More power to those people eating honey

(Bob M) #1

I have some Manuka honey I bought to use on my dog’s teeth. We also have local raw honey, which my wife likes to give our kids when they have a cold/sore throat.

I felt “something” (a sickness) coming on, had small amount of lung congestion. Still did body weight training on Monday and Tuesday, only about 45 minutes or so each time. I’ve been trying a TKD (targeted keto diet), where you eat some carbs after working out. So, after eating my meat lunch (about 2-3 hours after exercising - lunch = first meal of the day), I had 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 Tbsp Manuka, and 1 Tbsp raw, in tea. Around 34g carbs. This wasn’t too bad, and I felt OK. Was able to make it to dinner, about 7-8 hours later.

Turns out the sickness was covid. I got a slight fever, so I decided to keep using the honey, 2 Tbsp as above, but in tea I drank in the morning. I don’t eat breakfast and usually have 1 cup coffee (with cream if I’m not fasting) and 1 cup Pu-Erh tea (black).

I was freaking STARVING after having the honey. Starving. I did this 2 days in a row, and was starving both days. The first day, I only made it to 9am until I had to eat. The second day, I forced myself to wait until 10am.

I stopped using honey after that. It simply made me too hungry. I went back to a normal schedule of eating, because I was no longer hungry in the morning.

Those people who are eating honey by itself (not after a meal): more power to them. I can’t do it.’

Edit: Sorry, I exercised Tuesday and Wednesday, tested negative for covid Thursday, positive and had fever on Friday.


I am you on that one and you are me on me too on that one :slight_smile: sugar means disaster in our bodies. We are clean humans now with our times on our lifestyle changes.

Covid. Ya got covid? darn. Strange now cause is ‘this covid’ the same as some mutant strain now ya know? from the crap I read out there on it, who knows? I don’t :wink:

when I had it from hubby giving it to me he went DOWN for about 2 wks easily and had to go for some prescrip drugs for lung congestion and then he was weak for a bit after, yea big old ‘carby crap eater’ hubby took the big hit and then my ‘more lc healthy’ younger of course kiddo got ‘a few days of sicky icky’ but recovered fast and I got like 2 days…1 day ick and 2nd day omg the headache and weirdo but on day 3 I recovered full on vibrant. Key being it took me many days to ‘go down’ for the short time I did, but I thought I mighta skirted it but nah, it got me for a small bit…They both are vax’d and I got no vax.

I tell ya our bodies when clean and normal on our eating will give us what we need and always show us what we don’t need. Real deal immune systems are so lost on so many now. I wouldn’t touch honey for all the tea in China, I won’t touch tea either HAHA

remember too this is my personal at home chat on what goes down for each of us against what is out there to take us down and how we deal with stuff in our lives.

feel ya on your post ctv!

(Pete A) #3

I’m good for 1/2 teaspoon. Every few years haha


HAHA too darn funny, love it PeteA!


Honey is one of the tastiest things ever but it’s too sugary. I can’t eat it alone but it’s even tastier with walnut… :wink:

It never helped me with anything. It’s merely tasty and a sugar with its all negative consequences. I can handle a bit, it’s just… Not really worth it unless I feel my life lacking without honey and not with it but it’s not really the case :wink:

Everything beyond a tiny little bit of calories make me hungry. So I see no strange thing in you getting hungry…

2 tablespoon is A TON, I put that into several dozens of gingerbreads I think (it’s for the tablespoon honey allows so the volume is high)… If I would make honey+wafer/bread meals (keto bread), 2 tablespoonful would be enough for… 10? 20? It depends.

IDK who eats a ton of honey all alone, it’s normally consumed with other things I suppose.

I can eat almost everything alone. Not honey. Not even wine with 10% sugar content as that feels like drinking honey too (and this data is many years old).
Many fruits are borderline inedible to me and they are nowhere to honey.
But I can eat honey alone, sure. Give me 1-2 grams, I can do it. I won’t even get hungry from it.
(Even 5 I guess.)

(Allie) #6

Never been able to stomach honey, even when I ate a high sugar diet.
Gives me evil heartburn, plus… it’s basically bee vomit. No thanks.


I raise bees. It’s just killing me to give all my honey away and not eat it.

But I love the bees!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #8

And they are performing a vital service.

(Bob M) #9

I have nothing against bees, if I had time, I’d have my own hive. (Though have to be concerned about black bears. And I’d probably get chickens before bees.) I don’t even have anything against people eating honey.

It did seem to help my sore throat, which I had the first day. But that could be psychological too.

Having never actually eaten honey before (by itself; had it in a few recipes), I just thought 2 tablespoons would be easy to measure and use. And it turns out to be what I’m trying to use for my TKD: 40-50 grams of carbs. I was using rice noodles, as they are easy to make and don’t upset my stomach.

The good news is that I was still producing ketones when I tested, up to 0.4 mmol/l, which is high for me. But I did not test as much as I should have for a proper test (maybe I dipped to zero, then came back up?). But I’m also trying to work, walk and train a dog, make dinner for my family, clean the kitchen, etc., while having covid.


I bought and used more honey than sugar in the last years on my high-carb times… Good honey is wonderful, it looks so beautiful when clear (at least one type is never clear, it has its adventages)… And there are zillion different kinds, colors, everything. It’s one of the many carby items that always will bring very, very nice memories and fond feelings. I just don’t really eat them and we don’t even have it most of the year. We always have a jar in December, no idea for how long, I am pretty much done with my gingerbreads, maybe 2022 will be the last year I attempted them (I wanted to stop but it’s a challenge, to make them pretty)… And a jar is just way too much as we barely eat any… But beekeepers sell it in 1 kg jars.
I probably will just buy a tiny honeycomb piece in the future, the city market has those things still I hope. They are fun.

We have many beekeepers here, the closest is a few hundreds of meters away.

(Bob M) #11

Our neighbor also has some beehives, and we get some honey from him at times.

Manuka honey, which I got for my dog’s teeth, is also interesting:

That says it helps with sore throats, and it did seem to help. But I’d really need two of me, one who uses the honey, and one who doesn’t, to really figure that out.


without bees or insects the world stops. simple as that as we know. keep the vegetation spinning for all animals on the planet and they have a function. to feed bears and other animals that must have that sugar for hibernation and more if they can get it. Humans don’t need it, never did unless thru massive true survival issues happening.

(Central Florida Bob ) #13

It’s not surprising to me, Bob, but you’re the only other person I’ve run across who has said that.

You can do it with just one of you, separating the trials in time, if you can keep Every Single Other Thing you eat or are exposed to the same between trials. That approaches impossible.

There will never be studies I trust on the lifetime effects of eating anything until there are lifelong RCTs on people and that’s just simply never going to happen.

(Bob M) #14

Well, in this case, I’d have to get covid again, which I would prefer not to get again. :grinning:

There are some RCTs where they give people honey for sore throats, but even those have to be very difficult. How do you know WHY they have a sore throat?

Since summer, I’ve had 4 sicknesses (a record from what I can remember). Each one was different. Some of them involved a lot more chest congestion. Some gave me a “Barry White” voice. Oddly, covid has only cause a very minor amount of chest congestion and no deeper voice. None of them involved a sore throat, other than covid, which was quite a minor sore throat.

It’s very hard to measure anything when it’s like this. Which is why I like the studies that have “hard” results, like the studies where they measure what happens to bacteria in your mouth after eating honey. At least those have outcomes that be compared.


Honey for sore throats is a widely popular thing, I heard about it all my life and apparently it works for many (I would think… but as we know people widely believe in obviously wrong, super easy to disprove things… but now that I think I actually met people who got better and I can imagine honey does something to some people. though a cold heals quickly so it’s hard to tell it was honey or time but maybe honey does it in no time?). NEVER ever did for me and I wasn’t shy with the amount as I loved honey. I used normal good honey, never even saw Manuka honey.
I always thought about cold sore throats as that is a thing and I never had it from anything else.

(Alec) #16

Doesn’t surprise me Bob. This is one of the reasons I have been surprised by the Paul Saladino messaging. Eat honey, insulin will spike. High insulin will block bodyfat usage, hence your body will scream hunger at you. All depends on your metabolism and how insulin resistant you are… if the body gets the insulin down quick, you should be OK, but if the insulin lingers, then….

(KM) #17

I’ve seen a study suggesting a teaspoon of honey at bedtime can be as good a children’s cough suppressant as otc cough medicine. Lesser of two evils?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #18

My mother used to make us a concoction of honey, lemon juice, and glycerin. I don’t think it worked any better than commercial cough syrup, but it certainly didn’t perform any worse, and it tasted better.

(Edith) #19

I believe he is even anti-keto at this point.

(Bob M) #20

@Alecmcq and @VirginiaEdie I’ve always found Saladino to be an anomaly. Listened to his interview with Amber O’Hearn, where he was eating a ton of raw beef liver and saying that you had to eat raw egg yolks (not cooked) and not eat the whites. He was a bit over the top.

Also listened to one of his covid discussions where they were discussing covid on a US Navy carrier and a cruise ship. As someone who spent 4 years on a carrier, I could tell Saladino had no freaking clue about what he was saying. It was completely wrong. Yet he was acting as if he was correct.

I also think Saladino never needed to be keto (except maybe from a mental health perspective), as he was never insulin resistant or overweight.

I have a theory that we all see through lenses that are influenced by the way we are. He can probably chug a pint of honey, and his blood sugar probably doesn’t move.

Meanwhile, although I didn’t check my blood sugar, I bet my blood sugar went very high, then below where I was originally, leading to hunger. See this:

This shows the day before (Wed 22 Nov) Thanksgiving 2017 and Thanksgiving (Thu 23 Nov). But if you see that dip into the red on Wed 22 Nov at about 10pm, that’s from ice cream pie. I’m sure I was starving at that time, even though I had just eaten high calorie, high fat ice cream. Why? Because my blood sugar took a hit and I was hypoglycemic.

I say this because we usually have ice cream for birthdays, and without fail, I get hungry after eating ice cream. I usually eat ham to compensate.

So, Saladino and I could eat the exact same thing (honey) and get two completely different results.

It’s the same with people who say that oats (and I don’t care what kind) make them full. I’m the exact opposite.