My husband won’t go into Ketosis

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Some meds can make it more difficult to lose weight. I’d keep a very close eye on his blood sugar as it can come down fairly quickly & he may need to review his meds with his doctor. Best of luck to you both :slightly_smiling_face:

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Strong recommendation for your husband to visit the dr and tell him/her that he’s on a keto diet. The requirements for drugs changes a LOT when you remove the carbs. This is important. His dr needs to know, and he needs to monitor the required drug levels.

What do they say? Food is medicine? I think it should be: The right food is medicine!

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Curious how he feels after drinking Ultima electrolytes? I am (or was, haven’t retested yet) pre-diabetic with insulin resistance, the only time since going Keto (almost 10 weeks ago now) that I felt like I was having a weird blood sugar reaction to something was after drinking Ultima, I think the sweetener in (Stevia or Sucralose) was the culprit, he may be sensitive to the sweetener and maybe it’s spiking his insulin.

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He sees his Dr this month and will definitely tell him. Thanks for the reminder.

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He seems fine after drinking Ultima. He sweats a lot.

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You aren’t lying. The second day is ALWAYS the hardest for me.

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Best wishes to you and your husband. Others have already covered my thoughts here. My only addition is maybe look into Dr Jason Fung at IDM. He has written the books The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code as well as a fasting book and has a website with a lot of great information. There are also several videos on YouTube or where he gives great information about diabetes and diet and fasting. He specializes specifically in treating diabetics with a ketogenic diet and fasting.

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I’m not sure how many carbs you are both eating per day, but you might consider lowering your husband’s amount to find that sweet spot that gets him making ketones. If he is doing net carbs, maybe try total carbs. Dr. Westman says that total carbs is like prescription strength keto while net carbs is like over the counter keto.

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Sounds good. We had 24 carbs today.

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Do you and he eat the same amount? Is that appropriate?

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Yes we do eat the same amount. I have no idea if that I’d ok.

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So good that you get to do this together. My wife and I work together too so it would really take some effort or deceit to cheat. One of the employees put a gum ball machine in and she hits that everyday after lunch. I think if your husband watches out for sneaky carbs that can find their way in he will do fine KCKO

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Which meds is he on?

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Yes to this!!!

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Are you using a tracking app and a digital scale to weigh and track carb containing foods? Using volume measurements is inaccurate and often misleading. A $10 scale and the free Cronometer app will help you to be sure of carb amounts. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I actually discovered that about 35 years ago when for some reason I no longer remember I decided to try a 14-day juice fast, the ‘juice’ being apple cider. I was a pretty typical SAD eater and had never even thought much about nutrition other than not going to bed hungry. First day was OK, still digesting the previous day’s food, I suppose. A little hungry but nothing out of the ordinary. But the second day was a :bear: and I thought I wasn’t going to last long if I had to endure this for the next two weeks!

Then low and behold, I awoke the third morning in a place I had never been before :rainbow: What an enlightening experience that was for me!

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Also, if your husband is T2D then he could well have chronically high insulin. This would prevent him from accessing bodyfat stores. The mechanism here is:

  1. Very low carb reduces insulin
  2. Low insulin allows the body to metabolise bodyfat
  3. As the body starts to metabolise bodyfat, hunger goes down, you eat less.

If your husband’s insulin level is chronically high, the first step may well not be significant enough to allow the 2nd step to happen. It will take more time to reduce insulin.


I’m in the sweet zone now at 88 hours in (about 10 minutes away from 89 - and with a lovely GKI of 1.63), but am breaking fast soon with some broth, so I can indulge in some keto treats tomorrow for Mother’s Day. I’m going to make coconut flour fathead cinnamon rolls and lemon cheesecake fat bombs. Will probably be having some steak and seafood for dinner tomorrow.

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Metformin and glimepiride.