissue but many people do here… One doesn’t need high protein just because they get their fat from meat… I can imagine getting very fatty meat isn’t super easy everywhere though. And of course, there is one’s taste…

So I don’t know miracle food, just fatty meat… And eggs/yolks :slight_smile: But they are protein rich too. Still helpful if you need a quite high fat percentage… But you need to eat many a day to make a real difference. And that’s a significant amount of protein too. Eggs are good for getting 65% fat (I try to eat that lean, well even a tad leaner but it’s so very hard for me as nearly everything I like is so fatty and I desire fat so much), a bit more if you use some added fat and/or more yolks… But if you go for a way higher percentage, you need some other ally too.

Good luck! I can’t control my fat percentage, I end up in the same very small range almost every day, almost no matter what, it’s some balance for my body or something. But my protein intake is always feels good so there’s that.

Oh yes, eggs with sausage and whatnot (I usually use sausage, some smoked pork, some lean pork to balance things out, it would be too rich otherwise, your broccoli can do the same, cheese and finally sour cream on top). It’s easy to get fat (and protein) into me :slight_smile: But it satiates me fine (I can’t eat more that 3 eggs this way so I still need meat to get my calories but when I only need a small meal, it can do the trick).
I wonder why you get hungry so soon, maybe you ate too little? But you say you can’t eat much… IDK why that is… Maybe it’s temporal, maybe you just don’t want it enough but some snackier item could help…? I saw some others wrote about that option, it may be useful now and then. I banned fat bombs as I overate fat without them already but I still had a few nice recipes :slight_smile: I preferred them savory, some prefer them sweet… Whatever to get your fat! And fat bombs are more like fatty, not so very protein rich, just what you seem to need!

I don’t know how much carbs you eat and what it does to you but as @PaulL wrote, they can mess with your satiation. We aren’t the same, it may or may not be a problem, I experienced that many times (only the non-animal carbs were the problem though), even on keto. So if you get okay looking macros and you still are hungry, maybe the carbs are an important factor. Maybe not, maybe you have not the right fat and protein sources or your timing is off or sleep or stress or zillion other things. But as you wrote about eating too little fat, it’s probably your problem. Or one of them. You need enough energy intake and enough satiating food so you do right, focus on fat and you will see if that helps enough.

(Allie) #18

I get this too so limit to the dairy sources I know i am OK with, maybe you’ll be OK with some? I can have butter and ghee no problem, but cheese and yoghurt are definitely off limits - I am just trying to get back into making my own yoghurts again though, Bulgarian strain, to see if that’s OK (really only because I’m trying to improve my man’s diet / health but… ).

Coconut oil for cooking too, tallow, lard also great for cooking.

Maybe goat / sheep products rather than bovine? They’re must more tolerated by many apparently.

Cripples me… I have to avoid completely as its a trigger food and makes me so ill :nauseated_face:

(Edith) #19

I do dairy free keto. I can’t handle any dairy including butter, ghee, and hard cheeses.
I have become quite creative with my fat sources. I save all my bacon fat and use that to fry many things. I also refer to it as bacon butter. It is quite tasty used as a spread on pork rinds or other things on which you can spread butter.

Duck fat is a good mild fat if you don’t want the smokiness of bacon fat. I’ve used that for recipes that call for butter.

When I cook a pot roast or brisket, I save the liquid. Then, I will save the fat that solidifies on the surface and use that for cooking or as a fat additive.

I have made my own lard which is quite easy to do. It is way cheaper and better than anything you can buy at the grocery stores.

If you are a coffee drinker and like to add fat to your coffee, you can try adding some cocoa butter. That adds a nice chocolatey flavor.

If you do enjoy eating peanut butter, I used to mix coconut oil in with my peanut butter. Throw in a few coconut flakes. It was quite tasty and really added in the fat. You may also want to look into coconut butter.

Deviled eggs or egg salad can provide a good fatty snack.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #20

When I started keto, I ate a fair amount of nuts, Over time, however, I just lost my appetite for them. Over the past couple of years I ate nuts so rarely, that when I did, their effect on my system was really obvious and unpleasant. They are something I definitely do not miss as a carnivore.

The lesson I’ve taken away from this is that the standard Western diet is so crappy that it’s hard to discern the effects of foods, but as our system gets cleaner, we begin to realise just what they were doing to us.


I’d go with simple lard. You can cut it in very thin slices and put abundant spices in it, like black pepper. It’s likely going to work properly and keep you sated for the desired time, the very thin slices will help to avoid overeating and the spices will make the thing interesting.

In Italy there is a specialty called “Lardo di Colonnata”. It’s basically layers of lard and spices. A bit of a keto snack (or appetiser), the Italian way.