Morning coffee

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Have recently become addicted to this.


I would never spend that much effort/time for just a cup of keto coffee. I just put some collegan peptides and cinnamon and cream in my cup and pour my coffe machine made over night coffee and blend it well. Takes way less time and is great tasting.

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My hubby spoils me rotten by adding butter and collagen powder to my morning coffee, frothing it and bringing it to me in bed. Heaven!

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I think I get all my fat at my meal. As for coffee, just black and delicious. Been experimenting with the hipster pour over stuff. It’s an improvement over the Kuerig cups, or I’m a sucker with the placebo effect (which is rare in most contexts).

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I can have this particular cup of coffee made in less than a few minutes, and its simply part of my morning routine, while I’m also preparing breakfast. From waking until leaving the house is less than 45 minutes, including a from-scratch totally magnificent steak and egg breakfast. I am extremely strict with routines, and find them helpful in many ways.

The ritualistic aspect of making coffee in this manner is also pleasing and comforting to my overactive brain.

I stopped pressing the button on electronic coffee pots a decade ago. I’ve tried many of the trendy hipster methods, not because I’m a trendy hipster, but because I finally learned to appreciate the flavor of a GOOD cup of coffee.

The pour-over method is excellent, as is the French press. I am in love with this Vietnamese coffee pot though. I haven’t made coffee any other way in a very, very long time.


French press here. Grind my own beans and leave it at that.

Normally, my IF would mean my eating window starts later in the day as I was never an ‘eat first thing’ kind of a gal. Just felt forced. So my coffee would be black.

While I’m healing from my surgery though, I’ve dropped the IF so now I’m enjoying some heavy cream in my coffee : )


Same - except I do mix eggs into my coffee for reasons. It’s a minute work (with cleaning the tool) but it’s a whole minute of work, I gladly skip it when I have cream, the best thing that can happen to my coffee… So I can relate.

Same except it means my first coffee should be after 2pm… or 4pm or whenever my eating window starts. Coffee has roles in my life but it never ever could make me more awake so I don’t need to drink it early or stop before midnight or something (though I tend to do).
[EDIT: I totally forgot the thread title has “morning” in it. But if I came back, I can admit I may put a wee little something into my morning coffees sometimes. When I have a morning coffee, my most coffee infected times have them.]

But I actually try to almost quit coffee. It went well until it didn’t… Why coffee is so tempting I wonder…
I only drink instant coffee, by the way :slight_smile: My gourmet drinking involved tea leaves, maybe whisky, never coffee.

I will try coffee with collagen peptides (but those are tasteless, right?) when I will order them and they arrive, maybe next weekend!
Butter was never good enough alone, I tried and it was better than black back then but not by much. I need something instead of the old milk (unless I drink it black, I can do it now, not ideal but possible) and butter just isn’t good enough. Or eggs. They together kinda work but cream is the one and only for me if I want a really lovely coffee. Even milk isn’t really good. It must be cream…

But maybe butter never worked well because I usae little. Of course I use little, it’s super expensive, way, way more expensive and way less tasty than the amazing cream :smiley: And I do love the taste of butter but it’s still not the cream my coffee calls for.

Cinnamon is odd to me in coffee, I use it in my egg milks (like my eggy coffees minus the coffee plus some flavorings like cinnamon).


Same. Never liked that combination for whatever reason.

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Actually cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper is lovely on a cold day… :slight_smile:


I love the flavour of cinnamon. No problems there at all. I have lots of cinnamon teas. But with coffee? Not so much ; )


I love avocado in morning coffee. Well throughout the day really :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

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Avocado? I’ve never thought of that. How much do you add?

I do remember a few years ago buying a “Christmas blend” of coffee, and it had a little black pepper in it. I remember that being very, very good…

I have forsaken dairy, except butter. I used to use heavy whipping cream in my coffee, but having cut dairy, have seen improvements in health. Hence the butter, and hence the mixing with a blender, so it froths instead of floating on top.


In a cup the size of the one in your vid I’d use about a quarter unless you like it very thick!


Thanks, I don’t need to write the same… Except I don’t have cinnamon teas. But they sound nice. I bought some apple-cinnamon ones in my life… But I typically just use tea leaves with or without some mild flavoring/spices.

Avocado in coffee is new to me too :slight_smile: Too bad I can’t try it out as we dislike avocado (just that it’s so bland, it’s not bad, per se and has its role in some dishes I don’t eat so I can imagine it’s not bad in coffee. Of course nothing is nearly as good as cream…).

It’s a super good reason for buttery coffees! It is possible to live without cream, I do that nearly all the time for different reasons. Butter isn’t a near perfect replacement but it’s noticeable that it is a relative to cream, definitely helps and it gets foamy too. I still need my eggs for protein and other things but it’s best to combine the two, at least for me.
Once I tried buttery coffee without a blender… It was awful :smiley: Frothing it makes so much difference!

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Bet my morning brew is new to some. Boil 1 cup water, add 1/2 stick salted butter, 1scoop Collagen. 5drops Keto Chow. Put it all in the Nutribullet for a few mins. Pour it in the cup! And Enjoy!!:yum: It is delicious!!

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Well you guys are pikers!

I buy green coffee beans and roast my own!!! :slight_smile:

Well, not always, but when I am in the mood and have the time. Alternative is grinding coffee beans for each pot. Never use ground coffee.


I was actually thinking about looking into roasting : ) For now though, I buy them roasted and grind them fresh each morning. If my only option anywhere is instant coffee… I’ll always take the chicken ; )


I totally love my (kind of cheap) instant coffee :upside_down_face:
Well the way I drink it, it’s mostly slightly colored water… With whatever I use it with.
But it’s really tasty. I choose my items well. There are AWFUL instant coffees out there. Some aren’t even remotely drinkable, no idea who buys that twice.
I drank non-instant coffees in my life, of course, not often but did, it wasn’t better than what I normally drink. I am sure I am the opposite of a gourmet if it comes to coffee, it’s soooo very different if it’s about teas.
But non-instant ones smell way better… Mmmm.

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Once you get the hang of making a special cup it goes really fast! Mines not quite as fancy right now because I am experimenting with my daily food and drink intake to make sure I keep my numbers down for T2, but I still like my additions to morning coffee :wink: thank you for the recipe!

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Oh I love fresh ground beans ET! I have a fave but it was pretty spendy so I’ve gone cheap for a couple of months. We have a Healthfood store with bulk products, and their decaf beans (all I can do with my tremor) are delicious :wink: