My First Convert

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

I’m hoping my first convert might appear in this thread. Nota (Notaclue) are you here?
I’m so proud I’ve managed to trick errrrrr inform someone this is a good idea :joy:

(Bacon enough and time) #2

It is a thrill, isn’t it? Good luck to your friend.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Well, she may not arrive here but at least she has started a Keto diet today … I’ve tried to help as best I can but as you know … I’m not yet sure of many things!
So many resources here.
Exciting though :grin:

(Bob M) #4

This is the first day? The first days, maybe weeks, are the toughest. At least with you, she can bounce ideas off you.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #5

Yes, first day!
I’m trying hard not to overload her with info. So far I’ve been mainly recipe ideas. There’s good info online but Bob, we know where to look, the negative info is also easy to find! … thats the internet.

(Robin) #6

Wow, good for you! And her!

(Richard M) #7

I have been low carb for 2.5 years. I have finally “influenced” two of my children to try it. They, of course, have put their own personality into it. Bottom line they have lost a lot of weight.

Like I always say “keep throwing mud at the wall and something is going to stick”.

(Bacon enough and time) #8

LOL! I thought that was spaghetti . . . :grin:

(Joey) #9

Post-conversion, besides joining the forum it’s more important that you receive a proper tithe.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #10

Thanks for that :+1: … though no sign of her, maybe shy.

(Eve) #11

Not many people know that trick with the spaghetti! :rofl:

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #12

Update - Notaclue (my convert) is still going … She wants to gradually cut down on carbs, as you might ween off alcohol. Good idea? or Not?


That’s individual. I did it in a few jumps and it was perfect for me. High-carb -> low-carb (~80g net carbs) -> keto (40g net, unlimited total carbs) -> carnivore-ish, I never stick to the last 2 for long but I quickly, usually immediately come back.
There were years between the jumps. I needed that. While going low-carb was the easiest and one of the best things I did and I knew I never go back (I have higher-carb days but they are very occasional and I can’t stay there), I needed time for the other two (and I always stray after a while). All are easy (with very very few exceptions but it would happen if I just ate whatever too) and enjoyable while they last, I don’t do hard things if it’s about my eating, one of the main enjoyments in my life. But it wouldn’t have been easy at all if I didn’t wait between my drastic woe changes. I had to be ready.

My first jump was quite big and I was lucky to feel exactly zero problem due to it as I remember (I had to change my recipes, it was a challenge to figure out in the beginning but I love challenges :))… I imagine it’s not so easy for everyone to cut sugar, grains, legumes and very processed items from their diet. But 80g net carbs is PLENTY, even without meat (I only started to eat meat at the keto->carni jump. They say people stop being vegetarians when going paleo, I didn’t get the memo :smiley: and I am pretty stubborn).

But it may be important or even easier to do it in one for certain people. It’s usually harder though, no wonder.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #14

@Shinita makes sense.
I guess I’m impatient because I want her to see results, to experience what we do.

(KM) #15

Talking to another new member here really brought home how different my diet has become from SAD. I want to simply answer every question that starts, “Can I / would you eat _________ (fill in the blank with any commercial product or honestly anything that’s not a whole food unless I made it myself and know precisely what’s in it,)” with “No”.

It’s hard to remember being in a place where I wanted to cut carbs but I still wanted to eat in my typical fashion, going out to restaurants at least once a week, having dessert, eating three times a day with snacks, and so on and on. “A diet”, basically.

Trying to come at it from that starting point, your friend will probably lose weight simply by reducing carbs and being aware of her diet at all. Hopefully this will encourage her to go further, but any reduction in processed carbs and sugars should improve her health somewhat.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #16

Maybe that’s a good start. You don’t think being in Ketosis is crutial?

(KM) #17

It may be crucial for her, it may not be. I’m guessing ketosis is necessary for many of us, but I look at someone like Chuck, who is eating a clean low carb diet and thriving, or Shinita who seems to roll by her own rules, and have to admit that no, ketosis is not elemental for everyone.

I certainly want it for myself, and have found that the longer I am low carb, the lower carb I go. I would be verging on carnivore if not for my vegetable garden. Hopefully, she doesn’t burn out on what she’s doing and keeps going further until she hits her sweet spot. Hmm. Her salty spot? :laughing:

(Robin) #18

I have a friend who wants to dip her toes into keto. Although I personally need to jump in all at once (ahem, alcohol)… the thought is too scary for some. Like my friend.

So I told her to simply cut out obvious sugar. I know that one change will make her feel better, see results… and hopefully be ready to go further.
But… Even if all she can manage is to drop the sweets, she’ll be better off.

(Bacon enough and time) #19

That’s how I started. I started to feel better almost immediately. In fact, I felt so good that I started full-on keto a few weeks later.


I cut out refined sugar and all starch/grain first. I still ate fruit and had wine etc. I reduced that slowly.

I did start to lose weight, but things didn’t really start moving until I added fat and took out all excess carbs. Thats when I went into ketosis.