MOOvember Carnivore

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A very edible post!

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Yes just writing about it makes me want to finish the rest of the crackling which is a bit more charred lol.


It reminds me of the beef pieces I saw in a supermarket. They were TINY (the two cheapest cuts, supermarkets simply don’t have many different beef cuts here), I saw way bigger ones in the past. And a big slab is no problem, it was the meat counter so one can ask for a smaller piece but there was only two already packed tiny beef pieces and that’s it…
Of course there are places where one can buy lots of beef (the hypermarket we usually visit in our really big shopping days), I just wondered about the changes in that specific small supermarket…

Today wasn’t carnivore at all in the end, I will come back tomorrow. Sometimes it’s oddly difficult to come back, things just happen even if I definitely not desire carbs, per se… I totally need to figure out how to make crunchy, dry things for my big, inevitably wet teas… Weather got COLD and I drink big, hot teas now.
And I have no hunger problems. More like the opposite, I barely get hungry after a long time and I do like to get hungry properly and have a nice meal… Just not too often. I have eggy days now and I am a fan of greek yogurt. (I actually found less than 10% fat green yogurts so it seems it’s not always 10% here either. Just almost always.)
And I still doesn’t feel any desire to eat meat. Sigh. (I only had some sausage in the last days, my leftover roast wasn’t touched since days. Hopefully it’s still good, it smells okay. If I don’t want it, the cats surely will.)

But I got a little sunshine and a tiny walk - not a full one as it got so cold and I definitely need to wear something warmer under my only okay pants, it’s very thin and pocketless but it’s comfy and it fits me :smiley: I need to lose some fat to fit into my warmer ones but I am plenty of soft, warm pants (don’t know how they are called) to wear below a normal one. It’s useful for someone with very few pants, I usually have a fav one and I wear it almost all the time, be it summer or winter :slight_smile: I don’t have a fav one now, just one usable, I really should go and visit a shop already. Or lose some fat, that would help, at this point it comes off from my waist…

I see a roe deer today! Not a very unusual sight but it’s rare enough for me to appreciate it quite much :slight_smile: It wanted to escape into the wrong direction, there was a long fence so I could enjoy seeing it running with its blindingly white rear end for a longer time than usual :slight_smile:

I should make an experiment next time when I get hungry, I wonder how many boiled eggs I would eat :slight_smile: ONCE in my life one was enough for satiation. I still can’t wrap my hear around that, 5 is usually nothing for my hunger as it’s almost nothing compared to my idea of a proper meal but the time of the day matters very much. I never could eat much in the morning, a noon meal is still small, 3pm may be bigger but if I eat at 4-5pm first, that’s usually OMAD sized. And then I start to have problems after 6 as something happens with my appetite and hunger and I can’t eat a proper meal again. I think. I super rarely eat that late.

Tomorrow I try to wait until I properly get hungry. Sausage day but the best type, well I don’t know if the one I bought is really tasty but I hope so!


Hi ZCers,
Great reading the busy thread.
Day 30 for me, bit bored with beef/water/salt so thankfully this is the last steak for a while!


Lamb chops last night. It is still the cheapest ruminant meat on the bone in this region of the world. Eggs and bacon breakfasts. Sunny days but hours at the computer finishing end of teaching semester marking and admin tasks.

Pretty sure Mrs. Bear’s sore throat, lost voice, and subsequent coughing was the latest round of coronavirus, as we have a bit of an uptick here. I felt a bit off last Saturday after the corporate lunch and training day. But nothing developed.

I’m in the way-of-eating groove with 2MAD, noFUN, 2 morning coffees a few hours apart, salty beef bone broth in the afternoon, eggs and bacon (note: no cheese) to break fast, and a ruminant red meat meal at night, sometimes with pan-fried halloumi.

I saw in the social media that couples, and family cooks, have a major stress about what to make or provide for dinner. Getting in a carnivore-based groove, if you are of the personality type that doesn’t mind routine delicious food, solves that life problem.

Fasting blood glucose before breakfast was 5.0mmol/l (90mg/dl). Run out of blood ketone measuring sticks at this time.


Can you eat that deer?

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Tell us about it ? Did it work for you.
You plan on doening more relaxed Carnivore? or Keto with 20gr carbs a day?


Hi Vic, thanks for replying.
It’s been really interesting! I started ZC because I had a load of beef in and knew I had a busy month with work. Luckily I didn’t have any serious health issues to repair and felt great from a few months of Keto. I expected to lose energy but that hasn’t happened :grinning:
I had blood work done last week to double check a strange result I’d had in October, the results are totally reversed and now at the opposite end of the range so weird BUT I feel great so not concerned!
ZC ‘fits’ well with my lifestyle, it’s super convenient and my dogs love it too! I’m going to continue but add salmon in as I’ve overdone the steak. I ditched cream 3 weeks ago as I can’t be sensible with it and mostly cook with lard, no change in the food shop bill either which has surprised me. Oddly don’t miss coffee?
It’s only been 30 days but I already feel like I know more about my metabolism. Even though I was tracking everything whilst doing Keto I suspect I wasn’t eating enough as I now eat 4 times a day. I feel like I’ve lost weight, I’m weighing in an hour so I’ll find out soon.

I’m definitely keeping going and looking forward to the journey, I find friends’ and colleagues horrified reactions quite entertaining too!


I can’t and actually don’t want to kill the roe deer.
But I am aware it is tasty… I have very nice memories about all the deer meat I ever ate. That was the bigger kind. I suppose they are similar. One day I will buy some roe deer meat, the hypermarket has it. I know a specialized shop for various treats from the forest, they have game meat too.

If it’s ruminant, my two big favs are mutton and deer meat, apparently. Not like I know beef much, I barely ever ate it in my life and that was probably not the best cut even when it was from the not so far away farm with great meat. The mutton from there was wonderful. The cheaper cuts of beef we got were good but not that good.
And I still never tried veal. Last time they had some and even at normal beef prices, IDK why but the timing was bad. I’ve heard veal is less flavorful but maybe the tenderness makes a big difference…? Whatever, I want to try it out one day soon.

I have freshly baked sausages but it’s not even lunchtime yet and I probably won’t be hungry even then so I behave :slight_smile:

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Oh my goodness I thought that was a spaniel type dog lying on his back with butter on his tummy … get ya specs on girl … oh they are on … no hope for me is there :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I saw the steak when you mentioned it lol looks good :wink:

Yes, my ZC woe was a regular topic of conversation when I was working but I did find a small number really intrigued and interested by it, so I was always more than happy to spread the word and the joy :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh it’s nice to be back to carnivore :slight_smile: Hopefully I will think that even after some days with normal pork. My last leanish slab is defrosting in the fridge.
The 4 ingredient sausages were good! I ate better but I had access to super good home-raised home-made pork before… It was really good and satiating.
I had 1.5 pieces (210g) with 2 sponge cake muffins, 3 soft-boiled eggs and a little Greek yogurt for dessert :slight_smile: And a milky coffee as well.

I want to make my own sausage again.


woke up not really hungry but one word came to mind and hit me like a brick over the head.


simple. got a 1 lb. ribeye steak defrosting for first meal.

second meal not a thought but thinking some shrimp with or without alfredo maybe after that.

I know I WANT THAT ribeye real bad :slight_smile: but also know nothing else is drawing me so 2nd meal is a more whatever light fare I find.


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Sounds like you belong here. Welcome :smile:

Not a lot of us eat 4 times a day, that’s a lot.
I eat 2 times a day and sometimes only 1 meal, a big fatty one then.

I’m inspired, going to buy some fresh Salmon this week and some Philadelphia soft cheese to spread on it.
Don’t know if I’m going to cook the salmon, don’t think so, its nice raw.


remember @VictoriaA our time on plan is how we eat. Many here are longer term easily and fall into 2 meals per day. Do you on that one as you need.

When I started I was 4 meals, 6 meals, 3 meals plus meat snacks, hit OMAD for a small time, then I was 2 meals then 3 meals and then it changed again til my ‘final spot’ and time my body wanted food hit literally 2 meals per day…so newer means alot of change and time on the lifestyle shows you eventually where you will land.

key being, hungry? eat all the zc you want at all times. This moves us forward big time on where we get more nourished and heal more interally and hormones re-balance and we find ‘our new us’ personally on this lifestyle.

just thoughts to convey :slight_smile:


I can see the Spaniel resemblance too! It wasn’t the best cooked steak but it tasted a lot better than the dreadful pic thankfully!
Other peoples reactions have been mixed but a colleague is interested to join me and I honestly didn’t try to recruit! So I now have an ally when avoiding the last-ish part of a menu (sorry I don’t know how to blur text / don’t want to use wrong terms in here).


@carnivoor2 Thank you, it’s great to be here. This forum has been a fantastic help.
You’re right about 4 meals being a lot. Somewhere along the way I’ve forgotten to keep fats up so that may be why I’ve felt hungry a lot.
I need to switch things up, I’ve lost 12lbs this month, not planned as I’m on maintenance but not a problem - but need to re-visit the basics.

I LOVE raw salmon and also crispy salmon skin so I cooked a fillet for dinner, enjoy yours!


Thanks for this help, I put increasing to 4 meals a day down to early days/adapting etc. now I think it’s time to increase portion size, drop a meal and eat fattier meats/fish.
It’s been a full on work month but I’ve got a few days off so time to get a plan going and some shopping in, I’ve had crab in my head since you mentioned it last week so on the hunt for that now!


I am the one with frequent 4-6 meal days and I hate it. I never had that many before, just on carnivore. It’s one of my most important goals to get rid of them.
I have 1-3 meal days quite often too, those are better but if I go over 1, I usually don’t stop until 3-5.

No idea about today yet but I had my second, smaller meal. Finally finished my leftover pork roast. I checked, it was 8 days old… Wow. I never kept leftover roast out of the freezer for this long. But it was still okay. Meat is amazing.
It wasn’t tempting but I had some wonderful sausage fat and with that it was easy to eat. Some more milky coffees, 5g cheese and that’s it as I simply had nothing else to eat (just items I find boring and I wan’t hungry enough for that).
But I got satiation later.

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Thats amazing llosing the weight, all the better when not trying … maybe thats whee a lot of people go wrong, they try too hard, IDK , I’m not here for weightless myself.

Its nice to have allies but personally I have never needed any, when I get focused, I get focused. Tbh I haven’t eaten deserts for years, I stopped eating wheat, gluten and dairy (though I include a bit of cheese now) many years ago which of course made it incredibly easy to transition to carnivore.

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Well last night I went to bed before 9pm, lay on my back, straight, arms by my side and thats how I slept for the majority of the night! I woke a few times as per and could have got up at 3.45am but manages to get back to sleep and all in all apparently slept for 9hrs 40mins! Must have needed it, I know I didn’t get a great sleep the night before.

Thought oh I feel great this morning g and went downstairs and started feeling sick. Sat down with the brew n books, in the lounge as it was chucking it down outside, and sat for a while trying to get through the nausea. Thankfully it subsided so I drank my coffee read some chapters and then went to the gym. Upper weights day. Didnt feel particularly strong today and a little bit light headed. Did a good workout though.

Returned home and read some more with another black coffee and before I knew it was 12.45 so fried the last duck egg and had that with 3 small pieces of roast pork. Still barking this morning and with a shove from my 'mother’s (my daughter Sian) phoned the surgery. The Doctor called me back very shortly afterwards and asked me to pop in for a check up. I was sure there wouldn’t be a chest infection and of course the cough had stage fright when I got there but he checked me 9ver and said my chest and back sounded clear. I asked about the bloods I had taken a few weeks ago and he said they all came back excellent, cholesterol was down to 5.5 from 7 a couple of years ago and he said the trigs and other tests were all really good. I said I was pleased and this carnivore zc woe must be doing me some good :smiley: hahaha. He advised just a bit more R&R.

Made a rump steak when I arrived back home. I knew it would be a bit rough as it was one of a pack of 8 that I have been trying to get through and each one has been tough. Had it with my special butter. Also had a mug of beef stock and will probably eat a bit more pork shortly.


I ALWAYS need to have sponge cakes and ready to eat meat. I know that but sometimes I just don’t. Today was a tad difficult. I was busy with things and wasn’t hungry all day so it wasn’t very annoying but I couldn’t get satiated (maybe for a little time after my first meal). I am not satiated since 4pm and it’s 1:44am now… I had 2 more meals (eggs and dairy as I had nothing else. well I had a little catfish spread, all alone as I had nothing to eat it with) and it’s borderline okay now. I clearly feel that my body wants meat, it has this thing since some time despite I functioned pretty well without any meat for quite long before, on a very different woe, meat is vital now but still, why can’t I eat low-meat occasionally? Okay, occasionally can but I usually feel my day seriously lacking when I try (typically out of necessity. I like meat except when I am bored of it).
I could have fry some meat but I pretty much was done with cooking for the day and I had 2 meaty meals already. It should have been okay but my body doesn’t work that way. Oh well, I survived pretty well, practiced handling low-meat and the resulting lack of satiation, that’s useful… But I will make sure I always will have some meat and sponge cakes to eat from now on. ALWAYS. Not “ooops, I postpone it for reasons but it should be fine”. No, it won’t necessarily be fine. Maybe I will never learn (I have this with my extremely high optimism, experiences don’t really help). Maybe I should start baking/cooking even if it’s very late but needed. Even if I already had many meals. But my personality is against that. Supplies in the freezer then.
No idea about my macros but they should be fine I suppose. I will track tomorrow.

And @FrankoBear, thanks for the art creating ai link!!! It is so much fun and inspiration :smiley: I got farther from drawing again and hopefully it helps me to go back to it. My usual inspiration source is out now :frowning:
I already see colorful things if I close my eyes…
It would be nice to dream artistically but I never did that. It’s my brain, why it can’t give me something cool?