My Fasting Experience - 3 day - workouts, intestinal issues, food intake, breaking, etc



Yesterday I completed my third 3 day fast and I wanted to share my experiences. I have done several intermittent fasts and am fat adapted. Doing a three day fast was pretty easy for me and I look to go longer in the future, but three felt good. I am not an expert at only three by any means, but here are some things I wanted to pass on.

edit: I apologize for being overly verbose! It was not my intention but stuff kept coming out (kinda an unintended bad pun as you will read later) I hope you read the rest despite my poor attempt at humor.

Further - I listened to episode 58 - Switching it up with Megan Ramos. That encouraged me to think about this differently and listen the Fasting Talk podcast with Jimmy More. I listened to about 5 episodes and got some great focused information. It really cleared up some of the diarrhea issues I have asked about earlier. This problem is far more prevalent than I gleaned otherwise. I would take a listen if you are a getting started.

Pre-fast - I did eat more than usual this time, perhaps loading some. I ate more fats - avocados, HWC, Chart House blue Cheese (yum) and some fat bombs. It was not really intentional just turned out that way, perhaps eating 1/3 more fats. I think this helped and will do the same thing for my next three day fast.

Fast intake - So this may no be the “true” fast the hard core folks do but I significantly reduced my calorie and carb intake from normal days.

I did have my BPC coffe, BUT I eliminated that MCT from it and just used HWC and some Maca powder. About 70 Calories and 3 grams of carbs. I may eliminate the Maca next time. I also eliminated the MCT to control my digestive issues.

I also had a couple of small black coffees at my local roaster while working. Just one per day early afternoon. I also had peppermint tea on one evening but cannot recall which.

Prior to strength training and running, I consumed a cup of chicken bouillon broth. 5 calories and 1 gram of carbs. This was like a pre-workout bomb - it made an instant and welcome energy boost. I think this is a must do.

Post strength training I did consume one scoop of protein powder. I realize most of you will not make this choice, but I have goals pertaining to strength and condition that I hold dear. I believe delivering protein to your muscles up to an hour after your workout is a magical time. I simply get better results and (more importantly) recover faster and that is big deal at 47. Anyway - it winds up being 110 calories and 3 carbs.

So total calorie intake was never more than 200 calories and 8 grams of carbs to 75 calories and 5 carbs. Not exactly water fasting, but again, was a significant decrease to my normal intake.

I also found the when I did experience any cravings or hunger pain, that consuming a lemon carbonated water like LaCroix did the trick.

I mostly took my normal supplements, a multivitamin, probiotic, curcumin, etc… nothing out of the ordinary.

Strength Training and Running
Running - I had two runs Monday and Wednesday. Monday was not the best - not sure why it was my first day of the fast and not that far in so I do not think the fasting had any affect. Wednesday (last day of fast) I put up 5 miles with a decent pace and felt great before, during and after. This was my experience when I have fasted at other times. So - I am all in running while in a fasted state. Listen to your body and do what feels right.

Strength Training
This experience was that same as lifting while fasted prior = bad. The chicken broth really helped, but was a short lived gain. As with other workouts - I had limited energy, often felt light headed and did not have my normal giddy up. My workouts last about an hour to an hour and fifteen. I do not take it easy, talk or play social hour. I am focused, keep my head down, and leave nothing on the table. I currently cycling with Stronglifts 5X5 and both enjoy and recommend it. To give you an idea of where I am and my intensity/level for reference - I am at 5 sets of 265 x 5. I failed on sets 4 an 5 - something I do not typically experience. So all in all - I would say it sucked. I am not quite ready to blame fasting, but it looks that way. I should adjust my expectations to more maintenance I think. I will also keep a closer eye on any additional factors that could have an impact next time, i.e. sleep.

Intestinal Issues
To a degree (OK large degree) - I think his information, on the podcast and on the forum, has been under reported and is generally inaccurate at least as how it applies to the masses. I am not trying to be inflammatory in any way - I think the world of the site and podcast, but fee strongly about my convictions in this area by way of continued bad experiences. Also - again, listening over at the Fasting Times podcast confirms my suspicions Before anyone jumps to the defense of the site/podcast go take a listen. Some of this even comes out on the podcast here. Again - please take this constructively! I apologize in advance if this has been brought up on the show before and I am missed it it, either way I think it needs to be a core concept flushed out (pun intended) whenever fasting is mentioned Rand over - moving on…

I think more people are prone to diarrhea, and in my case it was severe and debilitating. Again, after listening to Megan, it appears this is a more common problem then not being able to go. Perhaps this is more pointed at beginners or new fasters like me. It should be front and center, imho, when talking about fasting. Megan indicated that when you fast your body does detox and expels the bad stuff and cleanses your colon. Therefore I must have a super duper squeaky clean colon… ugh.

Back on point. This cleanse/diarrhea was bad news for me every time fasted more a day. Even then it was I had some troubles. No matter what I ate after fasting I was in the bathroom in sad shape. This might last for 48 hours after I break my fast. It affected my work and home life aka taking care of my kids. This is a big deal to me. I needed to do something to FIX the problem on my next fast. Enter my savior - Megan. She mentions a few ways to ease the issue while acknowledging it is quite normal and part of the deal.

What worked for me = Metamucil a.k.a psyllium husk. I only chose this out of convenience and cost. I got mine at Walgreens on sale. Any psyllium husk should be the same, but I think a pill is better than drinking it mixed in water. To be clear - this worked for me, and I am not attempting to be prescriptive here. There are other ways Megan and Jimmy recommend to ease the pain. I took 4 pills once toward the evening on Day 2. I again took 4 pills about 2 hours before breaking my fast last night. This has completely stopped my diarrhea symptoms, at least this time. I am not ready to call it a miracle cure, but I continued to function as a human being during and after my last fast 72 hour fast. To be honest, if I had a similar experiences like my last 5 extended fasts I would have stopped fasting period and never tried again.

Edit: It is important to note that psyllium husk is a “bulking” laxative. It is, as I understand it, designed to make one go more regular not more often.

To be clear - Things after my fast were not perfectly “normal” and a little wonky. Nothing like before and spot on with respect to frequency. So I count that as a home run. YMMV

Breaking the Fast
About two hours after eating the psyllium husk I ate about 12 almonds and Canadian bacon. No strategy here just what I had around and sounded good, although I do think the almonds are a safe bet.

I then had a typical meal - Carl’s Fathead pizza, some veggies Chart House blue cheese, and a small bar/cookie smothered in cream cheese. note - I am going to post a quick simple cookie hack soon. These feel like a reward when I need something extra.

No issues at all. Again - this worked for me. Experiment with what works for you.

Weight loss and overall health
To be honest I have not idea how much I lost. I did not weigh myself before I started as it was not my priory… I will do so next time prior to staring my 4 day fast. If I had to guess, I lost about 2 lbs. I can tell you I mostly felt great. I used the lemon fizzy water almost as supper. It was easy, if you are ready GO FOR IT.

This was a great experience and I look forward to trying longer fasts now that I have my digestive issues hopefully under control. I look forward to the healing it provides and reduce my insulin resistance - autophagy I think. Fasting is, I believe, a vital tool in the tool box. It is a plateau buster.I am going to explore mixing up my eating like Megan suggested, keeping my body guessing by revving up my metabolic rate with food and then slamming the brakes on.

I truly hope this will help others, it does me good just to get it out. If you have any questions about my experience feel free to ask. I apologize for this being so long!


(Tom Seest) #2

Congrats. Great write up.

It’s odd that you’ve had significant intestinal issues; I’ve rarely had them while fasting, and I’ve experimented a lot. I’ve always thought they overemphasized the intestinal issues on the podcast. I’m wondering if this is due to the type of intake that you’ve had during the fast. In my fasts where I have consumed food, I’ve either consumed plain shrimp (steamed), butter, MCT Oil, fermented kraut, fermented kimchi, a pickle, olives, or broth. The only one that gives me any issues (very limited) is broth.

That’s why I wonder if it has something to do with your protein powder or something else you are consuming.

I’d be interested to see if others have had similar experiences.

Thanks for taking the time to write your experiences up. I think it will benefit others.


Thanks for your reply Tom - I don’ think so. In fact I am certain it is not. I did not consume any protein powder over my last fasts for sure. I agree I think the podcast overemphasize it as well, but in the other way as so to speak. They talk a great deal about taking magnesium to mitigate constipation.

Again - unless I am hearing them all wrong. My situation is normal and many BEGINNERS have the issue as the body naturally cleans itself out. I would check out Fasting Talk for a better, more educated response than mine.

To be clear - my only point in emphasizing this is, I think it belongs as a major talking point, especially when someone is new.

Thanks for your response - I really hope it does.

(Brian Miller) #4

I just broke my fast yesterday evening at 68 hours. My previous longest fast was 56hrs and I only broke this one due to the family throwing an impromptu crawfish boil. On my last fast I did experience some watery stool which this time wasn’t a problem during the fast however, I can guarantee a Crawfish Boil is NOT the way to break a fast (wasn’t my original intention). The intestinal issues only lasted about 8 hours and was overnight so I’m in good shape for today. As far as weight loss goes I’m down 3lb total since the morning before my fast however, I was down an additional 3lbs yesterday which I’ve gained back last night after breaking the fast. Still 3lbs net over 4 days is a beautiful response from my body.

(Michelle) #5

Great summary. Thank you for sharing. I am almost ready to try it!

(eat more) #6

me too…i keep thinking…“maybeeeee?” and then i chicken out
i think it would have to be during non-business days if the possibility of me excessively doing business exists lol

(Michelle) #7

I definitely want to try extended day fasting. I just keep making excuses as to why I can’t (at least I admit that!!)

Has to be when I’m not socially obligated with things and busy at work. These are not lining up like I would like them to :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback. Go for it is easier than you think! Thinking about it is worse than doing it - I promise. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback - seriously thinking about starting is worse than doing it. Start small and see how it goes, that is a win no matter how long you go. You don’t have to be great at fasting, but you do have to start!

The Metamucil worked for me - and it really has not ill affect.


(eat more) #10

@thinketo - i jumped in before i read your post

i’m over 26 hours
squeeeeee! :smiley:


I’m the opposite with intestinal issues with fasting. No problems with gut and it feels great. I would not want to even try introducing fibre when fasting as it would introduce a variable that is not needed. I seem to evacuate just fine without any help. Looks like you have some sort of imbalance with microbiome maybe? I dunno. Hard to tell. Not easy to pin point.


HI Fiorella and thank you for your comment.

I am not sure if you are speaking for yourself or in general. I certainly understand what works for your “works for you” I am glad you have not been affected the same way I was. I, however, think you are in the lucky minority.

If, however, you are speaking general terms I believe you to be incorrect. Again - please go listen to Fasting talk with Jimmy More, Jason Fung MD, and Megan Ramos to get the detail. It seems to me that the discussion centers far more around people with diarrhea than those with constipation. On more than one episode they detail 3-4 remedies for diarrhea - leading me to believe this to be pretty common. Also psyllium husk, is a bulk forming laxative so it actually has the affect of slowing the digestive track down and, in my case, stopping constant trips to the bathroom. I think it is about going more regular than making you go more often.

Also, I wonder more prevalent in people who’s bodies are new to fasting. I suspect once you get used to fasting perhaps the body adjusts faster and has less detox to do. Further - I suspect if I had an “imbalance” it would be something that would cause me issues on a regular basis, not only when fasting.

I will do some research to see if I can come up with some data to support my assertion.


I sent the question out to the Fasting Talk show. I will report back if I get a response.


I have listened to those podcasts. I’m a forever student, and always have my eyes open to get more info, but, I’m also not a novice at keto nor fasting. For example, in November, I did a 33 day extended fast…just water and coffee. Multivitamin twice weekly. That’s it. Years back when I started fasting, and Dr Fung not famous yet, I’d email him questions and he would email back providing advice. So, I was pretty fortunate to have had his coaching in my early launch into fasting. So, the advice he gave me, works quite great, which has formed my knowledge and long extended fasting capabilities. He’s a proponent of keeping things pretty simple during fasting…so, I’ve adopted his point of view.

In your OP, I see you mentioned eating/drinking these products during your fast:
1- bullet proof coffee (butter? Coconut oil? Cream? Sweeteners?)
2- maca powder
3- heavy whipping cream
4- multivitamin
5- probiotic (what type of probiotic?)
6- curcumin
7- other supplements. Did not list them by name.
8- broth (soup cube?)
9- protein powder (what kind? Whey?)
10- coffee
11- peppermint tea
12- lacroix drink

So, from the stuff you ingest during your fast, as listed above, the items I would target as elimination (to test whether or not they affect your gut during fasting) is 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7?, and 9. By elimination, and reintroduction, you would be able to test whether or not there is an effect on your gut. I suspect, these are affecting you somehow, in the absence of eating meals when not fasting.


Again - thank you for you post and I respect your much learned opinion. Here is a breakdown of the items you listed.

1 - I took coffee with 1/2 table spoon of HWC - nothing else 1 time per day.
2 - 1/2 teaspoon
3 - only in coffee at 1/2 tablespoon
5 - ultimate flora 80 billion - I have taken this for the last few years
6 - yes, as above for at least 4 years
7 - vitamin C and a B complex, again, taken for many years.
9 - the same isolate protein I have taken for about 4 years. However, as mentioned above I did not take this in my previous 3 day fasts. I am sure this did not prevent my problem this go around.

You could be right - I concede it possible that these things could be affecting me during my fast. Frankly, at the quantities I am consuming them and my familiarity with them, I simply don’t believe that. At the end of the day I have found something that works for me - just like you and your approach. I have found that psyllium husk fixed my problem and I am not interested in going back. Further - working through the permutations of the 7 items individually and/or in combination is not realistic for me and certainly “not easy to pin point.” Over that amount of time there are simply too many moving parts and to what end - avoiding psyllium husk? No thanks. I felt great and really enjoyed my last fast - I am not giving that up.

I concede and capitulate to your personal experience and success. I am glad you had the good fortune to work with Dr. Fung. I am certainly learning a great deal as I listen to the podcast. I will likely never be at a level to complete a 33 day fast to be sure - that is quite an accomplishment. I very much appreciate your willingness to share and offer your help. Thats what makes this forum and the people in it great. Best of luck to you.



I sincerely hope you figure this out, too.

The gut health thing is tricky. Took me many trials and errors to figure mine out. And I continuously test other food protocols…just to keep learning more and more about myself.

I think you have a great attitude, logging your experience, and being very thorough in your description. This is definitely a plus, and will help accelerate your progress.

(Kathy Valentine ) #17

Thank you for sharing your experience!
I too did a 3 day fast and have had major stomach and bowel issues that are lasting longer than the fast itself. I’m definitely going to try the psyllium husks and see if they help!

(Kellyn ) #18

Just a suggestion but it might be the bullion cube broth. This was happening to me until I realized it was the MSG in the bullion cube.

(Nithiyan Thiruudaian) #19

Day 3 of a water fast(and black coffee) and I’m experiencing the same problems. Came to the site looking for solutions. Thanks for this thread!

In the past I have completed 3, 2 day fasts and I have experienced diarrhea during and after ending the fasts. It makes fasting on work days quite difficult but for me its a minor cost to continue with the weight loss benefits I am experiencing.

(Robert C) #20

Hi thinketo,

In your OP summary, you wrote that you would like to try a longer fast for healing, reducing insulin resistance and autophagy. I think (from what I have read and gathered on podcasts) that with longer fasts, you could succeed with the first two. But, autophagy seems to be a bit trickier. In minute 28 of this ( Jason Fung interview he mentions that ANY protein will turn off autophagy. So, if you want to get autophagy (tear down the bad/rebuild with good for cancer prevention) it might be best to avoid the things on your list (in the video Jason points out that even bone broth has a little protein so should be avoided if seeking the benefits of autophagy).

Bone broth, heavy whipping cream etc. are good for compliance while you learn how to work your fasting muscle. But after 3 or 4 fasts you should probably try for “pro” status and stick to water, black coffee, trace mineral loaded sea salt and a multivitamin to ensure you get the greatest benefit for what you have to go through.