New March thread for our carnivore lifestyle.
Any goals or issues or just being content being Carnivore post here :slight_smile:

----------for me today is simple. big ol’ chuck roast in crockpot. if required I do have burgers for extra if wanted. Simple beef day for me.

Lots of ‘F’ words (temporary tile) Carnivore Zero Carb February 2023

@JJFiddle, you said: What I do if hubby wants veggies in his meat is cook them separate and combine them right before I serve him. I don’t even add pepper, he puts it on at the table. That way everybody gets what they want.

---------I am the same. I cook diff. for meals for sure just like you. they don’t notice, but it is more important for me to do me in the end thru the cooking, cause heck, they eat it all ya know and are fine with it.
We are ‘so unique’ in our household on our food life :slight_smile: many would find it bizarre how it goes down but hey, who cares, we all do what we need to fit ourselves in our own homes for sure!!

(Linda ) #3

No new goals for me this month still continuing to get all this extra regain weight off…haven’t weighed in today but yesterday I was over 18 almost 19lbs down…so that’s my march plan to keep going…20230301_103713
Meat for the next few days smoked tri tip…The hole in meat is where it was probed


No special goals or plans for me either. So it’s the usual: I try to eat as late as comfortably possible, carnivore if possible, then carnivore-ish, I hope I can do 2 whole weeks this time. That is my personal record since years and only did it once despite I can eat more meat now…

I wish to have SIMPLE days but it’s not realistic yet as I am very much into eggs and dairy at this point. And that hardly mix with simple in my life. Simple happens when I focus on some nice fatty meat mostly.

Today wasn’t perfect but okay. No hunger at all. I felt the need to eat after 2 (little weakness) so I had a few bites and then I ate with Alvaro :slight_smile: He ate his plant-based meal, I ate my carni meal, we were unusually far from each other today, eating wise :slight_smile: Tomorrow will be different, he requested meat so I got out some lean pork from the freezer.
I used up the leftover cream, made quiche again so today was low-meat again.
But that little meat was pretty good. I fried the fattiest part of the 70/30 pork, got a lot of lard and lovely scratchings. I tried to eat the meatiest bites and I had a slice of meat too.
I got totally stuffed, too full but my appetite was huge. Odd combo especially on carnivore… But my appetite disappeared soon, fortunately.

At dinnertime I was still full but I ate a few bites (it was dinnertime, it’s basically unavoidable for me. I don’t use willpower if it’s about eating and anyway, I had little food at that point). Time passed and now I am way too full and a bit nauseous. Maybe the overly fatty pork? Or let’s blame my previous days? I don’t get nausea even if I massively overeat and I did nothing like that.

But the food was great :slight_smile:
It’s a big part of my lunch:

I had my usual fluffy dessert too, with milk this time (and butter, milk just isn’t enough). It’s great with milk :smiley: So that works too though I think cream is still a tiny bit better…

IDK if I mentioned in the last days that I get stronger… But I apparently do. My workouts go better than before.

I have not only yellow crocuses at this point. The forest has proper spring flowers too, not just the snowdrops and hellebores!

EDIT: Tried to track :slight_smile: (And ate a bite, sour cream was a bliss, I just desired something lovely, creamy, neutral…? IDK but sour cream was perfect for it. I decided no way the fat in it can cause problems for me, it’s my darling sour cream!)
110g protein, 138g fat (or not, it’s a bit of a mystery today but can’t be too far I suppose), 11g carbs. 279g/0.62lbs meat. Not a bad day except I skipped my usual walk.




I totally should go back my “1 pound of meat and a few eggs first” idea… (This is a good one as at that level I won’t horribly miss either later)
And I shouldn’t fry fatty pork in the morning (I had to start my roast early and if I was there, why not to fry my main food for today…? because it’s extremely tempting, that’s why) after lower-meat days… :roll_eyes:
It was amazing and I only ate half of it :slight_smile: As I got too full to be able to eat more. Yum.
(I ate some meat last night, by the way. But only a bit so it was still a lowish-meat day and one day is never enough anyway.)

Sunshine! About 80% of the days are completely sunny lately, good, I like that. We still need heating even at night but it probably will change soon… March is always a month where heating is needed but maybe 8-9 hour a day will be enough…


Just the right topic for me. Love this forum. You are all full of great information,
I am 2 weeks into almost all carnivore. I’m loving it. No cravings. Don’t feel like a glass of wine. Feeling way better after no veg for several months. I’ve gotten down to about 1-2 potatoes in the last month. I have 3 Major Aims for March. 1. I need to stop the slice of toast occasionally for convenience with a tin of tuna or salmon or eggs (cant eat eggs on their own). 2. I still am drinking white tea in the mornings. I have reduced this to half now and want to bite the bullet and ditch that. And 3. I am away on cruise ship for 12 days. It will be a challenge to stay carni best I can without shopping and cooking for myself. (strangely enough - this is the main reason I started cruising.:rofl:)
I also have had a stomach ache last couple of weeks. Pretty sure its the higher fat content as I don’t have a gall bladder anymore. So hoping that that settles down or I will have to do some fine tuning to determine the cause. Possible butter or eggs as I have increased those quite a bit.


Welcome @carnie67, yea I ‘walked into carnivore’ kinda your way but more with extreme lc where I wouldn’t ever be doing toast cause I dumped bread long ago but I also knew I ‘could eat a few icky things’ still and be ok thru my change. Best I ever did, when I hit full on carnivore and dumped it all, but hey, some of us ‘have to walk there’ and we do get there and key for me, who knew how FAB life was once I went full in, heck I didn’t know but I found out real fast the body loves carnivore for me and it changed my entire well being! wishing you the best.

----------------today is basic. 2 cheeseburger patties to start. got me pork tenderloin for second meal. done day.
got big storms around, rainy day, woke up at 3:30am to be rain hitting house with big wind…to clear a bit then big Tstorms to come Friday, ok now I get weather, but hey, temps milder now I require BIG SUN…come on hot dry big sun big 100f deg temps…yes I am ready LOL

WISHING ALL a massive good ZC MeatMarchMadness for us. Eat the meat, live the great life :slight_smile:


Welcome and wow, I drink tea like no tomorrow :smiley: It gets boring and tiresome but it’s spring so I try to depend on water more (okay, tea is 99.x% water too but you understand…)!

By the way, I didn’t even THINK of coffee yesterday. My super coffee-y days before were very much temporal in my mind so I went back to no coffee smoothly. Yay!

Good luck with your trip!

In the very beginning I had to eat less fatty on carnivore, isn’t that an option for you? Even with the same amount of fat, the lack of the ballast soaking it up was new to my body!

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Welcome! Glad to have you here. The lack of a gallbladder is a new situation, to me. You must have an interesting back story.
Sounds like you have already got a handle on keto/carni.
I look forward your participation.


I tracked. Yesterday ended up a bit above a pound of meat in the end. 156g protein, 204g fat, says guesstimation. But I knew it was adorable compared to today…

Today wasn’t IF, 4MAD, quite meaty. 191g protein and 225g fat (though probably more)… Oh well, meat hunger (it’s actually appetite, I definitely wasn’t hungry for even a second today either, I was too full for a while but it can’t be helped when my body is in that state) met very fatty meat, fried at that, my favorite! :smiley:

Hopefully I will calm down but I definitely have a huge appetite for meat still. Not an insane amount so I won’t eat more but I am very much looking forward to another meaty day tomorrow! I even dropped my egg and dairy intake as I need the room for meat.
This is the point where I really wish to have a smaller appetite. And bigger hunger as it’s zero since days and I don’t like that. But it surely will be much better soon.

I had 2000 kcal from meat alone today (1.57lbs of meat), I don’t often do that. It was quite nice. I fancy fatty meat lately. Okay, it’s normally the case but it still shifts here and there.

Alvaro ate 170g lean pork today. It was a tiny bite and a big bite, 230 kcal or something… But each to their own. Too bad I ate more than his energy need let alone mine… At least I walked and did some workout… I will need some more weights very soon.

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Hi @carnie67, welcome to the forum! I’ve been eating carnivore for 9 months now. I had my gall bladder removed a couple of years ago which may be why I had really bad diarrhoea for about 6 weeks, tho some think a lot of the carb eating bacteria in our gut microbiome dying off could also be a part cause. Anyway, I just rode it out until everything came right in that dept, which it did.

What is white tea? I still drink coffee (with heavy cream), my one nod to my former plant eating days. Other than that, it’s just meat with a bit of dairy - the afore mentioned heavy cream, a bit of colby cheese a few times a week, and some unsweetened greek yoghurt when I can get it on special.

Looking forward to hearing more from you. Enjoy your cruise!

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Hi all,

Last week was my 5year carniversary.

Still healthy and fit, what can you say :blush:

I’m in Spain now. The best place for Porc, so that whats mostly on the menu.

I passed the Diving medical tests again, before my keto carni adventure I coudn’t pass the tests anymore for over 10y. Now we can explore the oceans again.

Hope yourr all doeing we’ll, keep it up, believe me. Carnivore lifestyle is a good road to be on.




Spain and pork. can’t go wrong, enjoy every meal! So happy ya checked in and I find you are doing so so well!!!

------------------fast post…got life crap to handle, bleck, lol, but we all gotta get’er done for sure.

today got nice pork to eat first…second meal just planning on some nice cheeseburgers. easy peasy zc’y as usual. March is going well, early on but holding solid.


@carnivoor2: Congrats! :tada:
“Porc” looks so funny in English :smiley: (Porc means cartilage in Hungarian and pörc means scratching though it’s not the most common word for it. Cute words.)

I eat pork and eggs today, obviously, what else? I will bring photos later.

I wonder about tracking, I am a bit torn as it’s such a bother and I messed up a tad because I thin k I tracked the stuff I didn’t even eat yet, it’s little but very fatty. Well the average will be as accurate as I can though… But it’s almost pointless to track my days with many meals… But I am REALLY determined to go back to 1-2MAD now. Today I start with a lunch with Alvaro, I am not very hungry but I definitely am a bit and I made wonderful food anyway. it’s 2pm now, I took a few little bites, yum!

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You are an inspiration! Congrats!


I was pretty hungry at 3 (the very soft tiny fat hunger - but still insistent and I can’t stand it), I actually started to eat a bit earlier but saved most food for the proper lunch!

I had another jellied fluff too :slight_smile:

I ate half of the fluff and almost everything else, only a few bites of meat is left. And there was another half deviled egg originally.

It was simple enough in my world :slight_smile: Easy to track (after I figured out the eggs, there was more whites than yolks as so often).

111g protein, 129g fat, 5g carbs in my lunch, guesstimation says (minus the few bites I haven’t eaten yet). Cute meal, could be OMAD but probably not today. So I expect a tiny dinner later.
I am pretty full. I ate as much as I just could and then my dessert as I have a dessert stomach. 1-2 days ago I saw a pic saying dessert stomach is a thing (of course it is, I experienced it all my life, hard not to) and the reason for it is sugar. Nope, it works on carnivore just fine :wink: Anyway, even if my desserts has sugar, I feel the room for dessert only before the first bite.
When I said this “sugar causes it” thing, even Alvaro said it can’t be as what if the dessert has no sugar :smiley: I like how he thinks nowadays. He thought about the sweet flavor as potential culprit but can’t everyone eat dessert without sweetening… We talked a bit about what we consider desserts… It’s all about the flavors for me. If it has, for example, vanilla and nothing that can’t go into a dessert (like meat or normal cheese), it’s a dessert to me.

But dessert or not, I always had the ability to eat more, almost no matter what. It changed a bit on carnivore but if I desire something, I can eat more of it most of the time. Maybe I need to wait 5 minutes… Knowing this, one may wonder about my days with tiny meals. I think they are either very exceptional, my desire for the food is too low - or it’s mental. It’s nice to be satiated with little (okay, not that little… but I can’t help to appreciate I don’t need a ton of food every time) and I may lack the desire to power through my satiation to eat more even if it’s possible. But I absolutely hate tiny meals so it can’t be that simple… Oh tiny meals often happen when I start to eat too early. I can’t eat much when it’s still early and I don’t want to eat much then as I fear massive overeating for that day…
Sorry, it’s my personal business and even I am not interested in it, I go for proper OMAD/TMAD times now. I think I am more prone for braindumps (and I always am to some extent) when I am barely conscious, lazy and satiated after a biggish meal… I don’t always have this but often. The time of my lunch surely helps, my awakeness drops at this time and with a proper meal before? Great for a nap if I need it. I don’t really, now.

At least some comments are short now. I will be working on it more.

Alvaro does such odd things! He helped with a laptop that a coworker’s kid dropped. It was just a slipped SATA connector of the SSD in it so fixing it was quick and easy. The coworker was thankful and asked what he wish for payment. And he said the thing he sorely missed since days… Some vegetable!
They met in the shop later and she bought her a head of kale.
I found this hilarious but well, vegetable in winter is borderline luxury food, he thinks twice to buy some that isn’t unusually cheap. And as we experienced, he can survive for a surprisingly long time with almost any…
So tomorrow he will put lots of effort into cooking some low-cal, non-satiating veggie dish. And almost no effort into eating eggs with pork belly and pork roast… I am just thankful I lost the siren song of veggies my body doesn’t need.

Meanwhile an hour passed and I ate the leftover and some more eggs. I think I can just stop eating for a day now… If i wait a few more hours, I expect some proper perfect satiation. I merely feel I ate enough right now, I still could so very very easily eat more… But it wouldn’t be good. What is this crazy appetite now, I don’t know, I even ate plenty of meat in the last days. But I expect good things from now on.
Tomorrow we do some cycling! We wish to visit a tiny village market since ages and now we plan to do just that. The lady from the pig farm will be there. They offer something nice every Friday now but that day isn’t good for us to go to the pig farm shop. Hopefully they will have the same items on the market on Saturday too! But we will be happy with anything, we haven’t visited the shop since a very long time. Today they have Mangalica/Mangalitsa ham.


It’s baby lamb time here! The beef farm has a month old one but my neighbourhood has a few of them too and that’s better as I can see them irl! The light was low when I went out, hopefully I can make photos tomorrow. Racka is my fav breed, those amazing very long and twisty horns! The meat is tasty too. And the babies are cute and the adults surround them protectively :smiley:

(Linda ) #19

So great to see you again and 5 years is amazing congrats…

I decided to try smoking a leg of lamb never had it smoked before omg so yummy
This one

is Australian Lamb

(Megan) #20

Congratulations @carnivoor2, that is a fabulous achievement!