N=1 Why am I stalled/gaining on Keto


Ok. That’s a pretty comprehensive comment section. I would definitely read those books and see how they are thinking about it.

A good thing is that you know what the source of stressors has been and it’s all in the past, but the symptom issues remain to be dealt with. They talk about reducing stress, so you would know your favourite go-to relax things. Walks, reading, … they mention sleep, so I wouldn’t be afraid to take the occasional nap. For diet they mention adequate protein so keto is not a big issue. You’re taking magnesium, they want you to add B and C … sounds good.

I hope you find the path forward :slight_smile:

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I ordered the suggested books, vitamins, and supplements, so now to see how it goes! I plan on getting this allergy test next, too:

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My sister is T2D and her doctor told her if she did not bring her insulin down from 140 units a day he was going to recommend weight loss surgery. She did the research- talked to people who had it & looked on online. 9 out of 10 of the people she talked to (or heard 2nd hand stories) had gained all the weight back. She decided that there were too many negative side affects and no guarantee.
So- as she learned to do in her last diabetic class, she took her BS reading throughout the day. This was in February or March of this year (At this time she weighed 260#). She discovered that potatoes, for example, elevated her BS. So she cut out any form of those for 2 weeks. Her insulin units went down.
Then she discovered that pasta affected her, so she cut out any form of that. And bread, and sugar, and etc. etc.
At one point she discovered the Keto WOE. (which by the way she thought meant WithOut Exercise :slight_smile:
Within, I think, 3 months, her insulin was down to an occasional shot every few days. She lost 60# in about 5 months.
AND she avoided surgery.
I encourage you to test, try things, stick with it!

I on the other hand, no health issues, 61 yo, but obese, have been on this journey since May 5 and I’ve only lost 20#. BUT I feel great, I love the food, and every day it’s a wee bit closer to my goal.


You could buy a cheap breathalyzer on Amazon for under $10. While mine only seems to show ketosis when I have been fasting or been really limiting carbs (no nuts, no cheese, no berries, which is rare) it may work better for you and is not a big investment.

I agree with some of the posters that bariatric surgery may not be an answer without having overcome snacking especially if you have some eating issues that are not purely related to eating. Also, unless you are extremely short or have a severe health challenge or other medical reason , and I admit this is my prejudice, I do not see you at 220 as needing surgery.

I have been keto since April and only lose on longer fasts. Then I lose about .5 lbs a day. I do not weigh myself during, usually the morning after I eat again or 36 after I eat. Then whatever I weigh then seems to stay with keto.

It also really helps in terms of sticking to Keto when out. I know that if I need to skip a meal I can. I am never starving and can now even sit and watch other people eat and not participate although I will have coffee with either half and half or I prefer cream. It also takes away the opportunity experience excuse of eating. What I mean by that is perviously, if it was special occasion (not a very special one but more of an ordinary special occasion, like we happen to be at a nice restaurant that served a food I love) I would use that as an excuse to break my diet, I will not get this chance again to sample this, let me resume my diet tomorrow and of course 3 weeks and 10 lbs later I would start again. I do not anymore. I stick to keto all the time or try to, I am sure there are sauces that I have eaten that have more sugar than I would make but it does not seem to matter. I just came back from an out of town visit with family and every dinner was eaten out. I did have some nuts and cheese with me but would have managed fine without them and ended up leaving the cheese there and bringing back about 25% of the nuts. I gained a lb total which is a normal fluctuation.

The longer fasts help me so much with snacking because I get used to not mindlessly eating something whenever I go into the kitchen. When my urge to snack returns I know it is time to go on another fast (3-5.5 days). I do HWC in my coffee, water, broth on the first day or so with shiritaki noodles if I am really hungry. I have started feasting a couple of days before a fast. Only extra fats, including fun fats like sour cream, but no chocolate (which I never have) or artificial sweentners (which I only have when making keto pancakes once a month or when have gross coffee out of the house, also rare).

If you have nuts have you checked to make sure they are lower carb some are higher carb than you think.

Your labs look ok to me but no expert. Do you have trouble waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night based on cortisol?


I screen-captured this from a Phinney lecture I watched on YouTube yesterday. Some of you might find this interesting in regards to stalls. You can see how a few hundred calories extra per day could really bring things grinding to a halt. It’s not exactly a CICO thing but that’s a factor. It’s the reason they can’t overemphasize the idea of fat to satiety.


@Rian I’ve seen this graphic before but I’m confused by it. I hit my goal weight after my last fast but I still want to lean out. Am I in Maintenance since I’m at goal weight or am I in Adjust or Build?


Phinney covers the chart I posted in the first 5 minutes of this video. My guess would be if you want to “lean out” that you are somewhere near the build phase. The key he cannot emphasize enough is eating fat to satiety. This chart shows what your body will do if you eat fat to satiety, regardless of what your goals are. That’s my understanding anyway.