My First Convert

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #21

Thanks Guys. I see there was many paths! … I went from a SAD via one YT video straight into the 20g Carb diet in a single day! … didn’t realise how brave I was lol

(Geoffrey) #22

A friend’s wife was like that in that she eliminated one thing at a time from her diet. Sugar was the first. After she was clean of that addiction she moved on to processed food or should I say food like substances. Then fried foods and eventually over a year period she was down to eating only whole foods. That was what worked for her. Me, on the other hand, I’m a jump in with both feet and get it over with kind of guy. I’ll take my punishment and get on with my life. I’m not good at trying to ween myself off of something, I just have to go cold turkey.


I got results from low-carb. I didn’t from my version of keto except my glorious fat adaptation, it was so worth it sticking to keto for 7 weeks that one time :smiley: During that time I still felt this was the right direction. I have these gut feelings when I change my woe for the better. Carnivore was a big change again :wink: But it may be just me and my too carby keto ways that keto felt just like my previous diet, just a tad harder. I got ketosis and fat adaptation with 40g net carbs but it wasn’t good enough as it turned out… I still think that 20g carbs keto with “a lot” of vegs (it could be truly much if I would be willing to eat leaves) wouldn’t be nearly as good as staying very close to carnivore but I won’t test it, that ship is sailed :smiley: But it’s individual, some people on this forum tried carnivore and it didn’t work for them and they prefer having a bunch of vegs.

I can imagine already taking big steps will have some nice results. I immediately felt I do the right thing when I went low-carb, I don’t remember if it had a physical part, I already felt quite well and healthy on my original diet…

I hope she doesn’t use added sugar, it’s the first, most obvious thing to cut out (I can totally understand a tiny in various things like condiments and meat products. a really tiny amount).

You didn’t ask me but nope, I don’t think ketosis is even good for everyone… Low-carb works well for many as far as I know. I had to go lower but I really liked my low-carb years.
And even my high-carber SO eats in a health-conscious way and his diet is LOADS better than it was before… He doesn’t eat added sugar (well sometimes a bit of honey :wink: honey is amazing taste wise), we make our own food etc. He happens to thrive carbs and suffer without them but even if one’s ideal diet is some kind of keto, taking big steps towards it easily may be very noticeably good.

I believe keto is totally worth to try (if one doesn’t experience huge problems right away, I definitely wouldn’t force it if it’s day 2 and I still feel awful), it is quite different from low-carb and it suits many. And if it doesn’t work, oh well, we gave it a chance. Much more people should change their woe, at least just to see if they will improve. The average person eats quite unwell as we know.

It’s not my final form yet… I have my struggles. I do feel okay even on my carby days but I want more energy, the elusive fat-loss and chill! I believe extreme low-carb (with very occasional off days) is my way but I can’t stick to it well yet. But my time will come. I am evolving super slowly but continously!

Indeed :smiley: As the years pass (only since I tried out carnivore), my sweet spot is less and less sweet :wink: It probably doesn’t happen to all but quite many of us I suppose :wink:
I still adore and actually need my desserts but now I believe sweetness is overrated.