My fasting N=1

(Bob M) #22

You have no troubles ending at dinner? I always have had to visit the restroom a bit too much to end a fast at dinner. I only end at “lunch”.

(DougH) #23

I try to ease in to if I break it at dinner. Start with some bone broth, fermented pickles, sauerkraut.

Even if I over do it I find that the digestive chaos is limited. Maybe a quick bathroom trip but it isn’t a long lasting period.


Wow!!! That is one strict schedule. Kudos to you for being able to stick to it. I don’t think I could be that strict. You mentioned that you do the 100h Zornfast, that is about 4 days. What I noticed so far from my own experiment is that things really start to happen around day 6-7. Perhaps you could try to do a 7 day fast and see if it helps you in your progress, sometimes it is good to confuse our body by changing things around. On the other hand if you are happy the way things are going then just keep doing it.

I found a multivitamin supplement that I can tolerate,
I take it before going to sleep, other than that I have two coffee cups of beef broth whit a generous amount of no salt to get my potassium and sodium. I take Poweraide zero whit me to work in case I need a bit of a boost, it has potassium and sodium and doesn’t taste as powerful as getorade. I don’t think it is necessary to take much more than that. I am certain that I will replenish whatever minerals/vitamins I lose after breaking my fast.
I would be more cautious and consider more supplements if I would be doing 20+ days of fasting.


It is day 7 ish, my last meal was Sat evening but I checked my weight this morning so its not a full 7 days.

My timeline;
Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb
Jan 16 2021 Sat Weight 100kg / 220lb
Days= 12 Weight loss= 7kg / 15lb

Jan 16 2021 - Jan 23 2021 OMAD

New fasting period;
Jan 24 2021 Sunday 102kg / 225lb
Jan 26 2021 Tuesday 99.5kg / 219/lb
Jan 30 2021 Saturday 96.6kg / 213lb

Today I feel a bit dehydrated so I will make some broth, other than that I feel fine. I will keep going, I wounder if I can make it to 12 days as last time.

Thanks for checking in.

(Susan) #26

I think because of all the problems and stress that I have going on at home; that this would be very difficult for me to do.

My husband is ill (he has Parkinson’s and is home full time, since June he has been on full time disability and he is only 56 but declining quickly and he also has Hydrocephalus, Diverticulitis and Bipolar) so the combination of all these things are making him very distraught, irritable, he has a lot of seizures and mood swings, has difficulty walking, and other things. I am taking care of him, we still have 2 daughters at home that are 20 and 22 (this one is doing her University work from home due to Covid and hating doing it online but we try to keep the house as quiet as possible for her to study and do her Zoom calls) and our 4 year old grand daughter that has been doing online schooling this month (thankfully back in classes on Monday). It was a very stressful month, trying to keep her quiet while my 22 year old was doing her online things as well!

I am cooking meals for the 4 of them that are totally NOT Keto, and trying to figure out meals for myself at my times; and when I Fast they are very critical and call me Anorexic and are not at all supportive as they think that it is horrible. None of them are supportive of me doing Keto or Fasting, or my doing IF. When I do the 100 hour Fasts I no longer tell them I am Fasting and pretend that I eat --it is not that hard to do that, as I make different foods for them and I drink often (mostly water and some herbal tea, occasionally black coffee when fasting).

If I lived on my own I could easily do the longer fasts, but for now, doing the 100 once a month is about all I can manage. I am happy for you that yours are going so well though. Keep up the great work!

(Bob M) #27

Jesus, that’s a tough schedule. I’m surprised you can fast at all. The mere fact you can means you have impressive control.

(Susan) #28

Thanks @ctviggen =). I really want to lose this weight and be Keto always as my WOE so I am just very determined. I Yoyo dieted and did a lot of foolish things food wise for most of my life; and Keto has helped me so much and been amazing for me so I am very dedicated to following through and doing this for life.

I suppose having anorexia for a number of years and always going back to that previously when I “dieted” built up my control for fasting; but not in a positive way at all. Now I do it in a proper way.

I would love my husband to try Keto as well; as I think it would help him health wise so much, but he gets very angry when I even suggest it, so I don’t for now.



I’m sorry about your husbands situation, and wish him well. That is a though hand that life had dealt your. You must be a very strong person to deal whit all that and still have energy to work on your own health.

It looks like we have some things in common. My wife thinks I’m harming myself by doing keto and fasting. As if carrying around 50-60lb (or more in her case) of extra weight is more healthy than keto/fasting. :roll_eyes:

The sad part is that most of her ailments could be resolved or at least better managed if she were to shed some weight. I had attempted to talk to her about it (we can do it together, I’ll cook,etc) but as you can imagine talking about weight issues whit a woman is usually futile. It is easier to blame everything else than the root cause of the problems. You can lead a mule to the water but you can’t make it drink.

As for me, I think this is it. I will make it trough, loose and maintain my weight. Perhaps then she will be more convinced and willing to change.

As I said earlier, I think you are a very strong woman, keep being awesome.

(Susan) #30

Aww thank you so much =). I love my hubby, 5 kids, daughter in law, and 2 grand kids so much, but them not understand Keto and being negative a lot of the times is annoying for sure.

I got his doctor to double his medications today, so hopefully that will help for the mood swings and stuff that the combination of the Bipolar and Parkinsons is doing =).

I think and hope that once you lose all the weight that your wife will see how great you look and feel and then she might be encouraged to try too!

I wish you all the best in your Keto and Fasting goals =).

(UsedToBeT2D) #31

My wife, encouraged by my Keto success is going on day 8 fasting. Target 11 days…to Superbowl Sunday.

(Susan) #32

Wow that is awesome, I wish her the best in her goal =).

(Christopher Hodge) #33

Really impressive self-control and weight-loss. I’ve been trying to start doing two 48 hour fasts per week as a means to eventually train myself for longer fasts. Would be amazing to drop as much weight as you have via keto and fasting.


Thank you @Manetheren.
I found it to be more of a mental exercise than physical, one has to be in the “right mindset” to do a longer fast. Instead of saying I will fast for x number of days now I just say I’ll start fasting and see how long I can do it. It is much easier for me this way. Each day I say; that wasn’t too bad, i can do another day, until I feel I need to eat (for whatever reason). I hope this helps.

First fasting period;
Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb
Jan 16 2021 Sat Weight 100kg / 220lb
Days= 12 Weight loss= 7kg / 15lb

Jan 16 2021 - Jan 23 2021 OMAD

Current fasting period;
Jan 24 2021 Sunday 102kg / 225lb
Jan 26 2021 Tuesday 99.5kg / 219/lb
Jan 30 2021 Saturday 96.6kg / 213lb
Feb 04 2021 Thursday 95.7kg / 211lb

Its day 12!!! Just as long as my last fast, I don’t have any food cravings so this time I will continue and see if I can make it 14 days.

What really confusing is that the last 3 days I weigh in pretty much the same. Unless I inadvertently became a bretharian :sunglasses: I must have burned calories. My only theory is that I’m retaining water. I definitely had more sodium/ potassium the last few days. I’m really curious to weigh in on day 14. Also I just realized that my BMI went form obese to overweight!!! :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:

Thanks for checking in.

(Laurie) #35

From obese to overweight! I’m in the same place, and happy about it.


Yay, congrats! :slight_smile:

I am lurking here since the beginning and still don’t have any idea how you do it :smiley: (Well, we are different and you don’t get the urges I do, surely. Or you fight them unlike me. I have less fat to lose too.) I have both physical and mental barriers keeping me from EF. But the mental part is really important indeed, determination keeps me satiated somehow. Or not hungry, at least. if I get hungry, I eat very soon, that’s basic. I could do 120 hours with this attitude/rule when I was VERY determined and very curious, my determination is powerful! And I ate HCHF at that time, no fat adaptation so it’s impressive. I even had spontaneous ~40 hours fasts back then, very rarely…

Yep, the no weight-loss is surely due to water. You obviously uses energy, you are a human! :smiley: You don’t lose a lot of weight per day and bodyweight fluctuations easily mask your progress.
The day to day numbers may be interesting but what is important is your weight when you start and your weight when you finished and ate for 1-2 days…? That still doesn’t necessarily show your fat-loss accurately but it’s good enough and you only have that information anyway.


Thank you @Shinita. Believe me I have temptations and doubts just as anyone else, this is not my first attempt. my longest fast was 5 days before, and I was quite miserable. IMHO There are several factors that have to come together to be successful. The physical factor is to manage to get enough sodium/potasium in, I did this by drinking a few cups of broth a day and adding extra no salt in it. That was the only way I could keep up my electrolytes, another factor in my opinion is that it is much easier to do it in winter than in summer. Then is the mental, You have to have some kind of a reason to do it. Just loosing weight is not sufficient i think. I have three different reasons why I wanted to do this. Another mind trick that seems to be working for me is that I don’t set a set days I want to fast, I just say I will fast until I feel the physical need to eat, be it 3,5 or 10 days, it works for me. As soon I start to think about a potential end of my fast I start to get hungry. I’m not sure if it makes much sense but it works for me. also there is nothing wrong whit shorter and more frequent fasts. I just needed the accelerated weight loss for one of my goals. I don’t record my day to day weight, I step on the scale just out of curiosity, it is fun to see how the body handles things, it seems like not loosing anything for three days and dropping a bunch the forth day, etc.


***14 Days!***!!

I can’t believe but I made it to day 14. This is my personal record.
Yesterday I was working on the car pretty much all day, It was a pita of a job and as usual things didn’t go as planed, but the end of the day I was done whit life and 0 energy left I was seriously considering eating something but I just went to sleep instead of because everything was hurting and still is. I slept for 12hours!

I broke my fast at dinner time today, by snacking on sauerkraut first and for later I made some Parmesan chicken wings, I would be lying if I say it didn’t feel nice to eat.

The numbers;

First fasting period;
Jan 04 2021 Starting weight 107kg / 235lb
Jan 11 2021 Monday weight 102kg / 224lb
Jan 14 2021 Thu weight 100.6kg / 222lb
Jan 16 2021 Sat Weight 100kg / 220lb

Total days = 12 Weight loss= 7kg / 15lb

Jan 16 2021 - Jan 23 2021 OMAD

Second fasting period;
Jan 24 2021 Sunday 102kg / 225lb
Jan 26 2021 Tuesday 99.5kg / 219/lb
Jan 30 2021 Saturday 96.6kg / 213lb
Feb 04 2021 Thursday 95.7kg / 211lb
Feb 06 2021 Saturday 94kg / 207lb

Total days = 14 Weight loss= 8kg / 18lb

From Jan 04 to Feb 06 out of 37days I fasted 26 days and lost 13kg / 28lb total. Of course I expect to gain 4-5lb back after breaking my fast for obvious reasons. (just a disclaimer that I just round up or down the pounds, as a few ounces really don’t matter)
I must say this went better than I could’ve hoped for. I don’t want to boost bit I’m quite happy of my achievement so far.

As for next I will probably do OMAD for a week or two, and do another fast as I still have at least 25lb to loose.

Thanks for checking in.


CONGRATS, wonderful numbers! :slight_smile:

I wrote a long reply but I try to behave so deleted it :slight_smile: It helped me thinking over things though.

I could’t do it any other way! But I feel the need every day nowadays. If I don’t, I miss my meal so very much after 2 days that I lose all my motivation. I wonder if I need to build up resistance to eating when it’s not really needed…? I am not good at it. It’s hard to break the usual rhythm, I do it using some serious determination but it’s hard to get that. I have other possible hurdles but this one is the biggest.


Congrats, but be careful. I was in this boat and did long multi-day fasts once a month. For a while they worked, then they lowered my BMR huge from doing them, lost a ton of muscle as well which lowered it more. Wasn’t worth it. Now when I want that result I do PSMFs. Pretty much same result and you don’t screw up your RMR since you still eat. Downside of them is sometimes they make you ravenously hungry.

(Bob M) #41

When Jimmy Moore was dong a podcast (can’t remember the name) with a doctor and doing various tests (cold therapy, HIIT, fasting), they both tried PSMF and both hated it. I mean HATED it. They then interviewed a bunch of people, including body builders, and there were very few people who liked it. Some did, though.

As for a second opinion, I was fasting a ton and raised my lean mass 4 pounds over the course of a year, while losing 6 pounds of fat mass, verified by DEXA scans.

There is no way for a PSMF to get insulin to where fasting will. It’s not possible. Furthermore, he fasted long enough to raise his growth hormone:


You CAN, however, fast too much. You need to take breaks and also feast properly between fasts.