My husband won’t go into Ketosis

(Marilyn Kisters) #1

My husband and I started the Keto Diet On 4/25. He has had the same food as me except for a couple days when he had a plum after exercising. I have lost 5 lbs and he has gained 2. I bought the ketostixs and his reading is negative.

We are taking MCT oil and having an electrolyte drink every day (Ultima). Also he is a type II diabetic. He says he feels great and has more energy so he’s will to keep on.

My readings indicate that Ketosis should occur within 2 to 4 days.

Does anyone have any advice for us?

(George) #2

Eliminate the plum. Fruit contains sugar, lots of it. Try doing a fat fast for a week (eggs, butter, bacon, etc.), that should get him into ketosis fairly easily. Also implement intermittent fasting. Keto alone is great, but pairing it with IF is an awesome combo.

I also wouldn’t worry about taking an electrolyte drink, just make sure your food is adequately salted and you’ll be fine


The topics on this forum are full of people taking up to months to get into ketosis. Have some patience. I’m sure he will eventually surpass your loses easily.

Stop the fruit. The sugar is doing him no good. If he is working out hard, just have some electrolytes, home made ketoaide is great for that.

Good luck sorting it out.

(Marilyn Kisters) #4

We had eliminated the fruit several days ago. I had read that fruit on Keto was ok after exercising but decided that this may be the reason the first week was a weight loss disappointment. Thank you for your response.

(Scott) #5

The easiest way to is get carbs to <20g, embrace fats and the rest will take care of itself. No fruit and NO cheating.

I have someone in my office that is always on a diet. He wife makes him organic shakes that look awful. He pours out the shake drinks a coffee with thirty pumps of coffee-mate. Eats crackers, snack bars and his trash can stays full of candy wrappers. He is gaining weight and his wife can understand why their diet isn’t working.

I am not saying your husband is eating carbs behind your back but it is always possible.

(Cindy) #6

This might be good advice for someone who has been doing keto for a while, but not necessarily for someone new to this way of eating. IF is hard if you’re hungry. To not be hungry, you need to be fat-adapted, and that takes time. I wouldn’t even recommend going straight to a fat fast, because people need to QUIT thinking of this as a LOSE WEIGHT FAST DIET. It’s about hormonal regulation and again, that takes time.

Too many people just want to see the scale numbers drop and it doesn’t matter if they’re doing it in a way that’s physically, mentally, OR emotionally healthy. MOST of the time, extreme measures really aren’t healthy in the long-term. Sure, eating nothing but bacon, eggs, butter, etc, might be ok physically, but is someone new to keto likely to enjoy that way of eating? Probably not, nor is it likely to be sustainable.

(Cindy) #7

Marilyn, if your husband is keeping his total carbs <20g, he HAS to go into ketosis. It’s not like your body can choose. So either there are hidden carbs in what he’s eating OR he’s intentionally eating carbs. Maybe post what a day of food looks like for you? Even though he’s eating the same as you, he might have to have fewer carbs than you do since he’s T2D.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #8

Because your husband is T2D, I advise waiting for others more informed about the special requirements for T2D to add their input before changing anything. My comments should be taken as suggestive until they do so. :expressionless:

You say the two of you ‘started the keto diet’ on April 25. That’s 2 weeks and a day ago. You don’t mention your ages, but whatever the two of you ate SAD for all those years and keto for 15 days. Don’t expect miracles and you won’t be disappointed. :slightly_smiling_face: Did you just start eating keto, whatever you thought it is? It would be helpful to inform us what in addition to the plums, you eat on a typical day? Or did you go on a multi-day fast to burn out glucose and glycogen stores? If you did not do the fast to kick start ketosis, and if you have not kept daily carbs sub-20 grams consistently, it is quite possible that neither of you is in ketosis or in and out.

You mention your husband’s ketostix ‘readings’ have been negative. Does that mean no colour? If so, that does not mean he’s not in ketosis, just that he’s not dumping excess ketones via urine. If he says he feels great and has more energy, that’s good. But in his case, it’s very important to keep the carbs sub-20 grams consistently. If your readings indicate ketones in your urine, you are dumping excess, which is typical when starting out. Are you testing only once per day or multiple times? It’s probable when you are in/out of ketosis that you will get different readings throughout the day.

The fastest and easiest way to get into ketosis is a 3-4 day fast. It only hurts on the second day when carb hunger reaches its peak. If you can’t/won’t do the fast, eating your way to ketosis takes much longer. The ‘2 to 4 days’ you mention is unrealistic unless you do the fast.

Welcome and best wishes.

(Alec) #9

This. Please list out what your husband is eating to let us spot any issues.

(Full Metal Keto) #10


This kind of thing at the start can make you hungry during the cutting out of carbs. Your body’s reaction will be to slow your metabolism and try to preserve fat stores. You want your body to be at ease with the change and get used to burning fat for fuel in the absence of significant glucose levels. Intermittent Fasting should be added when you start to get around meal time and realize you’re not hungry. Then you can widen the gap between meals, start dropping down to one or two meals a day if you feel comfortable doing it without much of an effort or discomfort.

Focus on less than twenty carbs a day, and do it everyday. No slacking or eating off plan. Track and measure foods with carbs. Eat enough protein to feel satisfied with your meal and don’t skimp on fats. Protein and fat macros aren’t real important, carb limits are. If he’s got health issues, is diabetic, or insulin resistant it will take longer to see results. Usually men leave women in the dust side by side with weight loss, but we’re all dealing with our own metabolic issues and can’t always expect results at the same rate. KCKO :cowboy_hat_face:

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THIS ^^^

(Karim Wassef) #12

No fruit. No fructose. No sugar.

Fructose is only metabolized in the liver. If the liver gets fructose, it will not trigger ketones.

Need to deplete liver glycogen. Not all, but enough to kick start the ketosis. Fructose is like locking that door.

(Marilyn Kisters) #13

Here is a typical breakfast

1 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs
1 cup of coffee with cream
1 tbls cream cheese
1 tanks MCT oil


Salami, prosciutto, sopressata
Cheddar cheese
Ultima electrolyte


Flank steak
Balsamic vinegar

(Karim Wassef) #14

Tomatoes are also a fruit

(Marilyn Kisters) #15

We are both retired and are together all day. I am positive he has not cheated.

(Marilyn Kisters) #16

Thank you for your encouragement. He is more than willing to give this more time. I would be worried about him fasting for a long period of not, this is not recommended for T2D patient.

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #17

If your husband is on any medications for his diabetes he may have to be particularly careful. If he’s not on any meds then short term fasts, when & if he’s up to it, should be OK.

I should’t worry about weight loss for now if I were him - far more important that he eat the right way to treat his diabetes :slightly_smiling_face:

(Alec) #18

Your food plan looks just fine. KCKO. Just make sure to keep the carbs low, this will work. As others have said, if your husband has T2, then he is deranged, and his body has a lot of healing to do. It may take some time.

(Marilyn Kisters) #19

He is on meds and his numbers have been on the rise. We know this is a good diet and he will be better in the long run.

I’ll let you all know how the next week goes.

(Mmmm, butter!) #20

Be careful with this. The bottles I’ve seen (and the one I have) list the balsamic vinegar as having 3g of carbs per 1 tbsp. Using it will creep the carb total up quickly.