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Food today

Nice sirloin steak tasty. Also had some cold cooked chicken breast for brunch and some cheese and bacon.

Had a fab night dancing last night but ended up a bit of a late one and i had to be up early this morning. Ended up having to catch another half hour so was up at 8am t do stairs runs, increased them to 80 this morning, got a small amount of readi g in before off to have a sauna with my daughter… Mothers day here. Lovely time together. I’ve done my full 100 push ups plus cmplete shoulder workout. Tired now but saunas always make me feel whacked!


that is wonderful news, great post, thanks for the update…so happy you are more energized!

warm sunny autumn day…I keep forgetting as I wish for our summer your summer is disappearing and you guys are heading into your winter months.

@Karen18, Happy Mothers Day K!

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I am still drooling when I look at the picture :ox:


Glad you enjoyed your steak that you were looking forward to. I agree with Karen, it looks delicious! :smiley:


still BBBrrr here darn it. SO SO need my ‘real spring’ hotter weather to kick in. I can’t take it anymore! :sunny:

Simple zc day. got NY Strip steaks defrosting for all 3 of us. Then second meal for me, who knows. I am thinking just some cheeseburgers. In a very easy peasy, simple zc’y way right now. No issues on what to eat or when or anything like that, very priceless to me to be ‘so bland and disinterested’ in my eating day…yea, priceless!

ZC strong all.


We have real spring. It made even the miracle that I started to clean the rarely cleaned nooks and crannies in the house… Just a tiny at a time, cleaning isn’t my thing but it has to be done sometimes. The kitchen is the only place where I am used to lots of cleaning. But that’s the kitchen, it’s special to me :smiley: My own room gets about 1/1000th of the attention compared to the kitchen. But probably less… Of course cooking tends to make a huge mess all the time, the kitchen needs the most care, by far. My room still needs a good cleaning asap (actually, weeks ago. months or maybe years in some places). But let’s not talk about horrible things like housework, the kind that doesn’t even involve cooking.

I hope today will go well. Weekends are always wilder, it seems it may be true even on a proper TMAD carni day… My eating window was too big, IDK, 5 hours? I try to make sure today will be 3 :slight_smile: It’s very realistic on a day when Alvaro comes home at 3pm. 3 hours is cute for TMAD. As I pretty much gave up on OMAD when I lost my satiation before noon… And felt no need to push things today. But we will see.

I brought photos! Most of my flower shots got blurry, I guess there wasn’t enough sunlight, oh well, they were nothing special. Here is some flowers of my cherry plum tree. It’s not in full bloom yet but I already remind myself to look at it a lot when it happens, it’s spectacular!

Not a good photo, will try again later but these colors!!! :smiley: I LOVE pansies. Little cheap flowers, they just need some water and they are beautiful for months…

Today’s lunch (pork, pork liver, eggs with sausage and pork jowl in it. the white stuff is sour cream, of course):

And part of my dinner. It’s rabbit liver and kidney and some pork and pork skin.

I finally finished my savory quark and had some milky coffees as well. So I was close to 20g carbs today.

It was a nice almost-TMAD day (I had some snacking in-between), I didn’t look at the clock but as I planned, my eating window was about 3 hours. (Is it right this way? 3 hour eating window but it is 3 hours? 3 hour sounds wrong alone.)
146g protein and less fat than that! And over a pound of meat, the vast majority of it is proper pork and rabbit :slight_smile: Good. And very inaccurate as usual but I tried :slight_smile: I even measured my rabbit parts raw. I just ate those, nothing from the sauce(?), it better suits Alvaro’s plate where the carbs soak it up… I may eat some when it becomes a fun jelly but just a taste, it has the coconut oil and onions. My rabbit barely has any stuck to it. And we had very little onion and it was good as I wanted to try if less than even our very modest amount (compared to recipes) is enough. Of course it is. The next time I make a stew mostly/potentially for myself, I will lower the amount even more :wink: It will be good and if Alvaro won’t think so, more for me. It’s normal to cook meat only for myself as he still totally seem to enjoy the knowledge that he had a vegetarian day… I wouldn’t even try, it has an extremely slim chance to skip ALL kinds of meat - and even lard (le gasp!). Theoretically possible but tricky and hardly will happen without extra effort and why would I want that?
And now he has rabbit and it’s enough meat for him. Not for me as I like the bonier parts and eat many times more meat anyway. So a pork slab is defrosting, at least this is almost 1.5kg, not 0.6 like the last one was. I should be fine until Friday with it (and the rabbit, liver, sardines, possible other meat items and of course, my eggs and dairy) and then we bring home our farm pork!!!

Tomorrow I wanna do an even better day. There are chances for a higher simplicity, finally, a bunch of pork even if lean…! And I barely have processed stuff. By the way, today I had zero cheese, yay, it wasn’t remarkable earlier but lately I ate a lot.

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Lovely rare sirlion which was 2nd of pack of 2. Also some cheese and 2 large chicken thighs. Plus brunch which was at the cafe, bacon and cheese omelette.

All exercising done for the day. Busy one sorting the bsnk transfer for my daughter which was a bit of a palarva but got it done in the end. A couple pof trips as i forgot to take photo id :roll_eyes: then went to my other local town to sort some more banking out in a different bank and so did a little charity shopping while i was there.

I got a summons for a coroners inquest for end of april… the young man who died in reception (prison) i think i mentioned it about a year or so ago, through lockdown. I am not looking forward to it as they can be a bit intimidating and harrowing but not going to worry as i did nothing wrong in respect of my job that day.

A bit of a wakeful night last night and ended up sleeping till 9.25 so not very tired tonight :roll_eyes:


@Karen18: Pretty meat! :heart_eyes:

I was brave and fried some pork right in the morning, I just should stay away from it for several hours! :smiley: (Why am I doing this… I am fine now but I sabotage my skipping lunch plan…)
It is a small amount as I planned and saw that if I want pork and rabbit at the same time, I should be careful with both and pretty much avoid everything else (but it won’t happen completely, of course I eat at least some eggs)… Protein adds up super quickly when one loves it as much as I do.

But it is early and walk time now! Another sunny warm spring day! And I have plans and everything, so much to do…

And Ginger (actually Gyömbér but I translated and both sounds nice and the English one is even a color unlike the Hungarian one) needs to get desexed. There are tomcats lurking nearby all the time and she isn’t unaffected at all… So I will have a horrible, hard Friday :frowning: Keeping her in (she is never in, maybe for a few mins very rarely), without food or water, then she will be super confused without balance, oh my… It is always tiresome. I didn’t want that. I didn’t want Ginger despite being an orange tabby and I always wanted one… But she just refused to go away :frowning:
So I suppose we have a 4th cat now :frowning: With 1.8 ears, beautiful fur and an attitude.
We are TRULY full now. 4 is already too much. We don’t even have enough bowls (if we let them in too but we stopped, it’s beautiful spring and they shed hair anyway). I made such cute bowl holding boxes for them (wood and concrete), they hold 4 bowls but they need 5 now :frowning: Sigh.
I so didn’t want the bother. Hopefully what we experienced, we will again: younger cats find their balance quicker. Caroline was already 3-4 years old, it went harder for her, the young ones got it at the earliest good time for it, it went better but it still was tiresome to sit with them. I won’t now, I keep her inside the container even if it looks like a prison to me… And to a healthy cat too but they just try to crawl away all the time so it’s safer for them to stay in and especially safer for my sanity.
I am still not looking forward to it :frowning: Hopefully getting pig farm pork will make my Friday bearable… (I REALLY had enough last time. Doing this for the 4th time in a few years… Not fun.)


@Shinita, feel for your kitty but spaying her is a great option, no one wants more kitty mouths to feed :slight_smile: She will be ok.

@Karen18, I remember you mentioning that incident long ago. Wild ya got to go in for an interview on it, I bet your job was a stressful one K. I take it you are glad to be done with it maybe?

-------------Keeping it again a very simple zc day. No food draw. Actually tired of steaks right now, WHAT? won’t be for long but I got chicken for today. Woke up and thought, hmm, a chicken both meal day…ok, no biggie, it is what ya want, eat it LOL

Weather still SO cold. Our early spring is not coming around just yet…come on! Got April early beach trip planned, weather better have flipped nicer by then…won’t be able to swim in the cold ocean but nice for hubby to surf fish and me metal detect but I sure hope the sun is out and the day is warmer :slight_smile: I hate wishing on weather but darn I do it alot, :wink:


Oh Fangs, what does the weather there do?! We have sooo beautiful weather since so long! Even the end of winter was pretty warm for winter and while we have cooler spring days, we have many warm ones. We get 20C today, radio says. Cooler weekend and who knows what afterwards but surely it will get warm again…
No snow in March then unlike TWO times in the last few years… Once we had much snow on the 15th, celebrations got cancelled! That was rude from the weather.
KetoKoala/Amy complains about the HOT (really, 36C, it’s awful) weather in Australia, it’s already autumn, not even the very beginning, shouldn’t it be a bit cooler already?

I so wish all of us get a better weather very soon! Well, you. I have the best one imaginable, lucky me. The plants would welcome a little rain though… So I want some rain. At night, at least if it’s longer. And then SUNSHINE :smiley:

Ginger is even still very small. I saw a too young kitten having babies. She never grew up properly, she got long but the ratios were off… No not even nearly adult sized kitten needs babies. And yes, no need for even more cats. And I know she will be fine quickly but it’s still tiresome for me for those several hours. But it will pass. And it won’t be sooo bad if I just let her stay put, no getting out and supervising for hours…
But afterwards… No tomcats (they are beautiful by the way, a black and a ginger/white one. their caterwauling, on the other hand… not beautiful), a calm Ginger… The other 3 girls don’t seem to understand the fuss.

I got hungry before noon again. Maybe the coffee with a few drops of milk did it? Or I am in that phase? Reading and thinking about food is my normal behaviour, that can’t be the culprit. Oh well. I suppose I will have lunch at 3pm. (Had 2 little bites of my pork and another coffee. This tiny things don’t make me hungrier but help. When determined. If not, I may just start to eat even with my subtle hunger.)

The day is BEAUTIFUL. I have found summer pants with pockets, yay! So I don’t need to bring my packback for every little walk and keeping my phone in my hand… Fits nicely. I don’t remember what was the case last year but it possibly was a bit too tight then. I must be a bit below 75 as I was 75 in clothes and after drinking. I suppose I eventually need to lose some of it if I want to be slim. In a tiny bit muscular way. Just what I am able to reach if I do my best.

My back is still not perfect but usually it’s the early morning, it rapidly improves later.

I have found an older photo (a week old) without its cut resized one, looked back and it seems I didn’t show it, indeed… How come? Oh well, here it is:

Oh the pig’s feet aspic, I didn’t like that one, too little meat and bones too. I can’t find the thing tempting, it only looks great on the live animal, it’s cute there.
The dark thing is deer in wine. The pork, chicken and egg is pretty obvious. I still eat dry sausage, it’s a fixture in our life but very little and rarely. I definitely took steps towards a simpler diet. I don’t even eat sponge cake every day now and I dropped my jellied fluff until I can do it properly, using cream.

I made a milky egg pudding today though… I have my limits and I had goat milk I didn’t want just drink in coffees.

I should try not to dominate this poor thread. Sorry.

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It isnt an interview, i had that via the telephone during lockdown … this is going to court and its very intimidating as the family attend and you get grilled amd sometime hauled over the coals! I will be fine though as i really know i did my job correctly. The poor guy didnt even get a chance to press the call bell, he had an aneurysm i think, had collapsed immediately without warning and i believe died instantly. I had had a long good relationship with him since i first met him at the Young Offenders Institute and then throughout his coming and going in the adult sector. So sad and such a wasted life.

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Shin beef slow cooked x 2 steaks, chicken thighs x 2 and some cheese plus a tin of sardines.

Went to Company Shop and bought 3kg pork chops and bagged them up for the freezer …13 meal portions for £6. Also got a couple of other bits including game meatballs so i am not sure i will like those, we will see.

100 stair runs today straight off plus the 100 push ups and shoulder workouts.


It was the start of my lunch, already not fitting to my tray… The metal bowl contains milky egg pudding. My bone broth was very jellied and not bad but not so good so I took some of the rabbit stew jelly and warmed them up, it was a great soup! A bit more carbs but it’s fine for me.

I stayed quite hungry so I had some rabbit, the leftover sardines, 3 pancakes (I never had rabbit filled pancakes before ;)), an egg milk+goat milk coffee and a little dry sausage and some sour cream as well as I planned yesterday and was very much aware that I had much protein and little fat.
My body gave me mixed information about my hunger, in average I was borderline hungry, definitely not satiated but I considered the food enough and my state promising… So I was sure hunger will arrive later and I hoped I won’t need another meal.

It’s past 1am and I am perfectly satiated so I was lucky :slight_smile:
About 600g meat, 170g protein and 100g fat in my single meal today (oh, 600g meat in one sitting was my record from the beginning…). Lunch OMAD, rare but happens sometimes. And higher than usual carbs because of the milk but I used it up today.

I wish for some nice simple days, I feel ready. I realized I need to focus on fat, I had almost exclusively lean meats today (though I used the fattiest parts of the fresh ham for my fried pork ;)). It went well but I surely ate way less than my energy need today and I hardly can repeat it. And anyway, I try to minimize my protein…
I plan eating only rabbit as lean meat tomorrow, I still have 2 front legs!

And I finally shot my puzzle on the wall! It looks so great but after I did it once, I knew I never want to do it again. Too many pieces with very similar coloring… I had that frame with a dull painting, lucky, I painted it and glued the puzzle into it.

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Happy Wednesday!
@Naghite wow, what a great haul, I enjoyed reading that and seeing your pics.
@FrankoBear glad you’re feeling better. You’re right, empaths get drained from their work. I bet that’s part (at least) of what happened to you last week.
@Karen18 Yes what a tough job that was, that you did so well for all those years. Hope the finances are resolved soon and this inquest goes as easily as can be expected. And happy belated Mother’s Day!

We had 2 weekends with house guests but got through it all pretty well. Restaurant food is just a nuisance, always overcooked and over seasoned and accompanied by those pesky sides.
This weekend was St Patty’s. I worked on Irish music for weeks and glad it’s over! Saturday afternoon we played outdoors for 3 hours for an event at the local war museum, brr! High of 45. Good news was the director of the museum came over to say we can expect more calls from them ; the newspaper photographed and interviewed us; be the event coordinator said they’re opening the museum to weddings and we would be first call. Of course, we don’t need more work, we just want them to like us, lol :joy:

I cooked a corned beef that didn’t taste good - I left off the seasoning packet and it was nasty. We ate 1 meal and threw the rest out.

We’re headed back to VA for a couple weeks, starting the 3 day drive on Friday. No work there, we turned it down. Just taking care of a couple things. And this week the cherry :cherries: blossoms are blooming in the Washington area. I hope we’re not too late!

@Fangs I know you’re looking forward to your April beach time! Don’t worry, it will be hot weather soon enough. Enjoy your trip!

Here is some food:

Corned beef:

Yesterday, restaurant breakfast with chorizo and cheese and sour cream. I didn’t like it.

Today, surf and turf with bacon

Tonight, eggs with leftover bacon

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Last two nights have looked like this


@Shinita, that is cool ya glued your puzzle into a picture frame. Love it!

@Karen18, ohhh I thought this was something different a bit, not a real court situation and how you described it all, gonna hopefully not be a tough and emotional issue for you. But a fast medical issue like that which hit the poor guy means not too much could be done anyway so hopefully it rolls thru ok for ya. Work stuff to clean up right? Soon none of that will be on your plate!

@JJFiddle, safe travels when ya leave Fri. for VA. Even tho ya got some things to handle with no work gigs like that you can maybe use it as a bit of rest time somehow :slight_smile: You 2 are slamming with the work gigs and doing so well in your new area with everyone loving your work. All those Irish songs, had me laughin’ on that one. Too much of a good thing right HA I am like you, restaurants just aren’t up to snuff on alot of the meals I have had to order out!

------------Such great food photo pics on the board. We carnivores know how to eat so well!

had a chicken day yesterday, gonna have another chicken day today.
No idea why, I just want it :sunny: Simple easy fast. I got no food I want on my radar right now so fine with just some chicken and call it a zc day.

Hold thru March in good zc form everyone, seems like April is gonna be on us fast now!


Gloomy day, my willingness to do zillion things in and around the house disappeared. I try to bring myself to do a little and wait for better days with the others… I am too dependent on sunshine. Or my unusually little sleep, I just couldn’t get sleepy early enough but I woke up for my alarm, I do that lately, it’s good, normally.

Rabbit and pork day for me, much later, it’s not even noon and I am still satiated.

Yes, April is nearing. Can I do a carnivore-ish month in 2023 I wonder… As no way I can avoid tiny things like onion in stew but that’s still great for me. Something always happens, I need to be super careful. This is the first year where I really like my food even longer term, no meat boredom ever. So I should do better than in my poor beginning when okay, I had the novelty and curiosity and extra spirit but I barely had variety in meat…

I want another OMAD day, they are the best and they help with everything! But some days aren’t for them, it’s fine… I apparently lost my night eating and can do TMAD now… So when I really can’t have a proper sized first meal, TMAD with the right sized eating window (whatever it means on that day) is fine too.


I am also. Weather and sunshine are a massive effect on me for sure!
So get ya on that statement!

Hey, do not worry on a tad of onion in a stew. Means nothing. Little tiny things like that are not a deal breaker as one transitions and sets themselves up into carnivore. It is ok if a bit of onion is in that stew, ya eat it up and you feel wonderful after eating :slight_smile: Don’t put that overload on yourself, us zc people won’t take it to that level. Any and all better you eat to zc is a great thing for us so I know in my time coming into zc I ate a carrot chunk out of a beef stew, I ate a few slivered onions in that beef stew too cause it ‘got in my bowl’, lol, and I didn’t think twice about eating that ‘tiny tiny bit’ in any way. So cut yourself some slack here for sure!

ZC is to be relaxed. Calming. Just to transform your appetite and heal the body to a very relaxed natural state of eating…just allow it do to just that and forget the extreme small issues like a bit of onion in a stew…again it means nothing S!

I live and am set on a TMAD lifestyle. Suits me. Perfectly. Fits ‘my life’ and while others can easily set into an OMAD life, it will never be me so just know tons of zc people do a TMAD and thrive on it!!

You rock on strong!


Weather forecast mentioned 25 Celsius for Friday… Who, whoa, slow down, I want my SPRING before summer! But then there will be a cool period they say, with 18C :smiley: So it seems that the warmth stay with us. Good.
Too often spring only lasted for a few weeks between the elongated winter (that was tough in the end) and the super early summer. Not fun. I want my spring first :slight_smile:

When there will be foliage, we finally go and use a small train… I can’t explain it, it’s some oldschool cute thing and it crosses this mountain range! Even if it’s a not very high Hungarian one, it’s very, very pretty! :smiley: Forests galore!

But before that, we visit a Zoo again. A small one. The 2 huge ones in 2022 were very exhausting. Nice but tiring. And I couldn’t even see the snow leopard. That is one of the most majestic animal ever.
I hope there will be lots of babies. We wonder when is the right time to go, I need to check the bigger zoos as the small one has a not very informative site.

Still not hungry but I drink coffee again. Only in the afternoon, not the instant one and black! So I am not very disappointed in myself. No coffee times will come. I almost run out of this coffee (it is a 100g bag and I was quite enthusiastic when it was new. it’s still pretty new to me) and won’t buy another until April. And my instant fav is hidden.

Yeah, I basically agree, it just helps mentally to do things clean. I am used to that on my vegetarian woe. Clear cut, this is my food, this is not, it works for me in many cases. I can’t be total pure on carnivore for long due to various things, one being my circumstances where we make a good, very meaty dish with a tiny bit of plant matter. I obviously eat it and I know I don’t need to be super strict, I don’t feel anything negative from this little, I just had too many experiences with relaxing my ways more and more and more… The right strictness range is smallish. If I break carnivore (even if I still do my pretty strict carnivore-ish that I can’t seem to be able to do on most times now, actually, I put out a tiny toe, still almost no plant matter but still…), I am more willing to break it more… It doesn’t matter how stupid it is if my mind tend to think that way. So I am careful and anyway, being totally pure has a charm. Even if I am very sure I don’t want it as it feels unnecessarily and annoyingly restrictive.
It’s good I go for the purest form, good attitude. I wrote before that if my aim is what I consider still fine, I WILL toe the line even then and things get messed up…
So that’s why. I accept the rare small amount of onion but I do my best to lobby for the tiniest possible amounts in our stews :slight_smile: It worked very well this far. I will try egg stew without any. I already swapped the tomato puree with sour cream - later I learned it’s actually another common version. Of course Alvaro wants the tomato one but I can handle that amount of bother. The onionless version would be only mine.
And I do my best to eat my liver without onion even when I am pretty sure it makes it a bit better. But sour cream makes it better too… And the difference is so small I probably get more joy from keeping my day purer and training living without onion (something I am already great at. I came a long way).

So I just try to figure out what is the most hedonistic decision when it comes to tiny things. I don’t worry about them when I clearly find them worthy but sometimes it’s a lil nothing so nope, maybe doesn’t worth it, better to keep it stricter and safer.

And I needed stew in the beginning but not so much now. I never make a pork stew as fried and roasted pork is perfect for me. But somehow rabbit and deer are asking for becoming a stew :wink: All the other options in Alvaro’s mind are way too carby anyway. He needs his ideas to get realized but I prefer and want my stews too, sometimes.

Yep. Chill. When I am good. But otherwise I need to train. Without training and pushing I would just eat half loaves of bread and canned cherry - not all the time but way too often. To able to eat whatever I fancy whenever I do (I always do that or very, very close) simultaneously eating the best food I can for my health and well-being (I am not nearly perfect there yet)… Well that requires a little training. So it’s a necessary part.
But I am way more chill than what it seems I think. When I think and write here, it always seems way more stressful and struggling. I am displeased quite often but I am pretty chill about it except I NEED to think about it and find a way to change it for the better.

I need my experiments and challenges too :wink: And my plans. Now I really had enough of my still very much existing “there must be a dessert in the end of every meal” thing. I actively will push myself to change there. Dessert is fine if it’s sour cream and little else but when I lack cream and still do a dessert that requires cream to be satisfying without sweetener… Then I risk having sweetener, again. Maybe chocolate too. It’s so extremely low-carb, after all and that matters to me… But no, I do want to get FREE from desserts all the time. So some level and kind of fight is needed.
I think the rare times when I get very satiated and satisfied with meat, I can forgo the dessert but again, it’s rare. I ate 600g meat yesterday, some eggs and dairy too, in one sitting, for LUNCH when I usually can’t even eat an OMAD sized meal without actual effort and plan - and I STILL was kind of hungry, super far from being very satiated with a stop sign. It was good as I used the bite of sour cream “dessert and last bite” closure, I lacked fat anyway.

I explained it in too much detail I fear. I usually want to be clear and I only can do it through too many words. And it helps me thinking too.

Oh I don’t doubt it, it’s true for 3MAD too I am sure.
But I had very hard times with TMAD, they just didn’t happen for a long while. I either had 1 meal or 3-5. Or something weirder. I hate getting hungry every hour in my eating window.
I like TMAD when it works, it’s just hard for me to be happy with that small meals. Sometimes my first meal is many times bigger than the second, that is better.
OMAD just solves so many problems. I am just torn between lunch and dinner OMAD - or I would be if it would be my decision. I could push a bit though… That’s training too. To fast as long as kind of comfortably possible, it does much good to me under normal circumstances. But when I am in a very lucky phase? I can do lunch OMAD, no need to stress myself with not eating together with Alvaro and I still avoid getting hungry later. Yesterday I went to sleep 10.5 hours after I finished my lunch and I still wasn’t hungry. Something started but it was so subtle I could fall asleep quickly.
Maybe the 170g protein was that effective. But they are so many factors…
But I just need to wait a little more and OMAD gets way higher chances… Oh well, I just do things easy and eat when I feel a strain. I only push until 3pm but that level is negligible on workdays and I don’t do it on weekends. Or maybe I will, no idea yet. I am pretty okay with higher-cal, bigger-eating-window weekend days as long as they don’t trigger something bad. I need my higher-cal days anyway.

One day I will push for EF but not yet. I am not ready, my body isn’t cooperative at all.

(Karen) #180

Love your jigsaw but i prefer nature … birds, butterflies, bugs and fairys lol. Really brightly coloured ones too. I am still at he one my daughter got me and have got bogged dwn with the black cat 8n the middle, i managed to find 2 or 3 pieces to fit this morning but all thats left is black black and more black and that hurts my head too much to spend too much time on it. I am not giving up yet though, it will not defeat me lol. All the pices of the jigsaw are the same shape too which hasn’t helped as i could have just finished by elimination process, never mind. I will soon be winding down the jigsaws niw the weather is slightly improving, it’s warming up so now we just need th rain to stop for a while lol get back doing my pots in the garden. I sat put there to read this mornin but the eind was ruffling my book pages quite a bit, i had to lay both my hands on the pages to stop them being whipped up and ripping. My daily bible pages are very thin and i don’t like to damge books. A friend of mine used to bring paperback books to prison (novels) after he had finsihed reading a page he would rip it out as he didn’t like the thought of any prisoners reading it! A bit selfish and in my mind sacralege to rip them up.