MOOvember Carnivore


Oh poor Raymond :frowning:

I would accept that… No sunshine almost ever is so much worse! But I am still fine after the sunshine maybe 2 days ago…? I am bad with time.

Alvaro had a late lunch for him (considering it’s Saturday) at 2pm. I was fine, baked my sponge cakes… And then I got hungry too so I had pork soup with lovely pork chuck meat. And it wasn’t enough so some sponge cakes with cheese too. Yum.
I realized that with my cream gone I can’t make Alfredo sauce yet. Later then. I made sure Alvaro is aware that I want from that good parmesan-like cheese too. I only had 5g this far but I can’t eat it in slices, it’s for flavoring, it’s so rich and hard and dry. I like half-hard cheese with my sponge cakes like a young Gouda.

(Michael) #63

Breakfast today
4 oz raw testicles, 7 oz beef heart, 1 oz mussels, 2 oz spleen with a slice of cheese inside, 1 oz beef and chicken livers, 3 oz thymus and 2.5 oz clams. A first for me!!


hit up zero carb videos
YOUNG CARNIVORE so this shows us life will get forward and our health and research can thrive :slight_smile: little slow in chat but good info LOL

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@MeganNZ… Oh, those parking lot eating frenzies!
Always hoping no one would see me.
Mostly eating my own shame.

Kinda nice to remember from whence we came, isn’t it?

(Robin) #66

Mr Bear, thanks for sharing that. A bench is such a great idea.
I imagine your dad saying, “Hey son, have seat and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Glad Mrs. Bear is better. And love the photo. Looks like a bungee jumper. Wheeeee!

(Karen) #67

Well here we are early evening again, where do the days go? … and of course the nights are drawing in. Fireworks going off al round. I used to nip upstairs for a front seat viewing in the warmth and usually we could add the dry hahaha but it isn’t raining at the mo and the pops and bangs and weeeeez are going on around the locality but I can’t really be fussed to go upstairs to watch it all from my bedroom window. I must be getting drab and boring and and bit of a stick in the mud lol … dont care lol I am sitting with a nice hot water bottle on my lap under my blanket :slightly_smiling_face:

Usual brew n read first thing but in the lounge as it started raining a tad bit outside. Then went to the gym and did a lower body workout before coming home to make a cheese omelette which was nice. I out some lamb chops in the slowcooker and they were ready about 3pm after I had had a mug of Bovril. They were tasty too. Had a bit of cheese to munch on also.

Felt like the cough has really eased off today so feel I am really at the end of it thankfully. Cant grumble albeit was a bit nasty I never felt ill or feverish with it. Thankful for small mercies.

Went up and caught the remnants of some fireworks in the distance and a cool moon moody sky to share with you all.


First not smooth day. I mean I had this “what on Earth should I eat?” thing again (but it wasn’t that very hard to figure it out). Maybe I overdid pork (maybe not but I still need a break), yeah, I badly need OMAD… But it didn’t happen today so obviously I went up to 3 meals as 2 is just impossible for me. But I care more about my macros. They are shrouded in mystery as I had soup and bacon ends :slight_smile:
Lunch. The soup wasn’t enough in the end so I had sponge cakes with cheese (can I call them cheese sandwiches? they are that and it’s shorter) as well. That did the trick.
Dinner. After the soup with chuck pieces I didn’t want meat so I made scrambled eggs with bacon. I ate the eggs and left the bacon (except a few pieces) as it was so horribly salty. I will need 1-2 eggs for every 10g bacon or something. Even trying to ignore the bacon pieces, I needed a lot of sour cream with it to lower the saltiness. Not a creamy sour cream, I will mix it with yogurt if I will have yogurt. I visit the village in Monday so I will do a tiny shopping.

And then I couldn’t get satiated for long so I ate around 8pm too, twice. I made some quick cheese sauce using Gouda (as I dislike grating cheese but grating a hard one? nope, I will ask Alvaro tomorrow) and sour cream (as I had that but cheese and sour cream is a very traditional combo anyway) and butter, of course. Or not of course, no idea what is cheese sauce normally is from, I barely ever see such things in my life and never made any. It was lovely, I ate it with sponge cakes.
And then I got hungry again and ate a slice of pork chuck roast…

I had 10 sponge cakes today. Sigh. I need to make another batch tomorrow…
And I will focus on eggs and non-pork meats. Chicken liver is defrosting (just a tiny help… bacon is very fatty anyway) but turkey comes next! :slight_smile: It’s so very different from pork, I may get bored of all pork, I still welcome turkey. It probably helps that I don’t have it very often.

Guesstimation says 137g protein and probably more fat. I am cold :frowning: When I couldn’t take a cold shower using the HOT tap (it gets lukewarm after minutes, cold until then but not as cold as using the cold tap, that wouldn’t be much over 10C) and was super cold sitting in 18.3C fully dressed (I use 2 warm socks now), I wondered about the animals who can’t be such a princess… If life gives them soaking rain in 1C, they need to handle it. Of course I would handle it too if I had no way out but I would be SUPER miserable.

Tomorrow we will take a long walk (unless there will be rain), bake things and decide when to turn on the A/C. I guess 3 hours a day should be enough for now. Heating season, we can’t avoid it anymore.

Alvaro cooked various carbs over open fire today, I helped to feed the fire. It behaved less well as usual and that says something. I breathed way too much smoke in the process. Thujas burn in a fun way and in the end there was darkness, beautiful fire… And smoke.
I wondered, not for the first time if we will have the wood from the rebuilding of the house (maybe 11 years ago?) 50 years later. We just can’t burn it in any decent pace as SOME trees are always need to be cut out in the garden. And it’s a small one! With very many trees, I actually like that… Oh well. The small but still not very small branches rot in many years and I can use it for the soil… My veggie/flower patch (with a wild walnut tree that appeared there) needs it. This will be the year when I use that crumbled-away branch material from next the terrace! If it’s bad English, sorry, I can’t figure it out now.
I start to use the small thorny branches to make better soil too. We cut up the big ones but it would be super much work to do it with the small ones. They prick me more than enough already anyway.
But burning the thuja branches are fun :slight_smile: I like the effect of pines too :slight_smile: But our pines are thankfully very healthy, we only cut off a few branches here and there.

(Karen) #69

Even got my own personal show. The pub across the road from me were setting their display off from their roof.


Not sure about my blood glucose monitor. It gave me readings of 8am fasting glucose between 6.0 - 7.2 mmol/l over four tests (108 - 129) from the same blood drop site. They are all too high for my liking. Fasting blood ketones are 0.2mmol/l.

I tried something last night that worked. After noticing that I have been eating for comfort after work stress, I ate a smaller steak. It was enough. Now I am at home and more relaxed with time I can check in on myself. Still 2MAD. Had quite a physical day outside yesterday. Felt it last night in muscle use soreness. But this morning I’m feeling good. Could do it all over again.

This is a forest red-tailed black cockatoo. They are going extinct. I try to not let that happen by planting habitat trees.

(Vic) #71

Its pouring rain here at home.
Today I’m going to Spain for a small project.
Vacuum sealed meats ready to go.

Planning to eat raw and simple for a week, it free’s up time so I can be more productive.

Aiming to free up some time so I can spend it in Nature walks.


love fireworks. what holiday or event was this to warrant such nice fireworks?

Safe travels to Spain!!
Pouring rain here also!

-------------------fast post
big rain here. gray ick day…blah
off to store for kiddo needing some stuff in a bit.
home for some chores to handle

got chuck roast on sale so I did get a few but think I will hit store again and buy a few more. Weather getting cooler now so I can oven roast in my dutch oven a big ol’ roast and eat on it for a few days. yea forward thinking on that one.

simple food day. beef and chicken and pork, whatever I desire but some pork chops are sounding fine as first meal later.



And I got hungry again. And again. Now I am unsure what is the problem. Not having a big meal or not having enough meat during the day… I had plenty of energy and protein, I am sure that was enough. Maybe the unusually huge amount of cheese messed with me (I didn’t want meat and had cheese…). I don’t know. Oh well, I keep trying to do things right and hopefully I will figure out things :slight_smile:
But isn’t it stupid to have problems with the amount of meat when I ate very, very much meat in the previous days? And I had other protein sources? And meat too just less than normal.
Probably the cheese and the too small meals, I suppose. But they weren’t even really small :frowning:
Next week is no cheese unless I REALLY need it for some reason. But why would I? I have options.

So, yesterday was about 5MAD (my 4th meal had a half hour break in it so maybe 6? doesn’t matter).
Very, very unreliable guesstimation says 185g protein and 200g fat. I didn’t even walk…

The pork at night felt very good. I USUALLY try to make sure I have a pound of meat in my first meal (at least being there and I eat as much as I want) but the soup just made it impossible yesterday…

Oh well, new day, new experiments! :smiley: Even if I don’t have an explicit experiment for today. I just baked 12 new sponge cake muffins and fried 500g chicken liver (with bacon fat. I mean, the fat tissue part, my liver has tiny bacon fat cubes now). I was supposed to have a decent amount of leftover pork chuck but I jumped it at night (I tried not to, I ate various other things first but I was still unsatisfied and unsatiated…) so I only have a bit and some more in the soup. It should be a nice day eating wise.

We had a tiny rain and started to heat the house. After airing it was 17C downstairs. 35 minutes later I turned off the A/C, it works quickly, it was 20C :smiley: That’s 68F, apparently, I was in the mood to look it up. We never kept that a warm house before the A/C as it wasn’t actually needed but this thing is very effective. Normal, inside heaters have only 100% efficiency, the A/C in this not very cold weather is nearly at its best, whatever that is but the number is way way higher. And it’s good as we wouldn’t fit into our electricity quota otherwise, it’s an unfair system, people heating with electricity must use a tiny fragment of energy to get the low price compared to people heating with gas or wood. Even though electricity is way more expensive so people only use electricity if their heating need is small or they are rich and doesn’t care (though wasting money isn’t the way to get and stay rich… and one can’t ever be rich enough for this, the money can be spent way better), it surely cause a sudden problem for many…? I think so.
It’s so good every power meter gets its own quote, we would be in trouble otherwise. Going over the quote raises the electricity price significantly but it makes the gas price MANY times more (just for the out of quote amount), that must be tough…
We are fine only because we have a VERY well insulated small house with an A/C and we don’t need a really warm house. And we are 2 persons. And cats. Everybody is a small heater, I think a human is 100-120W…? Surely it varies more but somewhere around that.

(Karen) #74

It was Guy Fawkes Night 5th Nov.

This was my daughters view from the window of her new house over the big park where they always have a big display.


Wow. You have a holiday for such a thing? It’s always some big revolution or our very first and very important saint king or something here. (We had a few Soviet Union holidays, now we celebrate the 1956 revolution… It was tiny and without a war unlike the 1848 one but still. Hungarians always rebel after a while. People like to be free. The heroic attempts never were successful but it’s better than just suffering silently even though the punishment is severe. People showed they have their own will and it actually influenced later happenings for the better…)
I have just learned Australia has holidays for sport days… (And they had various Queen’s Birthdays in various states.)
Interesting what different countries have as holidays…


it is very normal for nutritional aspects to switch around on carnivore.
some times we need tons as the body wants…now if YOU know this is not emotional eating thru stress or some comfort food hunger…if real hunger just hitting ya then eat carnivore. It is ok…cause before ya know it things change again.

I was eating tons, eating nothing hardly, eating middle, eating omad, eating 2 meals a day then back to grazing all day long zc and then I was back to didn’t wanna eat much and did fine then 'feed me Seymour NOW! person HAHA

Just eat as needed if hunger is real. the body repairs demand that we do this but once we get the hormones and metabolism more stable and nutrients in the body and vitamins being absorbed well thru the healing, then the body ‘hits a more set’ point for us zc’ers. Then we kinda fall right where we need to be. Most of on plan longer eat 2 times per day and if we make meal 1 our ‘great meal’ and eat ALL we need comfortably then meal 2 can be our ‘whatever we feel we need’ meal to get the entire day handled til tomorrow.

this is where just trust the zc process…believe me it shows you just the path ya need.

NOW WAY K…that is wild. never heard that one LOL
Any reason to just hit the pub, blow off explosives and party up and celebrate…???..darn great holiday! I would be right there partyin’ up and at that bonfire! Cool

(Karen) #77

Haha it isnt a holiday, if it landed on a mid week day it wouldn’t be a national day off but it was a very big milestone in our history.

@Fangs yep the brits love a booze up and really don’t need any excuse lol. At the official firework display site there is usually a massive bonfire which they have to poke about with prior to setting alight in case there are any little critters nesting inside (take a number of days to build it) and the kids used to go round the houses with a Guy they had made, dressed in rags wheeled in a barrow, collecting pennies for the Guy. Bit like America’s Halloween trick or treaters that our country has adopted. Been a tradition for many many years.


@Karen18: Oh I get it now. Still unusual to me as we only have “proper”, day-off holidays and only a very few of them can possibly have fireworks. Only 20th of August and 31th of December (okay, that one is a workday - but many people don’t work between Chistmas and New Year because their workplace is closed down then - just like 24th of December that is totally the only Christmas Day for me… but 25th and 26th are the off days. but the firework happens late and the next day is a holiday).
And I never heard about Bonfire day and the kids with their Guy… It’s good to learn things.

@Fangs: I know it may happen and I actually wondered about it but I seriously doubt my body needs this much food now. That would be more consistent and I would feel it’s the case I suppose. I am sensitive to timing or more like the size of meals and not satiating items can balloon my energy intake needlessly, I experienced that many times before. if I choose the right items and don’t get hungry unusually early or get satiated way too quickly, I typically am fine without eating a ton. I don’t think I ever possibly need this much food unless of course if I am more active or I ate low in the previous days. I even understand my body wants much meat after low-meat times. But now? I surely messed up something as it’s not right. And I definitely HATE eating “all day”, being hungry a lot, not feeling quite right, convenience ruined… It is definitely wrong and I will figure it out and solve it. I don’t like wasteful eating, I did it too much in my life :frowning: But I definitely not worry that I eat too much protein or fat and it does bad things to me. Apart from the annoyance, inconvenience and keeping me from losing fat :slight_smile: I eat okay food and my body stops me if I go too far but it’s still not ideal yet.

Today was better, no wonder, I don’t have 2 quite high-cal days in row on carnivore. I think I am done with the day now. 2 hour eating window, 2 meals :slight_smile: I was satiated for quite long and could eat a decent sized meal. My 2nd meal was smaller, I didn’t really want food but I knew I needed more and it was dinnertime (and I was hungry 10 minutes before, that mattered too. I went downstairs and it disappeared. but I didn’t care at that point). I just ate some leftovers I didn’t mind. And made another cheese sauce with sour cream (oh I have read about sour cream. the article said the Brits has “sour cream” at 12-16% fat only while ours must be over 16. there is a low-fat stuff with 12% but it apparently can’t be called “tejföl”, our word for sour cream. and indeed, it’s soured cream, from the top of the solidified milk, it was a very popular dish before, the whole solidified milk, I mean, whatever is the term for it. we use the word sleep in it :)). Using the aged cheese, partially. Nope, I strongly prefer the young Gouda. Maybe Alfredo sauce has enough cream to balance out the strong flavor but my creation with less and sour cream, that had a too strong flavor.
I might be unusually sensitive to cheeses with a strong flavor, I do like them but I can’t eat them normally, only morsels. I have this with blue cheese too.

I ate some bacon end pieces today. I won’t buy it anymore, it’s horribly salty, no matter what I eat it with, it’s suffering. One package of sliced bacon for crunch per year should be enough for me…

I ate some liver but got bored of it in no time but it’s only 500g, super easy to eat in a few days even a little at a time and Alvaro will help. Then I will wait for some weeks…

Tomorrow is turkey day so it will be delicious. Hopefully I won’t miss my proper pork, I don’t have any now. So I will experiment to figure out if turkey as my main meat can possibly work or not… :wink: I have processed pork and liver so it won’t be just turkey but I like to pair it with some substantial meat, pork or ruminant meat, I know that works.
But we will see.
I don’t know which pork slab I will choose next… But probably the one I had the longest time ago. Pork shoulder! With some leaner stuff with it. I will be careful. Or I will be wild and curious. Or I will do OMAD so I won’t eat 1000g of it again… I should learn to handle pork shoulder as I surely won’t resist the super sales in the future either… I don’t remember if my shoulder overeating days had low-meat times before them, quite possibly… But it’s still a tricky item as I can’t eat that much of any other meat, not even my favs. They are more satiating - and how crazy is that a fatty pork satiates me less per weight than a leaner one?
But maybe I changed. Maybe my very meaty current days make a change…

Too many factors change all the time :frowning:

I will track tomorrow. Who knows if I will eat later? But I will do my best not to.

(Michael) #79

Not enough fat in my diet yesterday, so had an early breakfast with 1.5 oz of suet as part of the meal


And I tried to plan a day… With the turkey wing… I added all the bacon and extra fat I could and it still was like 70g fat… That wouldn’t work. Maybe I get out the pork shoulder earlier. I am simply doomed without fatty meat. Wow. I never knew this before as I never liked leaner meat enough to eat it galore (or it simply came with enough fat, I only lately could buy those lovely turkey wing bases but they barely have any skin on).
Wait, I have some fatty pork skin in the fridge too…

It’s good I plan, I automatically would eat something with a very lacking fat content. Maybe I should do that for my first (part of my first?) meal, to see what my body says :smiley: It’s so NEW to me, eating lean meat as the base of my meal. I did that with leanish pork but I used to have more fatty extra items, both dairy and processed meat.

I wish it would be simpler but I don’t have that much pork chuck…
Oh well, I like experiments. I won’t focus this much later.

(Karen) #81

50 stair runs to start my day the brew n books in the garden. It was a cold day but no wind so felt quite mild. Had 2 sausages,2 bacon and 1 egg for brunch.

Snacked on some cheese on and off then ate 2 of 3 pork knuckles and ate 3rd one cold this evening… it tasted better cold.