My husband won’t go into Ketosis

(bulkbiker) #42

Be careful and check his bloods often as Glimepiride can cause hypos so if he’ not eating carbs his blood sugars may go very low. After 3 weeks on keto what are his blood sugar levels like?
I’d be looking to consult with a doc and get off the glim while trying keto.
In fact I stopped taking metformin after three weeks and just relied on intermittent fasting and diet to put my own T2 into remission.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #43

Metformin is safe, and should cause little trouble, though the doctor may need to adjust the dose. But as Mark points out, the glimepiride can cause real trouble if not adjusted.

A couple of points: (1) your husband may be very insulin-resistant, in which case he would need to cut carbohydrate even further; (2) he may not be eating enough, in which case his metabolic rate will drop, negating the effect of reducing calories. Make sure he is getting enough fat and protein by having him eat until his hunger is satisfied. If he’s got fat to lose, his appetite will adjust his intake automatically to let the excess fat get metabolized. Don’t be surprised if he seems to be eating too much the first couple of weeks; his satiety hormones will soon cut in, and his appetite will drop. At that point you can be sure that his insulin level has dropped.

(Jane - not feeling hungry anymore!) #44

Yes, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, and plums are all high carb foods.

(Marilyn Kisters) #45

He is not hungry so I think our fat intake is good. I’ve asked him to check is blood sugar every day now. I’m keeping a close eye on him. Thank you for taking the time to post these warnings.

(bulkbiker) #46

He should be checking multiple times a day… not just once… when he gets up and before and 2 hours after eating. Were you not given any info about testing meals when he was given the meds?

(Marilyn Kisters) #47

Yes, of course we were.

(bulkbiker) #48

OK just checking…