More power to those people eating honey

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Indeed. In a recent video the “CarnivoreMD” said that long term ketosis was “dangerous” as it increased methylglyoxal, which he claims is bad. Both Bart Kay and Harry Serpanos have demolished his argument, and PaulS has gone quiet on the matter.

Personally, I have unsubscribed from Dr Saladino. I think he’s lost his mind.


As far as I know, raw yolks are more precious, raw whites takes away biotin and less precious anyway but of course it isn’t enough to say such things… I would never stop eating non-raw yolks or whites for sure. I eat all combos and all are precious (but yolks more than whites). And throwing away any part of eggs is sin to me (unless one has some extremely good reason but I have a hard time to imagine that).

Ouch. I so much hate that…

I seriously doubt that… :wink:

SATIATION is extremely individual, there are simple NO RULES about it at all (the only vaguely general thing is that protein is usually satiating but how much, with what else and with what exceptions, that’s still individual. I can eat 1 kg chicken and stay very hungry). It’s all over the place, basically anything imaginable is possible (I heard from people they ONLY can get satiated if they eat much fruit :smiley: well that’s quite wild to me. but I have my chicken phenomenon… while I could get satiated by bananas only… 1 kg lasted for 1 hour but STILL :D)… There are a few things where the human body is way more predictable.

But it may important how much :wink: My SO can’t get satiated by a tiny (usual amount) one. But a big one lasts for quite long while he is physically active.
Carbs always made me hungry, with very few special exceptions (they still couldn’t satiate me for long) but I dislike oats anyway so never tried to get satiated with it. But I know what gives me satiation and that’s not carbs. Fiber is completely irrelevant, never seemed to change anything. Most diet advice was epically off in my case. Good thing I never listened to any. People talk as if we all would function the same. Didn’t they meet other kinds of people…?


wow really? I dumped following him long ago but now anti-keto? heading toward vegan? omg LOL


yea me too dumped him long ago.

key being ‘normal carnivore’ IS NOT BEING in long term ‘active ketosis’ at all. It is a ketone burn body point blank but it is not forcing ever a ‘being in active ketosis number state’ that is forced.

in fact most carnivores are ‘never in ketosis’ numbers as what ‘being in ketosis is all about’ ya know LOL Carnivore menu as to eat to live a ketogenic burn body is not being ‘in long term ketosis numbers’ ever…what an illusion most won’t ever understand reading this mixed up info! :frowning:

such a big discrepancy in that in our zc lifestyle.


scary how one flips and then we get the flip back later after he does more damage out there? who knows. Paul S was outta my sights very long ago…sad he is still out there now blabbing nonsense… bleck