Morning coffee

(jr bob dobbs) #21

A month ago a friend at work had me put a pinch of salt in the hopper at work while brewing a pot… It cut the acidity almost completely.

This morning I put salt and fresh ground pepper into my coffee grounds before I poured the water, with amazing results. The pepper flavor in particular adds a little extra kick; its wonderful.


I clearly don’t understand things but why to drink something that is too acidic (IDK what that is regarding coffee, maybe I am not sensitive) or bitter or whatever?
The other things in it are so good so you can’t choose? Like me and fruits, they are super delicious with too much sugar and I can’t get out the sugar?
I just found coffee that is nice enough black (okay, not enough, coffee is way better with cream but I can drink it in need without problems).

(Allie) #23

Can’t drink coffee without salt these days, never tried pepper.

(Denise) #24

I heard on a sitcom called frasier?? about the English gal in the show put eggshells in the ground coffee. The dad loved it but Frasier had a fit :crazy_face: I’ve never tried that :slight_smile:


I still didn’t try salt in my coffee, I am still very sure it’s horrible for me (though not as bad as the zillion sweeter than sugar sweeteners, anything but those)… I hate salty water with a passion too.
It may depend on my actual relationship with salt, I usually need very little salt and feel eggs too salty when they are a dessert (and it’s the natural sodium in the eggs, it’s quite a significant amount) - but nowadays I desire more salt. Still don’t feel a need for salt in my coffee, it’s good as it is. But maybe it wouldn’t be so bad now.
Maybe one day I will be curious.


I’m going to have to have another magic coffee as I forgot to try adding salt. :roll_eyes: :joy:


You’re still not! Pour over is 1000% better than the speed brewed stale garbage that comes in overpriced K-Cups. I’ve pretty much had or still have every type of coffee making machine/device there is, my go to is my Ninja Coffee Bar, that thing has dethroned my Technivorm Mochamaster, which is considered THE coffee maker among coffee snobs. Then it’s my Percolator, then French Press. Plus of course, the coffee itself can make a night and day difference.

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

I remember that bit on the show.

I had a step grandmother who put eggshells in her coffee. I never had any of it so can’t really comment on how it would effect a cuppa. I do use cinnamon some of the time. But usually just some cream.

(Jane) #29

We had one and loved it but it finally gave up the ghost. We went with a cheaper one after that.

(Bacon enough and time) #30

It’s supposed to moderate the acid. Also, if your coffee pot doesn’t have a basket for the grounds, the eggshells settle the grounds to the bottom of the pot, so they don’t get into the cups when you pour.

(Bob M) #31

I have been cold-brewing my coffee for years now. I’m thinking of trying this, though:

(Denise) #32

Yes, she added something else I can’t think of now, maybe allspice, something kinda weird to me. I love that show, still watch it if it’s streams somewhere on my RokuTV :wink:

(Kelly ) #33

Just a reminder that you can make your own keto friendly sweetened condensed milk and use that as a base for many Keto recipes including Vietnamese or Thai Iced Coffee. I simply pour the creamer over ice and then add cold brew coffee over and stir…amazing! The recipe is simply 2 1/2 c heavy cream, 1/4 c butter (I used a bit less), 3/4 c granulated sweetner of choice (I used an Allulose/Monk Fruit blend from Bestie), and 1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract. Bring everything to a boil on the stove while stirring and then simmer for about 45 min until it begins to thicken. Let it sit at room temp for a bit before pouring it in heat safe containers and putting in the fridge. It’s yummy!


I’m far too lazy for fancy coffees, but I do enjoy my morning and afternoon coffee, I just pour in a little of my grassfed raw milk, the coffee I use is French blend, nothing fancy or organic, but I love the smell and taste. It used to be cream I would put into my cofffee and I would even whip it for this purpose, but my body didn’t agree with the cream in the end. I eat my beloved KerryGold butter on its own as a snack, but I’ve never tried butter in coffee, except quite a few times back when I was still eating the cream I had whipped it far too much and it turned more into something like butter or cream cheese which I don’t like and it didn’t really work in the coffee.

(Mike W.) #35

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a bulletproof coffee. I think I might try it tomorrow. Heavy cream, Kerrygold butter and coconut oil whipped up in the nutribullet. I remember it being heavenly!

(Geoffrey) #36

I’ve quit drinking coffee but I do like a morning cup of tea and I tried Bulletproof Tea for the first time this morning.
1 Tbsp of butter, 1 Tbsp of coconut oil, 1 cup of brewed tea. 30 seconds in the Nutribullet and it was ready to go. It was really good and will be my go to morning drink for now on.

(Mike W.) #37

I’ve switched to straight decaf, usually with a splash of heavy cream, but this used to be my weekend treat.

(KCKO, KCFO) #38

That is my morning beverage now as well. I do add in collagen peptides to one cup of decaf now, having great results getting rid of a skin problem, that the peptides are having a great effect on, when it is cleared up, I will go back to just the decaf w/cream.

(Bob M) #39

I also use collagen peptides, usually in raw milk. I credit them (the peptides, not the milk) with getting rid of some age spots. One in particular used to be quite dark, and now I have a hard time seeing it.

(Robin) #40

@ctviggen @collaroygal Same. I used to go looking for a make-up that would cover my large dark spot on my cheek. mine went away surprisingly quickly with collagen peptides… also less wrinkles, thicker hair, better toe nail, I could go on and on. I’ll stay on that forever.