My experience with Sweeteners


(David Cumming) #21

Since you seem to be very knowledgeable in area of sweeteners - do you happen to know how good or bad sucralose is? I’ve got a couple of products (bbq sauce and diet crush orange - a soda) I’d love to consume that have only this sweetener.

(Dude Man) #22

I did and wow. This makes me angry. Ty


Along the same lines, I recently bought a glass pitcher made by Luminarc or Anchor Hocking, possibly at my local US Walmart that has a compartment where you can put fresh fruit to infuse the water. It was under $10. There is also a 2 gallon version (mine is 2 quarts I think) where you put the fruit on the bottom and you drawdown through the bottom of the container so the water is infused with the fruit and it sits in the fridge (no room for that). You add water through the top. Also was cheap, maybe $14. I had been to a party right before where they had them set up with different flavors. The pineapple tasted too sweet, as was grape (party was pre LC)

I bought it but do not use it much as I find it more work than I want but I also do not have room in my fridge even for the smaller one, which may be the real reason. Perhaps I will clean out the fridge and find room and start using it again

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Do you have a reusable water bottle that you take with you to the gym, on hikes, etc? You can do the fruit additions in those, I do mint with lemon a lot in my 20 oz. one. Our fridge can get crowded too. :).

(Siobhan) #25

Sucralose is splenda right?
Pretty good as far as Im aware, it can trigger cravings in some like anything else but Ive not read anything (for or against) glucose/insulin response.
I would say do a test on yourself (sucralose in water) with glucose testings and see how it goes


I just listened to this today. I think I’m one of those, too, who can’t do AS at all. What it is.

(Cheryl Hall) #27

@wheeghee – I started listening to this same podcast last night - I will finish it today. Sweeteners also mess me up! I try to stay away from them almost completely if possible. I do notice on days I eat them that I have increased hunger. As much as I don’t want his research to be true, I’ve learned to keep an open mind. He has also written a book about the subject.

(Solomom A) #28

If I have to sweeten something, half a teaspoon, maximum one, of actual sugar for me, and not often. For the first two years in Keto, no sugar at all. I enjoy my coffee and tea without sweetener but I need a little bit for my cocoa drinks.


I definitely have issues. I was a major sweets junky prior to Keto (in my fifth month). In the last two weeks, I got in the habit of having dessert after dinner. I found that I was starting to get hungry during the day, and tired as well. Swerve is my sweetener of choice, and I usually use half of what the recipe requires. I calculated the calories, and it is not putting me over my carb number. A bit long winded, but I am wondering whether there is a mental issue occurring. Using the Swerve leads to cravings for sweets, which makes me (or the original poster) hungry and leads to “carb” crashes despite low carbs. Testing showed I was still in Ketosis. The mind is a powerful thing.

(Cheryl Hall) #30


I just finished listening to the Podcast link above – I would recommend you giving it a listen. I think the sweet taste can cause issues for me but it seems there are also some phisological issues to be aware of as well.


Thanks, and I did. I definitely had those reactions from daily erythritol. Always curious if cravings caused the hunger, mood variability etc. Or, if the physical reaction led to cravings, etc.

(Yery Colombón) #32

How about crystal light?

(Jan) #33

Crystal Light is loaded with maltodextrin; it’s the 2nd ingredient listed. I don’t use it. My current favorite drink now is lime or lemon juice, stevia, sparkling water and a small sprig of fresh rosemary smashed up a bit.


I feel fancy just reading that!

(David Cumming) #35

I’ve experimented with Truvia and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects - just remember that any sweet taste can promote insulin production (theoretically anyways). I think it’s all a question of degree of insulin production. If you are in maintenance, then maybe you won’t care as much if you have a bit of insulin increase - but if you are trying to loose weight, I’d advise never having anything sweet period. I know it’s hard but keep the end goal of weight loss in your mind and keep buggering on

(Jennifer Beebe) #36

I know this is an old post but for newbies like me. I use sugar twin and purvia brand stevia in my coffee. Over the last few days I noticed I was continuously hungry through the morning and afternoon. No matter what I ate. I drank one 16oz with one packet through this time. But later in the evening I am fine. After a little research and this forum I am almost sure this is the problem. Which is a bummer. Anyhow I am going to retry without it the next few days and see. I’ll update when I know more.

(Antonio de las N) #37

thanks for sharing. My intuition tells me you´re right though I have no DATA. I´m always ading aspartame,-stevia lately-, and others. Your post awakens me about my practice and leads me to assay experientially your comments. Awareness.

(Clare) #38

I can totally relate to this post…back in August I started ‘keto’ as in I was doing all the right things food-wise but still having zero cal monster energy drinks and vitamin c drinks, sweetener in my coffee etc thinking I was doing myself a favour …long story short I read an article about how they could be hindering weight loss (i worked out three times a week and couldnt figure out where the weight had come from) and affecting appetite, and if I wanted to go keto then I should ditch the AF. I went completely cold turkey the next day, the weird weight I started to gain on my legs disappeared, my cravings went and my appetite went more like it should on a LCHF diet. I haven’t looked back since. I read all the labels now. Only drink coffee and water. I refuse to consume anything with AF in. I am still curious about erythritol and stevia and xylitol though. While I understand they don’t affect BG, I don’t understand what makes them so different from other sweeteners?

(Clare) #39

This is exactly where I’m at! Can’t be doing with the worrying …I have a massive bag of powdered erythritol I’m dying to start using :joy: but I’ve decided to stay away from it until I’m in maintenance mode. Keto isn’t always easy but so worth it :heart:

(Joanna Parszyk ) #40

I happen to be a person who tries to stick to as natural food as possible. I do not have a lot of artificial sweeteners ( just incidentally when l’m bakeing keto for others then l have a control sample).
Nothing makes me as hungry and craving more, satiety feeling (that l was working so hard to achieve) goes out of the window…
OTOH the sweetness from berries, a bit of tomato or celery is shocking!
I’m not diabetic so l cannot measure my glucose response after artificial sweeteners so those are just my thoughts.