MOOvember Carnivore



So insanity monsoon rain stopped and I thought…hmmmm. Oh yea made it between big rain to get home this haul I like.

11 Tbones on sale
2 pork loins I wanted
2 pks my bacon still on sale, nabbed
1 pack of my ‘ol fav hot dogs’

hot dogs HAHA I saw and wanted since they were on sale. I can’t count the times I buy these, eat 2 and eventually throw the frozen pack out a year later…but yea I wanted 2 damn hot dogs I enjoy LOL

yes that is Redmonds salt in the big pouch in that pic. I don’t like it. Too crunchy, even the fine but hubby loves it so I get for him now. I still use reg. ol’ cheap as I can get my paws on store brand pulverized salt :smirk: hey what I like!!

Proud hunter here! I saw, I killed I conquered for my freezer :partying_face:

(Michael) #363

I looked around the city for months to find places, nothing from shelves, all butchers or farms. Have only found one reliable source for thymus…. The butcher eats mostly carnivore and all the parts they are not allowed to sell - like pancreas or eyeballs.

Put pic up in other places, but this is Zeus at one year


@Naghite: I don’t even know what everything is but I suddenly feel hungry… :smiley:

On the topic of cake… I will make several (tiny special ones) for a while, I started days ago. It takes tries to perfect my Christmas gift. I tasted it, it was nice. No desire though. I lost that in the beginning of keto when I half-lived on sweets out of necessity (but I kinda liked them too, just never to that extent). So I keep them for Alvaro to check. He almost run out of one ingredient he uses for his own treats so I need to make some for him anyway. He doesn’t mind the significant drop in carbs that inevitably happens.

My weeknesses lay elsewhere.

And while I know December is not keto for me, I did want to restart my proper carnivore again… And I suddenly realized I run out of meat. Proper meat, that is. I have 300g fried pork, some sausages, some smoked pork hock, salmon spreads, tinned fish and fowl (a tiny hen for soup and 7 chicken thighs at the moment, Alvaro has just ate one but will 2-3 more I guess. unless things get dire and I tell him to eat eggs and plants for protein, not my super precious meat. he isn’t doomed without meat). And a rabbit but Alvaro will makes it when he fancies rabbit again. I eat rabbit any time it’s available :slight_smile: Preferably as a break after massively porky days.

So I told him to get me some pork tomorrow. If there is any. Most pork is above $5.6/kg in the town supermarket and that’s unacceptable for me. That’s not a price for 2022, the city have way better ones. I just need to survive the next 9 days. I don’t have a dedicated carni month but plants couldn’t help anyway so it doesn’t matter much. Oh well, I guess I will eat eggs galore, I have those and I got back my love towards them. I may try fasting days and fat fast but I actually am unsure how on Earth one (well, specifically I) has a fat fast without plants… But I have a little lovely bunch of thoroughly fried pork fat tissue. I think it will be for days with very negative appetite and satiation until very later. I definitely grab some nice fatty protein when I am actually hungry and fancy proper food :slight_smile: Things aren’t so dire yet. I just do my best to spare my little meat if it’s comfortably possible.

Sorry I write too much and can’t let you be in peace even in my non-carni times. I am pretty close now but I am not pleased with that level. I want to try a probably unnecessarily (I mean, I hardly need that, at least long term, it may have benefits short term) strict and LONG trial already as I have no idea what that is like just that is theoretically possible without much problems and I am curious. But December is only good for some training before the hopefully glorious other winter months. Though as usual, I actually plan to start on the 25th.

I walked 1.5 hour today and it was a much nicer weather than I expected! Still no sunshine but it wasn’t rain or cold! I was in a long-sleeved t-shirt and a super thin jacket, mostly for its pockets, my current pants has none, it’s so stupid… But I am glad I could postpone pants shopping another year…
It seems it was 5-6 Celsius. But no wind! So it was nice. I still want sunshine in the near future…

Aspic is the jiggling one :slight_smile: It’s aspic season here now. I never made any, I mean specifically that dish but my soups always get jellied :smiley: And the liquid below my roasts if I manage not to burn it. And the rabbit stew. Wait, we still have some of that jelly! Without meat, sadly but I still can eat it… A bit watery this time but well, it’s still fun. I can’t get bored of those jellied meaty-fatty things.

Oh @Fangs, your pic. I am envious now. Poor me. Normally I never run out of pork but the funeral took almost all our easy to get money and we had enough of shopping in the city for a while anyway. So we filled up with some meat and took a long break in November. And well, I had my 6-700 g pork days… So they depleted quicker than usual.
And the supermarkets got worse. The one in the village simply had NO meat in the meat counter last (few?) time(s) we visited. Fowl is easy to get but it doesn’t satiate me well enough and it’s more work so I happily ate up my pork like no tomorrow… Oh well, I still have this and that and I can buy something, I am a bit flexible as I need to be but it was a bit negative to realize I don’t have any fresh pork in the freezer.

I use semi-fine Himalayan salt, I like it. I mean, not the huge grains (I have that too as it’s super pretty and in need I can use it). But it’s not actually fine at all (that’s our normal white cheap sea salt with iodine). It’s fun sized to me.

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Dedicated December?


So I cooked up the rest of the chicken. It isn’t my favourite meat, I much prefer pork, but was out of it.

Though I enjoy the buttery, crispy skin, that is a real treat. Am utterly stuffed now. Today was my farewell to dairy, as I’ve been eating a ton of butter, a ton of cream and some cheese the last couple weeks and my body is just not happy. Bloating and roseaca flare up, ugh. So from tomorrow on I am scrapping dairy. I’m going to give it 30 days and see what happens. Of course, without cheese and cream to make my omelet taste good, I’ll probably eat eggs a lot more sparingly too, I’ve never really been that much of a fan of them.

Fangs, that is an impressive carnivore haul.

Shinita, despite my Reynolds I enjoy that sort of weather too when the air is a cool winter crisp, but not damp, I find walks in such weather can be invigorating.

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They were quite tiny @Shinita lol but that was fine e as there were a few and just enough at the late time that I ate them :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck with stocking up on those t bones, wish there came in that cheap here @Fangs hahaha just seen your haul, well done that girl! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Glad you’re feeling better Mr Bear @FrankoBear. Sounds like you’re eating better for your health too. Loving your photos as always :heart:

Happy birthday @MeganNZ. Don’t beat yourself up for how things worked out with Gracie… you couldn’t have done more for her. You loved her and have every right to be missing her and hurting so much and telling you she is in a better place isn’t going to stop all that hurt. But you know in your heart she is pain-free now and you did what was right for her and had the courage to be with her to the end. :heart:

So crazy dreams again last night and this morning. May have been the late chicken wings idk.

Up about 8.50am and did 60 stair runs. Then outside for brew n read. Pretty chilly but I was wrapped up warm. Set alarm ready for the bath and dolly up for the tea dance this afternoon.

I had put the £1.75 large pack of pork chops in slow cooker about 2.45pm yesterday and after an hour on high turned it to low and left it all night! This morning I realised it was still on low so turned it to warm until I was ready to have some brunch, which I had about 12.10 prior to leaving the house to pick Liz up, my Wednesday dance partner. The pork was so so tender and was falling off the bone!

Pleasant afternoon of dancing and came home via Beeston to pick up some meds I had run out of. Popped into a couple of charity shops and managed to find 2 Joyce Meyer books in Oxford 2nd hand book store… both in good nick.

Home and ate 2 more bowls of the pork chops and a bit of cheddar. Probably have a bit of bacon later before bed just to see me through.


The chicken thigh (I only had one today) was just chicken but nice enough, I enjoyed it! Alvaro said that the tandori masala I used on 2 of them (the ones we ate today) suits it well. I love that spice. I said a few times already that (normal, cheap) chicken is so bland some spice does good (though it’s edible with salt only, sure).

The skin wasn’t crispy the slightest as it is always the case when I roast fowl in my mini oven. Maybe tomorrow I will fry it in the pan. But I didn’t bother with it today.

There are ZILLION great ways to make wonderful dishes with eggs even without dairy though they surely help a lot. But it’s fine even not eating eggs and dairy if you love your meat enough.
I need eggs but I had a long period lately where I was into meat (6-700g days were common) and not so much into eggs (still ate them, I need them but way less than usual). Now I have little meat (not for long I hope) and use my rekindled passion towards eggs to keep my much needed high protein intake. I like to keep my dairy intake low. But couldn’t pull off zero easily… Probably would try if it was needed. Health and well-being is the first and I make sure I can enjoy whatever diet I end up with out of necessity. Eventually, at least. I have times I am a bit lost about what to eat… But they usually happen in the first times when I am not used to the woe yet. But then I start collecting and making new recipes…

Omelets are great with meat too.
And meatballs with eggs.
But I could write a whole cookbook using almost only eggs I suppose… One chapter would be literally ONLY eggs. Mostly for huge egg maniacs like me :slight_smile:

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Hi all, popping in momentarily as we have to get ready to go play at the restaurant soon. We’re subbing for somebody today, and it’s my birthday but I accepted it because, why not - and they call you more if you never turn them down.
It is my 70th. I’m so much better than I was a year ago on my 69th - lots better health, lots less weight, smaller sizes, more active. Happier all around. I started carnivore on Jan 12th 2022 so most of the last year I’ve been “in the zone.” I still have arthritis and sciatica but less of it. I have to really stress myself to feel the aching back and I don’t get up all stiff every morning like I used to.
I’ve spent the mornings this week making earrings and necklaces on a Christmas/holiday theme to give away to whoever I think of. Church ladies; restaurant staff; the cashier at Natural Grocer. It’s nice to be back into wire work, it’s been several years.
Thinking of you @MeganNZ. Hard times. The cake - I read it and just thought, oh, poor baby! Because when you’ve been clean and then dump in flour and sugar you could have a difficult time the next day. But it will all go away.
@FrankoBear I’ve had the same experience with animals who passed, they will hang for awhile, I can see them just going around the corner as I come down the stairs. Just a whoosh and they’re gone.
Except the ferrets. When they were gone, they were gone! Wow. They beat a quick retreat to the other side and never looked back.
I’ll come back later and post food pics - there was just time to squeeze in a little post before heading for the closet to get changed!


Happy Birthday, I hope your audience will be wonderful and appreciate you well!

(Robin) #371

Happy birthday! No way you’re 70!


@Fangsy and I are almost birthday twins. It’s December here.

(Karen) #373

Happy birthday. Its so good to hear how life can be turned around by being mindful about food. I hope the restaurant gives you something good and meaty to snack on while you’re playing you gig. You are looking wonderful in your 70th year. :heart:


Zeus is a monster but he looks so approachable, has a kind face :slight_smile: Had to look up a Cane Corso…nice breed! Adorable ‘puppy’ ya got there :wink:

So you had to source farms and butchers. You must now have a nice network to draw. Even around me now the few butcher shops that were open are closed. Being rural the drive to find any of these specialty stores is just too far. Even my farm buddies I knew back in the day don’t farm the livestock either anymore. Everything changed from farming to building homes in my area. Kinda time to move I think, lol.

Thanks for sharing that great pic of your baby Zeus!

Happy Birthday. 70—girl you look alot younger than that for sure…not a doubt when I see your pics. You rock it out JJ!!!

December twins, I like that.

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