MOOvember Carnivore


Never get AI to make you breakfast. I asked for bacon, eggs, and coffee. They made me this:

(Michael) #243

Breakfast today was large thanks to 17 ounce sirloin. Started with

But I was still hungry, so ate half of

That was 2 pounds total and took 45 minutes to chew and swallow with
17 oz sirloin
3 oz thymus
2.5 oz spleen
1.5 oz chicken liver
1 oz beef liver
1 oz mussels
1 oz bone marrow
5 oz cheese

Second meal was

4 oz Buffalo heart
2oz snails
5 oz salmon
4 oz pork ribs
2 eggs
5 oz cheese (rest of package)

Snack was not carnivore 🫣

Total for day was an astounding 395g protein, 325 g fat, 24 g carbs and a total calorie count of 4578.

Wait until tomorrow’s picture, I am thawing a 23.5 oz sirloin steak for lunch :heart_eyes:

(Karen) #244

Wow I think I missed some Posts!

Food over last few days…cos I think you must all be thinking I’ve starved myself since that lamb and pork lol

Been busy for a few days. Was dancing Friday afternoon which was lovely, went on my own and feeling quite alright as I don’t get a lot of chance to sit down, the young men (all probably over 70) don’t like to see me sitting :wink: took the ham with me from the freezer so it was defrosted in time to munch on way home (45min drive down and an hour back) I hadn’t had anything to eat before going so the ham saw me through to my proper meal about half 5. Which was the bacon n eggs.
Yesterday did CrossFit with my daughter, it was a teams workout (of 4) and a pretty enjoyable one too. Still chugging away with this cough non stop till the workout actually started and then thankfully it stopped all the way through. Got a few looks at the beginning cos I reckon they were thinking is she going to make it through the workout lol! But I did and I was pleased with how I performed and I didn’t let the team down hahaha
Saturdays munchies were a cafe brunch of 1 sausage, portion of bacon and cheese omelette which I laboured over surprisingly. I did finish it but it was touch and go lol not particularly big either, I have eaten more on occasions at the cafe. Later in the early evening I had chicken wings and yes I ate all those in the pic, not all at once though, just 2/3rds hot and about an hour later the rest cold. Then fancied trying the bacon. It was crispy and I ate the whole lot cos it was just right, not too salty and just crispy enough. Not had that before but would buy again as a snack. Would be good as a travelling snack for a long journey.

Up bright n early Nd have been reading quite a bit sitting outside with my coffee. It is pretty chilly and my fingers n toes are starting to get a bit numb so will now go indoors and get organised for the gym and an upper body workout this morning. Catch you all later.

(Robin) #245

A willy wonka breakfast.


Oh you got a fork :smiley: Whenever I asked for a fork, I didn’t get one. The same with spoon.
(They don’t even know anomalocaris and that was the biggest, baddest predator in the Cambrian sea!)

I loved the “coffee cream” pics (after I added “tray”, they stopped making sceneries…), they were beautiful. Bacon and eggs were usually fine too*. Never combined them but it sounds a fun thing to do!

*Sometimes I got scenery. Created by a very hungry artist, apparently :wink:

Sunny days and it’s not a carni day as I tasted Alvaro’s food, more than a minimal amount but still quite little, good enough for me occasionally but I start at carni day #1 tomorrow again.
It was edible but meh. I won’t taste it next time unless I won’t have better options but the chance for that is minimal.

My leftover pork is quite lean. Juicy so not dry, I easily eat it but only when hungry and not much at once I suppose… I use sauce, lard, sausage and hunger to eat a decent amount of it.
My pork chuck is defrosting, I need to procure more meat soon.

So I eat more eggs than usual today (and bigger, creamier coffees). I got 2 of Alvaro’s cheesy puffs (those had a yolk while his never do so actually they were designed for me), ate ice cream (super meh, I may not make it again, I can use up leftover whipped cream better. and it’s not the lack of sweetener, it’s meh anyway) and started to eat my “marshmallow”. Or I got too far from the original recipe so let’s call it “raw fluff”. I added yolk, it makes everything better except seitan (there is probably a few others but I don’t know about them) and I substituted the sweetener with whipped cream, it was a huge success. As I made it neutral, it has no flavorings but why would it need any? It has yolk and cream, two quite flavorful items. The whites (and water and gelatin) are worse but the end result is still very, very nice. Anyway, it’s half about the texture! :smiley: It is beautiful. Everything improved due to the whipped cream, it just got fattier. It was a very low-cal high-protein treat before.

I just need some more recipes for crispy/crunchy dishes… Eggs aren’t very good with that.

(Karen) #247

Well I have just got back from the gym almost 4hrs later lol. Did the upper body workout which took up about 50mins then went in the spa. I was on my own sitting peacefully in the sauna so a great time to pray. Prayed that i would have an opportunity to confess my faith and quite literally as soon as I stopped praying a lovely lady walked in and blow me down said she was a Christian … well we just sat and chatted and moved to another sauna and sat and chatted and then moved to a steam room, an ice room another sauna and sat chatting :grinning: I had nothing to rush home to except some fuel and she didn’t have anything untill later in the afternoon when she does a gospel radio show! Been lovely. We sat in one steam room chatting and 4 young girls came in, all silent, sat down and spent the entire time looking at their phones lol… poor things! I reckon we probably disturbed their silence but hey ho we were in there when they walked into it was nice of them to remain silent and let us talk :rofl:

Was ready for a bite to eat when I got in but not overly hungry. Thought I would try the sardines I got yesterday … yuk give me tinned my day … took one small bite Nd they went in the bin. Not like me I know but they were just so tasteless and hadn’t been filleted very well. So i pulled out the packet of roast pork slices I also got yesterday and that is edible. I have a steak ribeye to eat later that had been reduced so I hope that taste good.

(Megan) #248

Grace isn’t okay again damnit. Reluctantly ate some of her breakfast yesterday, slept most of the day, didn’t want to move much. Unable to sleep tonight so gave up trying at 3.30am. She doesn’t seem to be in pain. Maybe a bit nauseated b/c she’s licking her lips a bit. No diarrhea or vomiting. No idea what’s going on. If she didn’t have the cancer diagnosis I’d just be shrugging this off, but knowing she could go downhill at any point changes everything. I feel sick with worry and helpless.


and this is our daily lives if we have the time to relax, stop, see what comes forward to us and we find our peace in others as it hits us dead on. really fab post K!!! A human connection, love it!!

-------------------so got internet issues…ugh…just one now after trying to fix but got temp fix. we shall see if the Dino here can fix this or have to take laptop to a geek crew LOL

ate up some pork lion again and later got streak and shrimp. easy peasy zc’y for me.

(Karen) #250

Pork lion and shrimp n streak sound great… different… but great. You’ll be heading to bed roaring naked lol! :rofl::heart_eyes:


Hey Megan, BIG VIRTUAL HUG for you. We, in this little group, are thinking of you in this difficult time. Grace will let you know if she is too tired. Get as many pats as you can. You know each other very well. The vet will have the numbers to help decide which decisions to make. :hugs:

(Michael) #252

Todays meals totalled 365 G protein, 284 g fat, 22 g carb. Total calories 4100.

Small breakfast early for me at 9 am

Large lunch with mega steak and snails and half of a cheese package

Dinner, 6 eggs and rest of cheese package

Desert was non carnivore, shrug.


I had another heart “attack” again last night. 2am to 4 am. I didn’t bother waking Mrs. Bear, and just got down to treating it myself. Even Billie the Labrador kept snoring. Boots, our younger cat was keen for a 2am playtime, however. And one can not underestimate the healing qualities of a purring cat on one’s chest.

This is a real potential problem of ketogenic eating, or carnivore eating for longer than 2 years. Others experience it as wakefulness and problems sleeping. If they are lucky, they don’t get the heart palpitations or racing heart beat.

I’ve identified it as an electrolyte (loss) problem, probably with a low insulin physiological basis. Warning signs are noticeable ectopic beats -heart jolts, and increased urination. Increased urination is a symptom of a few metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes.

I fixed the problem again with salty beef bone broths (the soothing of sipping a warm liquid) and dosing magnesium citrate every 20 minutes to laxative effect. I’m tired this morning. Being tired can lead to poor food choices, so I’ll be aware of that.

Last night was lamb roast. Mrs. Bear is saying my meat shopping bill is too high. Lamb roast was available at $16/kg = US$10.40/kg ~ $5/lb. The lamb was delicious. I divided the 2kg roast into 4 mini roasts. Lamb roast was on the menu last night with some pan-fried halloumi. Before dinner I joined Mrs. Bear in a platter that had a soft goats cheese and smoked Atlantic salmon that I could eat. There was other platter things based on fruits and vegetables that Mrs.Bear sorted out.

Speaking of sorting things out, I have a solve for Mrs. Bear’s meat expense concerns. I’ll do the shopping. Simple. I’ll always buy the best quality food. Paid work has passed through another intense, time consuming phase. So, I’m back on deck to take on an increase in domestic chores again. Nutrition is not a place to budget compromise. Plus I get all the good hints on meat shopping from the carnivores on this discussion. I do love my meat roasted on the bones and chewing all the tough gristly bits. Might have to try some of that high quality ground beef.

Yesterday’s 2MAD breakfast was eggs and mackerel cooked in the tallow of the Cattleman’s steak of the night before. 2 coffees a few hours apart. Both with a dollop of single fresh cream.

And it’s time for breakfast again…

I’m listening to the Dr. Paul Saladino podcast where he changed his carnivore approach to “animal-based” eating and why he did that. I’m interested in the part about physiological body electrolyte control.

I’m listening at the 26m50s mark for the insulin and kidney part.

(Vic) #254

I read Paul’s book a few years ago. his Idea’s then where that Keto and carnivore were wonderful and then in the book he back’s it up with a lot of science he found online.

Now he has a new idea’s that eating animals + fruit is wonderful and then backs it up with science he finds online.

I agree with him that both ways of eating are much better than the SAD diet full of seed oils and refined crap.

Further on both his old view and his new views on WOE, he supports them on a lot of cherry picking.
A lot of it is also absolute BS. He claims not to be dogmatic but defends his ideas almost as an addict instead of an informed opinionated person.

± 5 years ago, when I was still healing from my junkfood self destruction, I ate a similar diet, meat only + 1 piece of fruit a day.
It made no difference to then my current WOE, Carnivore + 20gr of non carnivore carbs a week.
Both ways of eating healed me and made me healthy.

So, my2c, can you add in Fruit, Shure.
As off what is healthy food, well look at both sides of the spectrum, Carnivores and fruitarians I would stay mostly on the meat side and not to much on the fruit side.

And as far as honey is concerned, its pure glucose with some natural antibiotics.
Its a substitute to refined sugars, similar to what methadon to is to heroin. Its not something anyone needs.


So sorry for your episode FB but it sounds like you definitely got a way to combat it and fix yourself.

This statement you made just doesn’t hold water. This isn’t supported in the carnivore world of chat. Yes when adapting earlier on electrolytes become a real deal issue and further in some might have to address this issue but it isn’t some ‘after 2 yr mark’ type of concern for the majority. I don’t know what chat happens about eating ‘Keto Plan’ and plant based included but I know in the carnivore world this having issues over 2 yrs just isn’t happening.

I am on 4 zc forums. Many of us are way over the 2 yr mark. This just is not a concern at all for the carnivore lifestyle people that I have ever read as it ‘being a thing’ over the vast majority. Now a small group being effected with some ??, sure I get that but a blanket statement to this level just doesn’t exist out in the zc world as an issue being chatted about at all.

I so feel you on the darn grocery bills LOL price hikes right now are scary for all. But you said it, to compromise on our nutrition isn’t a good idea and I do cut costs on other crap to make sure I get the good meats! Bob and weave thru it all as we must do to help our wallets along :slight_smile:

(Karen) #256

So agree with you … as I usually do, miss smarty :slight_smile: I 100% know that I still spend far less on my food bill than I ever did before this woe. While I have been reining in on my overall spending I have been using more stuff from my freezer from ages ago! The fact that I have had stuff in there that I can eat whether or not its what I would have preferred to eat has been a godsend. I have just been buying the odd bits here n there to supplement/complement or perhaps a bit of… a little of what you fancy does you good, like those packets of bacon strips! I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to save the pennies had I still been eating a standard diet.

I have a big packet of pork mince defrosting, about 500g I think and it was reduced in price lol so I am planning to make it into burgers, dipped in egg and see how they come out :smiley: they will be later in the day as they have a little way to go defrosting. Perhaps egg n bacon for brunch in about 30 mins or so… see how I feel.

(Karen) #257

I will put you in my daily prayers Mr Bear. I have to agree with @Fangs though regarding your blanket statement. My guess is that the issues are perhaps that you personally have the underlying health issues rather than them being attributed to the woe. The fact that you always notice inflammation raising its ugly head when you go off plan definitely speaks volumes for getting back on plan so why should being on plan cause you the atril fibrillation. In my opinion you have unstable atril fibrillation, which is what I had although mine appeared to be a one off which attributed to my stroke. May I ask if you monitor your BP? I have monitored mine daily since the stroke … it still spikes but under the medication I have been given, rarely spikes enough to give me concern these days … thankfully. I can usually guess when it has spiked, not through any feeling other than I know what raises it, anxiety or frustration over something or someone. I try to put my coping mechanisms in place when in those situations now which rather looks like a tempestuous child walking off :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do take care of yourself, as I know you do try and be kind to your health xx

(Vic) #258

I always like to see 2 sides of a coin.

So here is another clown like Saladino contradicting Saladino’s opinions.

Not a popular figure on the Forum but most certainly competent and qualified to comment on Saladino’s Video.

Interesting is Barts statement on glucogenic proteins? had no idea?


well, well now, you know we got 2 KARENs here thinking alike, what does that tell the world HAHA too funny!!!

I also went very low in my freezer eating up those things bought cheaper and always keep an eagle eye out for sales and cost cuts like you do! I know you hit some great deals when ya see them and buy them :slight_smile: bob and weave thru it all as everyone buying any food has to do but with our meats, yea we can still hit great deals if we keep the eye on that prize! LOL

for me it boils down to $$$ at the Drs office and on meds for issues or $$$ at the grocery. gotta pick the grocery every time :wink: Even with rising prices I still find I can control my costs thank heavens if I just adapt thru the crazy out there :sunny:

(Vic) #260

Project is running like a train, meaning I’m as bored as a marble statue.

For fun I calculated my average food spending’s for this month so far (away from home only).

Its €17 and 32cent a day. I do have a small kitchen in my office so I can cook myself. No restaurants required.

I should add that I have no budged and I do not personally have to pay for it.
I do not look at prices in the shop, I look at the meat and let my eyes decide.

Food prices in Gibraltar are similar to those in the UK and most of central Europe.
For reference a breakfast in the average hotel is €12 (I don’t eat breakfast 2mad only)

As food cost is interesting lately, why not share here.


Carnivore top knowledge right there!!

Your body tells you what to buy and eat as mine does.

Now my ‘darn ol’ crab legs I love and adore’ literally for ‘taste’ are not a physical draw. My on the hoof meat is my real body nutrition draw which is why I moan and groan and am irked to no end my crab legs are so thru the roof in price that I won’t buy them now…cause they ‘are not required’ in my actual carni life…but damn I do love that taste LOL

Vic I get you totally on your post! As it goes down for us carnivores truly for those of us who have healed way past what ‘food is to us’ on the ‘market’ and even with an ‘unlimited budget’…great post.