My fasting N=1


To make a long story short… I’ve done keto on and off for probably 5-6 years for now whit various success/setbacks.

Last year, I lost my way again. Gained all the weight back. (Damn you Chocolate chip mint ice cream)
I’m back on keto for the past ~ 3 month, unfortunately I have not lost any weight beside the initial 4-6lb since starting keto again.

So… to get things moving again, I decided to try an extended fast. Right now I’m in day two of my fasting journey.

I do Water /coffee fast, as I really don’t want to have coffee withdrawal headaches while fasting.
Day one I had two coffees whit cream, but now I just switched to black coffee, let’s see how it goes…

I don’t have concrete plan on how long I want to go but my previous record was 5 days, where my tennis elbow magically disappeared. I would like to push past that if possible.

Here are my observations.

No real hunger as of now, except the occasional “I feel like eating something” feeling.

Generally feeling good, more energy etc.

Working during fasting really helps, I’m dreading the weekend.

Mental clarity, this is a strange one. I feel like just as many people reporting it, heightened awareness, mental clarity, but whit a twist. Let me explain. I have the feeling that my head is lighter but it feels like there is a pressure inside my skull. I don’t know if it makes any sense but it feels like a balloon inflating in my head, very strange feeling. Another thing is, my mind feels much clearer but I have the attention span of a goldfish. I cant really focus on anything for extended periods, and I feel jittery. I’m going to start some slow exercise and see if it will help. I have read many peoples fasting experiences but never really heard someone describing what I’m experiencing. Any thoughts?

Starting weight is 107kg.

I wish I had @Karim_Wassef dedication to record keeping but I don’t. :innocent:

Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment, suggest, anything goes.


Made it to day thee. Wohooo!!!

For some reason it feels much easier than previous fasts. Perhaps because I don’t have a set finish day?

  • still feeling good.
  • no real hunger except mental cravings at my usual meal times.
  • my stomach is rumbling but its just the coffee I guess.


Today is day five!

This is as long as I have ever fasted before.
This time it feels much easier, perhaps because its winter now?
Last time I did it during summer and I think that made it harder.
Got to go groceries shopping today, so I will get some multivitamin, potassium and magnesium supplements. I think it is time to start supplementing.
I settled on just water and black coffee, don’t feel the need for cream in my coffee.

There is no physical hunger, just the mental aspect when I smell something delicious.
I’m feeling great! lets see if i can make it to day seven.

I’ll weigh myself on day seven.

(Susan) #4

Congratulations on making it to day five, Baal =)

The longest I have fasted was 104 hours in total, I wish you success for however long you plan on going.


Thank you @Momof5

Today was probably he hardest day so far. Going to grocery store was a real mind game but (the roast chicken smelt very good), I got some Gatorade zero and the supplements i wanted, wife got her groceries, all good.
The day is over, I managed to get trough it, tomorrow is workday for me so it should be easier.

(Susan) #6

Terrific! Just be cautious when you break the fast --so you don’t suffer stomach ache and bathroom distress. Go easy for the first foods you consume =).


Day 7

Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Not bad.

I made it today seven, lets just say it was an interesting weekend.

It was pretty uneventful until Friday. I had only one cup of black coffee on Friday as I didn’t feel like having more.

Saturday wan not a great day, didn’t feel quite right, not much energy. Didn’t have any coffee either.

Sunday was the worst, I took some multivitamin/mineral supplements in the morning, that didn’t go to well. My stomach was not feeling well, I totally forgot that I can’t handle any kind of supplements on empty stomach. By the evening I felt really crappy, mentally hungry, and was contemplating ending my fast. Instead I made some beef bullion form cubes(15cal each, I had 2 :innocent: ). I felt much better but I had to pay the price as I drank it rather fast, lets just say it went trough rather fast. I slept almost 10 hours from Sunday to Monday (today). When I woke up I felt much better, I guess I needed some sodium and who knows what else from the broth. Also I stopped craving coffee so I stopped drinking it for now.

That brings us to now… I have decided to keep going as I feel much better. I had some more broth this morning whit extra salt and freshly ground black pepper, I think I will just use broth from now on, I cant really take in enough slat otherwise.

That leaves me wonder about the supplements. Do I really need them? How could I take them without the side effects? Could I crush them up and add it to my broth?

My new goal is now to keep going and see if i can go 10 days. I would really like to go below 100kg.

Thank you for reading Journey.

(Susan) #8

You did great, congrats =).

(Laurie) #9

Depends what supplements you want to take. Tablets and capsules can be difficult to crush, and some taste nasty. If you want minerals (such as magnesium or zinc), these can be bought in powder form. Some kinds of magnesium cause diarrhea, so I use magnesium bisglycinate, which doesn’t. For potassium, you can use potassium chloride, sold in the grocery store next to the salt (“No Salt” is one brand).

Congratulations, and good luck!


Upps, I accidentally clicked somewhere and it looks like I’m deleting my post. I cant figure out how to reverse it so I just put it up here just for contingency sake.

Thank you @Momof5 @islandlight.

I’ll look into powdered stuff.

As for now, the beef broth did wonders! I feel great and I’m at day 8 as of today. I think I was dehydrated and low on sodium hence feeling bad.
I’m not hungry at all, as a matter of fact I cooked today for my girls (wife and daughter), and I was not even tempted to sample it, although it smelled good.

I think I can make it to ten days.


Day 10 ! ! !

I can’t believe i made it to day ten.

I feel really great, the daily broth whit added salt and potassium makes a world of a difference.

Thank you @islandlight for pointing out that potassium is just basically no salt, i totally forgot that, I had some at home already so I just add it to my broth.

There are my measurements;

Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb

I still feel good, as a matter of fact I feel better than the first week! Soooooo, I think I will keep going, 14 days is very close now. I have never thought I would be capable to fast this long. I can’t lie but that sub 100kg mark is very close and tempting.

Thank you for checking in.

(Susan) #13

That is certainly a long fast --just remember that if you are really not feeling well -don’t be afraid to break the fast. I love fasting too; so I get it and you have done really well.

Just remember to listen to your body is all and I wish you the best =).


Thank you @Momof5.

I broke my fast on Saturday evening. Friday and Saturday i was constantly thinking about food, not really physically hungry but mentally. I made some pork bites and my secret Gorgonzola sauce. I really enjoyed it and had absolutely no discomfort or any stomach problems from eating.
Thant brings me to a total of 12 day of fasting.

There are the numbers;
Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb
Jan 16 2021 Sat Weight 100kg / 220lb
Days= 12 Weight loss= 7kg / 15lb

Fun fact; I weight in exactly the same on Saturday before breaking my fast as Sunday morning.

I am not sure where to go from here. I might just continue to fast a few more days, or transition to OMAD. It’s the day after right now and I feel stuffed like a sack, can’t even think about food.

Would you continue fasting or take a break for a week or two before doing more?

Thanks for checking in.

(Susan) #15

I would take a break for a bit before fasting again; I read somewhere that that was better to do after a long fast like you have just done. Congrats on the 12 days, that is terrific =).


Thank you.
I took a week off from fasting. I was doing OMAD, Had a nice big feast on saturday and began my next fasting journey.

My timeline;
Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb
Jan 16 2021 Sat Weight 100kg / 220lb
Days= 12 Weight loss= 7kg / 15lb

Jan 16 2021 - Jan 23 2021 OMAD

New fasting period;
Jan 24 2021 Sunday 102kg / 225lb
Jan 26 2021 Tuesday 99.5kg / 219/lb

This time it feels much easier, I think the reason is that I do a better job managing electrolytes.
Numbers on the scale are just that numbers but, the good thing is that my pants starting to feel looser, I feel much lighter, it is easier to walk etc.
I’m feeling great!

Thanks for checking in.

(Susan) #17

That is great that you lose weight when you Fast, that never happens to me anymore. I Fast monthly, but it never shows any weight loss.

That is great that it is all going so well for you!

(Niamh) #18

OK…am I the only one who wants to know about this sauce???- lol!
Must share now that you mentioned it!!!- :slight_smile:


Thank you @Momof5. It works for me for now, probably will slow down as I get closer to normal weight. Until then I just try to enjoy the ride.
How’s that possible to not loose any weight while fasting? How long do you usually fast?

Its very simple, not much of a secret really. :sunglasses:

0.5l or 2 cups of 33% or heavy cream. Ad some concentrated chicken broth, you can use cubes but I use this costco broth add as much as you want depending of your taste. Ad some freshly ground pepper, salt if you like it saltier, bring it to boil. Thicken it whit Xanthan gum (or thickener of your choice). Add blue cheese. I use blue cheese from costco, I put around 250g/ 8-9ounce in it, bring it to boil aaaaaaaaand its done!
Pour it over your steak or anything while its hot, or use it as a dip when cold.

Let me know how do you like it if you decide to try it. :yum:

(Susan) #20

I normally do a once a month Zornfast for about 100 hours --I also do daily 20:4 IF – TMAD (two meals a day) lunch at 1pm and supper at 4:30 -no calories from 5pm until 1pm the next day. I have lost 91 pounds so far (will be Keto two years in February) I am strict and still want to lose another 60 ore more pounds and I think that will take about 2 more years.

I am not able to consume any artificial sweeteners (or I gain weight, always, even if I have a very small amount), I cannot have HWC or it does the same thing. I basically am very strict, very little dairy, sometimes a bit of cheese, but I might have to eliminate that once again like before too.

During my daily 20 hours fasting, I consume 0 calories, (water or plain coffee/tea) and when I fast I consume 0 calories as well, doing that.

(DougH) #21

I fast on and off throughout the year.

Right now I am fasting starting each Sunday after a 6:30PM dinner to either Tuesday 6:30 PM, Wednesday morning breakfast or Wednesday 6:30PM dinner.

It works out to either a 48 60 or 72 hour Fast.

I only supplement with redman’s real salt, and lately I purchased some Dr. Berg electrolyte powder. I don’t particularly like the guys general woo, way too much pseudo science bullshit, but I like the flavor and it gets me a good deal of potassium and magnesium that is seriously lacking in other “electrolyte powders”. It is sweetened with Stevia, but my research and personal experience is that it shouldn’t break a fast from a insulin, gut, or autophagy perspective.