My Fasting Experience - 3 day - workouts, intestinal issues, food intake, breaking, etc

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Thanks Tom, I’ve been scouring the internet because every juice and water fast I’ve been on ends because of debilitating diarrhea. So sorry for TMI, but *h#! happens. My main reason for doing any fast is for the healing, regenerating outcomes fasting provides. Which leads me to the question, since I’ve had no choice but to take psyllium husk while on my water fast (I’ve completed day 4 and my goal is 7) does taking psyllium husk technically break my water fast? This is my Holy Grail of questions. It may seem petty to some, but I’m not in it for the weight loss, I’m in it for the healing and the thought that taking p.h. to manage my diarrhea may possibly be an obstacle to reaping the health/healing benefits of water fasting bums me out.
Thanks for any input you or any reader has :).

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Me too. Debilitating diarreah, and I’m not doing anything but Ketoaid! I find it hard to get past a few bites of food when I break fast without feeling nauseated. thank you for your post! I will most definitely try psyllium seed husk!

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Hi Nene,
I just finished a 4 day water fast and had to stop NOT because I was hungry or weak, but because of exhausting diarrhea. Each time a experienced a bout, I took 2 tsp of psyllium husks with ~6 oz water and it did take care of the intestinal intrusion. After the dose of p.h., I would be good for about 24 hours (most times). Since I needed to function, I needed to stop the fast because I didn’t have the luxury of staying near my bathroom wondering when and if diarrhea would strike. I do believe it’s my body detoxifying and I look forward to when I can let things run its course-using psyllium husks to manage it.

I’m assuming you’re on a very low carb, high fat diet? If so, your body may not be used to the healthy fats your eating. If you’re new to keto (forgive me if you are not) remember that veggies (low carb veggies) should be making up the majority of your daily food intake.

Best of luck and I hope the psyllium husks work for you!!

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I also lost approx 3 pounds in total following a 4 week stall on the scales. Although my primary objective is NOT weight loss, it’s lowering my insulin and fixing my hormones in general.

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HI’m about 7 weeks in and was noticing how not hungry I was so thought I’d try a 3 day fast. By 36 hours I was tied to the toilet so I broke fast and now I’m back to 20:4 IF which is easy and fine. I’ll keep up the 20:4 IF for another couple of weeks and maybe try another 3 day fast using PSH this time and report back on whether this makes any difference - I also wonder about whether it was my body simply flushing toxins? Candida dying off ? (I’ve heard) because I feel great! I never felt sick other than becoming quite nauseated when I tried to take even a couple of bites of pork belly to break fast - did NOT want fat and found myself willing to fast longer rather than eat the pork belly I had made - not a good break fast choice for me clearly - I did better on a bulletproof chocolate (I don’t drink coffee) - it was another 24 hours or so before I felt comfortable eating again and I decided on some cheese to break fast with (tasty cheddar) which was fine and no nausea. I had to go slow though reintroducing solids.

At 36 hrs though I just couldn’t move from the toilet for more than 5 mins or so for about 2 hours. I kept drinking ketoaid to ensure my electrolytes were maintained but it kept just going through me. Will try again in a couple of week. Thanks for your post and your response!

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Oh! I’ve also started a digestive enzymes supplement and think that is going to potentially help things along a bit.

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I do think diarrhea is all part of the detoxing our body finally has the chance to clear out. I hope you have as good results using psyllium husks as I have.

I’m not sure what "drinking ketoaid " is, but if it has to do with salt water, I’ve heard that could cause intestinal issues for some ppl. But congrats on making it as long as you did. I believe any fast longer than 12 has remarkable healing benefits, so you are accomplishing great healing jumping back into 20:4.

I am a vegetarian, but even if I weren’t, I’ve never heard of breaking a fast with any meat or animal product. Is your source of how, when, & why to break a fast based on…? paleo, or a keto expert?

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Tried the pork belly after listening to 2 keto dudes episode. Unfortunately I now want to throw up at the sight of it :rofl:

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I similarly had the same intestinal issues and it took me 1 1/2 days to recoup after just a 20 hour fast. I had done about 4 of these before but never had the issue. Will try some of the things mentioned here, thanks for posting this.

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Welcome to the forum, @Ben_Mapleton.
Your fly avatar is highly amusing and very lifelike - I had to check my screen. :joy:

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Welcome to the forum, Ben.

Best wishes with your forum journey =).


Well, after reading this, I dont think I am going to try fasting at all!!! :roll_eyes:
Check out Dr Boz and what she has to say about diarrhoea.
So for now I am sticking with Keto and IF !!

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I had my first go at fasting last week - had small amounts of fat and ‘fat fasted’ for 3 day (72 hrs). I did not experience an intestinal issues.
This week I am trying a 5 day (120 hr) water fast. I am currently at 74 hrs and again have not had any intestinal issues. But this week my keto rash has become much worse. Unbearably so. Off to Dr tomorrow to get antibiotics and see if that works - 8 weeks is enough.

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Aww, I am sorry that you are experiencing this, Paulene =(. I hope that the doctor can help you sort that out. Good luck with the fasting as well =).

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So do I, @Momof5 ! I hate the idea of antibiotics and have not had them for almost 20 years, but this rash has got to the point that my ankle is swelling (oedema). The really bad rash is on my lower leg/shin area so have to wear long pants to hide it (freaks people out when they see it) and it’s summer here - a very hot summer as well - which probably makes the rash worse. So I’ve had enough. I’m prioritising continued weigh loss over gut health, etc… that is supposedly damaged by antibiotics.

The fast is going well - much easier than I’d thought it would be. I haven’t been tempted to eat but my evening walk takes me past numerous roast dinners, stir fries, curries and BBQs which send my taste buds crazy. :laughing: The biggest enemy is not hunger but boredom. I live away from home during the week, which is a mixed blessing; it means I don’t have a fridge or pantry to raid, but I also don’t have a whole lot to do after work (no cleaning or cooking form the family). There are many delis, restaurants and cafe around to tempt me here. However, I am managing to resist, so far.

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That is great, Paulene. Before I was fat adapted I had a real struggle making all the meals for everyone in the house and not eating any of them, especially when I was fasting. Now it is fine but for the first few months it was really hard.