Mike’s Keto Caramel sauce

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Man, I make our ghee, and it smells ridiculously good, indeed.

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Seriously, you might consider the fractionated coconut oil! I think it might make a big difference. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/fractionated-coconut-oil

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How did you reheat it? Next time I make Hollandaise I’m going to try it on really low heat on the induction (very similar to the double boiler method). I know microwaving it kills it.

(Mike W.) #24

Microwave. I first tried it in a glass of warm water but it didn’t do much. I’m considering sous vide for reheating the next batch.

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Oh yes…

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What temp are you thinking?

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I was thinking 62-64C (not sure what that is in old-world measurements - maybe 150F?) as that is what I made the Hollandaise at in the sous vide (I don’t make it in there now, I make it in the HotMixPro, quicker and easier and tastes as good), so seems about right for the reheat. This could be a bad idea, I guess, as I’m not a food scientist, although I have owned a white lab coat in the past.

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My “lab coat” has arms that tie in the back :joy:

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So, like a gallon, right? :smiley:

(Heather Meyer) #31

If your sauce breaks…add a little heavy cream and wisk vigerously! i had that issue before and added cream and wisked and it came back together in a couple of minutes

(Mike W.) #32

Thank you I will give that a try

(Brian) #33

The reason this post caught my attention is because I had just seen this:

a day or so before. There are a couple of ingredients I don’t have and don’t know if subbing other stuff would kinda mess up the “stays pourable” thing. So that’s mainly where my curiosity came from. I do have a couple of recipes that call for a caramel syrup like this that I’ve kinda been wanting to try.

(Sophie) #34

@juice @MiKetoAF I’ve reheated Bearnaise sauce successfully using my sous vide. If I remember correctly, it was with several other things at 135f for about 30mins or so. I just floated the bowl in and it worked great.

(Mike W.) #35

I’ve actually found a new recipe I’m gonna try with a different sweetener that is said to be chillable with out breaking. Stay tuned!


I made this last night with an allulose blend and it’s AMAZING! I guess I didn’t brown the butter long enough because the sauce turned out pretty pale, but it’s so good I don’t care. I’ll be putting it on a keto cheesecake for Christmas!

(Mike W.) #37

Awesome! Do you mind sharing your sweetener proportions?


It’s a blend I got on Amazon called Keto Genie Allulose Plus - it’s allulose with monkfruit and stevia. I’m very sensitive to sweetener aftertaste so I get a hint of the stevia bitterness at the end, but it’s still much better than erythritol IMO.

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Im looking for bocca sweet in australia, any ideas?in relation to the caramel sauce from alldayidreamaboutfood.com

(Brian) #40

Wish I knew, Darrin. It seems like every time I try to get some here (in the US), it’s always out of stock. Would still love to try it sometime.